i don't know about those other characters

me describing the person i secretly love to other people is like victor hugo describing enjolras in les misérables. he tries so hard to do it nonchalantly, like he’s describing just another character he knows things about, but fails miserably at hiding that he’s awfully in love with him and that he’s the best thing that ever happened to his life.

Evolution of Jon and Dany
  • game of thrones: Here is a bastard and a slave girl. They are not important. (wink, wink) Look over there.
  • fans: Oh, look! It's Ned Stark! Will he find out the truth?!
  • game of thrones: That bastard joins the Night's watch and that girl is now pregnant. BUT LOOK OVER THERE!
  • fans: Oh, NOOOO! All my favorite people are now DEAD! Are you sure those two are not important. They look like "Ice and Fire" to us.
  • game of thrones: I don't know what you're talking about (whistling nervously) Look! A guy got his dick chopped of, your favorite character is on trial, your new favorite character got his head squashed, and there are 3 new houses you need to learn the names of...
  • game of thrones: Oh, I don't know. The only similarities between them are that they have both been chosen as rulers by their people, they have both magically avoided real death, they are both proud but with kind hearts and tragic upbringings and their real goal is to protect the people...
  • fans: Are you saying what we think you're saying?!
  • fans: Too late bro, we don't care. We want Jon and Sansa now.
  • game of thrones: WHAT?! But... but... I've been building this from day one...
  • fans: JK. We've just changed the name of the ship. We DIED when they met.

This is late but I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

I was imagining this as…like Goku was asked to be the Easter Bunny and hide chocolate eggs for the little kids, and while he did that he’d also sample some.

When confronted he’d reply, “but I am children?”

Clearly this is the Goku who’s being raised by Gen. Also ignore the fact that the egg is super big? Goku deserves giant chocolate eggs.

I'm looking for Sherlock blogs to follow

Hi, it’s not so long ago that I made this account. In fact, I’m also new on Tumblr. As the title of this post says, I’m looking for Sherlock blogs to follow them, but I have no idea where to start.

The reason is that I noticed there are toxic parts in this Fandom that are spreading hate towards the writers, the actors and other fans. I’m not saying that season 4 was perfect, but I think hate will never be okay.

So that’s why I thought it would be awesome if you interacted with this post in some way (commenting, liking, reblogging: whatever suits best for you) so I can notice where the nice fans are and follow them.

I’m not looking for any particular ship; I’m a sherlolly shipper, but I don’t mind following blogs about other ships, or blogs dedicated to the actors, or the series in general. We all love Sherlock, so that’s enough for me.

These topics are the only exceptions: ship wars and the conspiracy. In the case of the last one, I have seen what some fans of it are capable of and it’s scary. I’ve even been attacked by one of them, but I’m not here to talk about that.

Finally, I reiterate the invitation: no matter what you ship, if adlock, johnlock, sherlolly, and others, or any in particular. As long as you respect others and are more invested in enjoying what you love than in spreading hate towards others, please let me know so I can follow you.

Note: English is not my first language, so I hope this post makes sense.

I know I’ve talked about the Cresswell age gap a lot. I mentioned that it’s not illegal in most parts of the world (seriously, stop imposing American laws and norms to the rest of the world all the time - you don’t have to like the age gap but it just isn’t illegal), that their relationship isn’t sexual and hardly will be for a while and if I can suspend my disbelief when it comes to:

- a 16-year-old mechanic who only remembers 5 years of her life to become a capable queen and getting engaged at 18 while having met the guy a handful of times,

- a 23-year-old guy who has been trained to be a child soldier since age 11 with almost no damage to his mind and who falls in love with the first girl he talks to,

- or a 17-year-old girl who never seemed to have any political training of any kind become an equally capable ambassador just because people like her and who also never considered a guy other than her childhood sweetheart for her one relationship,

then ages in TLC, and YA in general, are hardly comparable to ages in our world. The same goes for Cress, despite the uneccessary infantilisation of her character the fandom seems so fond of. (I only picked Cinder, Wolf and Winter as a comparison because along with Cress, those four have the most “YA”-like experiences that makes it harder to compare their maturity to real-life people of the same age.)

