i don't know he looks so at peace


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

you didn’t do anything wrong

As he fell unconscious from the attack of that young teenager, he looked at his love for what he thought would the last time. Rather to feel scared, he felt oddly at peace, even though he wanted to help his new-found friends. This was not the first time that Omaeri was facing death but it was the first time that he didn’t feel terrified at the thought. He opened his eyes again, but to a familiar sight. The forest he grew up in, the sun gently touching his face, the wind brushing slowly his skin… He felt happy. A happiness he hasn’t felt in a long time. A figure approached him, as it got nearer, he began to recognize who it was. The leader of the Hollow woods, his mother. It has been 10 years. Omaeri has conflicting emotions regarding her mother, she died because of him; she was so important to their people. She was helping with relations with cities & villages and was keeping the other clans in check. He wasn’t around other druids much, but he kept himself informed, therefore, he knows how much turmoil her death caused and it’s all his fault. Another figure appears beside his mother. He doesn’t recognize him, the only thing he knows for sure is that it’s a demon. With his red fiery eyes, his horns, and a perturbing smile, he approaches. He begins to speak; his voice is a delight to the ears.

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Very Important Question: do Chalo and Priya like to cuddle?

True facts:

  • Every evening, if I am on the couch, I am also the center of a dog sandwich. It is law.
  • I was late for work this morning because Priya wanted to be a little spoon. I just lost track of time.

years have passed and i still don’t know how to draw david. I am mad by how he looks different from drawing to drawing. UGH.

Since I am an abosolute loser at drawing facial expressions I tried to practice it using my favourite swede! I always have the urge to draw David’s teeth. I’ve got that feeling he needs to show his teeth and/or open his mouth all the time JUST BECAUSE he’s that kind of guy……idk

forgive him otherwise that boy won’t find his peace

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Hi there! Could you tell me what is Negativetale? I found the fanarts of it very interesting and want to know more about it but I don't understand Korean.

Oh, i check your mail now, I know Negativetale is made from Korean, That world conception is “All Characters have opposite personality”. (It’s just like a ‘Negative’.)

Underground’s monsters think that ‘The only one who has a strong power can survive’, so powerful monsters look down upon the weak monsters, even has a powerful monster who has kind and peaceful mind. 

For example, Papyrus is a real mad and powerful bone that want to kill someone to make sure he is powerful one, Sans is weakness one but he uses the human and finally succeed to kill his brother, Alphys is a cruel and cold blooded loyal-scientist, so she makes Undyne a soldier that can’t think about anything except to kill anybody for Asgore. 

MTT in NT, They are so kind and peaceful mind, so they want a real show with human, and help human. So cute. Even Alphi gets mad for them, MTT in NT draw a pink jellyfish(what a cute….) for her, and say “Please Clam down Doctor Alphis, i’ll draw a smiling jellyfish for you. “   ! 

i’m not good at Eng, so my explanation is not smoothly…. I wish you can understand as well :) ! 

Have a nice day, a sweet heart! 

To say that Aaron was proud of the shop he’d built from the ground up, was an understatement. He loved coming into work and seeing his hard work grow and prosper. Even after the incident the previous week - the scar still looked quite angry and was yet to stop hurting despite Daina’s best work - he felt happy and at peace coming into the store. However, orders didn’t wait just because he’d been injured so he’d taken himself back to work despite the Doctor’s orders. Aaron had barely unlocked the door and stepped into the shop, when he heard the bell chime behind him. Deciding that there was no point turning away a customer when there were barely 10 minutes left to opening, Aaron turned around from where he was working behind the counter. “Sorry, we’re not quite ready to open yet but can I get you a coffee?” 

Rescue (Theo Raeken x Reader)

Request: Anon asked, “That theo imagine was v good! Could you write one where your about to die but he saves your life by taking you to the dread doctors or something? Thanks”

A/N. I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you like it :)

You could feel your blood pumping in your ears, your throat, your fingertips. Your chest ached, and every breath filled your lungs with a little more blood, making it a little harder to suck in the next one. The blood made your hands sticky, and your face felt tight where it had dried and caked against your skin.

The car was warped and twisted around you, metal digging into your legs. Glass was scattered across your lap, across the seat, in your hair. Smoke rose from the the hood of the car, obscuring the tree you had hit from view. The rain continued to pound, making it even harder to see through the blood and rain.

