i don't know how to feel about this quote

Even more out-of-context quotes I've heard at school

“Yo, who farted in your face?”

“Okay, I have a question. Who takes chemistry and knows how the fuck to do this shit?”


“One day you’ll find someone who’ll appreciate your farts”

“Titties, titties, titties- no that’s a guy”

“I believe in spaghetti”

“Let’s trap it with education”

“Hold up, hold up, hold up, I need science”

“Come on Adian, let’s take a mystical adventure to the computers”

“I’ll show you my true IMac daddy rap skills”

“Who’s the guy that deepthroats bananas down there?”


“I want a little bit slower metabolism so I can get tHICC”

“My dick looks like a mozzarella stick”

“Guys, I lit a minion plush on fire last night”

“Dude, I was listening to waluigi noises for three hours straight”

“I’m in touch with my true spirit animal,,,a shitzu”


“I left a trail of breadcrumbs. A way for you to find me. And I waited…and I waited. Dawes? You didn’t even answer. Why didn’t you come?

  • Vernon: *Arms folded, starting at Seungkwan* So.
  • Seungkwan: ... Yes?
  • Vernon: How nice were Moon Moon's hands?
  • Seungkwan: *Blushes* I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Vernon: Your butt knows what I'm talking about!
  • Lucy: Okay guys, we don't know what it says in this book, but let's open it. *she opens the book*
  • Happy: It says "tell Lucy how I feel about her and hopefully not fuck it up."
  • Gray: Well that ruined the surprise now.
  • Lucy: ...*she keeps on speed reading through it* HOW DOES HE FEEL?!
  • Lucy: I MUST KNOW!
  • MC: "the8 please tell us about this song"
  • the8: "oh sorry dude i don't speak korean, i don't know"
  • MC: "the8 please tell us how you feel about the members?"
Please don’t worry about me.
I’m just a little tired from being strong all the time…. Between dealing with all my own problems, pretending everything’s fine and helping other people with their problems – I sometimes feel like I have no energy left.
Sometimes I imagine what it would feel like to be taken care of… for someone to wrap me up in a blanket, hold me while I cry and tell me that they love me and that everything will be alright. But for some reason, whenever anyone asks me if I’m okay – I always say I’m fine!?
I think deep down I’m afraid…. Afraid that if I reach out for help, I might be let down… or afraid that if open up, all the pain I’ve been holding inside will come flooding out and I won’t be able to stop it.
I think that’s possibly the biggest paradox of having strength… that sometimes you spend so much of your energy being strong for yourself and others that it ultimately weakens you to the point where you feel you have nothing left to give… That’s how I’m feeling right now – but give me time and I know I’ll be okay.
I’ll push through like I always do… because I’m strong….
and I don’t know how to be any other way.
How beautiful is it, that a person can love someone who doesn’t feel the same. It’s like using up all the ink of your only pen just to write a letter to someone, but they don’t even know how to read. Yet still, you have used every single drop of ink, of your only pen, just for them. It’s just all about love, sacrifice and hope. And nothing can beat that. Nothing can ever be as beautiful as that.
—  P.G.G
  • Sirius: You know, Harry, the great thing about First Love is that it's the first of many.
  • Harry: But how will I forget my feelings for Cho?
  • Sirius: Well you see son, as time goes by you'll find--Marlene! Marlene, why won't you love me! Bwah-ha-ha! I don't wanna live!
  • Bucky: Now let's be clear, I don't love Tony, okay? I just miss him when he's not around, I think about him all the time and I imagine us one day running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown suede vest.
  • Steve: Are you ever going to tell him how you feel?
  • Bucky: No. Maybe. Never. I don't know.
you meant so much to me but you broke my heart,and as much as i want to hate you i can’t and i hate it. everyone warned me about you and i always told them you weren’t like that; that you were different. i was right but not in a good way. you made me feel like you actually cared but deep down i always felt something was off. i always knew we would grow apart because we are both so young and still searching for ourselves, i knew you would let go first because god knows i could never let go of you. you brought out this side of me i didn’t know i had. i was so head over heels for you that i believed everything you told me.  you would say “i love you,” and i would believe you but then you went and did something that a person wouldn’t do if they loved a person. i always forgave you or blamed myself for the things that went wrong in our relationship. now that i know the truth, i feel bad for those girls who fall for you. i want to warn them about you, i want to tell them to run and don’t look back but i know they won’t listen because they’ll be blinded by your charm. in the end, i’m glad you broke my heart because i learned that i don't need you and that my life is so much better without you. i hope one day you’ll find out what it feels like to love someone how i loved you
—  r.b