i don't know how to call it so

Why are some “leftists” so hellbent in betraying one of the ideas that was at the left’s core since its beginning: secularism. How can you call yourself a leftist and defend theocrats over free thinkers?

Please someone explain; I don’t understand this pro-”religion in the public sphere” left and I want no part in it. 

I look ugly today. And I feel ugly. And also disgusting.

I had a dream about being on testosterone and shaving my face and stuff and my (favorite) grandmother called me her grandson and I was so happy in that dream and then I woke up and now I feel ugly and disgusting.

I hate how my life and blog is now all about me being trans, like I hate it so much, I wanna run away from it but I can’t. Like every little thing reminds me how bad it is. I know some people love being trans but I hate it, like I’d give so much not to feel like this.

I was looking for info in Russian about gender dysphoria to send to me parents and maybe make them understand and the first thing I found was a psychologist on a support line trying to persuade a trans woman with terrible dysphoria that she just needs to “accept herself as a man”. She kept insisting that no, she sees herself as a woman, she knows how her body is supposed to look like, and psychologist literally said it was daddy issues. And that was disgusting too.

And I have a ton of studying to do cause I have four tests next week but all I can think about is that I will have to wait for two years to do anything and even then I won’t have anyone on my side and it makes me feel so lonely and hopeless. I wish I at least had friends irl who supported me. I love my internet friends but I need other stuff. I need someone to defiantly call me my real name and pronouns in front of my parents, or go shopping with me, or just go to movies with me. I need… something.

But all I have is myself and that’s not terrible I guess since I have my imagination and my special interests and so on, but I still feel trapped. And disgusting. And like I let everyone down. And I can’t move on from self-pity and that’s even worse.

So why can’t I just be cis???


So basically, I wanted to really surprise Seán with his gift, and hear him yell ‘Toriko’, so I was like ‘oh I’ll ask him to close his eyes, yell Trico, and then ask him to open his eyes, and like BOOM! Trico.’ As soon as I asked him the words ‘close your eyes’, I knew it sounded really creepy (fuck), but he humoured me, and it was lots of fun. I’m really happy he likes it! 

This is that moment:

I hope derka-derk is happy in Ireland with @therealjacksepticeye!

(also I’m almost 27 so it’s fine that he called me a girl, you think I’m an adult yet, hell no)

(and can I just say that I love that Seán’s voice for Trico in the unboxing video is the same voice Felix gives Edgar his pug, LOL)


infodumping about the ocean


Okay so I was talking with @picnokinesis about the magic copier and how Ford and Fiddleford were both too big to copy themselves but then I thought about them copying a caricature of one of them and wondering if that’ll work? 

THEN I remembered that episode of Spongebob called Franklendoodle where there was a giant pencil and a doodle Spongebob and this bunch of stupid doodles were born xD Enjoy 

hey so why are sapphires pretty much nobility but rubies are cheap disposable foot soldiers when they’re the Same Damn Stone

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If you're looking for prompts, some Stan and Dipper bonding is always great! Like maybe playing cards or Stan showing Dipper to box?

Stan taught Dipper how to play Poker, and turns out, he’s really good at it 


i think the best thing we can do right now is keep being vocal, keep calling out the lies in the press, and keep making sure louis knows how much we love and support him and that we will always have his back no matter how nasty this gets.

you don’t deserve any of this, louis. you’ve got such a kind heart and such a warm soul and i promise you - we know who you really are.

seventeen as quotes from college students
  • scoups: go kill it out there! you got this!
  • jeonghan: i've finished my homework, my skin is clear, my family is fed. then i woke up
  • joshua: i swear if someone asks about our paper - *someone asks about semester paper* - that's it. knock me out now
  • jun: another day, another L
  • hoshi: okay, i nutted
  • wonwoo: *for the nth time* i'm gonna drop out
  • woozi: i made a really good death joke today, okay? listen...
  • dk: making ramen is cooking. which i don't do. so i'm gonna starve in college
  • mingyu: *sneezes* i can't believe i'm dying
  • the8: i'm only here for attendance. im paying to have my name called once when i could have it screamed more than once back at my dorm
  • seungkwan: do you know how much i value sleep? not at all because i am still here and i hate myself for it
  • vernon: oh you don't get the lesson either? *fist bump* hell yeah, man!
  • dino: *hears wonwoo as they walk past each other* you too?
  • 2034
  • Interviewer : So Lauren, Camila have you ever thought of writing a book about your story? The fans would love to know why you made your relation official 25 years later.
  • Lauren : Oh we already have *laughs*
  • Interviewer: Yeah? How come?
  • Lauren : It's on a app called Wattpad.
  • Me : *hold my breathe*
  • Interviewer: I don't know this app but im sure the fans would love to read the book. What is it called?
  • Camila : *looks at Lauren*
  • Lauren : *smirk*
  • Camila: The title is, *looks at the camera* "Do I Wanna Know".
  • Mark : *calls 911*
can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me

The Kalluzeb hilarity from the Rebels panel
  • Dave Filoni: *talks about not giving away that Sabine was getting all the cool stuff because the others would get jealous* It's like driving in a family car, and then Steve's like "I don't get a jetpack or a lightsaber!" - I'm like, yeah but you got Kallus so...
  • Audience: *cheers*
  • Steve Blum: Boy did I... BBFs baby.
  • Tiya Sircar: You got the bromance of all bromances.
  • Steve: What are we calling him now?
  • Steve and David, the host: Hot Kallus!
  • Dave: Is that a 'we' thing? That's what you're calling him!
  • Steve: I'm not ashamed of that! Very handsome man.
  • -Later-
  • David: Let's talk about Zeb and how he changed through season 3, are we going to see more of that in season 4?
  • Steve: I think so. He'll get about 20 percent better at not losing Chopper in bets. Not because he likes Chopper any more, he's just getting better at, you know, the betting thing. I don't know, hopefully he'll head to Lira San and start a family with Kallus.

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hi! this is just a short question but in idol party when they're looking at the aegyo order and yoongi's saying jimin's moved higher in aegyo is jungkook saying "지민형 장난이 아니야"? My Korean's really,,,bad so I don't know if that's right but if he did, doesn't that mean "He's no joke," as in his cuteness/aegyo is no joke??? If it does then,,,,my heart TT how can a maknae always call his hyung cute TTTTT

No, your Korean is great and you’ve got a good ear! That’s pretty much what he said (지민이 형 [애교가] 장난이 아니에요!), but it was mumbled and buried in the background. So yes, Jungkook did say that Jimin’s aegyo is no joke.

I mean, I’m not really surprised anymore. Despite Tae and Hobi having the most overall aegyo within the group, JK has always maintained throughout the years that he believed Jimin was the cutest. 

^ Who do you think is the cutest member? - Jimin

^ What kind of existence is Jimin to you? / Who is Jimin to you? - Kawai(i)

And more recently, he’s called Jimin his jjokkomi and honey - all terribly sweet and cute things. It’s honestly pretty gross.

Keep in mind that Jimin has been vehemently against doing aegyo for a long time, and he’s only just slowly opened up to the fact that he’s just…you know, naturally cute. Something that Jungkook obviously noticed and appreciated long before Jimin himself did.

As for how or why a maknae could think of his hyung this way? Well…

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… Who knows?