[Btw: Most of the main characters didn’t go to school or had any previous relationships. For me, it seems weird to argue that only Cress should to go to school - not even college but a normal high school that would surely not challenge her genius enough  - and have her date other people when no one demands the same things from Cinder, Wolf, Jacin, Winter or Kai. If they can meet their one true love during the revolution and marry them later on without taking breaks, then so can Cress. If I apply-real-life standards to a sci-fi YA story then it would have to go for all characters. But either all of them are allowed find their one true love and stay with them forever or they all need to “grow” first.]

But I feel one of the biggest issues with the age gap discourse is that almost no one posts age-appropriate fancasts. It’s obviously easier to find cool images of established actors or models but it definitely distorts the images we have of the characters.

Sure if you put an actress who is around 16-years-old:

(Let’s take Elle Fanning at age 16)

And use 30-year-old Sam Claflin or Garrett Hedlund (33) in the same fancast it of course looks like a super inappropriate age gap:

Or if people use Zac Efron, they usually pick pics where he is at his current age, 29:

(I’ve seen Diego Luna at age 37, Chris Wood (29) or Diego Boneta at age 26 too - hardly anyone who is Thorne’s actual age, +/- one year).

As for Cress, I’ve seen people fancast girls as young as 13-year-old (like AnnaSophia Robb from “Bridge to Terabithia):

When for all intents and purposes Cress should look like Elle Fanning or her:

(That’s some instagram girl which I often see used as a Cress fancast from the year 2014 where she was 15/16 - I’ve looked through her instagram and only used pictures from 2014 when she was 16 even though she’s 19 or 20 now. You can look up Jacy Jordan/jacykjordan if you want to verify her birthday and dates she posted those pics. But yes, that’s a 16-year-old girl. A teenager, not a child.)

Compared to this guy:

(Froy Gutierrez, age 19. Oh no, a year younger than Thorne. Still a whole lot closer to what Thorne would look like than Claflin, Hedlund, or other fancast who are usually 25+ at least. Could anyone look more like canonThorne? I don’t think so. He’s the age, he has the looks, hey, he is even half-Mexican. My personal favourite for canonThorne.)

Or coming back to Zac Efron (not my pick but I use casts I’ve seen floating around a lot), you would have to back as far as 2008 to have him at the right age for Thorne (and I used a more flattering picture of him where he doesn’t have that weird Justin-Bieber hairstyle):

(That was from a High School Musical press conference in 2008. The same year he made the movie “17 again”. If you envision Thorne as Zac Efron, in “17 Again” he was 21, one year older than Thorne but still, he would be more appropriate than the way he looks now. Even if one likes current Zac Efron more, it just unnecessarily makes the Cresswell age gap seem wider than it is.)

Or you know what? Let’s include “Bieber Efron” too (after all, it’s not my fault he had that hairstyle):

(21-year-old Zac Efron. See how different he looks from his older counterpart? Or from Claflin and Hedlund for that matter? Thorne wouldn’t look like a grown man at 30. That obviously goes for all the characters but picking and older Kai, Wolf or Jacin never causes the same outcry as it does when it comes to Cresswell)

Now, compare this (16-year-old girl with guys almost twice their age):

To this (16-year-old girls with 20-year-old boys, the way it is in canon):

I feel this puts the whole thing into perspective. We’re not talking about a child or pre-teen with a thirty-year-old dude. If you saw Jacy and Froy or Elle and Zac from the lower pic walking down the street, hardly anyone would consider it inappropriate. If you use fancasts where they are the actual ages they have in canon, Cress and Thorne’s age gap doesn’t seem as wide as people make it out to be.

Basically, I feel there’s a distorted image in the fandom of how child-like Cress and how mature Thorne are when that’s just not the case. One doesn’t have to like the age gap or the ship but the reason why it doesn’t matter to so many people is because we don’t see Thorne as a grown-up man, nor Cress as an immature child. Putting the “legality” on it makes it US-centric and TLC is not US- centric. More importantly, for me and many other fans, mutual respect, trust and equality is a given in their relationship, as we have seen time and time again from canon. 

