i don't know how to tag my tags are awkward

slightly-functioningsociopath  asked:

So uh wherever I have a bad day (all of them) I just look at your blog and everything is better?? Idk this feels awkward to me but thank you can we be friends

(pt. 2) Your tags literally make my day as well as the posts thank you so much.

Has one acknowledgement of the tags opened a floodgate?          


my bed hair looked p. fabulous this morning

tbh that whole “jotaro feels immense awkwardness around people who idealize him or put him on a pedestal” thing is the exact reason i’m so ehhhh about jotakak in general but SUPER INTO JOTAPOL FRIENDSHIP 5EVER bc polnareff treats everyone the exact same way including jotaro??? while kakyoin definitely has a certain respect and deference for jotaro that doesn’t occur when kak is interacting with pol bc kak can just be his natural asshole self with him

i have a lot of feelings about jotaro feeling weirdly jealous of pol in this way because he likes kakyoin a lot, but doesn’t know really how to treat him and and he sees that kakyoin acts so much more naturally around pol but there’s that awkwardness between the two of them, and without polnareff around, i feel like jotaro has a really hard time bridging gaps like that and that’s why i don’t ever see them working super well romantically

New: Self-promo Saturday

I’m starting something new called Self-promo Saturday. Did you do something this week that you’re particularly proud of? Fanfiction, fanart, gif set, a meta post? Maybe you have books published but you never promote them on Tumblr, or you got into the school you wanted, or won an award for something.

Every Friday, I’ll post a reminder like this, asking you to send me your accomplishments. The easiest way to work this would be for you to post about it on your blog and send me the link. Then I’ll reblog it on Saturday, so in addition to the recognition, all the notes will go into your activity instead of mine. 

If your accomplishment isn’t something Tumblr related, you can either write a post about it and ask me to reblog it, or you can send me the info and I’ll do a few round-up posts throughout the day. For instance: “Hey, I got into X university!” or “I got <insert score> on my LSAT!” I’ll mention you in the post, so people can send congratulations on to you.

I’m doing this largely to remove the awkwardness that comes with promoting your “real life” accomplishments. I never know how/when to mention my books, for instance. Then as I was thinking about it, I remembered how much people loved the self-rec hidden gems idea, and I decided to make it open to anything you’re proud of.