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Ragnar recounting his wedding night dream to Aslaug ✦ dialogue adapted from The Fostering of Aslaug by William Morris


*Xuezhang = Upperclassman/senpai

**These characters are from ‘Their Story’

Second year Xuezhang meets first year Qin Xiong aahhh!

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Same. Personally playing me: a made me incredibly nostalgic for Garrus. Jaal has to be one of the healthiest relationships in bioware history insomuch that it teaches how important communication is (for one). But ... man do I miss the cocky, dorky, Right Hand Man, Garrus "no Shepard without Vakarian" Vakarian

I cannot express to you how much I love Garrus Vakarian. Seriously. 

Garrus will always hold a very special place in my heart because the relationship that developed between him and my Talia Shepard took me completely by surprise and yet it felt incredibly natural. Like that is how her story was always meant to play out.

When I finished ME1, I remember thinking it was weird that there were players who wanted to romance Garrus. I had zero interest in that. Talia was closer to Garrus than anyone else on the Normandy (except Liara) - but he was like a brother to her. That would be strange on so many levels…. not to mention that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how physical intimacy would even work with a human and a turian. Just… no. I didn’t want to hit that. 

But then ME2 comes along and I am so damn happy to see Garrus again and get him back on my ship and I’m feeling all the “just like old times” vibes and then he starts talking about reach and flexibility and I’m all kinds of confused because do I seriously want to flirt with Garrus now?! When the hell did that happen? And the more I did, the more I was completely won over - not only by his sense of humor and the fact that he is equal parts suave and awkward, but because his romance felt like a completely natural extension of their friendship. They bonded as fellow soldiers, fighting the same fight. They decided to “blow off steam” together as kind of a stepping stone to a less platonic relationship - dipping their toes into a romance they both wanted to explore without either one of them tying the other down. And then, in the very end, there’s no question that they love each other. There don’t need to be grand gestures or proclamations. They both probably knew it long before either one of them said anything. 

And then that god damn ending broke me.

Fucking bar.


Part 1 of something silly I did based on @itsthesinbin ‘s headcanon post. I love that blog, and headcanons, and Genyatta, and I am garbage. And that’s fine. 


Part 2


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

“At first glance, he probably looks that way, but when he needs to he can be stronger than anyone. He always thinks of his friends and never gives up. Even if it means ignoring his own needs. That’s what makes me worry about him, but… that’s why I believe in him. “

-Kyoko Kirigiri, Danganronpa: The End of Hope’s Peak High School, Future Arc Episode 9: You Are My Reason To Die

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The Bold Type S2 Renewal Discussion

Okay guys, I’m not saying that I know anything about how likely it TRULY is that The Bold Type will be renewed for a second season. Everyone is saying that it is currently the lowest-rated show on Freeform. Which is true. HOWEVER– Famous in Love (another freeform show) just got renewed for a second season. In episode order, here are the number of viewers (in millions) for that show:

.65 - .39 - .30 - .28  - .21  - .26 - .29 - .33 - .36 - .23

The overall ratings are being positively skewed by a big audience for the first episode. After that, viewers drop off like crazy.

Now, here are the ratings for the first six episodes of The Bold Type:

Preview .24 - Premiere .36 - .30 - .28 - .36 - .35 - .34

Truth be told, the real premiere of Episode 1 likely would have had a fair amount more viewers if there hadn’t been a preview of it prior to the official air date. After that, not including the “preview”, the amount of viewers only dips below .30 ONCE, while Famous in Love falls below the .30 mark several times, even sinking as low as .21! Granted, we can only go off the first half of the season in regards to The Bold Type, but if the numbers stay where they’re at, I think there is a fair chance that it could be renewed.

Additionally, it was just announced a week ago that Famous in Love was renewed, even though episode 10 (the finale) of their first season aired on June 13th. That is nearly two months after the finale aired. Therefore, we may not know until September or October whether or not our beautiful, diverse show will be renewed.

That being said, we CANNOT stop having a huge social media presence (let’s make Kat proud) and watching legally (if possible) each and every week. Record it on your DVR if you have one even though you’re going to watch it live. If you have the means, just play an episode and mute it while you do other things just so that it gets another view on Hulu or freeform. Rate it on IMDb. Every little bit helps! Let’s do this, fellow bold types!

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You truly scare me. I just want to let you know that.

A summary of haikyuu ships based off of fanfiction
  • Kagehina: angst that resolves in fluff
  • Tsukkiyama: "I've been in love with my best friend for the past 2800 years and I don't know how to tell him"
  • Tanaka: lol forever alone
  • Asanoya: anxious asahi and the smol birb that gives no fucks
  • Daisuga: so sweet I think I got a cavity
  • Kiyoyachi: sAVE HER
  • Kagehinatsukkiyama: sin
  • Yakulev: "fuck I actually hurt him, better kiss him make it better"
  • Kuroken: "oh shit im in love with my best friend"
  • Bokuaka: always a coincidence, always an au
  • Kinkuni: rip kunimi
  • Kyouhaba: aNGST
  • Matsuhanaiwaoi: game of sin
  • Hanamatsu: w HY AM I CRYING
  • Iwaoi: smut. Lots of smut. Always smut. Never is there not smut. Smut.

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Just wondering if there was any other couple you ship like you ship Olicity? I'm the anon who asked if you'd write for any other fandom once :)

Well, the only ship I shipped like I ship Olicity was when I didn’t even know what shipping was because I was a youngling. 

It was Rick and Evelyn from The Mummy.

Evelyn is a brainy, brilliant focused woman  

with an intense passion for history and archaeology. And she’s a librarian. 

