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Hey, I just found this blog and I really like Sorcerobe, it is REALLY GOOD. I know a bit of gamemaker, and other engines, but I just don't understand how you make it. Those "2D-3D" graphics, the animation, the lighting and how you apply physics just blow my mind. I never made a "complex" tile system, so here is the question: How do you handle the tiles, and the lighting on them?

thanks for the interest! I’m kind of proud of the system I’ve come up with for this, haha.

basically you start with the tile. 3 tone, greyscale

it’s greyscale so that you can set the color to whatever you like, and have the color be dynamically effected by the player’s lighting and such. next, we add shadow variations.

these tile shadows are baked into the sprites themselves, and the appropriate shadow sprite is chosen during shadow generation so there’s no ingame performance cost at all to use these. the third thing to consider is light intensity variations, which are represented here:

and then all we have to do is fill in everything in between!

it’s a very well defined pattern so this takes less time than you might imagine, actually. probably about 10 minutes or so to get a single tile ready. This still kind of sucks though, so I’m working on a program to help generate these sheets automatically for me which should save a ton of time in the end.

and with all that I think the finished result looks pretty impressive, considering it’s just sprite swapping and HSB shifting!

there’s a few limitations, like being restricted to monochrome. But I think the benefits make it worthwhile in the end

Exo-K - Christmas 2014

Jane didn’t notice, but Harry stared at her, his jaw slacked as he watched her in her element.

Everyone had different writing methods. Jane spent a lot of her time in university watching students on campus with their instruments of choice, a notebook lying somewhere in their general vicinity. Some people closed their eyes and let the music take them over. Others pinched their brows together, focusing so hard on the task at hand that it almost seemed forced. She knew that Harry was a combination of the two. He’d regularly pull his bottom lip between his fingers, usually when he was trying to finish a line or start a new verse. Other times, he wouldn’t speak for minutes, but it always seemed like hours. He’d stare off into space, stuck in his own head while the words flowed from his mind and onto paper.

Harry told Jane that she didn’t do either of those things when she wrote. When she asked him to explain what she looked like, he merely shrugged and said he couldn’t put it into words. She snorted at that comment, thinking about how ironic it was that a songwriter couldn’t manage to put something into words.

—  goffin and king, coming soon(ish)

because i’m hella bored ok & I wanted to test out editing graphics for the very first time please don’t judge my nooby skills thanks ;__;

i also apologize for editing his hair, i wanted to keep the lavender theme going so ja

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