i don't know how to react to people

When they’d gone, Lady Sybil sat for a while staring at her hands.
(…) In many ways, she told herself, she was very lucky. She was very proud of Sam. He worked hard for a lot of people. He cared about people who weren’t important. He always had far more to cope with than was good for him. He was the most civilized man she’d ever met. Not a gentleman, thank goodness, but a gentle man.
She never really knew what it was he did. (…) He tended to drop his clothes into the laundry basket before he eventually came to bed, so she’d only hear later from the laundry girl about the bloodstains and the mud.
(…) There was a Sam Vimes she knew, who went out and came home again, and out there was another Sam Vimes who hardly belonged to her and lived in the same world as all those men with the dreadful names…
Sybil Ramkin had been brought up to be thrifty, thoughtful, genteel in an outdoor sort of way, and to think kindly of people.
She looked at the pictures again, in the silence of the house.
Then she blew her nose loudly and went off to do the packing and other sensible things.
—  From The Fifth Elephant.

Heard a young straight boy call his friend a Dyke as an insult today. I looked to see and was met with ‘oh look out the lesbian is mad’, I don’t know how I’m meant to react in theses situations, what am I meant to do these people despise me, not because of my sexuality to be clear, but then use it against me like it’s a weakness I have and should be ashamed of constantly asking me if I’m still with my girlfriend for no reason than to patronise me. This is the first time I’ve heard someone say Dyke outside of a joking context between friends and I feel disgusted and uncomfortable in my own skin I don’t know how to react and I hope to god someone puts these little, childish boys in their place one day cause I don’t seem to be able to

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So here’s a bit from the current chapter of Anabasis, some of which people have already seen the notes for. By a bizarre coincidence, that scene ended up on page 7, so here it is in it’s final form.

(Also, I’m doing a little more than 7 lines because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. The actual seven lines start about half-way down.)

“What happened?”

Obi-Wan frowned, but it was Anakin who answered. “Someone offered Boba Fett one million credits to kill you,” he said. “Which is ridiculous. He should have charged at least three million.”

Padmé could only shake her head. She knew him well enough to know that was his idea of a compliment. She also knew it was sincerely meant, which really only made it worse. It was probably best to just ignore it.

“Oh?” said Obi-Wan. He sounded caught somewhere between annoyance and a morbid curiosity. “And how much are you worth, then?”

Padmé watched Anakin open his mouth to answer, and then close it again. Something old and sharp-edged appeared in his eyes, glinting like the stroke of a knife.

“Fifteen thousand Republic credits, roughly,” he said. There was no inflection at all in his voice. “I know it seems like a lot, but I’m a good mechanic, so that makes me more valuable.”

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Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Reverse Anon

Prompt: Hoshido siblings react to Nohrian holidays? (Christmas+ Thanksgiving+ Halloween) I usually see Nohr react to Hoshido stuff on tumblr so I wanted to see the other way around.

Notes: I don’t actually celebrate holidays but I did my best woo. Also did them as headcanons I hope that’s ok - two per holiday.


○ Elise convinces him that people get dressed up as christmas trees for the holiday so she can cover his hair in baubles and decorations. He totally buys it.

○ The worst gift wrapper ever. Can’t wrap the presents to save his life and is confused when they go under the tree. Also Santa confuses him. ‘Santa didn’t buy this I did…?’

○ A bit more down with thanksgiving. He’s always happy to give thanks for the good things in his life so he likes this one.

○ Very confused about the lack of rice on thanksgiving though. Like ‘why is there so much bread and wheat how?’ 

○ Doesn’t find any halloween decorations scary and is, once again, a confused lobster.

○ Can’t figure out the costumes. Nearly kills Elise when she puts a sheet over her head and tries to scare him.


○ Enlists the help of er pegasus to decorate the top of the tallest tree they can find

○ Freaks out when Else and Sakura wake her up early for presents because ‘WHO’S UNDER ATTACK AH?!’

○ Offers to help cook thanksgiving dinner and is surprsed when all of her siblings agree so vehemently 

○ Eats like a half of the turkey herself.

○ Super jumpy on halloween and nearly stabs everything. She broke a display because it moved suddenly.

○ Gets bored in a haunted house with Sakura.


○ Everything goes wrong for him when he learns about Christmas, from getting wrapping paper stuck all over him to, ultimately, setting the tree on fire.

