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KAP OH MY GOODNESS THAT VIDEO WITH ARIN WAS AMAZING?! I know I'm kinda late to ask this, but I was wondering how you edited that? Because the words were super cute, and I've been trying to figure out how to do that for Months and I haven't really succeeded? I was wondering (only if you have the time and don't mind of course) if you'd be willing to do a quick tutorial? Anyway yea I seriously adore your photography and videos you're really quite talented.

the problem with making tutorials for me is that all my software is in russian? and i’m not sure if we use the same one so it might be an even bigger issue? but to put it simply - if you write something on a separate layer and let the background stay transparent in photoshop and then save in .png then you can drop it on top of your video in almost any editing programme (i use premiere pro) - so i just wrote all the tiny bits with my graphic tablet to which the drivers do not work so it still sucked :^) and dropped those transparent .png files on top of the video


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“The problem had to be with him, FN-2187 thought. That was the only explanation. It was what everyone had been saying all along, after all. He was different. Maybe he was so different he was broken. So he would work to fix it, to be a real stormtrooper, to be one of them. That was, he thought, what he wanted most of all. Not to be alone.”

                                                         — “Before the Awakening”

Exo as shit my friends have said
  • Xiumin: guys I drank too much coffee, but don't worry it was decaf
  • Lay: how many swimming pools do you think it takes to fill the ocean
  • Suho: I am older then you there for I know more
  • Chen: guys feel my legs, I just shaved
  • Baekhyun: you guys don't know what true roasting is *proceeds to roast self*
  • Chanyeol: my shower thinks I'm a good singer
  • D.O: so do you think you could make a knife out of a water bottle if you cut it into triangles
  • Sehun: im not weird im special edition, get your facts straight

female character challenge: two mother/daughter relationships [1 / 2]
↳ Elinor and Merida, Brave

You’ve always been there for me. You’ve never given up on me. I just want you back. I want you back, Mummy. I love you.


Feng Jiu x Dong Hua [9/?]: 三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love ep.09

“Who are you?”

Free! ~ Eternal Summer Episode 2 + SHIP ALL THE SHIPS!

“Swallowed up by the sound of my screaming, cannot cease for the fear of silent nights”

Don’t Starve Aesthetics

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Bts as things my family has said to me
  • Jin: I don't know why I thought that gorilla pose was a good idea because I looked like a fucking potato
  • Yoongi: you're an idiot... An idiot with good makeup but an idiot nevertheless
  • Namjoon: you know how people say " if some people spoke what was on their minds they'd be speechless" yeah that highkey applys to you
  • Hosoek: I'm sorry but Jessica us not as popular as people think she is
  • Jimin: perfect has 7 letters in it... So does meeeeee
  • Taehyung: if I have a kid I'll raise them listening to whale noises only
  • Jungkook: I don't know why mom still makes me eat vegetables in not fucking 12

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Hi! I just saw your recent edit for BTS festa and it's amazing! Do you mind telling me which editing app you used? And how you made the background? Thanks and have a good day❤️

anonie said: Hi~ firstly I LOVE YOUR EDITS SO MUCH THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL AND ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC IM- THANK YOU FOR THISSSS I was wondering if you could give me the name of the app or programme that you use to make these edits! I’m a beginner, and I would love to learn to make edits as nice as yours! Thank you in advance and I hope you have a good day❤️❤️





nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 3 / 5 }
land of the great spirits (brother bear)

“wow… look at the lights on that mountain!”
“hmm, i wonder what sorts of spirits live in those lights!”