i don't know how much more i can love you two


The snake and its hands


I can’t belive how much you was guy like my last arts of my changeling 

it really make me smile , thank you all who give like or reblog it .

So because of that i was think i gona make something for you all and here we have a some more cute bugs also i finish the before and and add two new ones , one is drawing a gems because memy love gems so he can draw some for himself and the second one just thinking about some gem :P

hope you enjoin it :)

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Please don't ever stop making Supercat edits, they're amazing! I love them and I love you, you wonderful human :)

hi! Thank you for this message! I love making them and I truly get so happy knowing that there are others that enjoy them as much as me!… and lookit, there seems to be a good bit of hatred coming at us these days and I don’t understand it at all (why cant we all just ship whatever we want to ship … leave us alone ffs).… but yeah, it’s going on and there’s really no way I know how to combat it other than to just stay happy and confident in what I ship and adore. So, yep, I’m gonna continue to make Supercat things because I see so much wonderfulness in their relationship and what Cat and Kara mean to each other. And the hateful folk can shout absurd things at me as much as they want, but I’m still gonna open photoshop every night and make Supercat things because

You know people may say that snowbarry is dead, that is never going to happen, that is crazy all that…. I’m still gonna ship it. 

The writers can make Caitlin a villain and Killer Frost forever and all that… And I’m still gonna ship it.

They can kill one of them, or both of them… I’m still gonna ship it. 

They can kill me and I will be shipping this so freaking much that I will go to Valhalla in my Snowbarry Stan Ship and I will be talking in heaven or hell about those two adorable dorks.

Malec-Week First Day: Favourite Malec-Scene

So, as I definitely got more than one favourite scene (basically every Malec scene is my favourite, apart from the one we don’t talk about), I’m going to post two that always make me laugh and give me that warm flutter in my chest (you know what I’m talking about ^^)

This one is from “City of Lost Souls”, from the point of view of Isabelle, when she stays over at Magnus’s loft before she and Jocelyn meet the Iron Sisters.

It [the bathroom] was halfway down the hall, and the door was just opening, Alec emerging in a cloud of steam. He had a towel around his waist and another around his shoulders and was rubbing energetically at his wet black hair. Isabelle supposed she shouldn’t be surprised to see him; he’d been trained to wake up early in the morning just like she had.

“You smell like sandalwood,” she said by way of greeting. She hated the smell of sandalwood. She liked sweet scents - vanilla, cinnamon, gardenia.

Alec looked at her. “We like sandalwood.” Isabelle made a face. “Either that’s the royal ‘we’ or you and Magnus are turning into one of those couples that think they’re one person. ‘We like sandalwood.’ ‘We adore the symphony.’ ‘We hope you enjoy our Christmas present’ - which, if you ask me, is just a cheap way of avoiding having to buy two gifts.”

Alec blinked wet lashes at her. “You’ll understand-”

“If you tell me I’ll understand when I’m in love, I’ll smother you with that towel.”

“And if you keep preventing me from going back to my room and getting dressed, I’ll get Magnus to summon up pixies to tie your hair in knots.”


You are my brightest star on a moonless night, the reason I’ve been smiling all day. You are so sweet and cool and I can’t believe we’re friends? I thought it might be awkward between us when we first were introduced because of our age difference, yet I feel so close to you and I love you so much even though I’ve only known you for about two weeks. It was so nice yesterday to actually be able to talk face to face, and I loved every minute of it. Whenever I see you on my dash or in my inbox I smile and don ‘t stop for at least an hour. You are able to brighten my day no matter how bad it’s been. You truly mean the world to me and I feel like we’re going to be friends for a very long time and I can’t wait to get to know you even better. I love you more than I could ever possibly express, and I hope you know that :)

listen i know spring awakening has been closed for like a month now but lemme tell you i’m still 100% truly madly deeply in love with daniel n. durant and alex boniello’s characterization of moritz ok it fucking destroyed me it changed who i am as a person my whole outlook on acting, on theater, on how powerful sign language can be, it’s all them. i love them so much. there may never be another moritz duo that can compare, or any duo anywhere ever. i’d die for them. i’d kill for them. just thinking about it makes me tear up a little. oh my god. i can’t even express how much i admire, love, and venerate those two jesus christ. help


Hubby and I just watched the episode (so my rewatch), and I was thinking about how when Amethyst says this, it’s not reversed. It’s broken and slurred, but understandable, the first bit of understandable speech she’s made since she started talking backwards. And it hit me that the reason it sounds so strained is because it IS. She’s dying here, literally falling apart, and her gemstone is a hair away from splitting in two. Amethyst is fighting SO HARD right now to speak to Steven in a way he can understand. It’s so important to her that she get these words out.


