i don't know how i got into this ship

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I still can't believe that people are trying to put Adam into the 'Draco in Leather Pants' trope. You'd think they'd come around after he - you know - stabs someone in the stomach, but then again I've lost my faith in (most of) the fandom anyways. If anything now we know just HOW bad he got/was.

I’ve lost my faith in the majority of the tumblr rwby fandom a long time ago. They see what they want to see. and they misinterpret everything, or take things at face value/extremely literally. And they pick and choose. With some things they follow canon perfectly but with others they butcher it to all hell. They demonize some characters and nominate others for sainthood regardless of logic.

Which would be fine if they didn’t go around masquerading fanon as canon and getting mad when canon takes its logical progression. Or trying to tell everyone how “misattributed” the writing is.

This is ridiculous

why am I here

Music AU

So I’ve decided to write based on my au (x) So here’s a sneak peek ^_^

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😍 + sam

If I’m honest I don’t now if I am in love with Sam. I know I care about him because I get this tingly feeling in the pitch of my stomach whenever he pays attention to me. Which by the way isn’t as often as it should be considering how awesome I am. And I felt something strange when he got all jealous when I said Jake is hot. Maybe he is in love with Jake?

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Did you know Ylvis know about Tumblr? Like a just got a heart attack when I saw them scrolling down the Ylvis tag before the show started. How much do they know? Do they know about the fanfictions? The shipping? I tell you they do this touching each other thing on purpose.

yes to all

I think they just scroll the tag to see pics bc Magnus likes to go to tumblr to see “memes of himself” so idk. I doubt they would look so much into it (hope so) :’D

so, after seeing the conversation about how modern AUs aren’t really…“can you really call them Zelda and Impa?” whatever you call that, and that all the zelimpa fanfictions are “cringe worthy” and therefor she had to start writing her own for there to be anything good to read, I just haven’t been able to write any more zelimpa. it’s completely zapped my inspiration and drive to write for this ship even though I have non-modern-AU stories that I’m working on and shown friends who all loved them, but I just..can’t bring myself to finish them. and I know damn well these two assholes are just that, two assholes who should have kept their opinions to themselves and my stories aren’t “cringe worthy” and whatever else bullshit, but I just can’t look at my work and not hear their voices telling me how horrible it is and how pointless it is to waste my time on it.

so, I’m going to hope I can get back my enthusiasm by writing for other fandoms, other ships, and hopefully get myself back in the swing of things so I can get back to my zelimpa stories.

basically what I’m saying is there’s gonna be some changes to this blog. I’m gonna change the url and the theme and start writing some reysma (Rey/Phasma, Star Wars) and hope that can get me back into writing and possibly have one zelimpa story finished and posted before femslash feb is over.

but that commentary hit me hard, so I make no promises.

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Ooh game of thrones for the shipping meme

thank you!!

  • lowkey otp: mmm ned/catelyn maybe?
  • highkey notp: petyr/sansa
  • [softly] don’t notp: cersei/jaime i guess??
  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: robb/talisa?? i have no idea if that’s unpopular tho
  • highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: maybe jon/ygritte although i don’t post much about them so idk how obvious it is lmao

send me a fandom!

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3,10,11,12,23 (with steve XD)

@the-sonic-and-link-lover, only Steve? That’s it? I guess I’ll have to change my answers up a bit. It’ll be fine though :3 I got carried away with a couple of these answers though XDDDD I’m very dedicated to my self ship OTP okay?!  


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I’m gonna pick Johnny Storm and Steve for this. They are both marvel heroes so they could totally interact /)///(\

and I’d think these two would have a lot to disagree about. Especially when it comes to working in missions. Now with Johnny I’d just make comebacks to counteract his cocky remarks or comments on the argument XD

I couldn’t talk back to Steve since he’s a mentor and all. I only tell him to let Johnny call the shots every now and then. That way he doesn’t have to envy Steve’s rank in authority

10. Looking at all of your favourite characters, would you say you have a “type”?

Uh. Yeah. I think so. I guess I have a thing for characters who are strong and pure. Characters who work hard to reach their goals.

And Steve has those qualities for sure <33333

11. What made you feel attract to these characters, why them?. What about them made you go to them?

Chris Evans in AOU, need I say more? XD after seeing the movie in the theater I fell in love ❤️

12. Your being trained by three of your faves. Your learning one thing from each of them. How well do you think the training will go? and what would you be learning from your three teachers?

I learn more of Steve’s acrobatic fighting style. Along with many other attributes of how he fights. When I eventually get a good grasp on my skills, I observe Steve and influence bits of his combat into my own. Mainly for inspiration into making up more original ways of battling. During the start of his training regimen Steve doesn’t push me hard at all. Considering I’m not very strong. As the months go by, training gets much more rough. Steve manages everything according to how much my strength increases over time.  In the end I turn out to be a worthy teammate for the avengers

23. Who would be the best to dance with? and worst?. And who do you think would be the best dancer?.

Between me and Steve, I doubt either of us would be much better than the other. It would be awkward for the both of us since we both don’t have little to no experience in dancing. Though we’d still try to make it enjoyable. X33 I can imagine it all taking place after Peggy passes. Steve feels extremely down at the time so he tries getting these emotions off his chest by discussing the feelings he once had for Peggy, and how they could’ve been able to spend their lives together. If he didn’t crash land the plane. He feels regretful. In response, all I do is offer him a dance. Steve accepts. Right there in the graveyard, I take his hands and we begin to move with the breeze flowing around us.