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You know what we need more of? Beginner’s classes for adults.

It’s supposed to be really, really good for you to keep learning new things as you age. It helps stave off strokes and dementia and Alzheimer’s and improves memory. And hey, learning stuff is fun.

But I really don’t want to be infantilized when I try to learn something. And I definitely don’t learn the way a child does. And honestly, what adult wants to be in the same class as children? Very few.

This occurred to me recently because I’d like to learn how to actually ice skate properly. My parents never signed me up for classes, because it wasn’t a thing they ever cared about or thought about. Now I’m in my twenties and want to learn, and also don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of eight-year-olds who probably honestly skate better than I do. Because that’s embarrassing, and embarrassment is not how you learn.

Would it be good to lose the social stigma of being worse at something than a child? Yes. Hell yes. But we’ve got to start somewhere, and like I said: adults don’t really learn the way kids do, and a lot of people use these kinds of activities to make friends, and I don’t want to make friends with an eight-year-old, either.


Beginner’s classes for adults. Let adults suck at stuff and learn how to get better and learn new things and broaden their horizons, while still being treated as adults. Classes for writing, for pottery, for chess, for art, for instruments, for singing, for sports, for chemistry. For everything, dammit.

“I wonder what other family mottoes are,” Emma mused. “Do you know any?”
“The Lightwood family motto is ‘We mean well.’  ”
“Very funny.”
Julian looked over at her. “No, really, it actually is.”
“Seriously? So what’s the Herondale family motto? ‘Chiseled but angsty’?”
He shrugged. ‘If you don’t know what your last name is, it’s probably Herondale’?”
Emma burst out laughing.
“What about Carstairs?” she asked, tapping Cortana. “ ‘ We have a sword’? ‘Blunt instruments are for losers’?”
“Morgenstern,” offered Julian. “ ‘ When in doubt, start a war’?”
“How about ‘Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously’?”
“Seems long,” said Julian. “And kind of on the nose.
—  Lord Of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

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hi! so i just made an archive of our own account and i don't know what to post first. do you have any tips or advice for posting on ao3? do you have any tips for ao3 in general? thank you!

Hi there anon! Thank you for your question!

First things first: I think to a certain extent, what to post first is going to be entirely up to you. Whatever you feel like writing, whatever format it’s in, you should write it up and post it! Or, depending on how long you’ve been using the site as a guest, you can look through other people’s content to pay attention to tagging, author’s notes, formatting – that kind of thing. AO3 is user-friendly in most ways, and you’ll grasp it pretty quickly.

But, I do have a couple tips to help you out on your first run-through (and actually some helpful tricks I think some more familiar users may not know, as well)! 

BTW since we’re on the topic, if you use the subscribe function on AO3!!! Did you know about the different ways to subscribe to an author, a series, or an individual work?

You can only subscribe to an author from their dashboard or their profile page! If you are in the middle of reading a particular fic, and you hit the subscribe button at the top of the page, you will only subscribe to updates for that fic. Same deal if you want to subscribe to a series, you must be on the series page. Subscribing to a fic within that series will only subscribe you to that specific fic – you will get updates if that story is updated/chapters are added, but not if a new work is added to the series.

I suspect some people are unaware of this, due to the frequent amount of subscriptions I get on one-shots! (But, idk… maybe there’s just some really hopeful people out there laijefliajelsjf)

Anyway, now, onto the rest of this textbook (it got long)!

When you go to post your very first work on AO3, you’ll go to Post > New Work at the very top to open up AO3′s drafting tool. From here, you can go through and copy over a work from Word or Google docs or whatever writing program you use, or just write up your fic in the post box itself! 

Either way you choose, you can then decide to post your work right then and there (Post Without Preview), or if you are still editing it, you can choose the Preview option. This will take you to the work as it will appear once posted; from there you can go back to the editing page, which will now have a Save Without Posting option. Use this if you would just like to save your work and come back to it later. Note: drafts are saved for one month only.

When you open your drafts/start a new work, the main field for your text has two options: HTML or Rich Text. HTML just shows you all HTML codes in your work. Rich Text is probably what you want to work in while editing, because you’ll only see this bar in that format:

However, sometimes you will want to use the HTML section in order to copy over text from another source that allows HTML format; for instance, Tumblr! I always copy the HTML from my tumblr fics over to AO3 when posting, because it is the easiest/fastest way to ensure the formatting stays intact. Here’s where to find that:

This is a pitfall I encountered with my first fic I ever posted. When you create a draft, the date of posting defaults to the date you first saved the draft. So if you are like me and you draft fics way in advance of posting, you need to make sure to update the post date before you actually hit post, or it will backdate your fic – this happened with This Place in the Sky, and it was several hours before I realized it had backdated by a week, and no one was seeing it T.T Learn from my mistakes, younglings

(And if you want to backdate a draft, then you would go in here to alter the date.)

