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So hi awkward question a friend asked if your armpit hair is also painted on (like your beard) I told her I don't think so but O don't know, are they? Not that it's in any way relevant. Cheers and goodnight

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(( OOC: Why is this so freakin’ funny!?!?!? 

Uh… Yes… that is my armpit hair… no…. I don’t paint on my armpit hair? *weeps* 

…. I can’t believe I’m posting gifs specifically to show my armpit hair. )) 

So I made an Omegaverse post which started on my NSFW blog then it grew into an actual AU in which the Junkers had kids and had to give them away. They eventually met the kids 26 years later, in which Junkrat is 51 and Roadhog is 74 as depicted above.

Anyway have some old and weathered Junkers.

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I know this is kinda random but I've been wanting to grow my hair out for a while so I was wondering if you had any witchy ideas,spells, or potions to help with hair growth ? Btw I love your blog and your the only witch I trust to ask this to. I don't trust le internets.

Well thank you!! I am no stranger to growing out the hair (I’ve done the pixie cut to boob length transition literally three different times. I think I’ve finally learned to stop cutting my hair off impulsively.) 

I’m going to give you my tried and true regular tips – 

  • water. i’m serious, your hair doesn’t grow if you’re not hydrated.
  • a good diet. again, seriously, I know.
  • biotin. you can usually buy like “hair, skin, and nails” vitamins at the store, I don’t really find them here in canada, so here i usually take something called nutricap which is basically the same thing (except sometimes it hurts my stomach sooo maybe stick to regular biotin)
  • shampoos + conditioners that have those sort of things in them ^^ and usually the more expensive ones at the drugstore really are helpful imo
  • apparently different oils like hot castor oil and coconut oil, and even egg yolk masks are helpful, I don’t use these bc I have really thin hair so I really don’t need the extra oil but those might work for you!
  • additionally, the lack of hot hair tools, and regular trims really do help!

Alright lets see what I can find on witchy tumblr about it bc I don’t have any personally for this that is witchy, but I will see what I can find!

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Hi! I don't know if you take requests now but I have one for you anyway: Reader and Peter have a sleepover for the first time during their relationship and before they fall asleep they just can't find the right sleeping position - maybe Peter incidentally lays on Reader's hair, his arm goes numb while Reader lays on his chest... I leave it up to you. Just dorky-fluffy Peter please!!!! I'm sooo in love with your blog and your imagines <3

You lay next to Peter, your arms folded over your stomach and a small nervous smile on your face. He shifted slightly and his foot accidentally brushed against yours.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, turning red. You sighed, chuckling and rolling onto your side to face him.

“Pete, we can’t share a bed all night and apologise every time we touch,” you pointed out, smiling slightly. He rolled over to face you too, smiling bashfully.

“Sorry,” he replied quietly, before realising what he’d said and chuckling. “I’m just scared to move, in case the mattress makes a noise and Aunt May thinks…y'know…” He cleared his throat awkwardly, his cheeks turning bright red. You bit your lip, also embarrassed by that potentially awkward situation.

“So do you want to cuddle or something?” you asked quietly. He nodded, lifting his arm so that you could cuddle against his chest.

“Pete I can’t breathe,” you mumbled, your voice muffled by his chest. He loosened his arms quickly.

“Shit I’m-”

“Don’t you say it,” you warned him jokingly. He laughed under his breath, draping his left arm over your hip as you returned to lying facing each other.

“Why don’t I hold you then?” you suggested. “If that doesn’t work, you’re going on the floor,” you added with a grin. He shook his head with an adorable giggle.

“You bully me,” he told you, shuffling closer to you and resting his head on your collarbone. He wrapped his arms loosely around your waist, and you tangled your legs with his.

“I love you,” you whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. You felt Peter kiss your neck sleepily.

“Love you more, (Nickname).”

