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Camp has a sort of “Secret Santa” tradition among spring/fall staff. We’re each assigned someone to buy or make cheap little gifts for throughout the season to help us get to know each other better. I’m not very sociable so I haven’t actually gotten to know my recipient well at all, but I enjoy giving her little gifts I know she’ll like. 

She is a big fan of dinosaurs, so for my last gift, I’m buying her this necklace and some chocolate before we close the season.


female awesome meme // (1/10) lead characters - buffy summers

“i’m beyond tired. i’m beyond scared. i’m standing on the mouth of hell and it is gonna swallow me whole. and it’ll choke on me.”

  • me: incest pairings make me deeply uncomfortable for the obvious reasons and reasons i'd rather not discuss
  • some clown for whatever goddamn reason: well you're wrong, actually, and here is my 50 page report detailing how and why you are wrong, for thinking that and feeling this way, and how you are actually the horrible person here, for saying that. just so you know

Mentally ill nonbinaries are cool and awesome. Whether your mental illness has an impact on your gender or not, you’re still pretty amazing and there are so many people who are glad you exist. Like me! I’m glad you exist. Keep being you.

There was a very neat kinda throwaway bit in Matthew’s interview where he was basically like, “You don’t vet other Shadowhunters, of course not” in regards to how Sebastian is able to fit into the group.

I thought this was an interesting comment because I suppose from our perspective, it seems obvious not to trust a new guy coming in. But for such an insular and rigid community built on authority like the Shadowhunters, it makes sense that if Sebastian entered the Institute through official channels – i.e. sent by the Clave – no one would really question his trustworthiness, especially if he proves compliant and helpful.

Because even though multiple Shadowhunters in the past have proven not to be trustworthy, I think it’s a very Shadowhunter flaw to be blinded by their faith in one of their own, born out of a sense of supremacy. Their entire identity is built on the concept that they’re morally upstanding, which means they should of course trust their own. As in, “If our own aren’t morally good and trustworthy by default, then we’re no better than those sneaky Downworlders beneath us.”

Anyway, as usual, I don’t anticipate the show to explore this in depth, but it’s something I thought about.

All I’m saying, in Breath of the Wild, Princess Zelda, of her own will, alone, self-sacrificially, goes to live in a cursed castle inhabited by a terrifying, mysterious cursed beast, to try to stem that beast’s vengeful rage from harming her loved ones. It’s a big mystery who this Beast is and where he came from, and what causes the curse, and she has an entire 100 years to solve those mysteries as she holds him at bay.

that’s literally the plot of beauty and the beast