i don't know how to caption btw

アニメージュ編集部 on Twitter

Wuh… wha?

Yes, I know it’s Animage, but… is… this serious…?  

I wish someone would scan the interview…

Btw the Twitter caption is along the lines of, in quick&dirty translation, “Having developed human-like emotions, how will Yaha-kui zaShunina confront the ‘frustrating, unclear feelings he has for Shindou’?”
And in the magazine scans you can read “the first experience of ‘love’“ and “Zashunina’s affection and jealousy”.

(have I ever mentioned how much I hate ‘moyamoya’…)


N: It’s more like a rock concert than a play, because we don’t really have any scripted lines or anything and we come out there and it’s sort-of overwhelming. And then you’re on a jumbo-tron behind yourself, which is pretty weird.

L: Yeah, it’s pretty surreal. You’re excited people are gonna see it and then you hope they like it.


I let you in. I let you know me. I let you see me. You wanted to be seen. By you.


liz x bex instagram au: where everything is the same except they have social media for some reason (aka the one where liz and bex get together and their friends act like little shits) ft. the ot4 and co. 

click for captions if you so please


“Between seasons we’ll have meetings [with the producers] talking about ‘Where do we think this character is going emotionally and dealing with circumstances.’ And I always feel like I leave going, ‘Wait so what’s gonna happen?’ It’s like they find a way to not tell you anything. They’re training us. We’ll go into this meeting and they’ll be like, ‘Okay, were going to tell you what’s going on with the plot this season and what’s going on with your character and let’s talk about how we want to play it.’

    And then you leave the meeting and you’re like, ‘Wait, so what is going to happen?’