Some people have noticed an issue with AO3 that causes fics to have odd spaces after punctuation (periods, quotation marks, dashes). This is a glitch related to italicizing when you transfer over fics from another source. To avoid having to search your entire fic for those spaces, always italicize the punctuation that precedes/follows your italicized words. For instance: 

No!” – quotations/exclamation not italicized, glitch makes it show up as: 

“No!” – all punctuation italicized, now shows up as:

:D It’s just less of a headache to have to comb through and find all the random spaces, I find, when you just italicize beforehand! A preemptive strike. 

Let’s look at the variations of line spacing in a posted fic: 

And here’s what this looks like in AO3′s Rich Text editor:

Sorry that is so tiny, but notice the clear difference in spaces between paragraphs while editing! There’s no actual correct way to do this, but! The “regular” option of spacing is the most common on AO3, and also the easiest to read. Avoid the no spacing option at all costs! It can be a huge headache to read, unless you are indenting paragraphs (less common on AO3, but acceptable). I tend to dislike the double spacing option as well because I feel like it breaks up the flow of wording, but that’s just personal preference.


Frequent posters may also have noticed a thing AO3 does where it will insert double spaces at random intervals, often for large sections of the fic at a time, for no discernible reason. This happens often when you copy your work over from another source. But there’s an easy fix!

On MS Word and Google docs, find the “Add space after paragraph” option, and enable it for every fic you write. When you hit Enter (ONCE) to go to a new paragraph, it will autospace for you (meaning, you should not need to double tap the Enter key).

Now when you copy this over to AO3, it will read ONE SPACE reliably, giving you that regular spacing option up above. Cool news: if you copy your HTML from Tumblr to HTML on AO3, you don’t even need to worry about this. HTML be chill like that

Another thing I see people asking is how to add hyperlinks! But also, did you know you can add links, bolded, and italicized text to your summary/notes as well? You just have to put them in HTML, and this:

<a href=“LINK GOES HERE”>Hyperlink</a>

will show up as:

You can easily bold/italicize/add links in the Rich Text editor, but summary/notes are HTML only and you will have to use the above. These are the most useful/common options you’ll need, I think. Try to preview before posting to make sure you got it right (and haven’t bolded your entire summary and the world with it on accident). 

There’s an easy way to link your stories to Tumblr (or Twitter) that automatically includes your title, tags, summary, and all other relevant information right in the post! Just hit this button at the top of your fic, once it’s posted – it’ll take you to the Tumblr log-in screen, so log-in and from there you can edit the post. This is what I use to make all my AO3 fic posts on Tumblr \o/

Finally, more of a stylistic note! Be thoughtful when tagging your fic/writing a synopsis. In general, try to be clear and concise, so people can see what they’re getting into at a glance. Tag what’s important to the theme and tone of your fic. This really varies from person to person… maybe you want to tag every single thing your fic encompasses! I find really long tags to be overwhelming when browsing AO3, and prefer simple ones. I tend to overtag more for smut-heavy/PWP than I do for longer, plot driven fics.  

Your summary should also be clear and to the point, and describe the content of the fic. You can put any other thoughts in your beginning and end notes; if you are leaning towards saying anything like “sorry this sucks this is my first fic/I am bad at summaries/etc” just leave that out! If you don’t like summaries, use a quote from the fic. You don’t have to apologize for posting, even if you don’t think it’s a Shakespearean masterpiece. You still wrote a fic, and that’s awesome!

This is everything I could think of for the time being…I hope it’s helpful!!

While the angels, all pallid and wan, uprising, unveiling, affirm/That the play is the tragedy, “Man,”  and its hero the Conqueror Worm.


I have decided to make this “final boss” series a thing, because I sincerely love all the varied, weird and beautiful antagonists I’ve created over the years! This is K, who is the mysterious head of a great and powerful corporation who hires a thief to steal the secrets of his competitors. Over time, he eventually finds he has feelings for the thief, but unfortunately, the other rebukes him. So what is a man who has received everything in the world to do when he can’t get the one thing he truly desires?

