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top five dragon age fanfics

OKAY UMM… Let me say, I don’t like reading fics featuring my main romances unless it’s written by friends or people I trust or I have written it myself, and the only ship I actively search fics for is Loghain x Warden so….Umfgmdgdf….Be prepared

  1. Trial by Iron  by @elved. Fenris x f!Hawke, the only fic that has made me cry. Actually I just got teary-eyed because I remembered one specific line ahaha! Also, everything Anas writes is beautiful and sad, even when it’s happy.
  2. Oh, Grey Warden: Loghain-centric, some Loghain x Amell. Very irritating fic because it shouldn’t end where it ends!!!! I wish there were more chapters or a sequel :/
  3. And Thus Declared the Dragon Age: A series of one shots from Rowan, Loghain and Maric’s PoV. Explores their relationship better than The Stolen Throne did  😒
  4. The Arrangement: Loghain x non-Warden Cousland, THE GOOD OL’ arranged marriage trope, obviously canon divergent. Very well-written, everyone is very much in-character, and although I have some issues with it, it’s my Comfort Fic™ and I love it very much. Warning for smut.
  5. Our dreadful marches: Loghain x Cousland during Inquisition. Short, but it hits where it hurts.

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

um full offense, when moana walks through the water to restore te fiti’s heart i gained about 50 years onto my life. moana’s voice was too much for me to handle, my heart completely overflowed with feelings. that’s all.

Top 15 unexplained larry moments

The most questioning moments in all of Larry history.

Starting off at #1 The standing out to film. What even was this? We all thought it might have been a coming out video, but we actually don’t know. Note how it’s just the two of them and supposedly Eleanor? (Debatable)

#2 The Wellington. What even happened here? It’s debated that Louis shouts “boyfriend” and “waitress” here. And apparently they kiss? They were obviously very drunk. Also note that the camera is blurry and it’s the only beautiful footage we have.

#3 The almost kiss. During a radio interview Louis doesn’t think the camera is on him and harry, so he turns his head and somewhat puckers his lips, kinda asking Harry to “kiss me” Harry then takes notice of the camera and jokingly slaps Louis’ cheek. Louis sees that the camera is on them then mouths “oops.”

#4 The couch moment. What exactly happened here? A “I’ll just causally whisper something supposedly dirty into you ear” moment? Well what ever happened made Louis have a “loaded gun” for the rest of the night.

#5 The chocolate coin fight. Somehow opening chocolate coins lead to throwing them at each other, which lead to the “Now kiss me you fool!” Totally platonic right? (not to mention Harry tweeted “chocolate coin problems” which is a code for gay sex or this moment?)

#6 The same love performance. When Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert performed, Harry rested his head on Louis’ shoulder. Maybe totally platonic, or not; not to mention the song is about gay rights.

#7 The moment when Louis jacked off a fern plant and look at Harry. What even was that? Mid-interview and everything. Just looked at Harry and waited for him to look and then shamelessly did it. We saw that Louis. The poor fern. 

#8 The supposedly whispering into Harry’s ear. (as antis said) A famous concert part.  But his ear isn’t there, is he whispering into his cheek? 

#9 The “Harry’s getting head.” When Louis and Harry were questioned about what they were going to do after the BRIT Awards, Louis said, “Harry’s getting head.” They were all a bit drunk and then Harry high pitch squees and Louis smirks and licks his lips. Like ok, just friends.

#10 The Paris interview. That was extremely painful and sappy oh my. I don’t think I even need to go on about the flirting, the soft hair touches, the soft laughs, and full on heart eyes.

#11 The “How do you whisk?” Ok, on national TV Louis just so happens to forget how to whisk? Like we get it, you don’t cook, but do you really need a hands on example? Apparently he did, and he also mentioned how Harry loves sweet corn and how they live together, and how Harry does all the cooking. 

#12 The “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.” Harry said it so straight forward with such a serious expression. And the interviewer says “who” and Harry replies and later says “It’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.” Like ok. Then the lady says “That’s beautiful Harry” and he just nods.  

