i don't know how to color manga help

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Hi! I don't know if you still do tutorials here or not, but I came across some of your older ones and there were amazingly helpful with touching up and helping me to color manga. But I'm just wondering, how did you do the backgrounds? Usually I've been making them one color or leaving them in white. I couldn't find the tutorial on how you did it. Would you be willing to make one, if not it's totally okay! I just wanted to say thank you so much for making your others. They were great help!

Hello! Thanks so much!! I’m so glad to hear my tutorials helped you!! :)

You can find all my tutorial here but you’re right, there isn’t one specifically for backgrounds. At the moment I’m very busy with school so I won’t assure you I’ll make a proper one BUT, I can give you some tips of what I do!

Background tutorial

Drawing/making background is very relative, it’s all depends on the effects you want to create. However, what I usually do is using different photoshop brushes and texture I find on internet, then I mix them up.

  • These are the brushes I currently have saved (but I use like 10 of them) and this is a quick and random example of a background effect you can create:
  • And random examples of texture I use/you can find on internet:

I mix brushes and textures together and the final result is something like this, this and this coloring I made :)

DeviantArt is a good source for photoshop brushes (and textures too).

And I use google images for searching images.

Watercolor/artistic photoshop brushes. Floral/flower/watercolor - pattern/texture/background images. This is what I usually search and use for my backgrounds.

Use whatever you want and be creative! Don’t forget that this is my own way to create background, but you’re free to use whatever you want and be creative !

Hope this helps :)