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Think you can do dating/romance headcanons for IDW Prowl, Blurr, Chromia and RID15 Thunderhoof and Shadowraker with a male Cybertronian S/O? Specifically, I want how would they feel when they first fall in love with their S/O, how they act when they ask them out, when their S/O agrees, where they go for their first date, how they proclaim their love to their S/O, and how they react when their S/O kisses them on the lips for the first time.

Aight so I know I said the more detailed the better, but I probably should have also said the more characters in a request the less I’m gonna write for each one bc like. Otherwise it would take me forever to do a single request. So I’m just gonna do one of each thing you asked for with each character if that’s cool!!

Blurr (IDW)

  • When Blurr falls in love with someone (which isn’t often, he didn’t have many close relationships of any kind before the war, those who hung out with him were either other celebrities or fair-weathered individuals who just wanted to leech off his reputation), he falls kind of hard, even if he doesn’t realise it at first. At first he’s confused because you’re all he can think about, and it eventually takes one of his customers at Maccadam’s telling him to slow down or talk about something else for him to actually piece together his feelings for you because “Primus, who is this mech you keep talking about? You’ve been rambling about him all evening”. Once Blurr actually realises he’s got a case of the feelings, he handles it relatively well. He kind of just goes “huh” and starts thinking about the best way to ask you out on a date.

Chromia (IDW)

  • Chromia is usually very blunt, but when asking someone out on a date, she can become a tad nervous. She’s likely to just go up to you and very seriously tell you to meet her at a certain place then just. Leave. Shhhhhhh she doesn’t want you to know she’s embarrassed shhhhhh If you do go to this meeting place she waits before approaching, trying to figure out the right words to say, before coming up to you and blurting out why she wanted to meet up with you. Guess you’re on a date with Chromia now cause you obviously just said yes by turning up. Nice.

Prowl (IDW)

  • Prowl’s idea of a first date is to ask you to help with some work. He’s still learning how to loosen up, so it may be a rather awkward “date” if you can even call organising files that but he tries hard to make conversation. The fact he knows about pretty much every ‘bot who fought in the war can get a bit unnerving though when he asks you a question about yourself and he finishes your answer. Prowl you weren’t even there. Prowl. Prowl, buddy, you might scare this mech off. Do you want that, Prowl? Do you really?

Shadow Raker (RiD2015)

  • He’s not going to proclaim anything until he’s 110% certain your loyalties lie exclusively with him, and no one else. But once he’s sure of this fact, he’s going to take you somewhere private so the two of you can have a spark-to-spark conversation. He’s smooth and charming, and when he shares his feelings with you he makes it sound like you’re the only person in the entire universe who means anything to him. He might be exaggerating a little bit when he says you mean more to him than his treasures ever will, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you. You’re still special to him either way.

Thunderhoof (RiD2015)

  • If you initiate the first kiss between you and Thunderhoof prepare for a very loud “EYOOOOOOO”
  • Just kidding!! He’s visibly surprised and actually kinda speechless at first, it takes him a moment to process you just kissed him. Once it’s actually sunk in and yeah, you’re the one who kissed him first, not the other way round, he gently grips your chin, muttering about how he wanted to steal the first kiss himself. Then he kisses you back, holding you close until one of you breaks the kiss. Now the two of you are kind of even.

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love this blog so much, thanks for your awesome content! i know you don't really talk about beauty stuff on here, but i love the minimal makeup you wear. would you mind sharing what your favorite lipstick is?

