i don't know how to do it justice :


I did what you told me to. I kept running, I kept moving forward, because I knew that if I stopped to look back, then I would remember that you weren’t behind me anymore. And it’s been so hard. And when Cisco said that he could bring you back, you know, I didn’t know what to think. What if it didn’t work? What if you were dead? I mean, I thought it would be like losing you all over again. I never imagined this, though. I don’t know what I would do if this is all that’s left of you, if this is all that’s left of the amazing man that I know and love.

Updated WIP of Cully. I have no idea how to paint facial anatomy sob

Consider Priest!Oikawa struggling against his strong attraction to mysterious sea creature Merman!Iwaizumi

“Why is human so against love?” Iwaizumi asks, head tilting to the side, little droplet of waters glistening through his hair and the beautiful-crafted coral adornment against his ear. His fingers hovers just above Oikawa’s before spreading across the only exposed skin around Oikawa’s wrist. “I thought you liked me.”

“I did. I do, Hajime,” Oikawa whispers. His hands reach out despite himself and almost flinch as he touches the small, teal (so beautifully matched the merman’s deep green eyes) scales along Iwaizumi’s arms. 

“But some of us,” Oikawa wets his lips and feels his heart constrict painfully when he sees Iwaizumi’s eyes follow the movement. “Some of us vow to dedicate all our love to the God.”

“Who is this God then?” Iwaizumi asks again as he hoists himself higher, upper body completely out of the water. Oikawa feels himself leaning forwards as Iwaizumi does so, and his hands grip tight around the slick muscle where smooth skin meets scales around Iwaizumi’s waist.

“Who is this God,” Iwaizumi repeats, voice lower than a whisper, as he presses a soft kiss against the corner of Oikawa’s mouth. “To deny you of something like this?”

Oikawa’s eyes flutter shut as Iwaizumi feeds the last question in between his lips.

“Don’t you want me?”

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Hello does maybe some Korean fans follower you? I wonder what people in that country think of the promotion? I always see the complain by international fans never saw it from Korean fans but this could be because sadly i only make friends on internet with international friends. For me i don't know what goes on behind maybe the boys don't won't to do it or the company/manger/team isn't good organized.. no idea how the organize thing is going or if the manager team of got7 need permissions to do🤔

I think Korean fans were upset this time around because they started a trend on Twitter  #JYP_GOT7_아티스트대우해 and demanded justice for GOT7. They’ve never done it before. JYPE never respond to fans’ complaints though, so I don’t know if it helped in any way.

Twice, Suzy and 2PM have their own, separate management teams. GOT7 doesn’t have one. Not making enough albums for GOT7 so they can sell a lot is a huge mistake on JYPE’s part. They didn’t pay enough attention orthey’re trying to sabotage GOT7. They haven’t done anything and it’s been 24h since fans started messaging them about the lack of albums in stores. The week is ending and we need huge first week sales to win on music shows.

Kid Flash: So can Atlanteans speak to fish?

Aqualad: No, we actually cannot. It is like a human trying to converse with a-

Robin: Hey, do you have to speak a different tonal language with them? Or is it just like a series of like bubbles and gurgles?

Aqualad: No, did you not hear-

Kid Flash: I bet it’s a bunch of gurgles like a salt water gurgle like *loudly gurgles*

Aqualad: No, we don-

Robin: No no no it would definitely be bubbles like GLUBGLUBGUBGLUBGLUB

Kid Flash: No no nooooo its *gurgles aggressively*


Kid Flash: *gurgling*

Flash & Rob: *gurgle/GLUBGLUB in harmony*

Aqualad: my king is testing me greatly

Zodiac Signs as Sonic-For-Real-Justice quotes
  • Aries: You wanna know how many smug Sonic pics i have? F*ck you, that's how many - Mod Sonic
  • Taures: They keep banning me and bringing me back - Mod Shadow
  • Gemini: Who made a Knowyourmeme page about us? Don't make us into a meme! - Mod Amy
  • Cancer: I'm very saddened - Mod Tails
  • Leo: Amy, I don't even watch mlp anymore - Mod Shadow
  • Virgo: I do what I want - Mod Sonic
  • Libra: Mod Sonic has a crush on Mod Sally, pass it on! - Mod Shadow
  • Scorpio: TAILS YOU F*CKIN LIAR I JUST WOKE UP!!!You just want the positive attention from everyone to make me look like an idiot! - Mod Amy
  • Sagittarius: ...i don't even know what tucute means! - Mod Tikal
  • Capricorn: I'm not even actually emo - Mod Shadow
  • Aquarius: Shut the f*ck up - Mod Shadow
  • Pisces: Why does everyone hate me? - Mod Amy