○ Swears never again and hates Christmas from then on because he’s literally the grinch.

○ Seeing so much Nohrian food in one place is really surprising to Takumi and he almost refuses to eat it.

○ Ends up having a few platefuls anyways and develops a soft spot for pumpkin pie

○ V uncomfortable with halloween because there are children eveRYWHERE

○ Eats half of the candy bowl before someone tells him they aren’t for him.


○ Makes the prettiest tree like it’s colour coordinated and everything

○ Loves that it’s supposed to bring both families together and proposes they try again next year.

○ Helps cook thanksgiving dinner but gets overwhelmed with the Nohrianns style of cooking

○ Has one modest plateful and is totally stuffed.

○ Lets Elise dress her up but spooks herself when she looks in the mirror.

○ Convinces Hinoka to go to a haunted house with her and gets so scared she cries - even though she tries not to.

I feel like there’s a misconception some straight/cis people have about coming out. they view it as one big, conclusive event, when it’s more like something you have to think about every damn time you meet/get close to someone. I am constantly analyzing people’s character/personality traits to determine whether or not I want to risk coming out to them and it’s really tiring. it’s not one event, it’s every day.

All i want from life is to know how mandy patinkin reacted to finding out that the crew had finally enough of his bull and had gideon murdered and also how he reacted when he found out they kind of made light of it by having jj and garcia have an ice cream party almost smack bang on the blood pool

I don’t ask for much. 

But i want this. 

You know, I’ve seen a lot of posts and art addressing how various Inquisitors reacted to and dealt with losing their arm, some quite thoughtful and/or touching, but I’ve missed seeing people dealing with what it might be like to lose the Mark.

What about Inquisitors who always felt they were nothing special, and suddenly they were a hero and the center of everything, able to help people because of this mysterious magic on their hand?  What about Inquisitors who were always indifferent mages, but suddenly they have this astonishing, critically important power?  What about the people who truly believed that they were touched by Andraste, chosen above all others?  Or who felt that they could protect people now and that made them important, it meant they mattered?  Or who gave up everything they loved before, lost the people they were before, all because of this accursed Mark?

And now it’s gone, and it was all a lie.  Stolen power, taken back.  And now they’re nothing special again, but they can never go back to what they were before either.

I can’t help but think that even for the most skeptical and cynical of Inquisitors, that would be a brutally difficult transition.

I’m so cautious about touching other people like I am really careful abt making sure I’m not making them uncomfortable bc I am so sensitive about it myself like ?? what is it like for people who just touch everyone regardless of v clear social cues like are u not constantly hyperaware of urself and others are u not constantly aware of how people are reacting 2 ur actions what is that like

I hate seeing posts complaining about how Josh treats people. He’s a darling, I promise. But in certain situations he’s known to get uncomfortable and react badly. We know this as fans, and I’d really appreciate it if people would stop bashing him for having a human reaction to something. I’m not saying to put him on a pedestal and that he’s never done anything bad or said anything rude, but please remember that he never asked to be famous and admired. He’s a human, a sweet one, but still human.

One of my biggest things with the whole Fine Bros deal is that they made this huge fuss & then tried to backtrack by saying that, for the most part, they only have people in their videos from Southern California, & they want to get input or reactions or whatever from people around the world.

Newsflash, my dudes- people all around the world are already doing that. I literally watched a random video the other day of Koreans reacting to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. You can’t act like these videos aren’t already happening and people aren’t watching them. It takes 3 seconds to search on YouTube and you can find thousands of results for nearly any reaction video you want, from a wide range of content creators across the globe.

And honestly, if you really want to hear the voices of people from around the world- your channel is/was successful enough that you have every opportunity to travel around the world and make these videos with people in different regions & countries!!! Seems to me like you want to make other people do the work and then take the credit.

So yeah, what annoys me the most is the whole, “We want react videos from around the world.”
They already exist. You’re just not making money off of them.

Don’t be. This is a great opportunity to get tøp out there into the world and have more broken people who don’t know of them to discover them and realize they’re not alone. Sure, it’s costly. tøp is definitely getting really popular which might lead to being more generic, but they are twenty one pilots and they will remain twenty one pilots. They’re never not gonna understand what you, me, and a ton of other people feel like. That’s not gonna change. As shown by heathens, their popularity isn’t gonna change how meaningful their songs are.
—  @titledanon when I told her I was kinda upset about tøp being in suicide squad