I can do you one better! Here are my favourite makeup products (pretty much all of them tbh lol) and I will never put on more than what’s shown here except maybe eyeliner (I don’t understand contour). Two of those blushes were also free from Sephora for this year so grab them (birthday = Tarte and points = Nars). Most of these are also gifts from my best friends/mom lol (colours are written in brackets) 

Skin: Smashbox BB Cream (Light/Natural)

Concealers: Clarins (instant light in 03), Nars (honey)

Blushes: Tarte (paaarty), Nars (orgasm), and Becca (flowerchild)

Highlighter: Becca (Opal) 

Lips: (actually lost my fave lipstick recently idk the colour anymore ugh) Nyx (soft matte lip cream in Cannes), Sephora (cream lip stain in 41) and Kiko (intense lavish in 02)

Eyes: Buxom mascara (!!!) and Benefit mascara

Eyebrows: Nyx (microbrow pencil in espresso), and Nyx (tinted brow mascara in black - the best) 

one word moodboards prompts

i wanted to do smth a little different instead of the normal blogrates etc because i’m sick and miserable and also looking after my “””sick””” brother who’s currently playing mario kart and screaming. so i thought i’d make moodboards for you guys. with a twist! 


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anything! you could send me a name of a character, it could be a pretty word, a season, a place, an emotion, a colour, a creature. be creative! any word. but only ONE word.

Tbh I don’t recall ever taking a picture of this…
Or even drawing it, for that matter.


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Relationship status: Single… And kinda affection-starved.

Favorite colors: Blue or purple, but I like all colours!

Lipstick or chapstick: … Chapstick? I don’t really use either.

Last song you listened to: Alexander Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast). I blame my irl friends.

Top three shows: Camp Camp (kinda obvious), Gravity Falls and… um… I don’t know, I don’t really watch many shows now.

Top three characters: David and Jasper from Camp Camp (though I really like all the characters tbh) and probably Mabel from Gravity Falls.

Top three ships: I don’t really ship much… Though I kinda ship Jasper x David and Max x Nikki.

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You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle

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Have you heard.. Ft island lee hongki mentioned ikon because of the colour thing.. They said that of course they (tvxq) will be mad if a junior 'holds tvxqs colour' and they went on to say that they hold yellow as their colour.. When it's big bangs ...... Apparently this whole colour thing was big news in Korea.. I just don't understand why another group is butting in :/

Well the thing is, I’m neither korean nor am I a fan of one of these groups and I also haven’t been into kpop for that long so I’m really not the one to talk tbh. I personally think of this discussion about group colors as pretty absurd cause you can’t own colors in my opinion. We wouldn’t even know what colors are if we didn’t put a name on them in the first place. It’s something we stole from the nature and not something someone invented. So I think everyone should be free to use the colors they like. But we shouldn’t ignore other people’s feelings and views about this topic. For us it may just be a color and all but it seems like it’s a huge thing for at least the korean fandoms of those groups so we should respect that. iKON is still a rookie group and they are all really well mannered so I’m sure they respect their seniors opinions and may even do something about it soon. But if they don’t or can’t do anything about it then people should accept that too. They should try to be more open about it and give a rookie group like iKON a chance. They have to accept that there is only a limit of colors one can use. And just because their KONBAT is red doesn’t mean that red is their official color. I mean just watch their “Showtime” debut concert. The “KONBAND’s” light isn’t only red. 

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So, supposedly the movie Naruto The Last, will have a scene about this winter festival, in which Hinata will give Naruto a red scarf. How about a prompt about that said winter festival, with shikatema?

this one’s on the longer side - it’s about 2 k. :) 


He only gave her a disinterested stare.

Her brow twitched, and she shook the paper for emphasis.

Still, no change in reaction.

She held the paper for a moment longer, contemplating whether rolling it up and promptly smacking him with it would allow him to register her unspoken invitation.

Apparently, Temari might’ve gotten more of a reaction out of that – seeing as his eyes slowly, painstakingly, dragged from the poster to her face. “Well, it’s the poster for the Winter Fesitval,” Shikamaru deadpanned.

Temari rolled her eyes. “Yes. It’s the Winter Festival – and I happen to actually be in Konoha this year, through this festival.”

Her escort only rolled his shoulders back; the words might as well have been blunt shuriken bouncing off that thick skull of his.

Irritation played at her lips. “So, as my escort-“

“-I’m taking you,” he finished for her, the words not a question. However, his tone was extremely unimpressed, and even that much had her reeling.

He didn’t have to make it sound like such a chore.

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