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  • Cooper Lawrence: I love how your fans love to speculate about every single syllable, everything you've written like, sweet creature, so i don't know if you saw this but this is my favorite thing. So all over twitter and social, they're sure that it's not about a girl, it's about Louis and that, you know, especially like two hearts in one home, it's hard when we argue, we're both stubborn, they're sure that that's about your relationship with Louis Tomlinson, is it?
  • Harry: I mean.... i think... umm... *makes uncomfortable noises*... i mean... i think everyone... people are always gonna speculate about what songs are about, um, and i don't think i'd ever want to tell someone that they're wrong, um, for feeling how they feel about songs even when they're not necessarily right. I think, you know, i think the fun thing in music is you get to, you get to write a song and that's all that you want to say on it and you don't necessarily have to explain it much more than that. But i think if you really listen to the lyrics i think you can work out whether it's about that or not and i'd lean towards no.

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


cause I be bored..

Fake Chats #161
  • Taehyung: have you noticed?
  • Hoseok: noticed what?
  • Taehyung: when we all bow at the end most of us just hold each other's wrists but Jungkook always holds Jimin's hand.
  • Hoseok: are you asking because you just now noticed or because you want to make sure others have noticed too?
  • Taehyung: no, I knew it all along.
  • Hoseok: okay and yeah, of course I noticed. I think it's the hand size difference thing.
  • Taehyung: only because of the size difference?
  • Hoseok: you know he loves how smol Jimin is.
  • Taehyung: please don't say smol.
  • Hoseok: you've totally called him smol before.
  • Taehyung: it was a best friend instinct.
  • Hoseok: is he communicating with you telepathically right now?
  • Taehyung: hyung, you know that's not how it works and I'm not gonna explain it. Some things just shouldn't be explained.
  • Hoseok: like you.
  • Taehyung: like me.
  • Hoseok: back to Jungkook, do you have a problem with it?
  • Taehyung: no, not really. I mean, maybe a little, but not really. Kind of. But mostly not.
  • Hoseok: just hold his hand other times.
  • Taehyung: Kookie will catch me.
  • Hoseok: Jimin will scold him.
  • Taehyung: why is everything so complicated?
  • Hoseok: where a sexy mochi goes, complications follow.
  • Taehyung: but I still love him.
  • Hoseok: me too.
  • Taehyung: I love him more.
  • Hoseok: I'm not arguing this with you.
Got7 As Shit I've Said While High
  • Mark: Do you think if you get drunk enough you'll just evaporate?
  • Jaebum: How does a pizza oven work? I mean, I know "how it works," but how does it work? How does anything work? Am I real? Is a pizza oven real?
  • Jinyoung: This pop-sickle tastes like a bad time.
  • Youngjae: I don't need to know English to listen to English music, okay? Like, bitch. I don't speak piano but I still listen to piano music.
  • BamBam: Do you think giraffes like being tall? Do they get scared up there?
  • Yugyeom: I think I'm actually an old ass person in this young ass body and that's what's wrong with me. Like, I'm probably actually 90 but I don't know it.

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Mom. I had a very terrible day. I was hoping you could make it better, tell me something, a small sanvers love scene? It doesn't have to be long and I know you don't want us to request promt and I totally respect it... thanks mom

“Hey pretty lady.”

Maggie hums contentedly as Alex slips strong arms around her waist and kisses the back of her neck. She lets herself melt back into those arms, and she swears she’s never known any feeling like Alex’s stomach and chest warm and steady against her back.

“Long day?” Maggie asks, because long days either always end with her tied up and writhing under Alex or with Alex snuggling, kissing her neck gently, never letting go of her body.

Alex Danvers doesn’t have a lot of middle ground, and Maggie loves it.

“Mmmm.” Alex traces her lips across Maggie’s neck, and Maggie giggles.

“Ally, I’m making dinner.”

Alex stills immediately, but Maggie reaches behind her to keep their bodies close.

“Wanna turn off the burner?” Alex asks, and Maggie knows the question under her question.