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Why do I feel like this is gonna end pretty bad? Look at the bigger picture: justice league will probably stop Batman, and given Selina's actual development, she's a wanted villain who killed 237 people (even though we know she didn't do it). I was extremely happy with all the engagement, but it seems to me they will put on that Batman is 'crazy' or something. I don't know. I'm worried. Maybe I'm overreacting, I don't know.

This is what Tom King said about how people around him are going to react:

Some people are going to think, ‘Oh, my gosh, he’s gone insane, we need to fix him.’ And others will go, ‘He’s gone sane. We finally have a Batman we’ve been looking for’.

The only reason people, including those in his life, would perceive this as “Batman is crazy” is because it seems out of character for him to want to pursue personal happiness. He’s become so pigeonholed into the role of brooding, miserable, justice-obsessed orphan that people can’t see him as anything else or wanting anything else, and that’s exactly the perception that Tom King is trying to disrupt. There is no reason why his sanity should be questioned just because he wants happiness in his life because that’s something that every reasonable person would want. The decision for Batman to pursue happiness isn’t the result of a mental lapse and it didn’t come out of nowhere. How it manifested itself was pretty surprising but there are actual recent events where you can see how Batman’s way of thinking and motivations have evolved and that, my friends, is character development. 

“The Button” was a pinnacle moment in this. This is in a sense Bruce seeing his father for the first time as a father himself. Flashpoint Thomas Wayne carries the same burden that Bruce carries. He understands the costs of a lifetime of crime fighting, neverending suffering and personal sacrifice, and he doesn’t want that for his *son*. He told Bruce to find happiness.This forces Bruce to reflect on the example that he’s setting for his own son and he realizes that Damian is going down the same path as him and that’s not the life he wants for him either. In a way it was three generation converging past, present, and future and essentially Thomas was saying “it’s too late for me but it’s not too late for you.” Bruce made a very conscientious decision to seek happiness in his life and he believes that that involves Selina Kyle. There was nothing “crazy” about it.  

Some people are going to be okay with it; some are not, and it might disrupt some of his other relationships. Bruce isn’t going to let the feelings of third parties dictate his actions otherwise he wouldn’t have knowingly, illegally broken into a closed country. I see his attitude about it being more like ‘you don’t have to like it but it’s happening’. King has 100 issues planned so far, this engagement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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I've always considered that Steve never telling Tony about his parents was pretty human. It's sort of given. I think most people have those moments in their lives where they just can't bring themselves tell someone something they should know but the words just don't come out. It's a relatable thing. What I don't get is that for once Steve does this one thing wrong and he's endlessly demonized for it while other characters get to fuck up again and again and again.

And also like, it’s understandable? Really, what would it have achieved for Steve to call Tony up at some point and be like “Yo dude, so we’re not really friends but I thought I should tell you, my closest friend Bucky, Hydra turned him into The Winter Soldier against his will and he was made to kill your parents, also i don’t know where he is right now. Anyway, have a good evening, talk to you next time the Avengers are needed.”

Like???? It would have achieved literally nothing. Steve and Tony were not friends in the MCU. They just weren’t. However you slice it, the closest bond you can get is work place colleagues. All it would have done was put Bucky in more danger. And it wasn’t his story to tell. Bucky is the most important person to Steve. If you know something about your best friend, do you just tell that information to other people - regardless of how it would affect your favourite person? Of course you don’t, because it’s their information to tell and also you got their back, you look out for them.

Also, Natasha knew before Steve did but people just wanna be mad at my boy and conveniently forget that piece of information.

  • LGBTQ folk: You know what would be great? If more famous authors included LGBTQ characters in their books. Maybe we should ask some of them why they don't and encourage them to do more for diversity.
  • S. E. Hinton, famous author of critically acclaimed book whose underlying message is that maybe, just maybe, the world would be less shitty and violent if everyone took the time to try to understand others, particularly those they consider to be beneath them: How DARE!? I am a Straight™ Why would I want to write that? I don't have to sympathize with or write about the gays. I'm just feeling so attacked right now honestly.

