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PT 2 - so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it's so exhausting. is there any way you'd suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don't know that it's something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn't any bother. take care!

Entire question for those reading:

hiya! your stuff is mindblowingly gorgeous, i just now came across your work and you’re incredibly talented, especially considering your age! without getting too personal/into TMI territory, i was wondering if you’d be willing to give some advice - due to depression and other illnesses, i’ve been practically nonfunctional in most aspects of my life for a couple of years now. what i’d like to know is, i guess, how would you recommend someone go about improving in art when they have to take it so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it’s so exhausting. is there any way you’d suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don’t know that it’s something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn’t any bother. take care!

Thank you! And always remember that you don’t have to stress about learning at your own pace- you’re not less of an artist if it takes you a few extra months or years to grasp a concept or to gain skills.   

For your question now: I’d recommend setting a small goal of drawing a figure a day- or just focusing on sketching a few hands, ears, noses, torsos, whatever- and slowly increasing the amount you draw as time goes on.  If you forget or neglect to draw on one day, don’t let it get to you, and just keep drawing the next day.  People say you have to draw every single day for eight hours a day to be a great artist, but in all honesty it won’t kill you to skip a day.  On another note, draw people that interest you.  Literally the only reason why I wasn’t bored out of my mind studying anatomy was because I wasn’t technically studying anatomy, I was just drawing people that fascinated me and taking small mental notes of their shapes and proportions.  Sometimes I would see a girl or a guy and think, man I gotta put this on paper (not sure where this sensation comes from, but I’ve been noticing it more and more as the years have gone by).

I don’t think I’ll talk about color theory just yet, but if you want to stylize anatomy it’s a good idea to think about two things in particular: 

1, look at the work of artists you admire (that stylize their work).  What makes their figures so pleasing to you, where is your eye drawn, and what aspects of their drawings would you like to adopt?  It can be something as major as overall gesture and energy of their figures, or something as small as the way they sketch fingers.  Maybe theres some softness, or snap, or attitude, or sensualness to the people they depict that you’d like to emulate- consider copying of their work (obviously don’t tell anyone it’s yours) and paying attention as you copy to see what you absorb.  

2, watch people around you in real life (or use pictures if you’d like) and note what interests you about them.  Keep the little things in mind: the way their hair glints in sunlight, the way they slightly lean to one side when they talk to someone they’re comfortable with, the face they make when they’re happy-surprised versus disappointed-surprised, so on and so forth.  You don’t have to throw all of your observations into your art immediately, of course, but when you realize that there are a lot of very minute (and at times indescribable) things that make us seem more human, it gradually makes it easier to stylize and to express little pieces of humanity in your art, and people will begin to connect with it and feel genuine emotions when they look at your works.  

For now, just see if you can get in a sketchbook page or two a day; and take some time to look at people, whether they’re living and breathing, or filtered through the eyes of an artist.  You’ll get some valuable knowledge from these small exercises, and you’ll notice some improvement in due time.

the secret to sleeping in | in which hot cocoa, burnt bacon, and a space heater save the first morning of fall.

~3k words of pure fluff stemming from my love of Niall Horan and my impatience for the coming of fall. I hope you enjoy and that you’ll let me know what you think. xx

[September 2017]

Lola woke up shivering.

She craned her neck so that she could see over her boyfriend’s bare shoulder, the alarm clock on the bedside table confirming her suspicions. It was 8:30am. And for a Saturday morning with no plans or responsibilities – a Saturday morning that she’d earmarked especially for lazing round – that just wasn’t good enough.

‘I’m supposed to be sleeping in’, Lola thought. Out cold until at least noon. But damnit, she wasn’t out at all. She was just… well… cold.

A shiver ran up her spine as she gently pulled the sheets up over her and her boyfriend’s heads, hoping to shut out some of the cold from a bedroom that had somehow become an icebox overnight. She needed a source of warmth but there was no way she was getting out of bed so she burrowed back into the big spoon position instead, curving her body as tightly as she could around her boyfriend’s fetal position.

“S’not time to get up yet,” Niall Horan groaned, his voice gravelly and disoriented from being spooned just a bit too aggressively and effectively squeezed awake. He stretched his legs out and yawned, plucking Lola’s hand away from where it laid against his bare stomach and bringing her fingers to his lips, his kiss against her skin providing a welcomed spark of warmth. “We’re supposed to be sleeping in, remember?”

“I know,” Lola whispered, her words pressed into kisses that she left between Niall’s shoulder blades in reciprocity. “I’m the one who cleared our schedules for this,” she groaned. “Trust me. I know.”

“Yeah. So… what’s wrong?”

