i don't know he looks so at peace

you didn’t do anything wrong

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New Erwin smile! By far the best one yet, in my opnion. The way he looks at Levi is so soft and peaceful. Any plans for adding this to your masterpost?

I think I’ve written around 700 meta posts in the last two years, but the Erwin Smith Smile Master Post might be my favorite. You can’t go wrong with eleven smiling Smiths. I tried to recreate the magic with ten squatting Levis but it just isn’t the same :P

So yes! I was talking about this with my friends early today. I want to include it, but I’m still working on the perfect title and caption. 


I’d just like to add some last thing about my post on self-hate and self-sacrifice.

I think those two screenshots speak for themselves.

As everyone knows, Stan’s got some strong issues with himself. That’s why he looks fine with “dying” (= losing every memories he had, so losing his identity) here. As long as it helps his family.

But then you have Stanford’s reaction in the same scene (And Dipper, Mabel and Soos after that.) He’s not “fine”. He’s extremely sad and distraught, because he’s the one pulling the trigger. The situation is his fault, his mistake, and he has to lose his brother over it. I’m not going to get into a heated argument about whether or not he ““deserved”” it, you can read my blog (hint : he doesn’t) here, but. Just look.

Self-sacrifice out of self hate and because you don’t realize you’re loved and deserve love is never something good that makes you the real good guy or your family protector. Because you’re hurting these people. You’re basically saying they failed (yes, even the kids and Soos, for people who still want to throw Ford in lava) to care about you enough, you’re kind of punishing them. Maybe you don’t want to, but that’s what you’re doing, throwing your life out like that.

Now I don’t have issue with this scene, because this sacrifice was the only solution (they specifically needed someone to take Stanford’s place. Everyone else was captured/distracting Bill). But I’m still not ok with the general consensus that sacrificing yourself is always the best solution and proof you are a true hero because you’re the only one being hurt to protect your loved ones.

And that’s why I admire Ford to try everything to save everyone until there is no other way (he thought) before deciding to sacrifice himself (”I’m gonna play the only card we have left. Let Bill into my mind.”). That’s easy to sacrifice yourself because you hate yourself anyway, when you didn’t do shit since like nine episode.

TLDR ; Self-Sacrifice isn’t so bad, it’s the mindset it’s always to BEST solution ever even when you could smash the villain with your bazooka half an hour after the beginning of his Weirdmageddon that bugs me. Which was what the interview seemed to imply, describing Part I as “Ford’s arrogance” and Part III as “Ford realizes Stan was the true hero all along”.