Why, do everything in his power to ruin the life of the thief, kill his loved ones, break him down, and either witness his destruction or make him understand that he really should accept all the love that K has to give.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, K is not a simple ordinary man. He constantly carries an umbrella over him and avoids sunlight, and while some may joke he is a vampire, the truth is far more horrifying. Many years ago, he happened upon a terrible creature, and forced the creature to fuse with him, becoming something far more powerful than even he imagined. The umbrella is not for him. It’s for everyone else. For, as soon as he steps into the sunlight, he violently transforms into a giant, voracious worm-like creature that will rampage until nothing around him is left alive.

A man with an umbrella who holds so much fury in him that it squirms like a worm within his rotting excuse for a heart. What a guy!

So I’ve been thinking about it, and I find it incredible that LoT had essentially given us as close to a canon AU as possible (if that makes sense haha, oxymoron for the win) when they had Ray comment on Len’s engineering skills and when they showed what Ray would’ve become if he didn’t pursue the field of technological science.

So like. AU where Len is a skilled electrical engineer and Ray is a renowned heart surgeon, and they somehow cross paths anyway.

Shadowhunters S2E8 - Writers Room
  • Writer 1: sooo I hear Raphael is a pretty popular character
  • Writer 1: and people are demanding for him to be featured more often
  • Writer 1: also I heard things about asexual representation and a relationship with Simon
  • Writer 2: ...so what we should do about it?
  • Writer 1: ...
  • Writer 1: I don't know man
  • Writer 1: just fuck him up

I reached a follower milestone not too long ago, so here’s a chibi crew thanking you guys!

Thank you! o(*^▽^*)o



i'm feeling like a loaded gun (and when it's done i'm the only one) - notcaycepollard - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

There’s something different when it’s Bucky’s hands cleaning his rifle, is all.

“What’s got you blushing, Steve?” Bucky asks, low and serious, and Steve flushes harder, hot to his ears.

“I’m not,” he says anyway, and, ”leave it.”

so the thing is, right, the THING IS, @radialarch was all “I don’t know why there isn’t more Steve/Bucky gun kink”, and I was like, BOY YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON THAT ONE, and then six months later my brain was all, hey remember that thing, and then it kind of… spun out into this, I guess

anyway please heed the tags on this one my pals

i used to love everything about you:

the stars glowing in your eyes,
the gold covering your heart,
the bright smile on your lips,
the silky sound of your laugh…

now that time has passed i know

fire when liquid still burns,
pure metals are icy cold,
lips can make your stomach churn,
silk can cut you to the bone.

the softness of your skin, 
the lightness of your touch
-imaginary hints of presence,
blurred border between real and not.

i used to love everything about you
but you are not the ‘you’ i thought i knew

—  i made you up; d.m

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Hey! I'm new to the fandom, I've always watched the show but never more than that, and I was wondering - since you know about the clothes and how the color has meaning - if the Broadchurch group uses other kinds of subtext? Like idk in dialogue or in the way they set the scene? Honestly just suggesting some metas would be good, you don't need to make a super long answer. Just trying to understand how I should read the show.

Subtext is an essential part of good writing. I’ve written so much meta and nonsense about this show, feel free to trawl through my broadchurch tag for stuff. Otherwise, I guess I can link a few different things. A caveat, I am a Hardy x Miller shipper and my meta will reflect that. This was also all written before S3 began to air. Doubtless, errors of judgement will be exposed before the season is up.

Comparison of Alec and Joe

Courtroom seating arrangement

Breakdown of Hardy’s relationship with Claire

Thoughts about Ellie and Tess

Ellie and Tess Part 2

Hardy doing the slouch thing

Influence of Thomas Hardy on the story

The “two halves” framing device

Ellie and Hardy making a home in S2

Analysis of dialogue and subtext in S2 goodbye scene

Alec Hardy, masculinity and feminism

Very brief run down of the blue/orange thing

Imperfection as a design choice in Broadchurch

More discussion of colour here

Another breakdown of the S2 goodbye, with focus on cuts and colour

Old discussion of costumes

I do a bunch of events every day. I don’t ever want the people that I am talking to or with, to feel like I am just going through the motions. It’s really important to me, that I may do 10 events a day but for the people that I meet, whether it’s talking to you or going to some other event, that will be the one time that they interact with me, and I wanna do the best I can to be engaged, to be present, to give the best ideas or comments or whatever it is I am doing.

