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By the Edge of the Moor
A Gothic Victorian Werewolf Soulmate AU by @shu-of-the-wind​ and yours truly

The year is 1891, and everywhere Others are shunned from society, hunted, given no rights and no voice. A werewolf with a soulmark escapes legal prosecution in the US by fleeing to England, where, unknowingly, a huntress who bears his name on her wrist awaits.

Playlist and ficlet wholly by courtesy of shu:

“Turn around,” says Cassian, softly. His pupils have blown wide in the dark. “I don’t—if I changed now, I’d ruin my clothes.”

She blinks.

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  • Shiro: I go into a full-on housewife mode when I’m in a relationship. Like, I’ll make you waffles in the morning and everything.
  • Keith: No, no you don't.
  • Keith: You can't even cook scrambled eggs properly, Shiro, what is this.
Fun Community Thing! <3

Hey guys! I was thinking that it’s about time we bring back the Fandom Selfie Day!! 

It’s a day where everyone takes selfies and posts them in the tag so we have a chance to see everyone else in the community and appreciate hOW BEAUTIFUL EVERYONE IS!!

I’m planning on doing it this Sunday the 22nd! The day before Mark comes back from his hiatus! @lum1natrix will be helping me out and I’ll be looking through the tag and reblogging peoples photos and stuff! 

We usually try to have a theme for the pictures and this time I had thought about making a heart with your hands but that’s pretty hard when it’s a selfie lol so instead you should either make a cutout heart with paper and hold that in the picture OR put an emoji of a heart in the picture with you to show Mark that we support him and are excited for him to come back from his break~

It should be fun! And who knows! Maybe Mark will come to the tag and see all your beautiful faces!

  • Hizashi: I made a marshmallow Aizawa! See, his arms are crossed because he’s mad at all the other marshmallows for annoying him! Do you like it?
  • Aizawa, choked up: It’s okay

The nonsense about the wasteland world (does it have an official or at least commonly used name?) not having many women because of the wars, makes ideas pop up. If there aren’t a lot of women, then there probably aren’t a lot of children being born.

We don’t know if Cas exists in the wasteland and whose side he’d be on. I always think that Cas, in his very core, cares too much, so even if he would fight alongside Michael, he’d be very opposed to the strain on humanity this whole battle has.

The earth is being destroyed, humanity is dying out. Surely that’s not something Cas - in any universe - would be particularly okay with.

Which brings me to this thought: imagine Cas - using a female vessel, maybe never having “lost” the one he used in 1901 - working to build a sort of sanctuary for humans. She would take care of the children, maybe even have some of her own. As an angel she won’t be harmed by pregnancy, nephilim pregnancies last a shorter time and if you extract the Grace of the child beforehand, you’ll get a human kid. (Maybe they would use the Grace to bring some sort of life back into the wasteland.) 

So this is where my mind at is right now. And if I think it through further then of course I want her to meet normal universe Dean and decide that she must have this man’s baby. *lol*

(Of course, nobody is surprised that my mind went there.)