i don't know how this looks otl

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Hello Avi-sama :3 was wondering for the April fool Dlc if u got the third ending :O? Been trying to get it but I don't know how ><

Hello, hello! I tried getting it yesterday, but I only managed to get the Normal End again. “OTL I looked at the page on the Wiki with tips, so I’ll be trying those out today and see if I can get it.

If anybody happened to get the third end, please share how you got there as I’m sure many people, including myself, are desperately trying to know!

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!!!! what /would/ happen if pink baekhyunnie & 61 met?? ' A ' knowing 61 he'd probably be all over baekhyunnie bc he looks like a younger, cuter ver of red!! and pink baekhyunnie bluhes lots!! imagine 61's fascination (and baekhyunnie's heart)




Happy birthday to VIXX’s youngest (and arguably evilest) member! Thank you for bringing an additional avenue of laughter to the group with your antics (although it wouldn’t hurt to rein them in just a little)! Even though you’re much younger, your perseverance and willingness to learn are admirable, and just charting your growth throughout these years is incredibly encouraging. Knowing how much you’ve to sacrifice, but still being willing to take the leap to achieve your dreams has imbued me with the confidence to try and pursue my own too. Thank you for being born! #HappyHyukDay

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yeah I know about her bigger forehead but you can't even imagine what other artists (mostly nsfw one) do with Diana when it come to her forehead: it give me chills. "The marks aren't makeup" dunno if this is just IS headcanon or overall team Diana headcanon but again you know how to make them look DELICATE and STYLISH! while others (derp artists) make it look like Diana won 10 year supply of black strong mascara&eyeshadow and she don't know how to use it properly. "hair not too poofy" = THIS!!!

( I don’t really look at NSFW arts of League champs and so on xDD So yeah, can’t really imagine with what you meant OTL

ALSO! This made me laugh! “while others (derp artists) make it look like Diana won 10 year supply of black strong mascara&eyeshadow and she don’t know how to use it properly.” Hahahaha xD I can see Diana going like this right now haha ; u ; )


Happy Birthday Kand Minhyuk!

What can I say that hasn't been said about you yet? I truly don't know, a lot of people can express their feelings for your in such beautiful words and I regularly also try to express my feelings into words. Now that I really need to say what I want to say, now that the day of your birthday has finally arrived...well, all the words that I have been trying to say.... all the words that I wanted to say today and that I had been practicing...well...I don't really know where to start, I'm so awkward at the moment, it feels as though you were here next to me and I feel like hiding my face because I'm so embarrassed at the moment for a reason I can't understand...

Minhyuk, happy birthday, I guess that's what needs to be said fisrt. I wish you all the happiness in the world in this day and every day in your life, I only wish that you can be happy and achieve everything you want, that everything that you decide to do goes well and that you enjoy every day to the max and make the most beautiful memories every day.

....I'm running out of words, oh my god this is so difficult, not because I have nothing to say to you but because all the words are a mess inside my head, they are a total mess and I don't know what to say, where to start, I was out the whole day thinking that I should come back early to post my birthday wishes to you, I was thinking what to say but now everything is gone.
You understand though, right? Everything I feel about you is so easy and yet so difficult to express in words. In normal days I'm always here on this side of the world expressing my love to you, but when it comes to put it in beautiful words or when it comes to write down my thoughts...geez I feel my heart aching and I feel myself running short of breath.

I notice so many things about you, you came into my life so suddenly and started to make it better just like that and I want to thank you for that. I'm always saying stuff like ''you're my oxygen, you're my air, you're the reason that I breathe, I live for you'' and such, it may be a little borderline creepy but when I see you...I do run short of breath, the effect you have on me is that strong. I don't know how it happened, I don't know how I suddenly started stanning you...it just happened, it happened so naturally and now you're part of my everyday life, seeing your smile is part of my every day life and I'm happy that I can see it, your smile makes me smile, and I want you to smile every day, I want you to be happy, above all, I want you to be happy.

The moment I noticed that it was you the one who became my ulti bias... I knew there was no turning back, once someone falls for you...well... it's hard to forget you, at least to me, I'm sure that i wouldn't, you're my ideal type, you're the person I like the most in this world, you're someone I want people to cherish because you deserve all the love in this world. You're hardworking, sometimes you kind of look down on yourself and understimate you, but you know? you're the best there is, you really are the best. I would say ''don't let anyone tell you otherwise'' but you're the one who says it isn't like that so I don't know what to say OTL. You know you are cute right? But I won't say it since you dislike being called cute.

I hope you one day show us how you make all those floral arrangements that Yonghwa mentioned once. :) It would be nice to see. 

um.... I guess this it for the meantime... I don't know what else to say, not because I don't know but because the words left me even though I wanted to write so much about you but right now... my words left me. I'm so sorry, I wish I could say more, I really want to say more...

Well... I love you, but you know that right? even though I'm just one more fan in the sea of fans that follow you, I hope that one day you get to know...how much I love you. At least for now I know that you saw the heart I made for you back in January =) And again, I love you...so much I can't even express it with words.

May this day bring you happiness and lots of cake =)