 If all you do is go through the motions, when you’re in some public position, and not just running for office, but in the media or anything else where you interact with the public a lot, and you don’t try to do your best in every encounter that you’re in, and give people the respect that they deserve, I think then it would be really difficult to do this. (…)

I’ve always believed that life is a gift, and it could  be a fleeting gift, you never know, and therefore doing the best you can every day, which is kind of hackneyed, cliche thing to say, but it’s a great way to live. I think trying to give your best, you never know what you might get back. And especially if you have the chance to really talk to somebody, you learn about yourself as well as the other person.

—  Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Spuffy and Bangel?

Like I told @anyasbunny, I’m sorry for not answering sooner! Thanks for asking!

Spuffy: This is when my brutal honesty truly gets tested. 

My mom and I were always on opposite sides when we watched Buffy together. She was die-hard Angel, and I was die-hard Spike. So I rooted for Spuffy, obviously. But upon growing up I started to realize I was rooting for Spuffy because I liked Spike, not necessarily because the relationship worked from Buffy’s POV.  When I started to look at it from that angle things got more complicated. I don’t think Buffy ever had the right viewing of Spike (during canon) for the relationship to work out–and with good reason. She was attracted to him and cared about him, but there were so many “buts” in her feelings. She never truly respected him and I don’t think a relationship works without respect. Season seven was the very beginning of the healing process/a new road for them. We never got to see it fully develop, in part because I think Spike’s sacrifice was a necessary step in her viewing him as a worthy man. So I’m very interested in post Chosen Spuffy (I haven’t read far in the comics yet). We got glimpses of their dynamic changing, but it never fully got there in my opinion.

One thing that does hold me back in loving Spuffy, I should mention, is that I’m normally not a fan of the woman-changing-the-man trope. Partly because I so enjoy the reckless asshole character. They’re just so fun to watch and I hate when they get all self-hating because their confidence/idgaf is what makes them fun. So my ideal future is one where Spike doesn’t become too full of self-loathing but becomes a better man and he and Buffy work on their issues. 

TLDR: They were fun to watch (and had some really cute moments), but I need Buffy to love Spike without reservation before I can truly get behind them. And for Spike to deserve said love, obviously.

Bangel: Another complicated answer! Fun.

I agree with Joss’s assessment that Buffy and Angel are the fairytale romance, but not for the reasons you might think. I agree because Buffy and Angel are perpetually in the infatuation stage, and they’ll never leave it. You know, that phase where you think the sun shines out of the other person’s ass and if only you could overcome obstacles life would be completely, totally, perfect? 

In reality, once said obstacles are overcome you realize the person is a total slob. Or a neat freak. Or they get stressed and ice you out. Or they hate parties and you love parties and dammit why won’t you go with me? You get the point. Buffy and Angel never got to the real stuff. Buffy saw some of Angel’s darkness, but that was easily written off as Angelus and didn’t really ruin the fantasy. And that’s what Angel and Buffy are to each other–a fantasy. They don’t truly know each other in my opinion. So I can understand why people ship it because, well, who doesn’t love a fantasy?

I do think that, once you watch Angel, it’s a little hard to understand how such an adult character fell for season one Buffy. But that’s obviously a writing issue. I have no idea how I would feel about, say, season four Angel and season seven Buffy getting together, because I don’t think they (or we) got to really test their dynamics. When Buffy realizes Angel is a dork who can’t sing and not this mysterious, brooding vampire well…what happens?

Analyzing them as a real couple is kind of pure speculation. What’s mine? Well, I think Buffy and Angel both have a tendency to ice other people out and shut down, so I think their relationship would have some serious stonewalling problems. Cordelia knows how to open Angel up. Spike knows how to open Buffy up. Spike and Cordelia are a little…less broody? I don’t know the right word? Than Buffy and Angel. I think that balance works. But that’s just me.



It’s out of the blue, and it becomes a thing

Kise doesn’t say a thing and acts like it’s a normal thing, because he doesn’t want Aomine to feel self-conscious about it, but he fanboys internally

And he doesn’t share it with anyone, it’s something he wants to keep to himself. He just can’t deal with how adorable his jerk of a boyfriend can be


I Don't Know Where To Go From Here - Chapter 2 - bri617 - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Also on ff.net!!

Thank you all for your kind comments!!!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support for all my works!!!!! :)

Yeah, okay, this completely turned into a stepping stone chapter, but it was necessary… And this also means there’ll be a third/final chapter ;-)

Happy reading and a wonderful long weekend to y’all!

