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Call me crazy, but I think Queen Eclipsa was not on Toffee’s side... her power was used to defeat him.

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Let me explain why. 

When I watched The Battle Of Mewni’s teaser trailer it made sense to me that ‘‘Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness’’ could have something to do with ‘‘the darkest spell of Moon the Undaunted’’. Just saying. I like to think that Eclipsa was not evil, just misunderstood, and that the Mewmans nicknamed her ‘‘Queen of Darkness’’ because she liked monsters and her magic was powerful, but her spells were considered too dangerous (they could easily be used with bad intentions, like the All Seeing Eye) which is why they considered it ‘‘dark’’. Since the Mewmans associated monsters with evil, it makes a lot of sense that they would accuse Eclipsa of being evil too, just because she liked them. Or it just could have something to do with her name (an eclipse makes everything dark), rather than her personality or motives.

Another thing that makes me think Moon asked her for help is the fact that Eclipsa is showed among the creatures that Rhombulus has imprisoned in crystal, so she’d be still alive by the time Toffee and Moon fought. Plus, she was said to be very powerful, so Moon, being desperate, saw a chance and she took it. She either interacted with Eclipsa to get her help or used one of the dark spells Eclipsa wrote in the book. That would explain why when Star touched his finger Eclipsa’s face flashed along with Toffee’s: her dark magic might be the only one that can defeat him, at least for some time.

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IT’S JUST WHAT I LIKE TO THINK. But we’ll find out the truth soon.

Allura, can we keep him?

During his father’s diplomatic meeting on Emperor Zarkon’s main ship, the youngest altean prince becomes infatuated with a fluffy, purple galra boy and tries to use his adorable charm on his big sister to let him bring the boy with them back to Altea (with which said galra is NOT amused). 

How BTS flirts:

Namjoon: “Hey, baby. You’ve got one hell of a personality, wanna go get dinner some time?”

Seokjin: “I’m hot, you are hot; let’s go cool off together ;)”

Yoongi: “Flirting? Nahhh”


Jimin: *gets all flustered and blushy*

Taehyung: “You know, you look like a fictional character I like”

Jungkook: *watches from a distance and groans in angst*