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This is an uncomfortable question but how do I shave my coochie to be perfectly smooth. I'm talking the whole entire shabang. Like Brazilian, minus the waxing. I really hate having hair there and my bf and I have started to talk ab doing butt stuff but I don't want there to be anything there. Any tips? Thanks girl love this blog xx

First of all thanks babycakes x secondly i feel you on waxing, that shit hurts like a bitch. I whole heartedly believe that hair removal on your coochie is something you have to figure out, like what works best for you. I know lots of people shave using shaving cream, some people use hair removal cream, some swear by shaving underwater and some say using coconut oil. It took me bloody ages to figure out a way that worked for me, so here is what I do:

first of I run a nice hot bath, If you do not have a bath get a cloth and soak it in hot water and keep it on your pussy to kind of soften the hair i guess? i don’t know it works for me, If you do it out of the bath i always rub some olive all or coconut oil on it to try and soften the hair and try make it as smooth as possible. I then exfoliate using a sugar scrub that I make which basically just mixes sugar with coconut oil. This will make sure that all your hair is flowing the right direction and will soften the skin. rinse it off using hot water. I then lather up conditioner on my pussy and use a *fresh* razor to shave, I would recommend using a 3 or 4 blade one. I then gently exfoliate again to get rid of any dead skin cells and lessen the chances of ingrown hairs which if i’m being totally honest will most likely happen at some point or other. I then gently dry using a soft towel and moisturise with baby lotion or coconut/olive oil depending on what I feel like. Once that has sunk in i use baby powder to lock in that moisture, reduce re-growth itching and also reduce chafing if you’re wearing jeans.

That is my shaving routine I hope that this helps you however it can take a while to find the perfect method x 

Lots of love, Mary xoxo

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - sentence starters
  • 1: "Love your hair."
  • 2: "Oh goodness, look at my wrist, I gotta go."
  • 3: "Oh, I'm in pain! I think this is what pain feels like!"
  • 4: "Any dolt with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane."
  • 5: "But it's plain to see, evil inside of me is on the rise."
  • 6: "Wow, sarcasm! That's original!"
  • 7: "Okay. Dude. You are not my nemesis."
  • 8: "Hello. You know me? Cool. I mean, yeah, you do. Do you?"
  • 9: "Don't plan the plan if you can't follow through."
  • 10: "It's not about making money, it's about taking money."
  • 11: "Are you kidding me? What heist were you watching?"
  • 12: "You give my regards to Saint Peter. Or whoever has his job... but in Hell."
  • 13: "Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?"
  • 14: "It's curtains for you, _____. Lacy, gently wafting curtains."
  • 15: "That's weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You wouldn't happen to like frozen yogurt, would you?"
  • 16: "What a crazy, random happenstance."
  • 17: "And sometimes there's a third, even deeper level, and that one is the same as the top surface one. Like with pie."
  • 18: "____ threw a car at my head."
  • 19: "Is that the new catchphrase?"
  • 20: "I deserve to get in, you know I do. But killing? Really?"
  • 21: "I don't go to the gym. I'm just naturally like this."
  • 22: "We are meeting now for the first time."
  • 23: "I'm a fan of laundry."
  • 24: "She called him 'sweet'. How is he sweet?"
  • 25: "She talked to me. Why did she talk to me now?"
  • 26: "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."
  • 27: "That's not a good sound."
  • 28: "Killing isn't elegant or creative. It's not my style."
  • 29: "And I get what you want."
  • 30: "The world is a mess, and I just need to rule it."
  • 31: "See you at the aftermath."
Slash's straight hair
  • Axl *about his tattoo (Appetite For Destruction cover)*: Slash wanted straight hair, so we gave him straight hair.
  • Slash: I didn't ask for straight hair.
  • Axl: Yes you did. You totally did. Yes you did.
  • Slash: I've never said that.
  • Axl: Yes you did, totally.
  • Slash: What makes you say that?
  • Axl: Because you did.
  • Slash: Why? Was I drunk?
  • Axl: I don't know, yeah i think you were, you were at the hell house.
  • Slash: Oh, yeah. Because I told Bill... I told Bill... I said: "You'll never gonna be able to draw curly hair right."

