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hey,,,I was planning on starting an art blog, but I can only do traditional art, and I don't have like a tablet for digital art or anything fancy like that, so I'm hesitating whether I should make one or not :/ advice?

go for it :0 trad art is still art

Lilo and Stitch - sentence starters
  • 1. "Stupid-head."
  • 2. "Do we have a lobster door? No. We have a dog door. We are getting a dog."
  • 3. "Want to listen to the King? You look like an Elvis fan."
  • 4. "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten."
  • 5. "We're a broken family, aren't we?"
  • 6. "I'm the one they call when things go wrong. And things have indeed gone... wrong."
  • 7. "I was afraid you were going to say that. This won't be easy to explain back at headquarters."
  • 8. "You smell like a lawnmower."
  • 9. "Does this look infected to you?"
  • 10. "Aloha!"
  • 11. "You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try creating something for a change?"
  • 12. "Oh, good! My dog found the chainsaw!"
  • 13. "I'm sorry I bit you... and pulled your hair... and punched you in the face..."
  • 14. "You were built to destroy. You can never belong."
  • 15. "Our family is little now, and we don't have many toys, but if you want you can be a part of it."
  • 16. "I'll tell you what. If you promise not to fight anymore, I'll promise not to yell at you, except on special occasions."
  • 17. "It's nice to live on an island with no large cities."
  • 18. "WHAT? After everything you put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? JUST LIKE THAT?"
  • 19. "Oh, good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment, and insanity to my list of things I did today!"
  • 20. "I prefer to be called 'evil genius'."
  • 21. "Stop! I have just determined this situation to be far too hazardous!"
  • 22. "One of them had a giant eye in the middle of his face."
  • 23. "We are fired. Now we do it my way!"
  • 24. "My camera's full again!"
  • 25. "Don't worry, she likes your butt and fancy hair."
  • 26. "No more caffeine for you."
  • 27. "Don't leave me, okay?"
  • 28. "This is my family. I found it, all on my own."
  • 29. "Why are you all wet?"
  • 30. "Did you catch fire again?"
  • 31. "You better not have rabies."
  • 32. "Bring... him/her... back."
  • 33. "Heard you lost your job."
  • 34. "I think it might be a koala... an evil koala."
  • 35. "You are such a pain!"
  • 36. "A shooting star! I call it! Get out, get out! I have to make a wish!"
  • 37. "We need something that can defend itself. Something that won't die. Something... sturdy... you know?"
  • 38. "If you wanna leave, you can. I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone who leaves."
  • 39. "You're crazy."
  • 40. "Did you ever kill anyone?"
  • 41. "That's okay. You can just date me and we'll call it even."
  • 42. "So you're from outer space? I hear the surfing's choice."

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Hello! I really love your work and I was wondering what kind of brushes you use for coloring and lineart? Anyway, I hope you have a nice day!!

Hey there, thanks so much! I use Paint Tool SAI, and have a brush set downloaded and installed that gives me a lot of extra brushes that don’t come with the default program! You can download it here, if you want it, it’s got some cool stuff in it!

So the first one I use is the normal Ink pen, with the size somewhere between 4 and 20, depending on how big the drawing is! I don’t really change the brush size while inking, so all my lines are really just the same consistency (line weight isn’t something I really worry about very much in my art?? lol whoops) I also sketch with the Ink pen.

The other I use is the Nib Pen, and I use it when I want lines with a more traditional / rough texture! I draw with it between the size 4 and 9, and I usually play around with the density of the texture (Crust, in this case) until it’s the right amount of crispy for me, haha! I sketch with this too!

I mostly color/shade/render with the Ink tool, but when I want to add glowy effects or make it look slightly more painterly, I use the Wet Brush with the Tonto texture, cuz I like the square/glitch look it gives, I think it’s really cool, haha!

Coloring is my Least Favorite Part of the drawing process, so I don’t really have any fancy Tips or Tricks. These are the layouts I’ve come to use the most after experimenting a lot with the density/blending settings of the brushes!

You know american pancakes.. you may know those fancy french crêpes… but have you heard of the BEST pancakes out there? Dutch pancakes? No? Let me enlighten you! Dutch pancakes are not only as thick as you want, but also as large as you please. They aren’t very fancy but they’re super easy to make and customise. 

Do you also want to eat these solely to fullfill your heart’s desire to eat the largest bacon pancakes possible? Would you love to roll up a pancake with the filling inside? Do you think you’d enjoy more space for toppings? Then these are the pancakes for you! 

I translated the basic dutch pancake recipe to english so everybody can read it, and the measurements are given in grams/ milliliters AND cups (yes, I did maths for this). You can find it, tips, and fun facts below.

