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@arukou-arukou sent me the made-up fic title “Ten-tickles for Tony.” 

SO, first of all. You’re terrible and I love you.

This is Tony trapped in the underwater lair of a family of ten tentacled (non colony) creatures who are trying to decide if they should find another strange quad-limbed creature with which to start a herd, or keep him as the family pet. 

One of them realizes that he’s ticklish and thinks it is ABSOLUTELY the most adorable thing on or below the surface, certainly on-par with watching chambered nautiluses swimming backwards and knocking into things. They bring their friends over to see their new cuddly soft creature and hear the strange noises it makes. 

By the time the rest of the Avengers find him, he’s in a seaweed leash and being dragged around the ocean in a magical air bubble. He has resigned himself to being cooed at and aggressively snuggled by every new tentacled creature he encounters, and has permanent sucker marks on his cheeks. 

Did y’all know that Zhang Yixing is a literal angel who deserves all the love in the world and every single anti who wants to hurt him is ugly and gross

@ whoever threw that bottle at him you have permission to meet every single one of us in the Pit ™

Exposure in a Cutthroat Industry

So the upcoming docudrama got me talking to some friends about how awesome Discworld (and Terry Pratchett in general) was. I’ve also recently had to sign a bunch of contracts, and these two things in tandem started me thinking:

Are members of the Assassins’ Guild ever asked to work for exposure?

Hear me out - in the books (see: Pyramids for the best example I can think of) it’s clear they go through a lot of training and what the guild does is seen (by themselves at least) as a craft or high artform, mainly performed for the ultra-rich. It’s also shown they work on a contract basis (Hogfather showed one being negotiated in detail, albeit an atypical contract)

So, it’s not that unlikely that these wealthy amoral types would sometimes say ‘kill this high-profile person and it’ll look great on your resume’. Would newly-qualified Assassins have to start off with these to get enough experience to get more contracts? Is there a time of year when it’s a lot harder/easier to get new contracts? (Animation work tends to flow with TV release schedules - would demand for assassinations increase around election season? After the holidays when nerves are fried with particularly bothersome relatives with sweet juicy inheritances?)

Imagine reading some of the For Exposure tweets but with Assassins in mind

Is the Guild like a union that sets rights, minimum fees, maximum work hours etc? Are transport costs and equipment factored into the contracts? 
And what happens when a contractor refuses to pay for services rendered? (A familiar experience to most freelancers) 
Is anyone foolish enough to blow off trained killers? (Discworld reflects our own world pretty well so I feel like the answer is ‘yes’)
Fics n stuff

Alright, so I’ve decided that the next thing I will be writing will be a straight up smut fic.

I’ve got a pretty interesting idea going around in my head and I’d go insane if I didn’t get it down.

It’s still Papyton, of course, but it won’t be connected to Mettaton’s Skeleton. I needed a little break from that fic to gather some inspiration and the best way to do that? Write some smut.

You have @7thsinner to thank for this, by the way. Her and her… ideas have really helped get the plot together.

Wait people though that Rose is Storm in the room was the actual Rose and would give them big lore stuff???


it’s just him

it’s her room

“I know nothing in here is real”

It’s just a cloud

“You’re not my mom”

“This is how I want you to be, not who you really are.”

And so I bet you are wondering “Well then why was there a storm? Why did it seem Rose cloud was making it?”

Because it was reflecting Steven and how he felt duh. He was upset.

“Well then why did rose Cloud seem to have feeling and be upset?”

Because Steven was upset and this show how he wants the room to react.

“Well then what Rose said was defiantly not what Steven was thinking!”

Remember that thing her said earlier? “This is how I want you to be”? The Rose could said what Steven programed it to say. This is how he wanted rose to be, sure he didn’t think about it, but the cloud gets a personality, and it keeps it.

Yes I know that I am not the best at explaining but that was a just his room.


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Cyanide and Sovietwomble were streaming from their car, starting with a midnight burger snack and then driving through the roads…

How dare they do this… H o w da re..!!! When I picture them as altmal..!!! Characteristics are not too off either, they are just, more cuter and jokey ;-;

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You know what I realized after my 36,485,938th thought about Yuuri and Viktor's relationship? That they need to write a therapist into the show. The issues Yuuri has are more than a romantic relationship with Viktor can fix. Nor should the pressure to fix it be on that relationship. Viktor has his own separate issues too that he needs to place focus on without adding to Yuuri's load. These things are larger than the two can handle alone, if the writers of YOI are serious about depicting (cont)

(cont) about depicting mental illness in an honest way with a healthy outcome.

I love you, anon!

Seriously though, this is a topic I’ve talked about with  @soobaki a lot and we agree, so hard! I completely agree with you that Yuuri’s issues run much too deep for Victor or his love to fix. I even wrote about that here (x) Love and support helps immensely but really, Yuuri needs therapy. Victor could benefit too, but Yuuri seriously needs some professional help.

And he will probably never get it on screen.

Now here’s a topic where cultural differences are actually relevant. There’s a big social stigma surrounding mental illness in Japan (x) General knowledge about it is very low (even amongst professionals, mental health education is lacking) and most of the population doesn’t believe in recovery. To quote the article

Japanese people are apt to consider psychological factors (e.g. weakness of character) as the cause of mental illness rather than biological factors (e.g. genetic predisposition).

This is why you’ll never see Yuuri being described as suffering from anxiety, even though he clearly does. Instead, official materials surrounding the series and the staff of the show will describe him as “having a glass heart”, being “really sensitive”, “faint-hearted”, “weak”. Yuuri is one of the most realistically written characters suffering from an anxiety disorder that I have ever seen, but it wasn’t intentional. Nor do I believe the writers are serious about depicting mental illness in an honest way with a healthy outcome like you said, sadly. 

Like I said, Yuuri’s anxiety was very well portrayed during the first season, episode 12 aside, so I’m hoping that at least remains consistent in season 2. What I mean is, despite knowing we won’t ever see Yuuri seeking professional help, PLEASE don’t have him be cured of his issues because ~love~.

On a speculative, headcanon territory side-note: if there was ever a place for Yuuri to get therapy it would have been while he was in Detroit, if he was self-aware enough to understand he needs it and could get over the stigma.  

She’s the betta half of the two


all the best wishes to the most beautiful soul that is jung hoseok; hope u eat all the food u can imagine n surround urself with the bestest of ppl 

thanks for being the inspiration that u are

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3

  • Me: I am an independent woman who don't need no relationship

Ily: I love you

Ilysm: I love you so much

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