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Dr Schneeplestein: *bursts through the door with a flamethrower* Do not worry, ze good doctah is here!



I think there was/is a fanders meetup going on? So I figured I’d join. 

My name is Cassy. But, you can call me Casserole. I’ll be 18 in a few days, I’m pan, she/her pronouns, and I really like dying my hair and That 70s Show.

(These aren’t recent. It’s 7am and I haven’t slept in a couple days so I probably shouldn’t take pictures lol)

*hamtaro voice* baby u r my *inhales* AAANGGEEEEEELLLLLL
Hello, I love Sei, bye.

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Could you draw me a Garu please?

upsides of sending me a vague ask: odds are good it’ll tie into something i wanted to draw anyway & get done, because i was given an excuse

downsides of sending me a vague ask: my tiny gremlin heart will run off in a probably-unexpected direction with it, because i was given an excuse


Tried to see if I could keep a consistent style for more than one picture, feel like I kept it close enough some of them were drawn before I went on holiday and in that time I forget how I coloured the eyes…oops

Now to actually catch up on Thrilling Intent, I’m still only 3 episodes into the new arc

Azriel Series Chapter 6:

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


It has been a few years since the war with Hybern and the Inner Circle are not the same as they had once been. Elain has accepted her mating bond and Lucien is treating her well. When Azriel first met Elain, he knew that his heart would turn to her, mating bond or no but with Lucien courting her Azriel will never be able to be with her. Mor has finally confronted him and tells him that they could never be together because she is attracted to women not men.

Understandably, Azriel has a tough time coping with the new dynamic. However, he has just found a bastard born, half Illyrian child who shares a similar past to the one he has had. And after spending time with Evelina, Azriel discovers that he doesn’t need to be in a romantic relationship to be truly happy and feel accepted.

Chapter 6:

Walking up that hill with Evelina in his arms and arriving at the Golden Theatre was so special to Azriel. It meant so much to him that Evelina wanted to spend time with him. So when they entered the magnificent theatre Azriel had a massive smile on his face. And… he didn’t want to hide it.

The room they entered was the height of the town house Rhys owned and an ancient golden chandelier hung high above their heads. The walls were filled with engravings, each one telling a different story. Stories, Azriel realized that were performed. There were tiny fairies, assassins on their horses and all the beautiful, wicked creatures in the world. There was a fae warrior baring ice with a queen beside him cloaked in flame. There was a leopard, a lion, and two wolves all fighting invisible enemies alongside each other. It reminded him of something…

There was a soft red carpet covering the entire floor and luxurious furniture. The person standing in front of the entrance to the performance recognized Azriel and ushered them to their booth. The booth that belonged to the High Lord and the High Lady.

And just as they sat down in their seats the entire room went dark. Then there was the clang of a pickaxe on stone. And another. Then the rustle of a chain. A whip. Then a scream. Then another scream. And then a light appeared. Only a candle to reveal a lady with striking golden hair and blue eyes with a ring of gold. Her clothes were down to rags and grime covered her entire body. In her hand was a pickaxe and a chain was fastened to her ankles. Another light appeared. Only to reveal another woman in the exact same position. And suddenly the entire room was flooded with light to reveal an overseer with a whip in hand observing a group of twenty slaves mining salt.

And then Azriel realized what the carvings on the wall depicted. They depicted this exact story. The story of a Princess of Wildfire.

All the slaves were commanded to stand and were instructed to leave. But the slave with the Ashryver eyes was taken somewhere else. She had a hood pulled over her head and was lead to a room. A room with the Crown Prince of Adarlan. The empire that had made the entire continent suffer. The golden haired assassin was offered a deal. A deal to enter a competition and win. And once she won she would have to serve the man who had ruined the lives of her people. But she agreed anyway.

She was taken to the glass castle to train. She easily won the competition and had befriended the crown prince, the royal guard and the Crown Princess of Eyllwe. She was commanded to assassinate different rulers but had the heart to disobey the orders. She continued to train in the glass castle and everything was starting to work out but then Nehemia was killed. Brutally murdered. And that was when Celaena’s world started to shatter once again.

She was sent to another continent and that was when she was forced to train with a fae warrior because of Maeve, the Queen of the Fae for answers to Celaena’s questions. At first, they hated each other. But then they learned that they both shared similar stories. Stories full of loss, grief and pain. They both learned to heal together and became friends before having to face Maeve again. The warrior, Rowan was bound to the Queen. So Celaena bargained with the Queen of Fae for her friend’s freedom. Her carranam’s freedom.