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My biggest wish for Arrow is that the people close to Oliver (Felicity, Digg, Thea, all of them) would stop underestimating how much those five years sucked for Oliver. Even by Season 5 it still feels like they just don't get it. They still play the 'those years can't have been all that bad' card in arguments and they're always wrong. I know they don't know what happened like the audience does, but it grates on my nerves when they do that.

I agree. Certain characters are worse about it than others (Thea is actually pretty bad about it), and I think the biggest thing is that cognitively they know it was bad, but they don’t have the context to really understand how bad. Because it’s so beyond what they’ve experienced, and so they are able to offer that support at times, but when they are simultaneously going through something (when they’re angry at Oliver, or hurting or what have you) it becomes easier for them to sell the experience short. And part of it they’ll never fully understand because they weren’t there and there are so many mindsets that are reinforced by that experience that Oliver couldn’t express even if he tried. 

And it’s true that they really don’t know much about what happened. If we’re going purely by what he’s told them on screen, they know: he was in Hong Kong for part of his time, Yao Fei gave him one of his scars and trained him, there was a woman named Shado and she died, he knew Tatsu and Maseo, he was in Russia with Anatoly for part of that time and became a Bratva captain, he was an assasin, he was locked in a cage at one point, Sara was on the island and Slade was injected with mirakuru, he encountered magic, Sara “died” in front of Oliver, Oliver came back to Starling once when he saw Thea and killed her drug dealer. And they know exactly these things. Not about these things, none of the details (there’s probably a few more tidbits that he’s dropped over the years but these were ones I could think of off the top of my head). It’s just this. Not only are these just the tiniest fraction of his story but they don’t give any impression of what the experience was like for him. I think there were probably some off screen conversations as well, but I doubt they went into any kind of detail. Oliver isn’t likely to talk much about it because it’s still so difficult for him. 

So… it’s not that I don’t think they should get better at realizing how much that affected Oliver, it’s that I think there is only so much they’re capable of. What I DO wish is that they wouldn’t criticize him for not telling them about those years (especially, there are a handful of snide comments from Thea and Laurel in season 4 “you really love not talking about that place”) because its clearly a traumatic thing that he isn’t able to fully deal with. Encouraging him to talk about it would be one thing, but being upset with him for not is really lacking in empathy. 

I’ve been thinking it would be cool if in the crossover, someone (like Barry and/or Kara) had a telepathic link (or something) established with Oliver, briefly, and got just a taste of a flashback to those five years and was absolutely floored by it and in shock that Oliver actually lived through that. I think it would be really interesting for some of the other characters to get a peak inside Oliver’s mind. 

And, let’s be real, a good deal of the audience does a really bad job at acknowledging how horrible the five years were for Oliver and constantly expecting him to “just get over it” and they’ve seen what happened. 

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Hi. What do you make of Bucky and Natasha as a pair thing in MCU. Is it still realistic because so far it looks like a real mess given the way they handled each character, them together, and don't know what to think of it. You said you like it, if you can draw comparasions to comics at this point? Many thanks.

I like Bucky/Natasha in the comics and I could like it in the MCU if they set it up in a way that I like. Like Henry VIII said: it’s all in the execution.

Idk what about it would make it a “real mess” at this point? Unless you’re on the diehard anti-Whedon, Natasha was ruined forever by having feelings for Bruce train, or you think Bucky’s actually going to stay frozen, or you like those characters better with other people. I kind of prefer that Natasha have multiple romantic interests, so the arc of her story doesn’t seem like it’s all pointing back toward one man. That’s one of the good points about comics and their sheer ongoingness.

So I kind of like the idea of Natasha having a new romantic plotline after her relationship with Bruce didn’t turn out how she would’ve liked.

In the comics of course Natasha and Winter Soldier met in the Red Room and had an affair there, which doesn’t seem to be the case in the MCU. But I don’t see that as a real barrier to a relationship, since it’s not like people only hook up with each other after fifty years of retroactive foreshadowing.

