i don't know how many times i've watched this now~


Wow, so, I just made the realization that Hinata and Minami have the same voice actor. (It was an ordeal let me tell you)

Then of course my crazy brain decides to make this connection?!?! 

Insane. Both of them are such sweet, energetic, balls of encouragement. I can’t even deal. Minami literally channels Hinata’s excitement times 1,000. (Er…times 30,000?)

anonymous asked:

Just wondering if there was any other couple you ship like you ship Olicity? I'm the anon who asked if you'd write for any other fandom once :)

Well, the only ship I shipped like I ship Olicity was when I didn’t even know what shipping was because I was a youngling. 

It was Rick and Evelyn from The Mummy.

Evelyn is a brainy, brilliant focused woman  

with an intense passion for history and archaeology. And she’s a librarian. 

Rick is a rough, big, tough guy 

who can kill people with his bare hands. He’s grr with everyone but just goes soft when it comes to Evy. 

She finds him in a prison. He kisses her because he’s about to be hanged. 

And then when he cleans up? 

Oh boy, I shipped them. 

They made each other the best version of themselves, saved each other

the UST was off the charts (I mean they looked at each other and I melted)

their small moments just…

their banter just made me gleeful

and when they got together, it was simply magic.

(This is simply one of the most beautiful kisses in any movie ever)

Plus, height difference.

Sounds familiar? Yes, anon. I have a type apparently.

I completely, absolutely, totally shipped these two so much I wanted to smush their faces together. And it wasn’t a phase. (Trust me, I’ve had phase couples). Even now I watch this movie and these two slay me. I love them so much. 


It’s occurred to me just now that I don’t have this video on my blog. That needs to be fixed here and now. The theory didn’t become cannon, but that hardly matters.

I get chills every. single. time.