Rick is a rough, big, tough guy 

who can kill people with his bare hands. He’s grr with everyone but just goes soft when it comes to Evy. 

She finds him in a prison. He kisses her because he’s about to be hanged. 

And then when he cleans up? 

Oh boy, I shipped them. 

They made each other the best version of themselves, saved each other

the UST was off the charts (I mean they looked at each other and I melted)

their small moments just…

their banter just made me gleeful

and when they got together, it was simply magic.

(This is simply one of the most beautiful kisses in any movie ever)

Plus, height difference.

Sounds familiar? Yes, anon. I have a type apparently.

I completely, absolutely, totally shipped these two so much I wanted to smush their faces together. And it wasn’t a phase. (Trust me, I’ve had phase couples). Even now I watch this movie and these two slay me. I love them so much. 

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thanks for being realistic. the fact u think of the % of how many real ships we might have within 7 guys got me. honestly, i ship km really hard, but sometimes the reality hits me harder. like i know many shippers are actually overhyped a specific km youtuber, but for me, half of her stuffs might be a little reach. don't you think jm is a little hard to read. i totally down for jk, but sometimes jm makes me think he's doing fanservice, or maybe not, bcz he's such a tease and unpredictable.

hi anon~, welcome back (I guess you’re the one who asked about that particular ask) ^-^~
I’m sorry for my late reply again, I’m so wrecked today too and I needed time to think about it.

Okay~, I dunno if it helps, but here is what I tell myself a lot (as much as I love them, ship them, basically root for them, want them to be happy together if possible of course): “My ship ain’t real until they confirm/say it themselves that they’re real”. And even until then, there’s still sth to consider, called “marketing strategy”, since this is the Kpop world we’re talking about (there have been idols dating simply for promoting their groups). However, with all my honesty, and my (biased) belief, BTS and Big Hit will never go that far. The members treasure the members themselves, and the members also treasure us fans.

This is getting so heavy somehow so lemme insert a gif to make things a little bit brighter 

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Okay I’m good to go. So does that mean they don’t do fanservice at all? Of course not. But they’ve toned it down throughout the years. I don’t follow other members as much as Jimin (it’s the truth, I’m a Jimin stan afterall), so I can’t really tell you about it. But for Jimin, I agree with some other people, that the Jimin now we see is more like the real Jimin, not less than the Jimin back in 2013-2014. That, by no means, implies that he was fake either. He could’ve been himself, but at the same time, he had to push himself outside his own norms too. It’s nothing unusual, since they just debuted, plus he was young, they needed attention, they needed to be entertaining, as rookies, they needed to do a lot of stuff. 

Back to our babies Jimin and Jungkook, to be honest and realistic again, of course 100% things they do to each other can’t solely be on their own accords, without being driven by what we call fanservice. However, honestly again, has Jikook/Kookmin always been a popular ship? No, not until recently. Imo, the more popular ship has the tendency to do fanservice more. I think Sajeon-nim also talked about this somewhere in her asks. And one more important thing, Jikook/Kookmin is mostly known for being subtle (but probably not until recently, thanks to our Jeon Jungkook-ssi being so whipped and seems to have no intention of hiding it or toning it down. Well, not that I don’t encourage you, keep up the good work, baby bunny ♥). Like you really have to pay attention to it to actually know it, but once you notice it, you notice it all the time, it’s like a pattern, a series that never ends.

All the “I got my (heart) eyes on you” here, here, here and there:

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Most of the time, there’s basically no reason for them to do fanservice at all, because it happens too fast (for a few secs, or not even 1 sec), and basically no one is really watching, they’re not in the center of attention etc. …

All the time Jungkook made fun of himself simply just to make Jimin laugh, and he even checked if Jimin actually laughed…

The time they got caught walking together in the back in Bon Voyage, ate with the same spoon (I’m sure they have plenty of spoons in airbnb houses) even tho Jungkook tried not to drink directly from the same bottle with others (no offense to any ship really, I just can’t find more examples in my rusty mind)

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About RoseMary

Hey uhh no offense but why did we never get to see Rose and Kanaya’s relationship be as dynamic as Dave and Karkat’s? Or even Dirk and Jake’s?

Why didn’t we get to see Rose struggle with her own sexuality the way Dave had to? Where do we get to see her struggling to peel past her own aloof facade to deal with her very complicated emotions?

Why didn’t we get to see Kanaya deal with her difficulty relating to the violence of troll society? Why didn’t we get to see how she felt like an outcast because she loved the sun and got jealous and frustrated with her moirail’s other relationships? Why didn’t we get to see her struggle with the quadrant system?

Why were the mlm pairings given so much attention to detail and character growth, while the wlw pairings were only shown to us piece by piece in glancing bits until we somehow made it from point A to point B without being entirely sure how we got there?

I’m absolutely not bashing on any other ships. With RoseMary, I’m very grateful that they dated, I’m grateful that their relationship was smooth going and healthy, and I’m very, very grateful that we got to see them get married. But I would have liked to see a bit more in depth the same way we got to see the other ships.

I totally get why fake dating/marriage is such a hallowed romantic trope, and I too have loved some of those fanfics, but sometimes I really long for fics where the dating/marriage is truly fake. There’s no “oops, we’re in love,” it’s just all best friend shenanigans and tormenting each other with annoying pet names and discovering that hey, this person knows exactly how I like my coffee, and I just…would really LOVE to read that story.

Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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When a long fanfic is tagged your OTP but the endgame is your NOTP and you don't find out till the last couple chapters cus it wasn't tagged.


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i think with the growing fandom and how well thomas has developed the characters and their relationships, naturally different ships are getting more attention i guess. i definitely think the prinxiety hype has decreased but i wouldn’t say it’s dead 

i do feel u tho