She smiles and she complies and she turns in Alex’s arms, looking up into steady eyes.

“Something you want, Danvers?”

Alex takes Maggie’s bottom lip gently between her teeth, and Maggie swoons.

“Only the most beautiful woman in the world,” Alex tells her in low tones between kisses.

Maggie pulls back and tilts her head, trying and failing to hide a smile.

“So you want… yourself.”

Alex pffts and squirms and blushes, her suave evaporated in Maggie’s warmth for a moment. But only for a moment.

“You, Maggie Sawyer. I want you.”

Maggie licks her lips slowly, slowly enough that Alex’s eyes drag down to watch, that Alex’s breath hitches, and Maggie’s relishes the feeling of being the sole focus of Alex Danvers’s attention.

“Then take me, Alex.”

Alex doesn’t need to be told twice.

Before Maggie can gasp, before Maggie can take another breath, Alex has reached down to the backs of her thighs, picking her up and holding her, legs wrapped around Alex’s hips, and Maggie is glad Alex’s grip is so solid, because she’s swooning again, and Alex’s lips are on hers again and she’s holding her close and if someone didn’t know Alex, they’d think it was going to progress fast, progress hard, but that’s not Alex. Not today, anyway.

Today, the most demanding thing about her is the way she’s holding Maggie up, but everything else – the attention she dedicates to Maggie’s jawline, the homage she pays to Maggie’s lips, the devotion she shows to that sensitive spot at the base of Maggie’s throat – is an act of prayer, an act of solace, an act of worship.

“Can I take you to bed?” she breathes, and Maggie hums her yes into Alex’s mouth.

Maggie doesn’t open her eyes as Alex turns and, still kissing her, carries her up the steps to her bedroom. She doesn’t need to open them, doesn’t need to monitor Alex’s steps, because Alex has her safe, Alex has her steady, Alex has her always.

She can’t count the number of times, the number of languages, that Alex murmurs her I love yous in as she slowly strips off Maggie’s clothes, as she meticulously kisses each newly exposed inch of her skin, marking each burning bit of Maggie’s body as desired, as loved, as worthy, as hers.

Maggie doesn’t scream when she cums in Alex’s mouth, not today, not today, because today is softer than screams, quieter than her usual writhing; but she does still grasp desperately at her hair, does still sigh out her name, over and over and over, does still let her entire body shudder with the soft force of Alex’s love shuttling through her.

“You’re gorgeous, Alex,” she rasps, gravel in her voice, as Alex wipes her mouth on her shoulder and crawls up to hold her. “You’re gorgeous, and I’m gonna love you forever.”

“So… you’re saying you like me.”

“Oh my god, you nerd.”

“So you’re saying you like nerds.”

“Yes, Danvers. This nerd. My nerd. Of course.”

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Hi! I was hoping you could do a HC where jimin and JK are married already and are stable enough to start a family and jimin really wants to become a papa already and really wants to adopt a baby boy, so when they go out shopping or something JM drops little hints like pointing at baby clothes or something but JK is cutely oblivious to what JM means, fluff basicsllyI know you don't do mpreg but I was wondering if you are comfortable with adoption! If you aren't that's totally fine too! I get it!

i am literally dying i love this. i might change it to a baby girl tho, we’ll see. fluff lfuffll fluff i love this concept. PS: this is gonna take place in canada just because i don’t really know how adoption works in korea lol. hope you don’t mind. i just don’t wanna mess things up. BTW i’m sorry i don’t know how adoption works that well, i googled it and everywhere was like “it depends!” so i’m just doing it however lmao. THIS GOT SO MUCH MORE DRAMATIC THAN PLANNED I AM SORRY! this is the first time i cried at my own fic ok

+ “Jungkook look! So cute!” Jimin pretty much squealed. Jungkook turned around to see Jimin holding up a pair of pink baby sandals. 

+ “I think they might be a bit too small for you baby,” Jungkook teased. Jimin’s nose scrunched cutely in frustration. He put the shoes down and followed Jungkook through the mall. 

