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1. Before Tumblr, what was your favourite online place?
Twitter! I’m a dedicate tweep/twerp :L

2. Name one celebrity you think you could meet and be totally cool about
Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson. They just seem totally cool & easy to get on with so woop!

3. And one that you’d probably throw-up on/pass out on?
I’d throw-up on Jedward because they’re just… too far! 

4. Who was the last person you licked?
Louis… He loved it.

5. If you had to choose between being a Hobbit, an Dwarf, a Wizard, a Timelord and Barney Stinson, which would it be?
A wizard! Or Barney Stinson because he’s so awesome. Hmmmm

6. What is the worst possible name you can think of naming a child?
Gladys, Ursula, Montgomery, Fanny, Ernie, Vernon

7. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
HARD ONE!! Ummmm… Probably the one with the surreal intro of death with black swans & rose petals… Or the one where when you die you’re recycled like metal… I’ve had so many these are the most recent I could come up with.

8. Would you rather: burp every time you speak, or fart every time you laugh? (Guys I worked really on with this one so please humour me)
I’d rather burp every time I speak because I disguise my burps as hiccups, farts are farts. Once you’ve farted you only have three choices - admit it was you, stay quiet in shame & hope no one noticed or blame someone else. Farts also smell bad sometimes, at least you can just shrug a burp away…

9. About how many hours on average each day are you naked?
Depends… If I’ve had a shower, I’d say half an hour, but if I’ve had a bath I’d say about two… If I decide to sleep naked then I’ll just chill for a few hours.

10. What do you think of shows like the X-Factor and American Idol?
Bull shit! I hate it all! They should get rid of them because they create shit like Jedward! It’s all commercial crap imo. The auditions aren’t even funny any more. It’s also mean because some of the people who go on clearly have special needs & they go to a panel of judges before they’re on TV so that’s like ripping the shit out of special needs people really. It’s all a scam. I’d rather watch a documentary.

11. You can either: be sent into space and become the first human to communicate with an alien life-form or: become the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. What’s it going to be?
New defense against the dark arts teacher! There was no mention of what kind of communication with aliens we made which means the result could be potentially hazardous soo DADA IT IS!

1, What is your favourite smell & why?

2, What kind of belly button do you have, an inny or an outie?

3, If you had to choose between being a lion, deer, wolf or dragon what would you be and why?

4, What is your hair like at the moment & how did it get like that? 

5,  Would you do a naked photo to raise money/awareness for charity (any charity of your choice)?

6,  Think of your childhood. What’s the first memory/story that comes to mind?

7, If you could, would you spend a day as the opposite sex & why?

8, If you were a dog, what disgusting thing would you roll in?

9, You’ve just farted in front of friends/family… What do you do? 

10, Picture your ideal home… What is it like?

11, Does being rich bring happiness?