i don't know how to credit correctly

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So. I don't know how to do this correctly. So I'm asking for help. I give Jack's video today credit for giving me the courage. So, the thing is I'm bi. And I have only told one person. You being second. I need some help/support in telling my family. Can you give me some advice? If not that's fine. I just don't know what to do.

first of all, welcome to the bi family! i’m bi too, and it’s awesome to meet other people who are bi as well. be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone tell you that you are confused or you have to chose. that’s the best part about being bi, you can like both.

as for coming out to your family, that’s a big step. i found it easier coming out to my siblings first before my parents. your relationship with your siblings is much different than the one you have with your parents. if you have siblings, i think it’ll be easier to come out to them first and they can help prepare you for your parents.

now for parents, it’s difficult to say how they’ll take it. it depends on their view of it, i suppose. when i came out to my parents, my mother supported me while my dad seemed indifferent, which was fine, they still love me regardless. for your family, it depends on their view of sexuality. if they’re really homophobic/biphobic and your life may be at possible risk should you try to come out to them, then i suggest that you don’t, only for the sake of your safety. if your parents are supportive of the lgbt+ community, then that shouldn’t be a problem! if you’re unsure, bring up topics of the lgbt+ and see what their thoughts are.

just take a big deep breath and properly assess your situation before jumping into it, alright? i hope this helps at least in some way. but just know that you have all my love and support! 💛