The dynamics I liked the most about Bucky/Natasha in the comics were the odd domesticity of their glamorous superspy life, and that it gave Natasha a way to do for someone else what a lot of people had done for her. I like seeing Natasha in a place where she can use the trauma she’s been through to form human connections instead of the opposite. In the MCU Clint saved her life by showing her mercy when she maybe didn’t deserve it, and Natasha knows the place where Bucky is right now, and also knows how hard it is to get out of it.

In the comics Bucky and Natasha reconnected after Steve’s death abruptly catapulted him from a place of isolation and self-loathing. Bucky was too afraid and ashamed to face Steve before he died, which only amplified the manpain by a factor twenty or so. But he was in a place where needed to form emotional connections to people who weren’t Steve. And Natasha was someone who knew him as Winter Soldier, not the Bucky Barnes he used to be, and wasn’t afraid of that.

That’s a dynamic that I like that I think could translate to the MCU pretty well. It would be different— Natasha in the MCU is in ad different place in her character arc and less sure of herself than the 616 version— but it’s still a dynamic that would be interesting to explore, whether or not it’s romantic. Give everyone more friends imo.

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Hey!! Idk if you're still doing this, but I associate the entire Naruto fandom with you. Really, I haven't even watched Naruto, everything I know came from google. I'm one of those people who don't even go here but you make feel things about literally every character you write and it's amazing thanks 😊💕 (other things i associate you with: 'it wasn't meant to be this long, but Here We Are' and 'here, have some more characters with .003 seconds of screen time and a tragic death to care about) 💕


All of those are entirely accurate, to my regret. 

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To be fair, I started hating Tony & writing about it because his stans kept bashing other characters (mainly Steve) and spreading their hate everywhere. And I know for certain I'm not the only one in this case. Hell, if you actually go in the anti tag, you'll notice there's more people mad at his stans than at him at this point. And no we're not angry 100% of the time, making an anti blog on the side actually permits to continue blogging happily & normally without bothering those who don't agree

Hey, that’s weird, because that’s exactly what a lot of st*ve/st*cky people have been doing for Years! it goes both ways, pal. I’ve made posts about specific Tony things that had nothing to do with cacw and still had people Feeling The Need to let me know why tony stark is the Literal Devil with zero prompting. “tony stark is exactly the same as trump and the accords are essentially jim crow laws/the muslim ban/the holocaust” was genuine actual discourse that i had to see with my own two eyes on my posts and in my inbox. To Be Fair, one of the first posts on this blog from Several Years Ago that got notes was someone telling me I should stop drawing tony because they think he’s shitty. this has been happening for years. at no point did i become an anti whatever blog in bitter immature retaliation 

It’s cool that you’re not angry 100% of the time, but having an entire blog dedicated exclusively towards hating a character and being upset that other people enjoy a character is definitely not a chill or healthy thing (and the anti-tony people who Contact Me Directly and/or jump onto my posts are very much not trying to avoid “bothering those who don’t agree”). 

I don’t go into the anti tag. because i’d really like to avoid that kind of thing. and reading people talking about how they want a character who means so much to me and who has gotten me through a lot of rough times To Die Because He’s Annoying isn’t exactly something i want to see. When i’m complaining about anti stuff, it’s all stuff that’s on my radar because someone came onto my post/into my inbox/onto someone i follow’s post exclusively to be an asshole. I don’t look for that stuff. I don’t search for it so that i can have something to be mad about, because when I don’t like a character, i Avoid them instead of making an entire side blog and hobby out of being constantly vocally angry about them

i literally would not know about anti-t*ny stuff being a thing if people were not contacting me and other artists/bloggers directly just to tell us that they hate this character we like (to?? upset people on purpose?? make them feel bad about liking a fictional character? idk dude). to be fair.

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OK but, what about those who ship lancelot in a fluffy kinda way? bc we don't know how Lotor will be in Legendary Defender. I like it because for the fluff I guess? Honestly, I just want my son to be loved. I don't like all that abusive shit either, but is it wrong to ship it even when you're 100% AGAINST the non-con type bullshit?

okay, so:

-lotor is an abusive character in all of the originals (he stalks allura and is generally gross)
-there are so many other people to ship lance with. keith, hunk, plaxum, nyma, even shay. just…don’t ship him with an abusive character

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I think you should post more of kida because she's my fave character and I can't accept that other people have opinions different to my own. All artists should draw kida because I love her and that's all that matters. Even if you hate hate kida or don't know her you should still draw her because she MY favourite and I don't care about other people - all the people complaining.

