i don't know how he got it back at the end haha

It was just about midnight when Dean got home and he could smell the weed from the sidewalk. By the time he got in the screenless side door he was smiling a little, amused, ready to make a joke about getting a contact high. Dad would be pissed, not at the weed itself but on principle (can’t really be alert, boys, if you’re strung out higher ‘n a kite). But Dad had been away awhile and it wasn’t like Dean needed to ride Sam about doing his homework. He was a good kid. A good kid who’d recently discovered the joys of pot.

Dean was still smiling when he came into the living room and found Sam slouched against the back of the sofa, legs sprawled out wide in front of him and pupils blown wide. He was palming himself through his jeans - too spaced to even jerk off, Dean thought with an affectionate twitch of his lips. He threw Sam a piece of pizza and perched on the end of the couch.

‘Hand off your dick, you perv,’ he said cheerfully, plucking the joint from between Sam’s fingers and taking a long drag. ‘What’s up?’

Sam slowly focused on him - or, rather, on something a little below his eyes, which was kind of weird. Mind you the kid was so baked Dean was surprised he could even look in the right direction.

‘Your - mouth,’ said Sam, unexpectedly. ‘It’s so soft Dean.’

Dean rubbed at his lower lip self-consciously and Sam actually groaned, which was unsettling.

‘Dude,’ Dean said, ‘it’s a regular mouth,’ and Sam stared at him as if he’d casually mentioned that the sky was usually lime green.

‘It’s not,’ he said, breathily, and Dean shifted because his kid brother’s voice should not make him feel like that. ‘Dean it’s like - it’s so -’ he trailed off, still staring, and Dean had nearly decided to get up and go to bed and definitely not mention this in the morning when Sam spoke again, the colour up now over his cheekbones. ‘Makes me wanna - put my fingers in it and -’

‘Jesus, Sam,’ said Dean, and went to bed; but he was shaking a little, and while he shucked off his jeans and watched the rest of the pizza congeal in its box he could hear Sam grunting and panting back in the other room.

Took Dean a long time to get to sleep that night.