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What are the most prominents plot holes in naruto for you? And what are the things that bothered you the most? You've already pointed out some, but I'm asking it anyway.

Well their are some… I haven’t read Naruto in a long time so I can only name a few of them. They may not be proper plot holes? But they are definitely to me.

1) Why did Hashirama say that Sakura’s strength surpassed Tsunade when the last time he saw her she was 12?? Like I get the meaning behind it but why??

2) Why didn’t Jiraiya came back when Minato and Kushina died?

3) Why were females still aloud to be jinchuriki when it was confirmed that the seal is at the weakest during childbirth?

4) Why didn’t Orochimaru used the Shinagami release mask to save his hands?

5) Why didn’t Yugao seek revenge?

6) Why did Kabuto healed Hinata after her fight with Neji?

7) Why is it the fact that Naruto should be unable to be trapped in a genjutsu cause he and the Kyubi are in sync now(As said by B) yet was able to fall in to a one in the Last?

8) Why didn’t Sasuke at least tried to contact with his family?

9) Why didn’t Sakura tell a single thing about Sasuke to Sarada?

10) Why is Naruto so overworked when he can easily used his clones to lessen the burden while he spends time fore his family?

11) Why isn’t there a single Uchiha Family Photo?

12) Why did the Akatsuki gave such value and importance to their rings?

13) How the hell did Hashirama-The God of Shinobi- died in the first Shinobi war?

14) Why didn’t Hagoromo stopped the whole chain of hatered by stopping the fight between Madara and Hashirama the way he did with Naruto and Sasuke?

15) Itachi was supposed to be the double agent, giving info to the hokage about Akatsuki yet during the time he was alive? No such info was given

16) Why didn’t anyone told Naruto about Minato and Kushina? Even when he strong enough to defend himself from his parents enemies? Were they even planning to tell him at all??

17) Why was Nagato given Madara’s Rinnegan when he was a child and could easily have been killed?

18) Itachi wanted Sasuke to be the hero or some shit. So why the hell did he wanted Sasuke to be full of hatered?? And to kill Naruto??

19) Naruto was able to regrow Kakashi’s eye so why the hell couldn’t he have done the same thing for his and Sasuke’s missing arm??

20) How the hell did Obito contact Kakashi through the dead and give him his eyes temporarily??

21) How come Madara and Zetsu trusted Obito to keep his end of the deal so thoroughly??

22) Naruto was a walking weapon and yet he was left alone???

23) Madara’s resurrection….Like how the hell did they all knew that somehow Kabuto was gonna resurrect Madara to complete their plan???

24) Why didn’t Danzo try to come in power after Hiruzen’s death??

25) Why did Itachi worked with a random stranger who called himself Marada to kill his clan??

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I'm already seeing speculation that the Cas resurrected wasn't "our" Cas, how likely do you think this is? I don't think that's the case, but who knows

I think it’s 100% unlikely that the resurrected Cas isn’t 100% OUR Cas.

It’s Cas. Our Cas.

(I just think he’s not gonna have any memory of what happened to him IN the Empty… he’s not gonna remeber being forced to confront all his memories like that, and he’s not gonna remember how HARD HE FOUGHT (or complained, or whatever, it worked in the end who cares… HE PERSISTED!) TO COME BACK TO LIFE He’s gonna have to come to grips with just how important it is for him to BE ALIVE)

(it’s gonna be awesome! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!)