#13 The “Next to you.” The infamous “Where do you want to sit?” “Next to you.” And of course management’s right there and says “you can’t sit next to each other.” Which is an example of management’s ability to do what they want.

#14 The “Do you all want to get married and have kids someday?” Oh you know just answering it while looking into your pals eyes and turning away blushing. ‘100%.” from Louis. And then a “Even as young as you are?” And a “yeah” from both of them. 

#15 The “Lou can I give you a blowjob?” Ok, who even says that? During Niall’s interview you can hear Harry ask that. Which Louis’ responds, “I’d love it if you’d just wait.” And of course they’re whispering so they didn’t mean to get heard. Which makes Niall stop and laugh. Totally platonic pals. :)


I honestly cannot believe it took me this long to realize how BIG Mike Lawson's arms are

There were just so many other features to admire, I never made it to the arms. Now that I’m taking all of that in (on top of the thighs and torso and beard and ass), I’m just so overwhelmed.

I legit cried about this a little yesterday after @macaroni-rascal posted that shirtless bedroom gif. Honest-to-goodness sudden tears of shock and gratitude and nervous energy sprang to my eyes.

Why is your body, sir? How? Thank you..?

Incredibly smutty Bawson headcanon (read with caution):

When Mike and Ginny ultimately give into this thing between them, Mike is struck by just how strong she is. Like, leave bruises on his hips from where her knees dig in, hold herself up without his hands when they fuck against the wall, actually make his hips sore when she rides him…

And it’s the riding he gets stuck on, and all he wants is to get her on top all day long, literally milking him and only pausing to let him get hard again before riding more. Because he basically just wants to die inside of Ginny while her strong hips pound down to meet his.

So he tells her this one night, when they’re all sex sated and sleepy, and suddenly it’s all she can think about too. Just riding out orgasm after orgasm, using him as her own personal sex toy..

And that is exactly how they celebrate his retirement…

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Stolen Skids!

@jarofloosescrews did the top image, a sketch of Skids, and I stole it to practice inking & coloring. Since I never post process pics, I thought this would be a good example, cuz step one is always “someone else’s lines” ^_~ On that note THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO LETS ME COLOR THEIR STUFF <3 <3 <3

“Welcome Connor McDavid, and his fellow rookie Jack Eichel!”

“Connor how does it feel to be top prospect of the year?”

“How does it feel to be the best rookie of year, possibly of the entire history of the sport?”

“How does it feel to be considered a better player than Crosby?”

“Why are you so awesome, Connor?”

“I think that’s all we have to ask today. Thank you Connor for stopping by!”

Weird Crushes (uk comedians)

Top 5 UK comedians I have very weird crushes on for even stranger reasons.
- The judgement is real I know, apologies in advance
- Sometimes my mind makes me do retarded posts like this

1. Russell Howard 
Because his boyish scruffy hair and comforting adolescent humor (particularly about animals and his parents) gives me childhood nostalgia (plus I dig the lazy eye).   

2. Noel Fielding
Because apart from his rocking fashion sense or his unbelievably creative and limitless imagination…I love how shy he gets at being complimented (he’s such a softy). Now can we go skipping through the streets of Camden in skirts?

3. Ed Byrne
Because he’s a complete geek and his on and off screen friendship with Dara O'Briain is goals. I just want to sit down with him in an Irish pub and listen to all his stories (plus I’m a sucker for long hair).

4. Stephen Mangan
Because. Hair Basically. (I see a worrying trend here). BUT, he is extremely talented, so well spoken and is the type of fella you wouldn’t be afraid to take to a wedding. if you know what I mean  

5. Rhod Gilbert
Because I can relate to his cynical outlook on life, his constant (but totally valid) arguments on potatoes and his “I do what I want” Welsh attitude. Added bonus - he’s a little rough around the edges but a total sweetie at heart.



