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“Did you know they [the flowers] all have symbolic meanings?”


Our beautiful Phantom of the Opera group. We’re so representative. <3

Christine Daae - nenna

Raoul de Chagny - rrreira

Phantom - me

Photos by emery and minwe

PS. Read the captions. And look at our socks! Phantom Twister was inspired by this

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hellooo! new GOT7 fan here :] I just wanted to know, how exactly is Yugyeom a sweetie pie? Because honestly everytime I see him I'm just like "ew" because my impression of him is greasy bratty spoiled maknae and I don't want to feel like this anymore :( plz help PS junior is my fave is well so it's really fun following you :]]

omg :( that’s really not a good impression to have of Yugyeom! I feel like maybe you don’t know enough about him or maybe you misunderstood some things??

Firstly, early on Yugyeom already cared a lot about GOT7 and his huyngs. In Real GOT7, they played a prank on Yugyeom, making him think that a fight was starting and it was all his fault. He was so upset and he cried, because he really thought he ruined the group. He’s a pure-hearted kind of person. (x)

More importantly, not just at the beginning, but even after 1 year, at their anniversary fanmeeting, a video was shown with Yugyeom’s letters to the rest of GOT7. He put a lot of time to write very sweet, thankful, honest words to his members. I think if you watch it, you would feel Yugyeom’s sincerity and love towards his hyungs (x)

I know Jinyoung and Yugyeom especially seem to fight a lot, but I promise you that it comes from a light-hearted place :) And as much as Yugyeom seems to pick on Jinyoung, Jinyoung bullies him just as much back XD But they bicker because they are comfortable each other, and it’s never meant to hurt one another. You should watch the GOT2DAY between them :) Even though they also fight in the video, Jinyoung says that he was thankful to Yugyeom because Yugyeom would be there to comfort him during hard times. And Yugyeom says that he trusts Jinyoung a lot (x)(gifset of the moment)

Jinyoung even once said about Yugyeom: “He’s still young so he is sincere in every aspect. He knows how to care for others, and sometimes he’s nice to the point where it worries me.” Since you love Jinyoung a lot too, I think you should trust his judgement about Yugyeom being a good person :)

And it’s not just Jinyoung :) you can see that all the members care about Yugyeom (x) and love him a lot because Yugyeom shows them as much love and support back.

Lastly, here’s some pics of Jinyoung and Yugyeom being affectionate :) (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

I hope you, who loves Jinyoung, will grow to like Yugyeom as much as Jinyoung (and the other members) love Yugyeom :)

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bellarke is a cliche and heteronormative. Stop trying so hard to make them look romantic when they're just friends. Not every f/m relationship has to turn into a romance 2k16

Not every f/m relationship has to turn into a romance. Omg, I hope so. Imagine if all the friendships in the show turn into romantic/sexual relationships. That would be like a bacchanal! Jasper with Octavia, Harper with Miller, Jasper with Clarke, Raven with Bellamy, Monty with Clarke, Kane with Indra…

Marper and Kabby went from friends to lovers, but it makes sense and it’s not heteronormative right?  This is just a problem when it comes from Bellarke, yikes

Yeah, you’re right Bellarke is a cliché. I’m so tired of seeing stories like this. I have lost count of how many asian leads who crush all the toxic masculinity tropes fall in love with a strong female lead who is also bisexual.

and of course it’s heteronormative because we all know a bisexual girl is bi and represents the lgbt+ community only when she’s dating a woman. What kind of crazy person would think that a bi woman is bi all the time?

PS: Hide your fear better. It’s not working. Nice try tho.

I See Straight
I See Straight

(This time I’m putting my lyrics up first before the ramblings. Enjoy a freshly-concocted Allie song about the precious heart-breaking wrecking ball that is aokuro. Tata!)

Hi there, how have you been?
Is the world still as quiet as it was when I left?
I see you look happier now
You look satisfied, you look content

Now I don’t mean to ruin the moment for you
I just want to tell you a few more truths

I am so wide awake but it feels like I’m dreaming
The look on your face, well it’s stopping my breaths
and the road was so long but it feels much more worth it
than anything I’ve ever done
See I know it’s been too long, it’s prob'bly too late
But I’m taking my chances, leaving the rest up to fate
won’t you walk home with me today?
there’s so much more that I want to say

(I was there the night we fell apart
looking up at your window, 
as one with the shadows
I was scared
I was more than a little unprepared)

Well I guess I’ve been fine since that day
It took a little while to see things straight
but I’ve found a way so I’m okay
and what about that dinner, eh? What do you say?
Can I pick you up ‘round seven this Friday?

And I know it won’t be the same anymore
But I hope I’ll be better than I was before

(You-- You're saying yes? Really?)

I am so wide awake but it feels like I’m dreaming
The look on your face, well it’s stopping my breaths
and the road was so long but it feels much more worth it
than anything I’ve ever done
See I know it’s been too long, it’s prob'bly too late
But I’m taking my chances
leaving the rest up to fate
Because right now I think everything’s great
And with you I see straight

I WAS SUPPOSED TO FINISH THIS but vocal problems + ep43 butchered my abilities (I seem to be really hoarse and it isn’t getting better) and so I ended up with another unfinished one (which I SWEAR I WILL FINISH but please don’t hope so much) but I can’t wait to post it because it’s just such a perfect moment because… you know… episode 43 just came out… and this





Yeah so… I guess you all will have to make do with the voice for now. Pardon for any hiccups. I just want you all to feel how I feel, if only for a bit. HIHIHIHihiHIhiHIhIHiHiHIHIHIhih

goddammit i’m going nuts again


/slinks away into shadows/


(gif credits to ms amiys and shvtoku and rakuzan)

I See Straight [draft] (c) Halyse | atsueshi.tumblr.com | 2014

(don’t say I didn’t say anything, tumblr.)

PS. Y'know the line that says “the look on your face, it’s stopping my breath”? Well it’s this one:

and you know how Daiki looks like?



(credits to this post)