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DC Challenge 52|| Week 15: A character you’d want to be

 ↳ Wonder Woman (because who doesn’t want to be wonder woman?)


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So, supposedly the movie Naruto The Last, will have a scene about this winter festival, in which Hinata will give Naruto a red scarf. How about a prompt about that said winter festival, with shikatema?

this one’s on the longer side - it’s about 2 k. :) 


He only gave her a disinterested stare.

Her brow twitched, and she shook the paper for emphasis.

Still, no change in reaction.

She held the paper for a moment longer, contemplating whether rolling it up and promptly smacking him with it would allow him to register her unspoken invitation.

Apparently, Temari might’ve gotten more of a reaction out of that – seeing as his eyes slowly, painstakingly, dragged from the poster to her face. “Well, it’s the poster for the Winter Fesitval,” Shikamaru deadpanned.

Temari rolled her eyes. “Yes. It’s the Winter Festival – and I happen to actually be in Konoha this year, through this festival.”

Her escort only rolled his shoulders back; the words might as well have been blunt shuriken bouncing off that thick skull of his.

Irritation played at her lips. “So, as my escort-“

“-I’m taking you,” he finished for her, the words not a question. However, his tone was extremely unimpressed, and even that much had her reeling.

He didn’t have to make it sound like such a chore.

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“I mean, I think life can be beautiful but I think that its beauty is dependent on the people that you choose to share it with. All I know for certain is that you’re beautiful and that’s why my life is too. You’re what brings beauty in to it. It wasn’t always quite as striking as it is now.” - Trials and Tribulations