You know how it’s basically canon in fanfics that Kara is really worried about telling Alex about her and Lena dating/being really good friends.. Kara’s face when Lena and Alex are actually meeting in canon is HILARIOUS

it starts with the “what is she doing here”

*smiling at Lena* (of course)

*worried look thrown at her sister*


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I wanted to draw some Keitor but I don't know how to do Lotor justice since we don't know what his face looks like riiiiip

aslkjdlajs i relate to this on an emotional level because i’m still trying to figure out how to draw him but i can’t draw the left side of things for shit??? especially faces so he always ends up looking kind of

????? ???? ?? help me. what am i doing

I honestly find it ridiculous how conditioned general audiences are to Marvels way of making movies. I mean it’s not like ensemble movies have been being made for decades, but I guess they needed stand alone films for every character so the audience could care about what happens to them. Does every X-Men character need their own movies to make them good? The Oceans franchise? Fast and furious? Movies like The Hateful Eight and The Magnificent Seven? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? What about Rogue One? Hell even Guardians of the Galaxy made a group film work without solos.

Justice League only has three of its main characters who haven’t had their own movie, half of the team will have already been in at least two movies before JL comes out. And you fucking know that if dc had done individual films first everyone would just be bitching about how they’re copying Marvel.

And honestly having the Justice League early on makes a shit ton more sense business wise because if you look at marvels box office, most of phase 1 and the latest origin films are the ones that make the least amount of money. But, if say Antman had come out after his appearance in Civil War, you can bet that it would have made a considerable amount more money. People would have already seen him in a huge movie that everyone was going to see no matter who was in it. Like it’s such an easy concept, you have a huge group movie, that people will see just because it’s an event film, give characters super cool moments and make them really likeable in the group film and then people are more likely to want to see the character in theatre when their own movie comes out.

Marvel is great at what it does, there is no denying that. But can we stop trying to make everything the same? That’s how superhero fatigue starts. If every single superhero movie that comes out is the exact same tone and format as the others people are going to get bored eventually. At the moment we have such a wide array of styles but people just can’t seem to accept any differences. Why do people constantly need to tear one universe down to prop another one up?

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I still don't know how nobody has asked this but do yo have any gifs of Konoha? He is so precious he looks BEAUTIFUL in the manga but he looks like a potato in the anime he deserves justice but eh it's not that bad he still pretty, he is my favorite underrated character because let's be honest now I have a lot of faves but I feel that people don't notice him that much


Our cute owl boy… turned into… potato boy…


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Hey uh... I don't know if you're in any mood to answer this, but how is His Girl Friday racist?

this is all off the top of my head from memory based on the last time i watched His Girl Friday so bear with me, minor details might be off but i’m p sure i remember the gist

the essential premise of His Girl Friday is that news editor cary grant gets a hot tip on a huge scoop, a story that could reveal massive corruption and save a man’s life, but the only one who can really do justice to this amazing story is his former right hand man - who is also his ex-wife rosalind russell, and who has decided to give up her life as a tough-as-nails ace reporter to marry a normal guy and live a normal life with babies and no questionable ethics. so the whole plot of the movie is cary grant trying to use this one last story to win back his woman and also his best reporter by showing her that she’s still an ace reporter at heart and she doesn’t even want a normal life because she’s a weirdo anyway. hijinks and old-timey brittle dialogue ensue.

here is the problem:

  • the story in question is that a white man shot a black cop and is being unfairly punished for it
  • it’s never denied that he shot the cop, but he insists (and the movie frames it as true) that it was an accident and he was just flipping out about losing his job
  • according to the film, this white man has been put on the fast track to death row by the mayor and the sheriff in order to appease black voters
  • they insist repeatedly that if he’d shot a white cop no one would have cared (because when you’re unemployed sometimes you lose your mind and shoot a cop? idk they talk about the insanity defense in that weird hollywood way that misunderstands pleading insanity)
  • the plot of the movie hinges on the unquestioned premise that government corruption takes the form of unfairly punishing white men to win black votes
  • the scene where rosalind russell interviews the condemned man, the scene that is supposed to show us just how goddamned amazing she is at her job that she’s the only one who could do it, is just an extended scene where she asks leading questions in order to coach him toward the conclusion that the shooting was actually the fault of… communist propaganda
  • i am not exaggerating, it’s public domain so you can watch the scene right here if you want
  • i don’t really know how much of the whole ‘corrupt government desperate for black votes’ thing was a holdover from the play but it’s a bizarre view into how white people viewed the world i guess
  • Harmless White Man Loses Job, Gets Tricked By Communism Into Shooting Black Cop

the politics aren’t quite as fucked as some other cary grant movies i could name but it kind of casts a pallor over the whole thing, as much as i love watching rosalind russell and cary grant banter