Now it’s time to explain some of the ideas behind this comic - on top of being the hardest thing I’ve ever drawn, I think it’s also a great way to show how much I’ve grown attached to the people and the characters in this fandom. My Cross, Pongo, has quite a few confidence issues. He doesn’t think he can quite compare to all of the amazing Crosses out there, but after receiving so much support - on Tumblr and on the Discord server - he’s starting to gain a little more confidence in himself - and it’s all thanks to the community!

That said…time to give out some thank yous, and some small stories about the Crosses I included:

To @kingddd17 , @love410s , @anryl , @bloodrawknuckle , and @shiro-hunter :

You were the first Tumblrs I stumbled across when I first joined, and some of the very first to inspire me to try and join the community in the first place. Through art, through model swaps, through all your storytelling, I felt that this fandom could be a new home.

To @aeviann , @deltheor , @the-lazy-melon , @monapon , @andoryuanzuru , and @taptroupe :

ART GOALS. As I debated whether to join Discord, I came to find your blogs and all of your art - and boy, did it inspire me to try and get back into drawing, as terrible as I was - and probably still am, in comparison. Thanks to you I got back into art and found inspiration in everything I did.

To @jaxstronomy and @eienias20 :

Similar to above, you two got me back into my writing. I was able to develop my Cross more in terms of backstory as well as his interactions with others, and at one point the both of you even inspired me to attempt writing other Crosses - which is no easy task.

And finally, to @noot-scoot , @killerdraco , and @flametorchic :

You three have been some of my motivators. Whenever I felt at a low, I looked back to your art, your stories, even your guidance to get myself back out of the dumps.

There were tons of other Crosses I wanted to draw and couldn’t, but that doesn’t mean I can’t thank their owners: to @shadowoa , @phoenixfireartists , @petelavadigger , @shymindmeta , @rnagnolie , @lunetaria , @zanthe , @listheninja , @shunkuroichii , @heroicmeep , @xenoblade-eureka , and @gaignunkukai : thank you all for your continued support!

I look forward to another year in this beautiful fandom, and I hope to improve my drawings and my writing - all for you!

SeBaek Scenario
  • Sehun: *runs in* ok babe your not gonna believe this but ...
  • Baek: what is it??
  • Sehun: *leans in and whispers* you know your a weak ass top cause your stamina is shit that's why you don't ride me anymore
  • Baek: how do you know that? I just prefer to feel more connec-
  • Sehun: last time you topped you stopped half way and ate a chocolate bar , to I quote feed your dick that sugary goodness...

That awkward moment when you befriend a rly sweet and cute theatre nerd and she’s like the nicest person ever and ACTUALLY TALKS TO YOU ON A REGULAR BASIS OMG this like never happens ok

And she asks if you like musicals

And you, having seen Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Newsies, and you THINK maybe one more that you can’t remember off of the top of your head(on DVD), say yes, despite having seen the barest minimum, because what little you have watched you have enjoyed

…And now you’re far too deep in your false pretense of being a ‘theatre nerd’ to tell her that you actually have zero idea what most of the musicals she’s talking about are, because

1. At this point it would just be embarrassing and

2. It’s literally the cutest thing when she talks about it and you’re worried that if you admit you have no idea what she’s talking about she’ll stop ;;

Why am I like this ;;

I’m really sick of seeing just white gay boys being promoted by huge makeup companies and getting deals and contracts…
like there’s an UNLIMITED amount of talented, hard working, poc I can name off the top of my head

Like they’re not even iconic or inspirational either?? Just because you cover yourself in highlighter and put on some mascara doesn’t make you talented.

Give credit where it’s due and start acknowledging other makeup artists besides white boys who don’t know how to blend, thanks


iasip meme : 1/5 : recurring characters
   >   The Waitress

How do you still not know what my name is!


some basic sketches and flats (which i was gonna paint but probably won’t have the time) for that Harry Potter AU i described a while back

EDIT: WOW I can’t believe how shitty some of these look in the thumbnail, click through for better quality images