It’s easy to miss because it’s played for laughs, but this is incredibly important to her character. Amethyst has so much trouble with actual, personal emotions, even with Steven, whose emotions she should be able to trust more than anyone else. She’s dying, and what may well be her last action, one she has to struggle to carry out in a way that HE will understand, is to dismiss what he feels. It’s not enough for Amethyst to just say it, STEVEN MUST HEAR IT OR IT DOESN’T COUNT. Otherwise his feelings will still be out there, full of sincerity and power. Amethyst can’t abide it.

It’s easy to not think about what Amethyst is saying or doing most of the time because it’s funny. I think that’s exactly WHY she does it. Pearl and her innumerable issues are laid out like an all you can eat lunchtime buffet, while Amethyst is a fucking circus down the street, so distracting you never notice the restaurant’s open.

It’s heartbreaking that right at the end, more than anything else, Amethyst needed to dismiss the idea that she mattered and anyone truly cared about her at all.

[Once again reminding that I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free and I appreciate your help in staying that way!]

i’m at the end of day 9 with 707, but i’m hoping he’s able to rescue Saeran and set him straight.  Then both MC & 707 take care of him until he’s better and able to stand on his own two feet, but always always make sure he feels welcome.

and maybe when they’re taking care of Saeran and he’s finally himself again, one day he turns to 707 and is like, “WTF??? SHE’S SO NICE????  HOW IS SHE SO NICE????????  ?????”

and 707 is like, “DUDE I KNOW!!!  SHE’S INHUMANELY NICE!” and he just wants to scream to heavens how lucky he is and how much he loves her.



I say I’m multi-fandom but when the awards season hits...

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SHINee all the way. Because I want nothing more than to see these 5 shining gentleman happy. I want nothing more than to show that we, Shawols, appreciate their hard work and their sweat and tears. I want them to know they are loved. I want them to feel the warmth of our care when they are accepting those awards. They deserve it all and so much more than we can ever give them. 

Because I want to see the shock and surprise on their faces when they are awarded, because somehow– these incredible men feel they are undeserving. I want to let them know that they are worth it. They have more than earned it.

Because they have given us two solo members, three solo albums, two group comebacks, and musicals, and concerts, and MC’s, and DJ’s, and know how’s…. so many gifts this year alone.

Because, no matter what, I am and always will be a part of SHINee World.






Look at the sky, tell me what do you see?

Just close your eyes and describe it to me

The heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight

That’s what I see through your eyes


I see the heavens each time that you smile

I hear your heartbeat just go on for miles

And suddenly I know why life is worth while

That’s what I see through your eyes


Here in the night, I see the sun 

Here in the dark, our two hearts are one 

It’s out of our hands 

We can’t stop what we have begun 

And love just took me by surprise

Looking through your eyes  

I see a night I wish could last forever

I see a world we’re meant to see together 

And it is so much more than I remember


More than I remember


More than I have known


Here in the night, I see the sun

Here in the dark, our two hearts are one

It’s out of our hands

We can’t stop what we have begun

And love just took me by surprise

Looking through your eyes  

Take this away from me…just…take it!!! 


@GMWWriters Minor issues resolve quickly. This won’t. Because if you know us, you know we’ll do much more than a triangle. This all began in the pilot.

I know we’ve all watched the pilot over and over again to find clues about lucaya/rucas, and I think ratter than a visual clue is more of something that was told to us that not many people pay attention because they accept the “Farkle loves both Riley and Maya the same” as the gospel truth, but if you watched closely you would know by now that this is not what really happen. So in my opinion this is what the writers tried to tell us from the very first episode but we prefer to listen to Farkle instead of Cory. So let’s listen to Cory:

“Actually the great mystery of the universe is how you could love two women the same who couldn’t possibly be more different?”

And the answer is: you can’t.

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Thoughts on Collector’s Guilt

Been seeing a few ghouls talking about Collector’s Guilt, so I just thought I’d offer up a few words on it. (Plus some resources for the financially challenged and appreciators of a good sale).

We’ve pretty much all been there on something, guilty of indulging ourselves and having the moment where we stop and ask, gosh, do I really deserve this? Should I have spent so much money? I could be buying food or clothes and yet here I am…

Personal opinion, as long as you’re not putting yourself in danger and have enough left to live comfortable, or at the very least on a ramen noodle budget for a week or two, (please don’t make it regular though) I think a few indulgences are fine.

I LOVE my dollies, it never fails to cheer me up to buy a new little companion and play with them, brush their hair, hold their hands, redress them and add on to the ever growing Monster High collection. Sometimes, we just can’t spend the money, but if it’s reasonably in our budget, why not? You can’t live your life in complete misery, you have to do something to make yourself happy, and if dropping a few bucks here and there can help, go for it.