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Hey there I just stumbled over your post about tagging maxvid art °_° How...how do I tag my art right? I don't want to offend anyone. Do I tag it JUST maxvid and not with stuff like camp camp or cc max and cc david these kinds of things? u_u I mean I tagged my art maxvid now... when I uploaded it I didn't even know the ship name XD;;; *flails* ALSO HOW DO I TAG A PICTURE OF ONLY GROWN UP MAX BEING NAUGHTY!!??? aaaaaaaaaaa~

Hi! Thanks for asking, clarification is important!! When I say “main tags” in my psa, I do mean cc David,cc Max, and camp camp, or any tag that is not specifically for the ship. If it’s a pic of any of the campers being lewd, keep it out of main and tag it as nsfw, you can also tag it as ship if you want it to be noticed more by that community. I hope this helps! A sub-tag I’ve been seeing is “kink camp”, so you could even put that if you want 💛

Phanfic: Stay

Title: Stay did i already say i’m awful with titles?
Genre: It’s 2012!Phan what do you expect (mostly angst with some smut and a dash of fluff)
Word count: 600 (so satisfactory)
TW: I guess smut? Not too descriptive.
Summary: Dan and Phil break up but they have a last night together.
(Spoilers: Everything is fine at the end)
A/N: I’m feeling so insecure about my writing lately I can’t bring myself to write because I think it’s going to be shitty, so I decided to say fuck it and write this piece of shit because 2012 Phan gives me feels. It’s kind of smut why the fuck am I uploading this, it’s almost 4AM and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

Keep reading


Dawson and Casey in tumblr tags

10 OC Songs

Thanks @sharp-sparks for the tag! I’m gonna do this for Shara because I love her and why not

I wanna do this for Noa and Avery too, and also Tris, do you know how many good songs I have saved up for this kind of thing

does anyone want to tag me in this, say, five more times lmao

there’s so much evermore on this list god bless

1. Girl With The World On Her Shoulders by Evermore

Criminals, doctors, cynics and believers
Preachers, teachers, murderers and bankers
The faithless and the Pope, the weight of our hope
On the girl with the world on her shoulders

2. The Silence by Bastille

Wrap me round your fingers, break the silence open wide
Before it seeps into my ears and fills me up from the inside

Now you’ve hit a wall and you’re lost for words, my dear, my dear, my dear
Now you’ve hit a wall and you hit it hard, my dear, my dear, my dear

It is not enough to be dumbstruck, can you fill the silence?
You must have the words in that head of yours

3. I Like Giants by Kimya Dawson

When I go for a drive I like to pull off to the side
Of the road, turn out the lights, get out, and look up at the sky
And I do this to remind me that I’m really, really tiny
In the grand scheme of things and sometimes this terrifies me

4. Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party by Courtney Barnett

Why are you so eager to please? I wear my heart on my sleeve
Gets harder in the winter, gotta be a fake or shiver, it takes a great deal out of me
Yes I like hearing your stories but I’ve heard them all before
I’d rather stay in bed with the rain over my head than have to pick my brain up off of the floor

I wanna go out but I wanna stay home
I wanna go out but I wanna stay home

5. Pumpin Blood by NONONO

It’s so magical feeling that no one’s got a hold
You’re a catalyst to your own happiness, you know

‘Cause it’s your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood

6. Between The Lines by Evermore

Separate the truth from lies
With the stories written between the lines
Only you can tell the wrong from right
The more you look the more you find

7. Kaleidoscope by A Great Big World

You’re like the thing that makes the universe explode
Into the colours of a world I’ve never known
You keep turning, keep turning my life around

Violets and purples, diamonds and circles
You’re my kaleidoscope
I love every minute you’ve got me in it
You’re my kaleidoscope

8. Fire Away by Lowrider

I’m sick of holding my tongue, the moment has come
I don’t care if my words all come out wrong, I’m gonna say what I want
And I’ll scream it from my lungs

I don’t care, fire away
From the madness in your heart
Fire away, fire away
I’ve got all my armor on

9. All The Right Movesby OneRepublic

Let’s paint the picture of the perfect place
They’ve got it better than when anyone’s told you
They’ll be the King of Hearts, and you’re the Queen of Spades
Then we’ll fight for you like we were your soldiers

10. Light Surrounding You by Evermore

I see the light surrounding you
So don’t be afraid of something new
‘cause I see the light surrounding you
So don’t be afraid of what you’re turning into

I’m tagging anyone who sees this and is keen!!