i don't know he is just so adorable and attractive

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Don't get mad but....Kenny Omega is a phenomenal wrestler BUT dude I just don't see the ... ya know... attractiveness? Could I be enlightened? I wanna get on the train too but I keep missing the stop lmao.

Oh man! You don’t HAVE to be into anyone if you’re not feeling it.I feel like he doesn’t look physically hot all the time. Like especially with his stupid hair extensions and questionable hair looks, but when he’s his adorable normal self with his blonde curly locks and dorky clothes he just looks so sweet and cute I just wanna hug him and then also suck his dick. I find his passion and love for wrestling incredibly attractive, anyone with loads of emotion and desires is something that really gets me into people. His personality also makes me love him more, he’s so silly and clumsy and doesn’t take himself seriously while also really seeking approval of others and being quite open to feeling vulnerable. I dunno for me with Kenny is more than just how he looks it’s how he acts and carries himself even though I also think he’s super hot and had a body worth dying over!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why did everyone in fantastic beasts have to be attractive. i know i'm supposed to hate graves, but i mean he's so hot and credence is whiny, but still absolutely adorable... don't even get me started on newt, like he is bae and that is all that anyone needs to know, because it's true and ahhhhh. and i mean jacob is just adorable and him and queenie are goals

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I don't know if you do this kind of thing -- Sorry if you don't! -- but could you maybe do space family headcanons for what kind of kisses they like best? Thanks!

yes omg I live for kissing headcanons let’s do this

Lance talks big game but honestly if someone he finds attractive gives him any kind of physical affection at all he’ll completely dissolve into a blushing, stuttering totally adorable mess. And if his datemate were to kiss him unexpectedly he’d get so flustered so fast like it doesn’t matter if they just pecked him on the cheek, he would be so affected. Lance loves all kinds of kisses, and is just as big of a fan of giving them as he is of receiving.

Hunk is kind of similar in that he just… really loves kissing his significant other??? Like I feel like he’s one of those boyfriends who just occasionally gets overwhelmed with affection and feels like he has to show it somehow, so he’ll kiss his partner wherever he can reach – usually it’s their hands, but his s/o should expect a lot of forehead and nose kisses as well. He’s all about casual displays of affection.

Keith, on the other hand, acts like he doesn’t see what the big deal is with kissing, but if he’s with the right person he can get really into it. So he probably wouldn’t kiss his datemate until they’d been together for a while and he knows he feels really strongly about them, but once he does… oh boy. Kissing sessions with Keith tend to get really heated really fast and he has a weakness for neck kisses, both giving them and receiving them.

Pidge is the most reserved when it comes to physical affection. It’s not that she’s shy or insecure, but she is not really a fan of PDA, so she would only kiss her partner if she was 100% sure that they were alone. She’s a big fan of sweet, meaningful kisses on the mouth. She doesn’t really see the point in kissing other body parts, but will kiss her partner’s cheek to show affection in a more casual way.

Shiro actually likes giving kisses more than he likes receiving them. He’s basically the opposite of Pidge because he likes to kiss his s/o everywhere – usually in a casual, sweet way, like just coming up behind them and wrapping his arms around them and kissing the back of their head, but is down for steamier kissing as well if he’s in the right mood. and if his partner kisses his tummy he just about loses it… rip shiro 

Allura probably thinks about kissing differently than humans do, because of the way romance and affection were handled in Altean society. I like to think that it’s an Altean custom to kiss people on the cheek as a greeting (like they do in a lot of European cultures), so the team has all gotten used to her platonic kisses. When it comes to kissing in the context of a romantic relationship, she’s pretty inexperienced, but always willing to try new things with her partner. Is surprisingly good for a beginner.

Coran likes to give all of his kids Grandma Kisses™ with his mustache tickling their forehead, but no one complains because he only does it when he’s feeling particularly parental and fond, so any time it happens the recipient feels greatly honored.