Having trouble spending the moolah? Rinny is here to assist.

shopgoodwill.com Usually has some great lots of dolls, it’s a bidding site and shipping gets a little pricey, but from someone who’s done some eBay and shopgoodwill bidding, I find shopgoodwill infinitely less stressful. eBay increases my heart rate! (But is still a great resource!)

Amazon will surprise you once in a while with $10 dolls! Never be afraid to pop on and have a looksie. Need someone to talk you down from resisting a good deal? Talk to a beastie, or me. I’ll help.

Thrift Stores
may be hiding treasures! It’s not a guarantee, but you may just luck out one of those trips. Plus, many thrift stores are usually tied to one charity or another, we have a disabled veterans one right by my house.

And finally, search the tag! Lots of doll collectors end up giving their collections up for adoption for one reason or another, I know I have, and many of them have very fair prices. Sometimes people are even looking for a trade! Got maybe a Toralei who you’ve grown away from? Maybe you want a Jackson. Someone might have a Jackson they’re not in love with and they may be dying for a Tora baby.

In all seriousness my fellow monsters and fairy tales, don’t feel bad about having a passion for something. Passions make life grand! This, from the mouth of a 22 year old who’s into comic books, Monster High, Ever After High, and many, MANY cartoons, including one intended for tiny tots in kindergarten.

Wanna vent? Hop your precious cheeks into my ask box, you can even put “don’t reply”, whatever floats your ghost pirate ship. ; )

Even though I’m completely for choosing whoever you want on Virmire, I always get nervous when people go into their why.

Because it is almost always why they choose Kaidan. And I really don’t have any rebuttal.

He’s higher rank and a biotic are the main two reasons, and really, I can’t argue with it. I don’t know enough about the actual military (though I question how much Bioware knows) to know if rank would really factor into such a situation.

One reason I’ve always disliked and disagreed with, though, is that Ashley SHOULD be the one in order to redeem herself. As if only her death can clear her name.

Ashley Williams doesn’t need to redeem for shit. She shouldn’t have to, anyway.

It was a questionable and unpopular choice her grandfather made, but not an unethical one. The Alliance’s treatment of her family is on them, not her.

I could just as easily say her surviving and working harder than ever, eventually becoming a Spectre is more “poetic justice”, but that’s clearly up for debate.  

I just really don’t like how fandom insists she needs to give her life for something that happened around the time she was born. That leaving her behind is the more pragmatic choice since she’s essentially a grunt, even though that’s because the Alliance wouldn’t allow her to be much more. 

I can accept that it’s a good result, and that her death is never in vain, but that she SHOULD, just to prove her already clear competence to those who just refused to see it before…

It’s frustrating. 

let me just say one thing,stefan salvatore is kinda a control freak in his own way too,because control is important to him,he knows that without it,he becomes the ripper and he admitted that when he’s around caroline forbes HE LOSES CONTROL but he doesn’t fucking mind,because he knows that this is what falling in love is,he has fallen in love with caroline and it made him do things he didn’t wanna do,he became the ripper again because of her,he lost control,it scared the crap out of him BUT HE DOESN’T MIND,DO YOU UNDERSTAND???HE D O E S N ‘T MIND.


Hey Taylor, it’s my birthday coming up next week (22/2) and I can’t believe I’m going to be 17! That’s so crazy and this past year has flown by, but it was filled with so many beautiful memories. I got to see you live again with two of my best friends and have the absolute time of our lives, dancing like crazy and losing our voices! Honestly you have no idea how much joy you have brought me, and getting to spend time with you and all the lovely people on tumblr has made me feel so lucky. Thank you for making me feel more confident about myself and the decisions I make, especially in these last years of high school. I don’t know what I’d do without you xxx


i am pretty sure i am not the only one who wishes that there was a person in their life that would do this for them. i mean i have close friends but i know they would never do this. the friendship between these two is so real and desirable and i really wish deep down in my heart that i could have this bond. this deep unbreakable bond with someone that nothing, something like this, would break them apart! 

I have attempted many times and even if my best friends knew i know they would never say anything like this. One person i consider my best friend and i certain that she would not consider me her best friend. i mean i definitely would do this, my love for people runs that deep but vice versa i am not sure about. I was in tears for the rest of the night, i never felt this lonely before, it was literally a whole new level and i just can’t describe in an appropriate fashion. i just can’t write any more the tears are blurring my vision and i am going to end this ridiculous rant right now and just pretend for the rest of the night that i am the happiest person right now.  

(Gifs not mine- credit to rickcasshole!)