She returns back to Adarlan to free her cousin and ended up befriending a previous rival. Lysandra. Rowan also returns and discovers he seeks more than just a friendship with Celaena. Celaena and the Crown Prince of Adarlan, Dorian managed to eliminate the King of Adarlan. But learned there was a greater Enemy. Erawan.

Celaena learns to accept her title as Crown Princess of Terrasen, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and redeems old debts to help save her continent. She ends up getting captured by Maeve and gets taken far, far away from her mate, Rowan. Rowan comes to save her and together they manage to defeat Erawan.
And the very last scene was the Queen and King of Terrasen holding a young child in their arms, both smiling and joyful tears in their eyes.

Every single time music was played Evelina would stand. She would slowly move with the music and sometimes when she was completely entranced her entire body would harness the rhythm and beauty of the sound. Every time ballerinas appeared on the stage she would copy every movement they made getting better and better each time. Tears were in her eyes when the final movement was played. Such a triumphant, spectacular piece. It was so colossal that the music seemed to fill the entire room and it owned every single breath. Filled everyone’s hearts and movements. Controlled every feeling and thought.

That was what made music beautiful. That was what music was meant to be. Music told stories just like words and actions do. Music could be powerful enough to change someone’s entire life. Music was just as powerful as speech.

But then there was a crash of a chandelier and heavy footsteps. Time seemed to slow down. Every second throbbed in Azriel’s head and when all the lights flickered and the entire room was covered in darkness Azriel covered Evelina’s mouth with his hand. His shadows told him that there were possibly thousands of troops entering that one theatre. He was powerful but he couldn’t possibly fight against thousands of trained soldiers. The entire room was filled with a scent. Gas.

And all of a sudden, Azriel’s shadows disappeared. He couldn’t winnow. And the gas was filling his nose and lulling his head to sleep. He struggled and tried to thrash against the sudden desire to drift off but it was too strong. The gas was too powerful and as he heaved in a few more shuddering breaths… Evelina was ripped from his arms. He tried to scream and fight but he just slumped to the floor and fell into a deep, intoxicating sleep.


Sorry everyone for not posting recently… I was posting every day and I haven’t posted for nearly a week!! Here’s the next chapter. I lost motivation to write recently and I just couldn’t convince myself to continue writing. I have now but I had a lot of difficulty writing this :/ I might end this series a little bit early and start a new one?? How does that sound?

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I’ve wanted to do this for absolutely ages, but never really had the time to sit down and write, so of course the time that I’d have the inspiration to actually write a TC imagine would be when I'm supposed to be doing some work for college, but still. I hope somebody reads and enjoys this. Please do let me know if you do! 

Trick or Treat - A TC Imagine by not-quite-nabokov.

Standing in front of the mirror, you smoothed the black skirt against your legs, turning to the right and then to the left, surveying the reflection presented in front of you. It would have to do. You’d only remembered last night that your school had stipulated a ‘dress up day’ for Halloween, and you knew you’d look like an idiot turning up in your usual clothes with everyone having made an effort. A generic black cat would have to do. You laughed a little at yourself, realising you’d fallen into the stereotype of girls dressing up unimaginatively and suggestively, shamelessly.

Looking over your outfit one last time, you took in the shorter-than-usual skirt, lacy black top, almost sheer tights and elegantly painted on feline features, little black cat ears tucked cutely into your hair. You had to admit, for a last-minute outfit, you didn’t look too bad. A little surge of confidence passed over you as you straightened your back and swung your bag onto your shoulder, heading out of the door and making your way to school.

* * * 

You passed through your school’s doors in a wave of witches, cheerleaders, various animals, zombies and more, the odd grin passing over your features at some of the more outrageous outfits – a boy in your year had really put in the effort, painted from head to toe in blue paint, a life-sized Smurf. In your peripheral vision, you spotted a face you recognised – a face whose features you’d long ago committed to memory – peeking out from behind thick black-rimmed glasses and a comical red and white bobbly hat and matching stripy top: you’d found him, Where’s Wally, also known as [Mr. TC]. Your heart-rate increased perceptibly as he caught your gaze and grinned, waving a little.

“I found Wally.” You said with a slightly cheeky smile as you passed him in the bustle, simultaneously wanting to stay to talk but desperate to get out of the crowd and find a quieter place before lessons started. Just as you walked by, he grinned once more at your comment and rolled his eyes; responding with a dry “Congratulations, [YN], you can redeem your prize later.”