I had really little ideas for making him look more like his dad while retaining the original looks rip me ;w;


So, I recently hit 7000+ followers \(*o*)/ and honestly, I’m really surprised .__. -I haven’t been posting original content for some time now (lol my bad) and like the fandom’s been dead ahah.  I’ve been working on some videos and other projects but I can’t finish anything ;__;.  (but i promise one day, i will show you all :D)

Anywho, during summer I took some photos cosplaying and I was really nervous about posting them so I just kinda held them back but like.. you guys deserve something so here goes ♥ 

Thanks for sticking through <333 

Voltron explained by me, someone who barely knows what it is

Okay so I’ve never seen Voltron, but I keep hearing about it and seeing it on my dash (even though I follow zero voltron blogs) so anyways here’s my explanation of it by someone who barely even knows what it is (because I was bored)

• like everyone ships Keith and Lance and pretty much the entire fandom has accepted Klance as canon even though it’s not

• Allura is basically a queen

• there’s the smol one with glasses and brown hair, Pidge or something?

• the old guy with orange hair has an awesome mustache

• all the klance shippers went kinda crazy over??? A forehead touch thing???

• you people have some tALENTED fan artists

• but Allura is actually amazing

• they’re all dorks

• just a lot of klance

• Keith is shipped with like everyone??

• shiro has gr8 hair

• there’s that big strong dude who’s actually super sweet with the bandana,,, hunk or something?

• allura is actually amazing tho

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I'm sorry I don't know if this has been asked before but how would fem Erwin and Levi wear their hair? I just found out you're not the real Isayama but it doesn't matter because I love your blog you're just too funny

Levi would wear her’s hair in a pony tail, Erwin would wear her’s in a tight bun

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Hey, as a non-binary hijabi i really don't want to start uncovering just because I am not completely female; however, I don't really know how to dress as "male"/more masculine w/o not wearing one. How do you dress as a non-binary person who covers their hair and what advice do you have to offer?

Kii says: 

So, first, I’m going to recommend @allahmademequeer @iamnotharaam @trans-muslims and @queermuslims as blogs who very likely will be able to give better answers to this, as we currently do not have a mod who wears a hijab.

I would recommend focusing on your clothing first. You could wear men’s clothing, a binder, etc and that would make you look more masculine. You also could try masculinizing makeup (though I believe some Muslims don’t use makeup for religious purposes- correct me if I’m wrong). I also have several friends who are Muslim who believe that wearing a wig “counts” as keeping the head covered, so that’s something you could look into if it fits your beliefs. 

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Hi! I'm new to your Invader Zim AU blog thing, (I don't know how to phrase it. ;-; ) Anyway, I just wanted to ask two questions about Gir, how long is his hair, and what's his relationship like with Zim, in the brotherly way??

HEERRES gir with his hair down. but zims relationship with gir is kinda weird. since girs pretty much the only person in his age group that interacts with him. they both hang out and he tolerates gir. gir can sometimes be too much to handle when zims working on stuff but zim just distracts him with small things. they like watching tv together the most

Responding to "I hate you" / Being Back-stabbed
  • Aries: Suck my dick you fucking soggy nappy *starts yelling*
  • Taurus: *shrugs* *sips drink*
  • Gemini: *laughs* *gives you the middle finger* I DON'T FUCK WITH YOUUUU
  • Cancer: *gets upset* fuck you
  • Leo: Yeah, I know, probably cause I'm better than you
  • Virgo: *glares* you're gonna need me one day WITCH
  • Libra: *flips hair* *struts away from ha8rs*
  • Scorpio: wow, fake hoe *pushes them and leaves*
  • Sagittarius: *walks away laughing bc haters are dumb*
  • Capricorn: wow that hurt but wow you're an ass
  • Aquarius: *gives no fucks* *finds new friends*
  • Pisces: *huffs* I WILL FIND BETTER FRIENDS

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Hello there ! i was wondering if you could show Italy's color palletes.. like his eye color, skin tones, hair... i've seen a lot of different colors but i don't know which one i should use and stick with ;u;

Hmm, Hima-san once posted a colour pallete reference for Hetalia characters here


here’s the translation:

Keep in mind though, Hima changes his colouring from time to time as you see in his different drawings.

It’s more like the basic palette where you may derive the other new colours from.


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I don't know if you take requests but I just read the ask about the Voltron twister tickles and OMG THAT'S SO CUTE!!! I'd love to read a drabble about this or something, it's just too adorable! *___* I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude or demanding, I just really loved the scenario... Anyways, I hope you're having a great day! :) <3

rly short drabble under the cut becuz i havent written much for this blog lately

[heres the ask anon was talkin abt]

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