  • Taehyung: Why is Greenland called Greenland when it's icy? We should just call it Iceland and Iceland can be Greenland.
  • Namjoon: That's not how it works.
  • Taehyung: You always say that when you kinda agree with me and don't understand it either, but you want to sound smart.
  • Namjoon: I know.
Leaked Scene from Episode VIII
  • Rey: (About running away from him) You know why I did it, Kylo Ben?
  • Kylo: I'm not gonna answer to Kylo Ben ...
  • Rey: Because I wanted too! And what are we fighting for when some little transparent guy named yoda just saved us by kicking all the Knights of Ren's tails!
  • Fin: How little?
  • Rey: (Causally) I, uh, I don't know, like this? (Makes an inch with her finger and thumb)
  • Poe: A little one inch guy saved you?
  • Rey: Well if I were closer I'm sure he'd be bigger!
  • Kylo: Yeah ... that's how eye sight works, you stupid scavenger.
  • Rey: Don't call me Scavenger!
  • (Awkward pause)
  • Kylo: You're right, I'm sorry, I took it too far ... I meant Trash Panda.
  • (Another Pause)
  • Rey: (Innocently) Is that better?
  • Fin: (Just as innocent) I don't know?
  • Kylo: (snickering) It's worse ... It's so much worse!
  • (Rey slide Tackles Kylo)

Say hello to my quiet sweetheart Akito

His quirk is what I call Smart Wire where wires grow out of his back kinda like hair? except its a thing he can control like limbs? so yeah that's my idea…cough

It would have its pros and cons like its more of a creative quirk like if you know how to make something defensive or use it to fight better. Since the strength of the wire doesn’t improve he has to rely on HOW he can use it. 
(He's got a whole backstory and junk but what am I gonna use it for lol)

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I'd like to ask. How does one know what there gonna do with their art? I see all these amazing artists who draw comics, who work on game development (mentioning you), who make animations, and all sorts of things. But I don't know where I'm at. I just draw and that's it. I wanna be able to do more with my art then just draw fan art, or characters! I wanna make something that will have people amazed, but I never have enough confidence, or motivation. :( so what can do to find my place?

Oooh that’s a very interesting question ! ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

Mh let meh think. I’m not a good exemple. i’m a game artist but it’s not bc it was mah dream. Only bc school was not toooo far and mah sibbling pushed meh to this.

If i could reply to u honestly,it depends on few things: 

Skills,money and friends/ambiance.

-If u can’t chose,focus on waht u don’t like to do. the real answer will come by itself. it can take years. Try everything.Waht makes u happy will be easier for u to learn.

-Maybe u r too poor or not independant enough for goin’ to an expensive school that requires a lot of independance. Price/money is very important. R u ready to be in dept for ur art? 

-friends, the ambiance is important.If u don’t feel well somewhere, that sometimes means u don’t belong to this place. I remember spending wahn year in an art university and mah only thought was kill meh. 

Also,sometimes your actual art friends might help u to find ur way. Most of mah best friends r into comics/manga. Well,i can tell u if it wasn’t game ,i would have been glad to learn comics or 2D animation with them. (⊙ꇴ⊙)

Also. don’t draw for other ppl. draw for urself.

The cast as Naomi Campbell quotes
  • Eren: "You wanna work with me? You're gonna really work with me."
  • Armin: "Well, I didn't really wanna be here, so I was made to be here, so obviously I'm just wanting to get this over with and carry on with my life. This is a big inconvenience for me."
  • Reiner: "If people think they know me, they can think again."
  • Bertholdt: "I do not want to comment."
  • Jean: "Get the singer OFF!"
  • Marco: "That walk... Oh my goodness... It was diabolical. It was definitely the worst walk."
  • Connie: "So check your lipstick before you come and talk to me."
  • Levi: "Don't. Compare. Yourself. To. Me. Ever. You are not on my level. You never will be on my level. Do not compare yourself to me."
  • Erwin: "I have my career. You guys don't. You want what I have."
  • Mikasa: "So, what am I supposed to do? Be like 'I'm so happy to have you! And I'm gonna let you walk all over me!'? No! That is not me.
  • Annie: "Some people call people bitches when they're hard-working, opinionated, and taking care of their own career. I don't care to change that because that's the way I'm gonna stay because it's also protecting me in a lot of ways."
  • Sasha: "Wait, because I'm looking at your dessert menu, and I've got warm cake coffee pudding with vanilla ice cream– I don't want that. And I've got double fudge chocolate pistachio nut cheesecake with raspberry cream– I don't want that either. I just want a simple cookie."
  • Historia: "Do you even know Gianni Versace?"
  • Ymir: "Save it, save it, you idiot."
  • Hanji: "You got a really crazy mentor who doesn't know how to work a stopwatch."
The Signs as Things I've Heard in my Fashion Class
  • Aries: What the fuck is an interfacing?!
  • Taurus: Is it done? Can we eat it yet??
  • Gemini: (Passive aggressively) I'm not sure if that would really work for the Barbie <:)
  • Cancer: You're so nice? Are you a Freshman?
  • Leo: I'm not crazy, give me my seam ripper.
  • Virgo: I'm here to help you, let me help.
  • Libra: I just wanna watch Bob Burgers and not do any work.
  • Scorpio: That's not my name, don't call me that.
  • Sagittarius: My sewing machine vibrates when I press on the thing really hard.
  • Capricorn: Yeah, I know what I'm doing. Thank you, I know. Thanks.
  • Aquarius: They ate all my apple muffins really quick and what else is there, honestly.
  • Pisces: We're gonna learn about floor plans. How to plan a floor. Floor planning. Oh yes.

