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I know this is sort of an odd request but can you draw Chloé crying? I like to think she's not quite as heartless as she lets on.

ahhh i like this idea, i love any moments where antagonists can be perceived as proper multifaceted people and not just Extreme Negative Plot Devices

we’ve seen chloé crying already, but i imagine her sincerely emotional crying is much quieter and a lot more makeup-ruining. it’s one thing to put on a show to get what she wants but it’s a far more personal, vulnerable moment when it’s real, so she doesn’t like drawing attention to it and will probably snap at anyone who asks if she’s okay

also, does anyone else keep noticing how shiny chloé’s jacket is? like, what the heck is it made of? it looks plasticy but i feel like a little fashion shrug like that would be uncomfortable to wear if it was a material like that…


“Hey. Hello.”
“You helped my friends. Thank you.”
“I met you once… In the Gamma Forest… You don’t remember me.”
“Heeey, of course I remember… I remember everyone. Hey - we ran, you and me. Didn’t we run, Lorna?”

“Who was she?”
“I don’t know, but she was very brave.”
“They’re always brave… They’re always brave."