Your phone buzzed in the seat beside you, and you reached out slowly, struggling to ignore the screaming of your arm, shoulder, and ribs at the movement. You couldn’t see who was calling through the shattered screen, but you swiped your hand across the screen anyway. It caused the phone to slide off the edge of the seat and onto the floor, out of your reach.

“Hey (y/n), it’s Theo,” came the crackly voice through the speakers. “Sorry to bug you, but our bio project is due on Friday, and I was wondering when you wanted to work on it.”

You tried to say his name, or make some sort of noise, but there was something wrong with your jaw, and it wasn’t working properly.

“(y/n)?” Theo’s voice was filled with concern now. “I think you pocket answered me. Are you there?”

All you could manage was a groan, and even that was barely audible.

“(y/n)? Are you okay? Where are you?”

“H-help… help me.” You managed to choke out through the blood in your mouth.

“Where are you?” Theo asked, followed by the rattling of keys. “I’m coming okay? Just tell me where you are.”

You opened your mouth and all you could do was cough, and blood filled your mouth. Spots were dancing across your vision. You reached out, trying to grab your phone, and your hand brushed up against your GPS.

“Destination, Beacon Hills Hospital.” Came the digital voice.

Your eyes rolled back in your head and the world went dark for a minute. When you managed to force them open again Theo was standing over you, looking panicked. Blinking slowly, you felt slow, fuzzy confusion dawn on you.

“Did you… rip off the… door?”

“Yeah.” Theo nodded. “Come on, let’s get you out of here.”

He leaned into the car and tugged on
The seat belt, tearing right through the thick fabric like it was nothing. His arms slid behind your back and under your legs, and you screamed as every part of your body caught fire.

“I’m sorry, this is going to hurt.” He apologized, lifting your arm and biting your wrist before you could scream from the pain in your everything. You must have been seeing things, because his eyes were gold and his teeth were long and pointed when he pulled back, blood dripping down his chin.

“Why…?” You croaked, staring at the blood on your wrist.

“I’m not an alpha, but hopefully I’m close enough to one that this will work.” He said instead of answering. “I can only help you if you’re a supernatural creature.”

You must have blacked out again, because the next time you opened your eyes you were somewhere in the woods with Theo’s arms wrapped around you.

“It’s okay to let go.” He said quietly, looking down at you. “It’s okay to give up. I won’t judge you for it.”

“I don't…” you couldn’t say anything else.

“Shh, I know. No one wants to die.” He nodding, and his arms tightened around you. “But don’t worry, I can bring you back. You can let go. It’s okay.”


He nodded. “Really. Just close your eyes, I promise you’ll be fine.”

Everything hurt so much, and it sounded so tempting, and you couldn’t help but do what he said and let go. The darkness was warm, and peaceful, and the pain was finally gone.

The relief lasted only for a moment before fire raced through your veins and you sat up with a gasp, all the pain in your body gone. You sucked in air, feeling as if you hadn’t breathed in days, and took in your surroundings. You didn’t recognize the underground tunnel you found yourself in, nor did you recognize the strange machines surrounding you.

What you did recognize was Theo, who was kneeling above you, looking concerned.

“Did I–?”

“Shh, yeah.” He nodded, hands stroking your arms. “But you’re okay now. I saved you. You’re okay.”

You nodded. “I’m okay. You saved me.”

“Yeah.” He smiled. “And I did something else too. I made you a werewolf.”

Sad Starter Sentence Meme { from lyrics, poems and anything else. add more pls }
  • "For a moment he convinced me I could be pretty... funny."
  • "She/He will love you more than I could."
  • "Why them? Why not me?"
  • "Do you have to talk like that?"
  • "You're hopeless."
  • "I'm hopeless."
  • "This is hopeless."
  • "Close the window, draw the curtain."
  • "Isn't it funny?"
  • "Will hurting me bring you peace?"
  • "You're breaking my heart."
  • "I don't know what to say any more."
  • "What the hell are we doing?"
  • "I love you."
  • "I don't love you."
  • "She/He's dead."
  • "I can't take this any more!"
  • "It feels like I'm drowning."
  • "Everything hurts nowadays."
  • "I'm finished. I'm through."
  • "I miss them so much, it hurts."
  • "You can't treat me like this!"
  • "How could you?"
  • "I've never been in love before..."
  • "Don't look at me. Look at me and I'm gone."
  • "Don't catch me."
  • "Just let me keep on falling."
Baking Powder

When Steve was done with destroying three punching bags, remembering that Tony made him an inforced one and proceeding doing his best to destroy it as well (it held, he had to admit, he was impressed), he finally felt that he could sleep. But as he made his way up, he decided to get a bottle of water out of the kitchen first. What welcomed him was the loud and obnoxious (though somewhat addictive) sound of ACDC blasting through the room.