What’s wrong

“I’m freezing, Niall!” she hissed. She had no idea how he couldn’t feel it, but from the looks of things he truly wasn’t affected. His skin was completely smooth, free of the goosebumps that were covering her head to toe.

Niall rubbed over Lola’s knuckles gently, shaking his head against his pillow. “Feels fine to me, love. Think you’re being a bit dramatic?” he asked, his soft chuckle causing Lola to suck her teeth and pinch his side. “What?!” he asked exasperatedly at the feel of the nips against his skin. “I’m serious! I don’t feel cold at all!”

“Oh, okay. Says the boy from Ireland.”

A beat of silence followed her statement, interrupted just seconds later when both of them giggled.

The laughter was all it took for a lazy battle of tickles and pinches to break out beneath the sheets, arms and legs flailing sleepily in a playful tussle, their movement eventually pulling the sheets down to pool at their waists. Niall flipped over to face Lola after it became clear that having his back turned to her wasn’t giving him any advantages, catching her small wrists in his larger hands just in time to thwart her sneaky attempt at pinching his nipple. He whispered, “c’mere you,” and pulled her against his chest, smashing their fronts together tightly.

For the second time since waking up way too early, Lola had Niall to thank for a brief spark of warmth. This time it flooded her cheeks, her neck, and her chest at the feeling of having his eyes on her and of being skin to skin with him in that way. She was still quite new to sharing a bed with Niall and to waking up beside him, still high from the freedom of being barely clothed with him the way that she was, nothing but his tattered Eagles t-shirt to cover her body and nothing but low slung athletic shorts to cover his.

Niall rubbed his open palm up and down her back. “How’s this?” he asked.

She shook her head, admitting, “It doesn’t really help with the cold, but it… does feel good.”

She might not have been satisfied with being awake at the moment, but there was so much to appreciate about Niall’s nearness in the mornings. About the opportunity to witness private moments of messy brown hair and sleepy blue eyes. When he slid his hand up to the back of her neck and pulled her in further – close enough to place a kiss against the silky headscarf that covered her head – Lola reached up to slide her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling him down to meet her mouth for a slow but earnest kiss.

They kissed until their mouths parted instinctively, Niall pecking her quickly on the corner of her mouth before she got too far away from him then continuing to trail kisses downwards, gentle brushes of his lips against her clavicle just above the hem of her (his) t-shirt. “You know, now that I think about it, I think it’s the first day of fall today,” he remembered into one of the brushes of his lips to her skin. “That’s probably why the temp’s dropped. Guess I  should’ve set us up a reminder so we could be expecting it.”

Lola leaned back a bit to give Niall space to continue kissing her. Chicago was gonna take some getting used to. Back in Tennessee, where she grew up, fall time came on slow and steady, giving folks an opportunity to ease into the idea of their world cooling down. In Chicago? Not so much. “I guess I just thought it’d be a bit more gradual, you know?” she sighed. “Like it is back home…”

They were at the tail end of an unusually warm summer in Chicago – their first summer of living together and both of their first summers in the Windy City period. Over the past two months, their weekends had been spent at the botanical gardens, Lola sketching the flowers while Niall strummed his guitar. Their afternoons had been spent at the pool in their apartment complex, Lola sunbathing on the beach chairs while Niall taught the neighbor kids how to float.

Lola liked to think that summertime would always hold a special place in their hearts. After all, it was summertime when they met – just the summer before to be specific – at an arts camp for underprivileged youth. Lola was a regular volunteer, returning to teach pottery like she’d done several years in a row and Niall was a first-time volunteer, visiting from across the pond and fresh out of University College Dublin. After graduating, he’d wanted to take same time to himself before he accepted a job offer, the opportunity to teach guitar (his first love) at a summer youth program in America (the country he grew up dreaming of visiting) seeming a lot like the right kind of adventure. As fate would have it, they’d met on the first day of volunteer orientation, a week before the campers arrived. Lola had noticed Niall immediately and so had everyone else. He was the cute  boy in the horn rimmed glasses and the paperboy hat that caught everyone’s eye - the soulful way that he played his instrument in the music room at night peaking everyone’s interest.

She’d have told anyone that she felt like the luckiest girl in the world when on the second day of orientation, Niall asked her if she wanted to come with him to a farmer’s market he’d read about not far from campgrounds but Niall always reminded her that it was him who couldn’t believe it when she said yes. They’d had a great time browsing what felt like miles and miles of fresh fruits, vegetables, wild flowers, and homemade breads and desserts. They’d started out side by side at first but further into it, somewhere between bunches of spinach and little pots of raw honey comb, they’d ended up hand in hand.

