i don't know how to color this show


Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

  • Aries: You'll be as bright as the sun and make the most difficult choices in your life soon. Chin up, spit the blood, and fight for your beliefs.
  • Cancer: Maybe things seem pretty rough right now. Think about what you want for the long run, maybe it's not what you want now. Where are you in 10 years?
  • Taurus: You're always so nervous and tedious about your work. You know what? If you're trying to impress something or someone to get what you want, maybe it's not for you. Because if you're not doing what you love to impress people, screw that. Do what you want.
  • Gemini: Oh boy. You have no idea. You have such big dreams and so little time. Go with what you want and don't let anybody get in the way of it. You're really never late to anything. There's time, just a limited amount.
  • Leo: Summer down, maybe your dream when you were little won't work. Maybe it will, who knows? The thing is, don't live your life in solitude, find someone to adventure with and show your colors.
  • Virgo: My dear, don't be afraid of society's rules, they're meant to be broken. Prove your point. Be an example. Break the glass.
  • Libra: You've been told what to do and how to do it for too long. Stop obeying and start pioneering your own future. Dream for yourself.
  • Scorpio: You think you have it all figured out don't you? Just know that life throws curveballs all the time. Be ready for anything darling.
  • Sagittarius: Maybe you don't know. Maybe you know. You're in the dark yet you see light. I promise it will become clear for you one day when you probably least expect it.
  • Capricorn: You're ambitious but not supported. I'm sorry. Put yourself in a healthy group of people and environment and you'll grow as fast as time passes.
  • Aquarius: You can not see the future and there are things you won't be able to predict. Stop trying so hard and let go. You'll find your success elsewhere. Don't expect a pretty platter of success to be handed to you.
  • Pisces: You fall but you need to get back up. Don't loose sight of what's important to you and your journey. You've grown so much in this period of time. Keep it up and success will be great.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later…

Aaand new part for Chara Origins comic! Well, at last Chara actually makes it to the mountain…perhaps things will get better? Well, hopefully so…

Next part will be along whenever I finish it! Only 1-2 parts left, depends on how long they are.

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed


Based on Puppycat’s song from Bee and PuppyCat!

I had drawn the outline for this awhile back, but for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how I wanted it to be colored.  I came back to it recently and decided to give it another shot and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! 

I know the lettering isn’t the best, it was my first time trying to use fonts without the cushion of a speech bubble and working it into an illustrative piece.

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Hey Climb, do you have any tips for coloring cats in a night scene? I'm a newb to coloring, so I don't know what the right colors are for all the furs

yeah sure i can show you how i do it 

((lineart + character design by @hoxau))

so first things first is color in your character. it helps to already have the background done so you can pull the colors from it and help make your character blend in more. 

new layer set at normal - 20%

i use a blue i picked from the bg, and cover the entire character. darker characters need a lower opacity while lighter characters need a higher opacity. this mutes your colors and makes your character seem more natural 

new layer set at multiply - 50%

here i shade the character, using the same blue i used before. i locked the shading layer, then used the airbrush and a lighter blue color to help soften the edges. 

new layer set at overlay - 100%

using a airbrush i take a light neon blue and add a soft highlight

new layer set at multiply - 45%

taking a dark blue/black from the bg, i added another shadow under the chin to make the angle more dramatic

finally i color the lineart and add a glow behind him. ta-da 

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so i'm (afro) cuban but for whatever reason (melanin) people like to act like they dont believe me when i tell them this so the other day one of my coworkers told me he hates it when i say "pero like" and when i asked him why he said "bc you're not spanish you're just black" & i told him i was cuban and he laughed and said, "this is gonna be like when you told me you're gay, i don't believe either one" -__-

Like do people not know Cuba is in the caribbean and that the caribbean is filled with Black people? Like girlll. This is basic history. Cuba is fucking mixed as hell lmao And even without the knowledge of how people ended up in the caribbean, people have a hard time believing afro-latinx exist because of racism in the media which paints a picture that all Latinx look the same, and whitewashing/colorism which presents itself when spanish novelas only show European looking latinx people. It’s sad. Especially since afro-latinx have contributed so much to latinx culture. I listen to african music and I see where it made its mark on caribbean latinx music like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton etc. But people not giving Black people their proper credit, what else is new.