It was 3:37 in the morning. What was going on?

Next, the smell of something mouthwatering assaulted his nose and he was even more confused. Because ACDC at 3am? Tony. The smell of freshly baked nougat scones? Not so much.

But apparently just that, because there was indeed one Tony Stark, dressed in a ridiculous ‘Kiss the Superhero’ apron by the stove. 'Tony?’

'Fucking hell!’ The flail was hilariously elegant. The middle finger less so. 'Jesus, Cap, warn a mortal.’ He snapped, with no real heat behind the words. Steve swore he even saw a blush on the back of his neck.

'Sorry.’ And he was, he hadn’t actually planned to scare the man. 'What are you doing?’ He then asked cautiously, because… no, he still wasn’t buying it that Tony Stark was baking in an apron at 3am on a Friday night.

Tony just gave him a look and reached behind him for something to present it to Steve. 'Cranberry Muffin?’ Blinking, Steve took the offered cake but left it in his hand to examin. 'Its a Cranberry Muffin, Steve, not a time bomb.’

'I wouldn’t know with you.’ His answer was dry and he would’ve felt guilty for the wince he earned but the grin showed him that Tony wasn’t really insulted.

'Yeah, I guess not.’ He sighed - and okay, maybe Steve was wrong and he should apologize. 'To answer your question; I’m stress baking.’

'You’re wha…’ He started to ask, but a ring - was that seriously an egg timer?! - interrupted him.

'Hold on a second, my scones are ready.’ The engineer quickly, turned around, fumbling a little while looking for his mittens, to take out the tray. An almost orgasmic smell filled the room and Steve was pretty sure his heart melted a little when he saw the small, proud smile on Tony’s face.

'You’re stress baking.’ He stated, just to be completely sure. This was bizarre.

'Yes, I tend to do that. A lot.’ The engineer turned back to him with narrowed eyes. 'Did you never notice the gigantic basket of bakery stuff on the counter, they are there about thrice a week.’

Steve laughed. 'Oh I did, to be honest I just never connected them to you of all people.’ He didn’t mean it as an insult. He didn’t, but it was Tony Stark, engineer, playboy, sometimes basket case. Who could blame him?

'No, no I get it. I always get that look, don’t worry.’ Tony took out a spatula and placed the scones on a cooling tray. He then pulled out another bowl and seemed to start anew.

Curious, Steve sat down at the counter to watch him work. 'What are you doing next?’

'Cinnamon rolls.’ He smiled when he looked up and then barked out a laugh when he saw the Captain’s beaming face.

'They are my favourite!’ He cheered excitedly, successfully turning himself into an 8 year old.

Tony chuckled. 'I know they are, Cap.’ He admitted softly.

A confused but warm smile spread over Steve’s face. 'Thank you.’

'Don’t thank me yet, I could still be lying and feeding you crap.’ An evil glint in his eyes, Tony finished the batter in record time.

Steve hummed. 'You could, but I just ate that Cranberry Muffin and beg to differ.’

'Good, huh?’ That little proud smile was back. 'Its the first time I made them actually, good to know they taste well.’

'I’m gladly volunteering as your taster, Shellhead.’

Tony laughed. 'Why thank you, Spangled. You’re gonna have to stand in line with Clint, though.’

'He knows?’ Steve felt oddly… jealous that he wasn’t the first one to know.

The engineer didn’t seem to notice, thank god and only nodded his head distractedly. He was currently forming the rolls with a sure hand, clearly not for the first time. 'Yeah, he sneaked up on me one night, demanding chocolate chip cookies.’

The Captain felt his mouth watering. 'Darn, I remember those.’ They stayed silent for a second until Steve couldn’t hold it in any longer. 'Alright, I have to ask. How come Tony Stark knows how to bake? Didn’t you have like… a personal chef or something?’

'Oh, we did. It’s Jarvis’ fault.’ When Steve only frowned in confusion, he smiled. 'When my parents forgot their only child again and again, Jarvis used to watch me and when I was my hyperactive, annoying self he had to 'unbore’-’ He actually used air quotations. ’-me somehow. When he got fed up, he dragged me either into the kitchen or into the garden.’

'Jarvis?’ Steve concealed the wince he felt when Howard was mentioned but something else confused him. 'Your… A.I. Jarvis?’

