i don't know how this looks otl


…Whenever someone asks a favour from He Tian.

This idea was based on one of my favourite scenes in Haikyuu!! XD

“I’m always this kind” and “Those looks are uncalled for” were words spoken by the awesome Kuroo in Chapter 91~

Bonus (not so great) animation! Originally, I drew the last scene out but I thought I’ll give animating a go since I’m so rusty… OTL

Edit: D’oh, I misspelled Jian Yi’s name wrong by 1 letter! Replaced 3rd pic.

sup <3 HAHA !! You’re definitely not bothering me. it’s just that I’m really inactive OTL 

but yeah SIDE VIEWS. It’s really tough and all i can say is to practice on it ALOT! I guess it’s weird because we don’t look at people’s side profile that often . There are so many great tutorials about this subject out on the web, done by people who are far more capable than me but I’ll just give a quick rundown on how i do the draws .

Here’s a quicky but it’s how I do stuff <3 I hope it’s …. understandable . BUT right just keep staring at side profiles of references . You’ll definitely do it . 

p/s : I drew so much side profile . i can’t do frontal no more 

okay last one i swear to god i’m so sorry guys.. i haven’t been artistically productive recently, so i finally got a chance and rolled with it oTL -huff-

I really really like Jack’s scar.. like.. i don’t even know how he got it.. or why or what.. or -shrugs to the sky- NO SPOILERS (eventhough i am doing the spoilers u__u;;)

(Handsome) Jack©Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
art and stuff©moi :U