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Things to Know about Living With Harry James Potter - A list by Draco Malfoy

  1. Harry craves affection. Touch him often and in small ways. A hand on the back, fingers stroking the inside of his wrist, a light caress on the back of his neck. Let him know he’s yours. always.
  2. Never let him win exploding snap on purpose, even to try to cheer him up. He will not be amused by a “pity win”.
  3. Do not eat the last of the digestives without replacing them. Harry will be in a foul mood.
  4. Blankets aren’t necessary. Neither are pillows. Pajamas are optional too. Harry is like a human furnace and will attach himself to you all night. You will never be cold.
  5. Harry doesn’t like when it’s too quiet. If you are not talking or watching the telly always leave the wireless on in the background. The nightmares won’t come as frequently.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you burn the toast and the tea is too strong, nothing will ever compare to the look of happiness on his face the first time you make him breakfast.
  7. Harry loves people. He will make polite small talk with every single person who approaches him when you both go out to do your shopping or try to spend a lazy Sunday strolling Diagon Alley, but he will feel deeply drained from so much social interaction. Give him emotional space (but not physical!) Curl up on the couch with a book. Let him come to you. He needs you but doesn’t know how to ask.
  8. Learn his love language. Harry won’t always be good with words. Look for his actions and not his words. He will make you breakfast, he will look at you with a soft smile as he reaches out for a hug, he will stop by work with lunch for no reason. He will make you a priority in every single way because you are important to him. He will not tell you these things, he will show you.
  9. He doesn’t expect you to change.
  10. Harry hates doing the laundry. Unless you want to see him wearing the same thing all weekend you are in charge of this.
  11. If you do all the laundry, Harry will happily do all the cooking. Harry makes a delicious bolognese and chicken piccata, and even better treacle tart. None of this, however, will compare to the way any of these things taste lingering on Harry’s lips when you press him against the wall and leave dinner half-forgotten on the table.
  12. After a long Auror mission, Harry is always off-kilter. Harry doesn’t do well with loss or separation from you. Be gentle. Be persistent. Even when he pushes you away. He needs you now more than ever.
  13. Don’t get jealous. The world might think they know who Harry Potter is, might think they’re entitled to a piece of him, but at the end of the day, it’s you who knows who he is - he is yours.

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