'What? No, of course not.’ Now Tony looked perplexed but then his eyes windened. 'Oh right, you don’t know. Jarvis used to be our butler. He was like a… Grandfather I guess? He died a few years ago, amazing man, only old age could ever get to him.’ He smiled softly and a little sadly. 'It was only natural for me to name my A.I. after him.’

'I… I didn’t know that.’ The former soldier felt somewhat speechless. It was the first time Tony was so… forward and honest with him. 'I’m sorry.’

Tony waved him off. 'Oh don’t be. It was… Peaceful. He told me not to worry about him. That he had had a good life and that he was glad to have been part of our family. He told me he was proud of me.’

Hesitating only for a second, Steve reached forward and took the engineer’s hand, squeezing it a little. 'So, gardening, huh?’ He smiled and if Tony jumped a bit at the contact, he didn’t mention it.

'Right.’ He squeezed back hesitatingly and slowly let go. 'Yeah, we used to have this gigantic, pretentious garden and he would drag me out when it was sunny outside - believe me, I take the drag part literally, the first time I was kicking and screaming, demanding him to let me get back to my workshop.’ He chuckled. Steve could see that, really. 'It never really was my thing, to be honest. But the baking? Yeah, that’s pretty cool.’

Steve smiled slowly. This was nice. Talking to Tony like this. Really nice. 'So… Cinnamon Rolls, huh?’

'What? Yeah, they should be ready in a bit, what of it?’

The Captain’s grin turned smug. 'I get here and you make my favourite sweets? Knowingly? You want to tell me something?’

On the one hand, he loved the blush on Tony’s face. On the other, he cursed himself for saying anything because he saw the sudden tenseness in his shoulders. 'I… I was just trying to be nice.’ He said between gritted teeth, his hands fumbling as he started to clean everything up.

'Hey…’ Steve stood up and circled the kitchen island to stand beside him. 'Let me try something?’ He asked, determination his his eyes. Tony looked up at him, suddenly feeling way too small. He nodded nevertheless, but flinched a little when big hands framed his face.

Before he could even comprehend what was happening, could even tell himself that it was not what he was hoping for, Steve was kissing him. And man, was that what he had hoped for.

The kiss was slow, sweet and tasted of sugar and cranberries. It should be hilarious, really, just completely rom com. But it was awesome.

When Steve leaned back, Tony could only stare at him. 'What… what was that?’ He asked, almost in a daze.

The Captain chuckled. 'You can take it as a thank you for the rolls…’ He hesitated but smiled when he saw the displeased frown on the engineer’s face. 'Or I could help you with clean up, prepare the usual basket and take you to bed. With me.’ Before Tony could answer anything - lewd probably - he framed his face again. 'To sleep, Shellhead. To sleep. And tomorrow, you will go out with me. Deal?’

Tony grumbled, but leaned into the touch nevertheless. 'Not fair. But deal.’

Mornings #789
  • Harry: He's always up before you, turning up the heat, fixing your coffee, just doing everything he can to make your mornings easier. "Wake up, babe. Got your coffee and phone, time to wake up." After many sweet words and calming hums into your ear you finally wake up causing Harry to smile. "There you are."
  • Liam: Liam hides away under the sheets as you try to wake him up, "I don't have to go to work today," he whines as your cold fingers ghost up his back "I can stay here with you and we can cuddle." "As much as I like that idea we both know you can't, so come on babe." The taller boy lets out a cry before whining. "Fine."
  • Louis: "No, fuck off." Louis groans as you coo into his ear to wake him up. "Well that's not nice, Lou." Louis lets out a little whine before rolling over and opening his eyes "m'sorry. I love you." He promises wrapping his arms around your waist. "Let's stay in bed all day." Knowing you have nothing better to do you nod your head "aright."
  • Niall: "Princess, come on, you've got school." Niall reminds quietly as he presses kisses into your shoulder and up your neck. "It's cold, though." "I know but I've turned up the heat, you don't want to be late." After a few more encouraging kisses you sit up pulling Niall close for warmth. "You suck, I'm tired." "Love you too." He laughs
  • Zayn: it's hard to wake him up because he looks so peaceful and warm curled in the bed with a smile placed sleepily across his lips. His hair once a quiff is now soft and flat against his forehead. Though you hate to do it, you have to wake him up. "Come on, Z. Wake up for me and let's hop in the shower ok?" "Alright." He nods sleepily "m'coming."