Niall was tongue tied later that night, when what turned out to be a long night had finally come to a close and he was idling outside of Lola’s parents’ home. He’d turned to her with blushing cheeks to thank her for spending the afternoon with him, stumbling over his words all the while.

“I’m sorry. M’really tripping over myself here, aren’t I?” he sighed, shaking his head and lowering his eyes to his lap as a crimson blush colored his neck and the tops of his ears. “I wanna be the coolest guy you’ve ever met right now. Really impress you, you know? but I don't… Christ, I don’t think I can pull it off.”

“Oh, come on, Niall, stop. What in the world is there to be nervous about?” she remembered saying. It’s just me, she thought. She was completely taken off guard by the notion that he could be anything other than the smooth and cool persona that he projected.

You, Lola. You’re what’s to be nervous about,” was his response to her. “Lola, you are, hands down, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he admitted, finally looking up, his bright blues dancing in the moment of honesty.

Lola would always remember the way her heart dropped to her knees in that moment.

Needless to say, the two of them were inseparable for the rest of the camp and afterwards too, staying connected through phone calls, emails, and texts  once Niall returned to Ireland to sort through those job offers he’d left behind. It took four months for the first accounting firm in America to make an offer but when they did, he jumped on it without hesitation – putting the plans he sometimes entertained about finding ways to play his guitar for a living on  the back burner and letting the firm bring him to Chicago for the new gig. He was disappointed about the hundreds of miles that still separated him from Tennessee where Lola called home but happy that at least there was no longer an ocean between them.

“I could dig out the space heater,” Niall suggested when he’d noticed that none of Lola’s goosebumps had disappeared since he’d started kissing her, propping up on his elbows and squinting against the light that filtered in through their bedroom blinds as he looked around the nooks and crannies of their bedroom. A moment later, a smile curved the corners of his mouth.

“Still the funniest thing ever, by the way,” he added, and that was all he had to say for a shared memory to flood both of their minds.

“Still can’t believe I had the nerve to send you that thing.” Lola let the memory come back to her, reaching across the sheets to cover Niall’s hand with her own, slotting their fingers together. She thought back to when Niall had first gotten to Chicago for the new job and how they’d spend so many hours on the phone with each other, getting to know each other and talking about everything under the sun. She ended up finding out that Niall was hot natured (“I could count the amount of times I’ve actually turned on central heating of my own accord,” he’d admitted, to which she’d literally gasped) and, in that regard, he was the exact opposite from her. So she’d had a space heater delivered to his new place when he first moved into it, a note attached that asked him to go ahead and warm the place up for her. It was meant to be a gag gift, though if she was honest with herself she’d have to admit that she was only half joking.

“Glad you did.” Niall squeezed her hand and exhaled deeply, shaking his head. “I knew I’d found myself a keeper when that damn thing showed up on my doorstep. There’s nothing like a girl who knows what she wants,” he admitted, laying a soft gaze on her that took her breath away. “Top of the hall closet maybe?” he pivoted, noticing the way that Lola still shivered even through the smile that had spread across her face from the memories. "Or did we stick it under the bed?” he asked, pulling up the sides of the sheets and leaning over the side of the mattress to look beneath them. “Okay so no, not there.” He pulled himself up with a throaty groan moments later. “Hall closet it is then. Suppose I can go check.”

“Thank you, baby.” Lola wrapped the covers around her more tightly at the loss of Niall’s body heat when he climbed out of the bed. “Oh and hey…” Niall looked up from the Nike slides he was slipping into, giving her his attention as he worked the shirt over his head. “If you wanted to get us a hot cocoa while you were up I wouldn’t be mad at that at all…” She gave him her most innocent smile.

“Cocoa, huh?”

“Mmhm. There’s a box of mix in the pantry. I was planning to break it out to celebrate the fall time. You know… back when I actually remembered it.”

Niall put his hands on his hips. “Will that help you get back to sleep?”

“I mean, it would’ve,” she shrugged with a big smile. “If I wasn’t kinda hungry now too…”

“So bacon,” Niall offered. He knew her cravings like the back of his hand, her love for bacon being something that she’d actually passed on to him since they’d been living together.

“Only if it’s not too much to ask.”

“C’mon now, bunny,” he reasoned, using the pet name that she loved the most. “When do I ever say no to you?”

He came back over to the bed and leaned in for one last kiss against her lips before he edged out of the room, reciting the checklist over his shoulder.

“Space heater, hot cocoa and bacon, comin’ right up. Then we go back to sleep!”

“Ay, ay, captain!”

Lola fell back against the soft pillows to the sound of Niall rummaging through the hall closet, thinking that these were the moments that made her the most glad that she followed her heart out of Memphis and into a new city with a new boy. 