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Carolina is about drugs, I don't even understand how that's debatable. Maybe if it was a ballad, but in this case even the lalala sounds are trippy.

I think uh…I mean, you know, I mean, I think people are always gonna speculate what songs are about, and I don’t think I’d ever want to tell anyone that they’re wrong for feeling what they feel about a song. Even when they’re not necessarily right. But I think if you really listen to the lyrics, I think you can work out if it’s really about that or not, and I would lean towards no.

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I feel like Darkstripes the kind of dork who would be like "Mapleshade you're almost fully faded" and she's just kind of accepted it but he goes "dw I won't forget you so you don't fade" Mapleshade just stares at him like "I don't think that's how it works" but all of a sudden she becomes slightly less transparent and she's just "what the- hwat the fuc k"

aWWWWW okay but thats so….soo cute…

honestly i can see the two of them being some of the last dark forest cats just bc they keep talking to each other

darkstripe: u know ur gonna miss me 

mapleshade: how can i miss u….when u never leave 

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This all sounds great but if we don't see cs happy and together then it's not gonna work. The only way this can work is if we get to see the cs reunion n a flash forward so we know they're happy and together post curse and it would match what Colin and Adam and Eddy face said and how we should not worry. Cause not seeing the reunion not knowing he gets home that's not gonna be satisfying or pleasing. So I hope they show a post curse reunion at the end of the episode.

The only way it’s gonna work is if we actually wait and watch the show and see what Adam and Eddie want to do with the characters they’ve created and are in control of.

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I KNOW I’ve been thinking about it for the last HOUR, and I’ve concluded that the best possible way it could work out is if he had a nanny or a teacher from the delta when he was really small, and that was his first exposure to English, so he picked up the dialect. I imagine he wouldn’t be able to keep it for long– that would get corrected pretty quickly, I figure, and he would kind of forget about it, but THEN

Maybe someday there’s a lil old lady from south of the M/D line that came up to Gotham to visit her grandkids, and she just happens to be a witness in a very important case okay they all gotta go talk to her, and all of a sudden it’s all comin’ back to him, and he’s droppin’ his G’s, and all his L’s are draggin’ and oh god what is this he can’t stop yes ma’am of course he can walk you home it’s no bother at all

And the entire family is totally blindsided by this, but they love it and oh no, they are NOT letting it go, believe them. Tim had to go lie down for awhile because he laughed until he couldn’t breathe anymore. Jason’s been monologuing about sweat tea for an hour in an imitation accent, and Damian’s just about ready to rebury him. Todd better watch his back. This isn’t funny. Stop laughing. He means it. Fuck y’all.

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a fat morticia? wonder how that's gonna work xD

Honestly, I do too! It’s one of the reasons I was so shocked to hear that they wanted to pre-cast me as her. I am planning on slimming down for the role as much as I can, but I will say that they didn’t cast me as a body. They cast me because they needed an actress who knows her stuff and has great comedic timing for the role, and according to them, that’s me.