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Running straight through Alex's door, BEN practically jumped at Alex with a panicked noise, hugging him as tightly as his thin ghost self could. "I don't know what to do!" the kid managed, speaking quickly with a small whine on the last word. The poltergeist looked up at him, the bruises and swelling on his face only adding to his fearful expression.

And to think today could have been a peaceful day… Alex sighed and looked down the the ghost kid, hesitantly patting at his head. “Uh..it’ll be alright?” Consoling people definitely wasn’t his strong suit. He couldn’t even bring himself to be concerned for the guy right now either though. The proxy was still rather mad about having to be a fox again after all so other people’s problems weren’t really a priority of his. Couldn’t hurt to try though. “What exactly happened anyway?”

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sad headcanon! because I can't help myself! >_> credence has to get used to being around the real Graves and not flinch when he raises his hands unexpectedly

Luv, darling dear, you can always send sad headcanon, but you have to deal with me turning them around on you though :p I can’t help myself either

I agree though, Credence would have to get use to the real Graves, and just being around people in general. It’s why he would like to around Newt so much, because Newt is that totally none-intrusive guy and most time he’ll just let you do your own thing and if that thing is helping take care of his beasts well, he sure won’t complain. And Credence would like helping out with the beasts, because they don’t expect anything from him except to get feed and pet and it’s good, comforting, soothing.

And then Graves would start coming around once he’s back in good health from having been kept wherever it was Grindelwald was keeping him and thankful to Newt because like a few other people have headcanon Newt has help find him in some way. He also comes around because knowing what Grindelwald has make that boy go through while he was using his appearance sickens him and no matter what everyone tells him, he takes full responsibilities and he’ll do right by Credence if it’s the last think he does.

Only problem is, Graves isn’t really that good with kids/teenagers, especially not traumatized one and he isn’t used to being around all those creatures that HAS NO PLACE IN A SUITCASE MR. SCAMANDER WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? and so he makes a few mistakes the first couples of time

After a few visits, he asks if it wouldn’t be best if he simply stopped coming, because he fears he’s doing more bad than good but Queenie would be adamant that no, he has to continue, sure it seems bad right now, but it will be worst if he just abandons Credence now. Sure he’s got Newt and Tina and Queenie (and Jacob but shhh that’s a secret) but having Graves, the real one believe in him is and caring for him is something he needs right now too.

And Graves isn’t blind, he’s seen that Newt is really good with Credence and he’s not above asking help and Newt is kind of surprised that Graves would come to him for advice on what he should be careful of with Credence and what would help, because Graves didn’t seem like he liked Newt much past the natural gratitude for saving him.

But it’s not really that Graves doesn’t like Newt, just that he’s different from what he’s used too, but not a bad different he finds out.

And I mean, it’s not all sunshine and roses, it’s progress and Graves has his own issues, but he finds out that he usually doesn’t get nightmares on the days he goes for a visit.

And just imagine Credence and Graves having fallen asleep one afternoon after tea and scones with Newt (the scones might or might have not come from Jacob’s bakery) and Newt wishes he could take a picture because Credence looks so peaceful for once with his head against Graves’ shoulders and while Percival looks like he’s second away from waking up, there’s something protective over Credence in his stance and usually Newt is never overly fond of humans, but if people where more like this, more willing to take the time to learn and care for each other, maybe they wouldn’t be so bad

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why did seungri's blonde hair have to go so soon? i mean, it only just arrived and now it's gone. i didn't even get to fully appreciate the beauty of seungri with blonde hair while it was a thing. the brown is nice, but the blonde makes him look so good. idk, it just hurts knowing the blonde seungri era has passed. did YG do this on purpose? did he think seungri was getting too much attention being blonde, so he changed it? it's seriously not fair. how am i going to overcome this tragedy? i don't know if i can even go on, it's like a part of me has been torn away. RIP in peace blonde seungri, you will be missed. 2015-2015. why do the good ones die young?
The Siren King

I can see what’s happening
And they don’t have a clue
They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line
twelve becomes eleven.

The sweet caress of twilight
There’s magic everywhere
And with all this romantic atmosphere
Disaster’s in the air

Can you feel the love tonight
The peace the evening brings
The world for once in perfect harmony
With all its undead things

So many things to tell him
But how to make him see
The truth about my past, impossible
He’d turn away from me

He’s holding back, he’s hiding
But what, I can’t decide
Why won’t he be the king I know he is?
The king I see inside?

You needn’t look too faaaaaaaaar
Stealing through the niiiiight’s uncertainties
Luuurrrrve is where they aaare