She had to admit, she thought she was being a bit crazy at first she’d started looking for jobs in Chicago right after finding out about Niall’s job offer in the states. Could she really follow her heart the way that she wanted to? Could she just pick up her life and move to another city to chase a summer romance? She wasn’t sure if any of it was feasible but she went on spending her nights scouring job postings anyway, applying for anything and everything she thought she’d enjoy until she actually got something – a part time gig working the registers in the Art Institute of Chicago’s gift shop. She’d been so nervous to tell Niall about it during one of their evening phone calls, hoping he wouldn’t think she was coming on too strong when she told him all about how she’d come across something that would allow her to be near him and to interact with people and art on a daily basis. She expected some hesitancy out of him, had prepared herself for it by not getting her hopes up, but he surprised her when he sat there and booked her a one way ticket out to him before they hung up for the night.

She packed her bags and took that flight, getting to celebrate their anniversary of meeting in a condo he’d asked her to move into. A condo where their toothbrushes lived side by side, where his sheet music was stacked neatly on the coffee table and her ceramics brightened the hall table by the door, and where two love birds woke up on the first day of fall with one feeling just fine and one way too cold. And with fall would come the opportunity to make even more new memories, carving pumpkins, running through fallen leaves at the park and passing out candy to the neighbor kids on Halloween. She could already feel herself drifting off to sleep just from the coziness of that thought alone, until Niall came back space heater in hand, winking at her before plugging it in, switching it on, and leaving it to whir gently in the corner, pointed Lola’s way.

Again she drifted, the sounds of the kitchen sink running, pans clattering and grease sizzling creating a sort of lullaby. The salty sweet smell of the bacon frying filled the apartment, spreading a smile on her face as she stretched her legs out beneath the blankets. The smell of the meat cooking, the welcomed warmth that spread through the room and the anticipation of Niall being back in bed with her soon had her so happy that she giggled out loud.

“Hey, what’s the joke?” Niall asked, finally back, this time with two steaming mugs in one hand and a plate heaped high with bacon strips in the other.

“Nothing, come, come, come!” she nearly squealed, clapping her hands excitedly and shuffling back up into a seated position to welcome her boyfriend back to bed.

Niall kicked the bedroom door closed gently with the back of his foot. “I’m comin’, woman. Patience,” he hushed her, handing one mug to her, then the plate, before sliding under the covers at Lola’s side with an over exaggerated sigh. “Now, is everything to your liking, m’lady?”

“Mmm, it’s good. So good.” Lola’s words were muffled. He hadn’t been in bed thirty seconds yet and she was already talking through a mouthful of perfectly crisp bacon, burnt at the edges just how she liked it. Niall watched with amusement as she swallowed that first bite and then took a sip of her cocoa, the mix of sweet and salty flavors on her tongue causing her to turn her face up and smile towards the ceiling.

“Best. Morning. Ever.” she declared with full confidence in her voice, Niall nodding along to her as he tore into a strip.

“Might even get back to sleep?” he asked with a hopeful look.

Lola gave him a sure one in return. “Oh, definitely getting back to sleep.”

“Reckon we might’ve found the secret to sleeping in then, bunny.”

“What? Hot cocoa, burnt bacon and a space heater?”

“That’s exactly right.”

Lola took another sip of her cocoa and closed her eyes to the lovely warmth of the swallow. “You know what, Niall. I think we have.”

It wasn’t long before both mugs were empty and the last bacon strip had been split, Lola allowing Niall the bigger half because of all the hard work he’d put in that morning on her behalf. She placed the empty dishes on the side table, right beside the alarm clock that no longer annoyed her with the time that it glowed then cuddled back into the covers, Niall the big spoon this time, his body molding to hers and his arm slung over her hip.

“All good now?” He muttered into a kiss to the back of her neck, pulling her close.

“All good,” she replied, the warmth and love that she felt in that moment settling over her like a balm that soothed her towards sleep.

Niall fell first, deep breaths blowing warm against the back of her neck as the space heater at the foot of the bed whirred warm air of its own. With low eyes she looked to the window again, appreciating the rain soaked view of the first morning of fall settling over Chicago for those last few seconds before drifting to sleep.


“Makin’ my way downtown, walkin’ fast, faces pass, GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

Hey uh so yeah I did this thing as coloring practice? Think it turned out… Not… Terrible… And the Jacksepticeye fan base seems really nice and cool, so I thought you guys might enjoy! :D if not then just keep scrolling about your business. Might put up some slightly better sketches I’ve done of Jack later, who knooooows~

Anyway, HOPE YOU GUYS ARE HAVING A GREAT NIGHT/DAY! @therealjacksepticeye you’re awesome, don’t go changing. Or do, I’m not your boss. *shrug*