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Don't think that your art isn't perfect. Yeah, as years could go by your art style may change, but that's a different story. Your art is amazing and wonderful to look at. You are a GREAT artist. Not many people could do the things you do. You know how to do full body, and any pose you put your characters in seems to be flawless. And don't get me started on your coloring skills. I will fangirl as I go on about the colors. Point is your art is amazing. You are amazing. So don't be scared to show -

……You make me blush/// ///
I just not always self-confidence,I think this is part of my personality

it is not easy to change,but Thank you for everything!!

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Hi, I really enjoy looking at your doodles and coloring. I think your coloring is very beautiful,your doodles are very soft,anr that your drawings are very clean. Im currently very new at digital art and I don't know what I'm doing. But I was working beer ngnit you could perhaps show a tutorial on how you draw those boxes behind characters;like for the Mae borowski and Invader Zim with Gir picture.

Sure thing! It’s pretty simple, actually, once I break it down. You just…

Choose a pic

Add a color you want a square to be underneath the lineart/sketch layer

Play with erasing the color until you get the shape you want (you can even erase with certain brushes on paint tool sai by clicking the lil squares underneath your colors in the tool window, that way the erase lines have some texture)

Clean up the sides

Add effects (either clip a new layer onto your square layer or preserve the squares opacity and draw on it like that)

Then erase around your character or thing you want viewers to focus on, you don’t really have to add a white outline like I do but I feel it makes things pop more

And yeah! That’s it :)


@SabrinaAnnLynn: Busymom11 ty for taking time out of your busy schedule to write a review. Next show will have less offensive moves like the “Macarena” XO

do y'all ever think about how alec’s first and only romantic love in his entire life was magnus? that boy thought he didn’t need tenderness, that he didn’t deserve it, a boy with sharp teeth and a heart bleeding underneath its armor, until he saw a certain someone with a smile that left him breathless and stuttering for the first time. because this was it, magnus turning his life upside down and showing him what love feels like, what pride and happiness taste on his tongue, sweet and rich and so good. from then it was forever, through thick and thin until the sun burned out and they were left in the dark and alec spent his life loving magnus.

An Intelligent Fan Part 2
  • Me: I'm an intelligent fan, I only support and listen to the most factual accurate and probable theories, because I'm smart.
  • Also Me: Okay but what if the mice were actually the original paladins. The show never actually mentions what happened to the original paladins besides Zarkon and alfor. We don't even know if the other paladins are dead or not, so what if they were some how turned into mice and then hopped into alluras cryo-pod to give her advice on how to defeat zarkon. Each of the mice's fur coloring matches the clothing of an original paladin too. Its basically confirmed.

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Anyways, in comics, when K/orra and A/sami talk about same sex love and bisexuality, sky is painted in bi colors, so don't tell me that the animators of this show don't know what they're doing with K/lance backgrounds

I WONDER HOW MANY TIMES I’VE TALKED ABOUT THIS? a lot. a lot of times. they know exactly what they’re doing. studio mir animated TLOK, which most of us know had the bi flag colors in the background of the finale and now they’re animating VLD. the bi flag colors have been used twice that i’ve noticed, along with the gay flag colors. both in episodes with lots of klance.

not to mention in this breathtaking scene:

red and blue come together to make purple/magenta… romantic as fuck!

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When did you learn to draw ? I mean where did you get motivation? Personally i want to learn Because you gave me the motivation But I don't know where to start , things like construction, perception, perspective, compositions... I don't know where to start ... So if you can help me , just tell me where to start " an Algerian fan "

There’s no a specific rule or manual about where to start to make something. Start with something that makes you feel comfortable, and when you think you’re ready you can get out of your comfort zone and try new things.
You can try redrawing other stuff like tv shows scenes to practice and discover how does that perspective, coloring or character’s anatomy  works. That’s how I learned, and training my eyes to appreciate details, from a single form of a pencil, to a big building or even a city. It doesn’t mean you will learn to draw complex stuff, but you will know how to simplify things according to the style you want to reach. 
Start with whatever you want. If you’re consistent you will learn the other things by instinct.