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Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 

Incorrect BTS Quotes
  • Jimin: But Jungkook doesn't even like me.
  • Jungkook: I like Cap more than Iron Man.
  • Jin: I hate eating.
  • Namjoon: I think Jin is ugly.
  • Yoongi: I hate Hoseok.
  • Taehyung: I don't Gucci.
  • Hoseok: My favourite animals are snakes.
  • Jimin: What are you even saying!?!! Are you joking?!
  • Jungkook: Oh, we thought we were supposed to make nonsense.

No matter what HE says I think I was pretty spot on.


Ask referencing THIS post from like 200 years ago by @dailyakutagawa

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.


I’m sorry, i’m dying because of this friendship.

also, too ooc? probably.

welp i guess there’s not going back. @skidspace tagging you because you made me ship this and i don’t know if I hate you or love you for it probably the second one

So…I have this headcanon that Yandere when not stalking senpai or killing people, he likes to draw. It’s usually about him and senpai together and being happy and things like that but  sometimes he draws the other ilplier egos and the stuff he thinks happens in their meetings and theories about the egos he doesn’t know well and thats how this stupid comic happend and instead of drawing specific things about that headcanon i go for the gay stuff. yay me

Note: I like to think that even if he can’t see with his eyes, the host is aware of the things happening around him(visuals and stuff like that) because of his “narrating everything that is happening” powers(at least most of the times)


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Shipping Questions

I can always find fluffy and cutesy ones, so I thought it’d be nice to change it up for the big kids/grown-ups. ;)

Which person in your OTP:

  • can’t stick to the grocery list
  • would be addicted to Netflix (and chill, if applicable)
  • manages the joint account
  • is the better city driver and why
  • walks around the house in their underwear
  • which one prefers to watch Game of Thrones and which one prefers the books
  • has the higher alcohol tolerance
  • instigates sex most often
  • likes having candles around the house
  • always misses the clothes hamper 
  • gets the first gray hair
  • is more protective
  • prefers a quiet night in

Would you trade this war to make it so? It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another.


i feel like crap, both physically and mentally, but at least my children are happy, and that’s all that matters to me right now.

so, this is an epilogue for anders in laura hawke’s story (that’s her name btw).