You blinked a little, wondering if he’d realised his comment was as suggestive as it had seemed, or if it was said with innocence. In the moment it took you to wonder about formulating a response, he’d turned and walked down the adjoining corridor to his classroom, and left you being swept along towards your usual haunt, gaping ever so slightly, your mind wandering. You realised it was probably just an innocent turn of phrase, said with the merest afterthought, but it ensured your mind wandered – throughout the next couple of hours – once and again to thoughts of him and his ‘prize’.

* * *

His lesson came around eventually, and passed relatively normally, with the exception of his eyes widening a little as you walked into the room and sat down at your usual desk. You realised slightly self-consciously how short your skirt actually was – far less demure than your usual uniform, consisting predominantly of jeans and jumpers. Feeling your cheeks go a little pink, you averted your eyes to your desk and got on with the lesson, normality resuming within minutes, his lesson bringing a genuine smile to your face as he joked and teased, the hour passing by far too quickly for your liking – as it always did.

As you stood with the bell, about to sling your bag over your shoulder and head to lunch, [Mr. TC]’s voice called out from his desk; “Uh, [YN], would you mind hanging back for a minute? I’ve got a couple of pointers I’d like to go over, on your essay.” He said, his tone slightly inquisitive, eyebrow raised a fraction behind the frame of his thick glasses.

“Of course, yeah…” you nodded, hovering a little before deciding to step around your desk instead of sitting back down. He fumbled on his desk as if searching for a paper, but stopped as soon as the door closed behind the last student to exit, standing up straight again and abandoning the ‘search’. You met his gaze, your stomach knotting slightly, the way it always did when you made eye-contact with him. As his eyes left yours, you noticed them travelling down your outfit, surveying and appraising, before meeting yours once more. Please, you thought to yourself, please don’t let me be blushing crimson. “Was it okay? The essay..?” you asked, trying to keep your tone light.

“It was great. They’re always great.” [Mr. TC] said, his eyes slowly rising to meet yours again. You’d heard of the expression about being ‘undressed by someone’s eyes’, but you’d never really understood how that could be possible until that moment. You shook your head slightly, imperceptibly, trying to shake the thought out of your mind. You were being silly.

“You said you had, um… some pointers?” you asked, blinking slightly as you looked up at him again, determined to meet and keep his gaze.

“Not exactly…” he murmured, taking a slight step forwards from behind his desk, closer to you. Clearing his throat, he tilted his head on one side slightly and reached forward with one hand, as if he were about to cup your cheek. Feeling yourself freeze slightly, your breath stopped in your chest but began to circulate again as you felt his fingers caress the velvety cat ear perched on your head, unable to stop yourself smiling – reciprocating the gentle smile that passed over his lips. “…cute.” He said, finally, breaking the moment’s silence that had passed between you both. As his eyes travelled back down your costume again, his tone deepened a little; “I don’t suppose you could call this ‘cute’ though, hmm, [YN]?” he murmured once more.

You felt your heart begin to beat more rapidly at his words, your brain hardly able to catch up with them, let alone formulate an appropriate response. What was he saying?

“I can think of a few other words…” he began, before trailing off and looking back into your eyes, the fingers that had been absent-mindedly fiddling with the cat’s ear grazing down against your cheek, his touch feeling red hot against your skin – or was it the other way around? You were positive your skin was burning, by now, flushed against his touch.

“I…” you began, before the tip of his index finger passed gently over your lower lip, silencing you.

“Your reward…” he began, fingers tracing a path back along your jawline, rendering you speechless one more. “You found me. I’m here.” He said, his words permeated with some deeper meaning than he was letting on, making your heart pound in your chest, leaving you breathless as well as speechless.

As the sound of the door opening filled the classroom, you blinked, and [Mr. TC] was back at his desk, almost as if he’d never been less than three paces away from you. Another teacher from his department stuck their head round the door with a smile and a cheery; “You coming to lunch, [Mr. TC]?” completely oblivious to the scene that had just played out, mere moments before.

“Absolutely, Ms [Other Teacher].” He smiled, back to ‘sorting’ papers on his desk. “Okay, does the feedback make sense, [YN]? I’ll go over the last point in more detail after next lesson tomorrow, right? Very good.” He said, as you made your way to the door with him, trying not to appear shell shocked with everything that just happened – everything and nothing, your frustrated mind insisted.

He smiled, shutting and locking the door, about to follow the other teacher to lunch, the opposite direction to the one you’d take. “Oh and [YN]… Happy Halloween.” He said, the smile growing over his lips, taking on a feline expression: the cat that got the cream. For the second time today, you smiled inwardly despite yourself. The prospect of tomorrow was certainly more attractive, now.

