i don't know either but it sounded funny

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NISA confirmed that Ouma isn't voiced by Papenbrook. They also gave us a hint of the VAs range. The line "don't get so emotional" is also his in the trailer.

I just came online earlier today and found out and I’m honestly very glad! At least this means there’ll be a lot less “Ouma is Komaeda 2.0″ stuff to deal with all over again (and I still have a very good ask I need to answer concerning that issue, actually).

I don’t know whether to be worried or impressed that NISA apparently managed to find someone who sounded exactly like Bryce for the “Kayayday” line, though. It’s funny either way though–Ouma’s voice was a “lie” and that’s the most fitting thing I can think of.

I had no clue the “don’t get too emotional” line was his when I first watched the trailer! I think I and most people assumed it was probably Korekiyo’s. Going back and listening again, that bodes a lot better for Ouma’s vocal range. I have some hopes that his really ominous lines will come across the way they were intended to, this way.

Anyway, thank you all for letting me know!

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Guess My Sign: I'm very accident prone, I'm artistic, & quite short-tempered. I'm sensitive, but I'm pretty sure I come off as a bit of an ass when people first meet me because I can be quite standoffish. It's really because if I don't know you, I really won't say too much. People that know me well think I'm either funny or goofy and I'm overprotective of those I keep close. I also have a smart ass mouth. Ooh and I do not have much patience. I love hard & can be stubborn as a mule. What am I?

Sounds like a Taurus.

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While Anti-Valentine's Day was a pretty funny episode, will there be any episodes that show love in a more positive light? I know I must sound like a weirdo, but to me it's pretty important that kids see love as a normal part of life. I guess it's because I'm a natural born romantic and got bullied a LOT for it as a kid. I'm not saying to push the idea of having a BF/GF on little kids. Just please don't push the "cooties" thing either. I really like HB on the whole. Keep up the good work!

I think you’re mistaking Fee’s dislike for the holiday with a dislike of love. We were trying to make a point that Valentine’s Day leaves a lot of people feeling left out, so Fee comes up with a more inclusive version. Over the season you should see lots of love within the show, both overtly and by how folks treat each other. That said, I’m not doing a lot of romantic stories with these characters. I wanted them to be at a young age where relationships are more about friendships than romance. Claire has crush on Foo, but he’s totally oblivious because he’s not yet there emotionally, so he just sees her as a good friend.