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Do humans have some sort of ritual for occasions like these?
Well, there’s the handshake, followed by ‘good luck’.


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So, I was thinking about merpeople and what animals would werewolves turn into. First I thought sharks, but I ditched that idea. Do you know that photoset of the leopard seal trying to feed the photographer? So, Derek grew up as a leopard seal (they look like regular merpeople but can turn entirely into leopard seals instead of just having the tail), he learned to hide and his family was really adamant about to never ever EVER reveal yourself to a merperson. “They are scared of our strength” his mother used to say.

One day Derek is swimming around, minding his own business, maybe munching on some penguins, and he finds a trapped merman(Stiles). His tail is injured and he is kinda stuck where he is, maybe in some sort of trench or something, and Derek feels sorry for him because he’ll probably starve before his tail is healed enough. And since the merman doesn’t seem to have any weapon with him, Derek dives into the trench to see if he can get him out, but Stiles is wiggly, okay? And he does not plan on ending as leopard seal dinner. So he moves a lot and Derek has to let him go if he doesn’t want to hurt him, which seems very easy to do because this merperson is rather thin and bony. So Derek abandons that plan, apparently this merman likes it in this trench, maybe he wants to set up his nest here? Then Derek decides to at least get him some food, so he doesn’t starve before his tail is healed.

He swims away and Stiles is confused BIG time. Like, that leopard seal did not eat him? What? And it was really gentle despite trying to uproot him? His dad can never know about this or he’s going to ground him for forever! If, of course, anyone finds him before he dies of hunger, that is. Stiles’ heart jumps a little when the leopard seal comes back, bee-lining it towards him. Okay, apparently he’s still gonna get eaten, goodbye world and thanks for all the fish and stuff.

But then the leopard seal stops, drops a penguin in his lap and Stiles is confused again and the penguin uses the confusion to hightail it out of there. But the leopard seal is fast and catches it again before it gets too far and brings it back to Stiles, who still doesn’t know what to do with the bird. After a few repeats he gathers he’s supposed to eat it, but merpeople diet is made up of fish and algae not penguins. And Stiles doesn’t think the leopard seal will understand him but he explains it anyway and oh boy, apparently these beasts are more intelligent than anyone gives them credit for, because the leopard seal takes off and comes back with some really delicious tuna.

Fast forward, Stiles’ tail heals, he says good bye to the leopard seal and swims home, abandoning the makeshift nest he created with the leopard seal’s help. Where he keeps thinking about the leopard seal who looked rather sad about his departure. He berates himself for a bit before swimming out again to the trench. Where the nest is suspiciously intact, the currents should have at least partially dissolved that by now. And then he gets ambushed by an overly cuddly leopard seal.

Okay, listen, IF this leads to biweekly hunting dates, that’s his business. Okay? Same thing if his success rate goes up, too. It’s no secret that two hunters are better than one, just look at Scott and Allison/Isaac/Kira, okay? No big deal.

(Derek really likes hunting with Stiles, it’s uncomplicated and fun. Hunting with his sisters always turns into a competition and he is so not the competitive type. Also he has discovered Stiles is awesome at scratching the hard to reach places and cuddling.)

(He hasn’t told his family about Stiles. They would just worry and probably try to scare him off. He doesn’t want Stiles to be scared of him.)

And if he somehow watches the leopard seal turn into an incredibly hot merman that’s also no one’s business but his own. As is his subsequent sexuality crisis, OKAY??? Have you seen that guy’s tail muscles??? Come on!

There might be some freaking out on both sides (there should probably be some angst here or something but I am incapable of angst so you just have to think that up on your own) which gets cleared up when Stiles notices Derek is more freaked out than he is. And there is fluff and cuddles and *whispers* kisses *scandalized gasp* and everyone’s happy and smiling and stuff.

And if they end up opening an underwater orphanage for abandoned or orphaned baby leopard seals that’s also no one else’s business. Shut up. His dad is okay with this, he even comes over to play with the pups. As does Kira.