10 Questions Tag Game #2

Rules: Always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, then write 10 questions of your own, and tag some friends!

I was tagged by @savin-people-fucking-cas


1. When you are bored, what do you do?
 Remembering that the existence of humankind is completely random, that humans are nothing, in this universe alone, that compared to it, we’re less than one crumb of sand is in comparison to us.
Also, Tumblr, YouTube, eat, read, watch weird stuff…

2. Sunset or sunrise? And why?
Sunsets are childhood memories - drinking tea with my father, and watching the sunset…

But sunrises… I love staying up and watching them, too! I love waking up when it’s still dark, and breath the (not really) cleaner air… man, I love both.

3. If you could travel space, what is is that you’d do?
 Like… unlimited? Or limited to human stuff? I’d like to travel at the speed of light and run in the vessel, to feel how it feels. Maybe also fly into a sun with all the things I want dead, and throw all the human waste and garbage… idk man.

4. Spring summer, autumn or winter?


5. Favorit flowers

Broccoli is a flower, (kinda, at least) sooo… Broccoli.

6. When does the music soothe you the most?

When I’m pissed. Especially at my family.

7. Who is your idol?

I don’t idolize people. I can like someone, think they’re really cool, but I don’t have idols…

8. What motivates you? To write, draw, be creative or just get up in the morning?

Write: I don’t know man. Sometime I just want to write.

Draw: spark of inspiration, boredom, usually I just doodle and then I get sucked into it.

Be creative: idk, I sometimes can come up with the weirdest stuff lol, like… slogans and weird phrases.
Get up in the morning: my alarm clock lol. Also, the air in my room is dry because of A/C, and my eyes hurt… a lot of stuff lol.

9. what are you scared of?

Being in a scary situation. Like… You know, starting to drown and stuff? 

10. Tell me one paradox that you know of? (I just like them)

Catch 22.

My questions:

1. Which apps do you think need improvement? What apps should exist?

2. Office work or non-office work?

3. Traditions in different cultures you still try to figure out?

4. Reading: phone, e-book, or a literal book and why?

5. Do you want to know more than the languages you’re fluent in? If yes, name 3, and why?

6. What popular trend did you avoid because of its popularity? (As in, movie you deemed overrated and decided to not watch, for example)

7. Word play or tongue twister you think is cool?

8. Terrible joke you remember from childhood?

9. Form of poetry

That you think is really cool

Write using its type 

(As an example, the question is like haiku: five, seven then five)

10. A song that had you thinking. (Like, the lyrics has made you think about deeper stuff)


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//I really enjoy talking with you any time we do because it's always gold tbh. I really like Mitsu and her story, and more people should really come around to chat it up ya know? Always hoping you and everyone else gets far with their blogs and to keep enjoying their muse!

//TT aww♥ that so sweet ahhhhh… Thankuuu ♥♥

Okay so just banging this out right now while I’m thinking of it- this came into my mind last night during possibly the worst work shift of my life

So a symmarah/pharmetra/whatever au (I love them but there are too many ways to combine their names) high school au bc I think it would work best there?

Anyway, Fareeha is like, a star athlete, basketball, field hockey, rugby, whatever. Probably a few bc that’s how it works. She’s pretty popular and well-liked but like… somewhere around junior year she decides she needs to add an academic club to round out college apps and ends up in science olympiad or something

And she’s smart but hasn’t really done this kind of competitive testing before?? But ends up taking a shine to one of the build events, the one headed by Satya.

And Fareeha just immediately is blown away, bc Satya is smart and beautiful and super capable, but also seems super uninterested. Meanwhile, Satya is torn, because who does this girl think she is, just waltzing in this late in the game and she’s bitter about being saddled with her but on the other hand…. Fareeha is genuinely pretty smart, and has good ideas if not the experience to know how they’d make it work, and also have you seen her arms??? And they’re both just big gay messes™ trying to work together on this project

Probably they win a state gold or something and they go up to get their medals and satya just… can’t stand it and kisses Fareeha who is just over the moon.

Bonus for Satya in Fareeha’s letterman and her coming to basketball games with noise mufflers but staying and giving advice bc she might not know much about basketball but she does know strategy. And sometimes it’s really good advice and sometimes Satya has nothing bc she got really distracted by how great Fareeha looks in her uniform.

Also bonus for them being the prom queen power couple senior year n.n

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