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Marvel POC Week : Day 1: Favorite Female POC » Cindy Moon/Silk

I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺 

Hi there baes! So, I recently reached… well, nothing actuallyノ( ゜-゜ノ) but i wanted to make another ff bc i have many new followers who are mutuals so yeah, i wanted to make this like a… “welcome”(? and bc it’s valentines day so i though u all deserve some compliments(▰˘◡˘▰) ilu guys, keep being awesome and thanks for following me and making my dash beautiful♥ then…


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As most of you may know.. I HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS!!

I thank each and every one of you for my accomplishment.

As a result, I will be having a competition!

I have thought about a new Icon picture lately. Mine doesn’t really scream… well… me

So here is where the competition takes place.

I want a new profile picture for my blog that has all the following:

~my blog name (Viktuuried)


~ yuri on ice related

You have until January 13 to come up with an idea and draw\edit a new Icon picture before I pick. You have three weeks to finish and sent it my inbox.




~additional information~

*if you tag me in the icon then make sure you send me the link in my inbox or else I won’t get it*

do u ever think about how purely happy Frodo was at the start of LOTR

it was his coming-of-age and his favorite person in the entire world’s birthday and all of his loved ones would be there and Gandalf himself would be there and just that one prospect of seeing Gandalf made him so excited

and that was pretty much his last taste of happiness, pure joy, before the Quest

anonymous asked:

How do you edit/color your gifs? They always look so HQ and kinda glowing? i don't know how to explain but they always look so smooth and pretty and I would really like to know how you do it ;_;

hm okay um (sorry i dont have much time on my hands to write a full tutorial so i’ll give u some basic ideas)

here’s a tutorial on how i make gifs (no coloring/sharpening) ps. it’s a slightly outdated tutorial (using CS3) but not too different. now i use timeline which is slightly more complicated :/ 

note: this is for Photoshop CS5 and above only! not sure if the tutorials will work using the older versions, sorry!

  • first off - the width of your gif is very important if you want it to be HQ 

if you’re using the old width settings on your dashboard then your gifs should be:

160px - 3 gifs in a row

245px - 2 gifs 

500px - 1 gif 

if you’re using the new settings then it’s:

177px - 3 gifs

268px - 2 gifs

540px - 1 gif 

(height doesnt rly matter)

  • next is sharpening 

follow these two tutorials (one is using a sharpening action and the other without)



no action

  • now that you have your gifs nice and clean looking, time to color. i’m gonna give u coloring tutorials bc i basically do the same as they

tutorial 1 
tutorial 2
tutorial 3

the trick to having a smooth looking gif is using color fills and gradient basically. i’m far from being a pro, believe me, i barely know what im doing when i color. it’s just a lot of button pressing and hoping for the best. try to reduce the vibrant colors (red or blue) to avoid the grainy look. play with color balance and selective colors. for that glowy effect use brightness, levels or curves. it’s a lot of experimenting and you learn as you go 

hope i helped at least a little and sorry for this rushed tutorial. one day i might make a proper one with detailed steps :)