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Tip for gamers (and perfectionists like me) who can't get the hang of BuJos: Think of it more like a Quest Log. Start each week by writing down two lists, one for Required (daily) Quests like brushing your teeth, and one for Bonus Quests like folding laundry. Put seven boxes (or a Progress Bar) next to each individual Quest for the seven days of the week, and fill 'em in as you do stuff. You don't have to make it fancy - I have mine on a spreadsheet - and it helps me feel more productive. :)

This is such a clever idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m sure other people will love that idea. Have you seen Habitica? It basically gamifies your daily tasks which seems really cool! x

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Hi, I just want to ask for a headcon with Ratchet, Rung, Forth Maximus, Nightbeat, and Hotshot (If you now the Armada series) being my date for valentines day? I normally don't hate valentines day but this year is just being so rough. So having something nerdy like this might cheer me up more and make me feel not so alone or love. You don't have to do this I just thought I ask. Thank you, I love you little headcon you do on this blog, it a really wonderful blog. >///<

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope things start looking up, anon!



  • He knows what Valentine’s Day is from his time on earth.
  • Most of the day he’s busy, but he planned around his schedule for a date that evening.
  • When you return to your habsuite that night it’s all fancied up with lights and crystal decorations (not healing crystals, those aren’t a thing…)
  • He gives you a finely crafted heart-shaped box Ten helped him make. Inside there are your favorite earth candies. Yea, he has contacts. He might’ve pulled a few strings. 
  • He spends all night showering you in affection. He’s very passionate ;)


  • He found out about Valentine’s Day while doing research on earth culture.
  • With the help of Ultra Magnus, he figures out how to make sweets for you.
  • Totally writes you the mushiest-gushiest love letter. He wraps it up with the sweets and meets you on the observation deck for your date.
  • Ten helped you with Rung’s present. It’s a model ship of the Lost Light. Rung is absolutely overjoyed. 
  • You spend the first part of the date putting together the ship and talking about how much you love each other, but Rung keeps pausing to kiss you. 

Fort Max

  • Didn’t know about Valentine’s Day and freaked when you handed him a home-made card. Even when you tell him it’s okay, you wanted to surprise him, he’s still feels bad.
  • You suggest doing something together and it turns into an awkward game of “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”
  • You end up going to Swerve’s but there’s nothing there for you to drink. Max looks like he might implode. 
  • He tells you to wait and runs up to Swerve. When he comes back he’s blushy.
  • Not a minute later a love song starts playing. It just so happens to be your favorite. Fort Max is a blushing, smiley mess as he wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day and asks you to dance.
  • You have to stand on the table and you’re kind of just holding his servo, but it’s still nice.
  • Expect lots of lovin’ that night :)


  • Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Was he supposed to get you something? No? Then what do you do?
  • He does some quick research and buries you in useless facts about St. Valentine and pestilence and hearts mushed together. This Valentine’s Day thing is making less and less sense to the both of you.
  • He does want to take you on a date, though. Of course, Swerve’s doesn’t serve human drinks so you grab some from your habsuite. You enjoy some highgrade and wine in his habsuite.
  • You end up “borrowing” some of Rung’s datapads and going through all the romance novels he has. You read the lovey-doviest parts out loud to each other. 
  • It actually ends up getting awkward quick because turns out Rung is into some… pretty risque stuff.

and suddenly Charlie completely understands people’s obsession with Holtzmann from the new Ghostbusters

{more halloween art!}

Alistair feels weird about the fancy commemorative King Alistair figure that one of the merchants in Denerim starts selling after his coronation. 

Then one day, when his retinue passes through the marketplace, he sees that half the children in the city seem to have got hold of Hero of Ferelden dolls.

He buys one of each and puts them on the shelf by his desk and makes them hold hands.


I knew what I wanted to do with this sand as soon as I got it!! >:D

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I challenge you to make me cry..... hit me with your best shot

Decided to go ahead and just make this one much longer than normal, hope it tickles your fancy anon~

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…I just realized I could somewhat start a Star Wars themed hatchery.

I mean–I have droids (R2-D2 and R2-KT), Jedi (Qui-Gon and Tahl), Mandos (Obi-Wan and Satine, which can also have Jedi kids), Chiss (Kinosri, Salaeshar, and Sinizad), and Stormtroopers (Stormtrooper and FirstOrder).

I plan on giving AT-AT a mate soon, so that pair can roll out AT-ATs, AT-ACTs, and AT-STs. Or whatever AT Star Wars vehicles you’d like ouo And I’d like to make a Sith pair with my own Sith witch, Zhir. And I also could have a Ventrobi (Obi-Wan and Asajj) pair, but their kids have quite the wild range that I’m not sure I can deal with.

But I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in a ‘themed’ hatchery…