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wait trans marco is canon??????

Essentially. They haven’t said the word “transgender” and may or may not ever be allowed to, but in yesterday’s episode “Heinous,” Marco is essentially ‘outed’ to her parents as Miss Heinous comes to her house and explains that Princess Marco started an uprising in St. Olga’s, and demands justice. Marco is consistently gendered as female throughout the episode by everyone but her parents, even in the beginning when she’s not in the princess getup (Heinous actually compliments her ‘super cute new haircut.’) 

It’s then confirmed that Marco has been continuing to inspire wayward princesses to resist their oppressors as Princess Marco, and has willfully encouraged and known about this and maintained this persona without her parents’ or Star’s knowledge, and she refers to herself as “Ya girl Marco” happily before being reminded about Heinous’s existence. After the episode ends and everyone is safe, Marco, her family, and Star have a game night, and Marco says something like, “Can I stay in the dress?”

The entire episode is also peppered with coming-out double entendres, where Marco’s parents say things like “Is there anything else we should know?” “I’m not sure we should be mad,” etc., and then afterwards it being implied they were talking about their child inciting the rebellion in St. O’s, and aren’t paying attention to the Princess thing.

Heinous isn’t in the Season 2 finale but still has some cliffhangers related to her plotline so Marco will most likely start being gendered as female in regular, non-St. O’s related episodes after some more plot with her happens in season 3, for now she’s still mostly closeted.

tl;dr Marco has been secretly presenting as female part-time since halfway through Season 1 and is undeniably coded as a closeted trans girl at this point, will almost certainly properly transition over the course of Season 3. 

think about if dean and cas kissed on spn. like, most of the codas we write are adding in kisses into episodes where they didn’t kiss. so like if they canonically kissed, what would we write coda about? trick question the answer is cockles


Errmmmm, okie!
I basically owe him food, and he owes me more rubs
that’s pretty much the deal here.
And he can’t leave, and I like his face,
and I like falling asleep on him like a cat.

Happiness update for yall: my girlfriend's kid sister is going to draw the comic book

I’m going to use to propose to her!!!!!!!!

She’s working on the cover right now!!!!

(Also one of my students is starting a queer club at his school and asked me to help him plan things and I’m just so proud of him!!!!)

honestly i love the idea of maggie having kind of a green thumb? with the revelation of her loving bonsai trees, i can absolutely picture her having a little nook where she works on them, pinning and shaping the branches how she wants them to grow. i can picture her having a little collection around the apartment, a bonsai in unexpected corners. maybe she gets some of those hanging plants with the vines that tumble to the floor. alex freaks out because “babe i’m serious, they’ll be dead in a week, i can’t keep anything alive” but maggie insists. and she takes care of them, padding around the apartment humming to herself while she spritzes water on them with a spray bottle. they grow so well that she has to trim them, keeping them cut down to a size suitable for their little space. she finds it peaceful, the ritual of checking them everyday. and she loves the smell, how all the doors and windows can be shut and it still smells like a garden.

A very belated Happy Birthday to @figmentforms !

I’m sorry this is so embarrassingly late. But I love your comics and art so much. You spend so much time devoting to the Zelgan fandom. For me, personally, reading A Tale of Two Rulers has helped me through two of the most difficult years of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dare you flip through the pale leather-bound pages of...

…The Necroromicom, the Romantic Comedy of the Dead. Dare you suffer the dreaded meet-cute, or light the ancient incense at the three points of the non-Euclidean Love Triangle, where each angle adds up to more than 180 degrees?