You know what ? You totally changed my mind ! Your arguments are really strong and from now on I swear I will post NOTHING but Kida’s art on the blog

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Just caught up and I don't want to be rude to the other cast members because some of them are good but those eps last night...Danny is in a different league. And Aaron isn't even my favourite character but man, did I feel every ounce of pain that guy is going through. It's phenomenal.

I’m always in awe of Danny, he is just incredible. But you know the thing that got me this week were I felt everything that Aaron was feeling and it shattered me like it did him, when he said to Robert about having a son. I felt the pain Aaron was feeling. Because Danny knows how to kill you with just a look.

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What is this shipping drama I keep hearing about in the Tangled fandom? Its not that serious. I know we are invested in these characters and story, but to have drama over who ships who? Come on. Its still just a show, these characters don't exist in real life.

The shipping drama primarily circles around Cassandra. There are those who want her to be a lesbian, those who want her to be straight, those who want her to be bi, or any other sexuality that would allow her interest in men and women. Some say she’s in love with Rapunzel, some ship her with Eugene (though, to be honest, I’d say those who ship her with Eugene are the quietest of the lot), those who ship her with Varian and those who ship her with Andrew. And then, there are those who want the rose at the end of “Under Raps” to have come from another woman.

Some people have been getting hate mail for their views, and discussions have gotten quite heated at times.

I’m not going to dismiss it as “just a show” because Tangled has done a lot of personal good for me, and it’s easy to get your emotions tied up in characters. Many of those who see Cassandra as anything but straight are desperately seeking representation, which I understand and can relate to. Representation matters, and people get worked up over these things because they seek validation in popular media. I’m not going to decry them for that.

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So I saw the post about how people write Tig as a mean character and it's wrong, and I also wonder the same about Happy tbh. Like I know that he's The Killer or whatever but goddamn, he's a man. And I don't understand why people ship other "crazy" people with him. Happy, in my opinion, doesn't need a crazy wife too. He needs sensible. Idk. I was just thinking about it.

It was @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine ’s post love but I agree to a certain extent. None of these guys are 100% “good guys” so I understand people who write them as bad, and I also understand those who romanticize them as good. What I DON’T get is when people romanticize some of the sons as good and others as bad in the same story, and I think that’s probably what gwnfim is saying as well. As far as Happy being a good or bad character is concerned, I think we just didn’t get enough about him in order to formulate a good opinion of him. All we know is that he is formidable, and that makes people cast him as the bad guy….. But when you think about it, Jax hit women (Ima), Clay hit women (Gemma), Chibs hit women (Jarry), Tig claimed to hit women (“This is why I beat hookers” (maybe a joke but maybe not)), even Juice (Hit and shot at Gemma) but Happy was never seen hurting a woman in any way that I remember and he even went so far as to force Miles to clean his mom/aunt’s kitchen because they weren’t his maids (respect for women, maybe?) so if we’re gonna herald ANYONE as a gentleman it should definitely be Happy.

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I'm so confused about why mind reading is now mind rape, but Jedi taking over people's bodies or using their powers to coerce others into doing stuff they don't want to do isn't like come on guys. Personally I wonder whether antis ignore when the 'good guys' do it, because it fits their views of themselves and their 'nothing is going too far for the cause' way of thinking.

bc most of those ppl either know nothin about star wars or they have an agenda more often than not. they want ppl to view kylo as the most evil irredeemable character ever and inserting the word rape into one of his crimes is a way to paint him as a rapist. and be like “think twice before liking or rooting for this character or ship”. but like you point out, mind tricks and probes have been used by sw characters throughout star wars and it has never been called that. one can argue that all mind tricks are a violation of someone else’s mind but no they are extremely selective about which mind trick is considered a violation on the scale of mind rape.