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i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Dreaming-type thinking: Spike Chunsoft remakes Rescue Team using Super’s engine and gameplay with an extensive and all-new postgame story (and some expansion to the main story as well)! They go all-out with worldbuilding and fleshing out characters to make this remake shine even above the previous games’ standards!

Red Rescue Team 3D for 3DS and Blue Rescue Team HD for Switch! It’s a perfect call-back to how the original Rescue Team was for both GBA and DS!

Nintendo throws its support behind it by having it be an amiibo title, so you can have amiibos of any of the starters (all main starters, Pikachu ofc, any other starters that were in the original Rescue Team, and other fan-favorites). While there’s password and online Rescuing there’s now amiibo rescuing which I don’t know how it would work since really what I care about is you can get figures of yourself and partner to be really cute on your desk or something!

Since the amiibo would have to be released in waves in order to not overwhelm retailers at once, the game would periodically get DLC. But instead of how Gates did it, the DLC that comes out alongside each wave would be Special Episodes like Explorers of Sky did. PMD fans love characters and story! Give us more story! Heck, maybe outright have a remake of Explorers’ Special Episodes (or even Explorers’s entire main plot) to come out alongside whatever wave has the Sinnoh starters!

The Pokémon Company throws its support behind it by finally commissioning a 1-season animated tie-in series. OwO

Plus since everyone knows this push should help it do well enough to justify a Gen 8 PMD, the game could also hint at the future of the series! (I’m hoping for space personally. The in-game hinting could be like “A lot of us feel our brush with the meteor was way too close. It feels as though there’s many more planetary disasters coming for us here. Thus, while you continue your rescues here we’re going to look into how we can achieve travel to other planets!” or something like that.)

Realistic-type thinking: A new PMD will probably exist… Not sure what they’ll do lol maybe focus on the Sand Continent?

Super sold about as well as Gates (iirc about under 1 and a half million) so I could assume that for Spike Chunsoft it’s like “let’s keep this going!” and Pokémon Company’s just like “sure, we and Nintendo make a decent cut off of a consistent million-seller. here’s the license here’s the movelist from Sun & Moon have fun”.

It would at the very least come out on 3DS imo since they can reuse the Gates/Super engine again and the 3DS has some time left until the Switch’s price drops to take over 3DS’s budget system niche.

Me: starts watching young justice
Me, suspiciously close to around when I started watching young justice: what abt a Superhero au for Zane and Hana and Artemios and Marina and Apollymi what if I shove them into the young justice plot line in my head but also have their own separate superhero au and since I’m so bad at deciding on powers let’s do like a merge from the Faerie Royalty au mmmmm