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Since Tumblr seems to be the new magic lamp, can I make a wish?

Hello OL tumblr genie watching out there *waves*

How about we get some OL promo instead of asking fans for money, political tweets, gym pictures and trying to make non cast members relevant? 


A SHOW fan

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As a humble mercy main I don't always need to be thanked but its the best feeling ever tbh. I finally found a six man team for comp and they really know how to keep my mood up! They call me a pro-healer, thank me for every rez good or not, contribute every win to me and talk about how they could never have don't it without me. Unless someone is super great they always upvote me, they're great at protecting me, apologizing if I do die. Other teams should take notes on supporting the support!

Prompt List
  • 1: "Can we please do that again?"
  • 2: "You should know that your really easy to fool."
  • 3: "Why are you still here, can't you just leave?"
  • 4: "I know you don't love me, but I love you."
  • 5: "My head is pounding!"
  • 6: "Let me take you out for dinner."
  • 7: "Let have a baby."
  • 8: "What are you wearing?"
  • 9: "We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it."
  • 10: "Is that a tattoo?"
  • 11: "This is the only time you are ever going to be in the same bed with me."
  • 12: "You are so sappy."
  • 13: "I never imagined that I was going to be marrying my best friend."
  • 14: "Just go get me some fucking tampons!"
  • 15: "I can't believe I'm doing this."
  • 16: "Just keep singing."
  • 17: "What is going on here?"
  • 18: "You saw me naked!"
  • 19: "Why are you calling me at 3 in the morning?"
  • 20: "You are driving me crazy!"
  • 21: "I'm a big girl, let me handle it myself."
  • 22: "Please, don't leave me."
  • 23: "Your crushing me."
  • 24: "It's not that bad."
  • 25: "Did you just moan?"
  • 26: "I'm just over this relationship."
  • 27: "You can't kick me out! This is my bed too!"
  • 28: "Please put pants on, your embarrassing me."
  • 29: "You cheated on me. I can't just pretend it didn't happen."
  • 30: "You look good in my clothes."
  • 31: "How drunk was I?"
  • 32: "Well, this is awkward."
  • 33: "I'm an artist. The world is my canvas."
  • 34: "I may or may not have... (fill in the blank)"
  • 35: "Take notes sweetheart."
  • 36: "Want to go kiss in the rain?"
  • 37: "Take off your shirt."
  • 38: "Blimey! You scared me."
  • 39: "You seem to love Harry Potter more than me."
  • 40: "I love you, I love you, I love you."
  • 41: "Fuck off!"
  • 42: "Say you'll move in with me."
  • 43: "Hey have you seen the...? <i>Oh.</i>
  • 44: "Wow, this is just so crazy."
  • 45: "C'mon, I'm adorable. You can't stay mad at me."
  • 46: "Silence is not a good enough punishment."
  • 47: "I'm coming, don't worry."
  • 48: "I don't know what I'm feeling, but I know it's because of you."
  • 49: "Stop making me laugh! I'm gonna wee in my pants!"
  • 50: "Don't you ever give up on me.
  • Please send in your request!
Instruments as Violins see them
  • Viola: Lost but good friends with second violins and actually really nice
  • Cello: *glares because secretly a bit jealous* ok, I'll say it, you guys sound beautiful
  • Bass: How you guys holding out back there? Ya alright? I really don't see you guys that often...
  • Flute: Why are you screeching behind the second violins?!? Don't hurt their poor ears. Calm down
  • Trumpet: We get it! You're back there and want to be heard! Just take the volume down so people can hear us strings better!
  • Trombone: You're all slidey like a giant slide whistle but better obviously
  • Oboe: You exist... and get solos I think?
  • Clarient: Or is it you that gets solos? Ummm...
  • Bassoon: Aren't you that big, weird looking instrument?
  • Tuba: big noise maker that requires good lungs?
  • Piccolo: Why does autocorrect not tell me if I spelled your name right? Anyway you screech like first violins, we're screech buddies!
  • French horn: Sound better than the trumpets and are more chill
  • Percussion: Seem loud and proud
  • Saxophone: Jazzy therefore I never see you

9N: You both have done such an amazing job of being able to find other work! You know what I mean? People have accepted you in other roles.
DD: Well, she’s good.

GA: You know, at the beginning we didn’t know whether we were gonna go more than thirteen, we didn’t know – I had no clue what, you know–
DD: Oh, yeah, you don’t think about–
GA: –the impact that it was gonna have on my life. All I knew was that my first paycheck was bigger than anything–
DD: Yeah.
GA: –I think I or my parents had ever seen in my entire life–
DD: Yeah, yeah.
GA: –and that’s what you’re focused on.
DD: [laughing] That’s gonna sound great!

9News, IWTB junkets, July 2008

The signs and taking tests
  • Aries: lol test? what test?.... *jumps out of window* you can't touch me I'm not part of the school!!!!
  • Taurus: *walks into class, in pyjamas, sees the test* Nope. *turns around, walks the fuck out*
  • Gemini: I studied sooo much history last night like I'm gonna ace this! *this is actually a math test* FUCK not again
  • Cancer: *is relaxed the time before* hey guys we can do this! *walks into class* PANIC!
  • Leo: *brought 157$ cash* Hahaha you guys don't worry, I'm good *staples it to the test*
  • Virgo: *furiously cramming and reading notes* aaaaaghhhhhhh omg I'm gonna fail *after test* ey that wasn't too bad
  • (btw fuck you Virgo we know you did well okay)
  • Libra: *only person to relax and take the test like normal being* K let's go get foooooood
  • Scorpio: *gave up about 3 years ago*
  • Sagittarius: *still high* LET'S DO THIS. *writes about 24 pages of sarcastic bullshit*
  • Capricorn: *pulled and all nighter, running on coffee and adrenaline* ahahahahha whoops I forgot that I don't care (btw fuck you too Capricorn we all know you also did well)
  • Aquarius: *half way through the test* wait... Is this even my class? Eh probably not *finishes and leaves*
  • Pisces: *insert woeful voice* Oh what it life? What is reality? Will I ever he free of these days? I will sit here and pity myself *also does well* (fuck you too Pisces)
tumblr rules of thumb

these are a few things i think people should always make sure they do while on this wonderful website.

1: Always like someone’s art, even if it isn’t as good as yours. It’s just nice and a lot of times people find comfort in the amount of notes their art has. You don’t have to reblog it, but it’s just nice to press the little heart button. I mean, what harm could come from that? Honestly.

2: If someone makes a personal post and they’re upset, send a nice anon message to them! Again, what harm does it do to say “You’re strong, you can do this” or “I believe in you” when you know someone’s down? Wouldn’t you want people to do that to you?

3: Never shut someone down if they’re happy. Don’t ever say what they like is dumb. That’s just not necessary.

4: If you want to reblog an ask-box prompt post, send the person you’re reblogging it from one of the asks! Kind of like a pay-it-forward thing. I always do that when I reblog those because if I want asks, I should give people asks too. See what I mean there?

5: Always like people’s selfies! This is basically the same thing as rule numero uno, but it’s the same concept basically. People often take solace in the notes on their selfies as confidence boosters!

I would love it if you guys reblog this though, because these are things I think everyone should do. Also feel free to add on more things!! :)

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I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but why isn't Jens video all over? I sent that note thing where you said you knew why? I don't get why :/

 Cause Jen is a woman and people rarely give women the amount of attention and credit that they deserve.

In the immortal words of Cat Grant: Every woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good.