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@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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anonymous asked:

Ah I don't mean to bother you but do you have any advice on how to deal with depression I'm sorry for bothering you I just don't know what to do

 Hey, it’s ok yeah you can totally ask me. I’m probably not the best person to go to because I’m not a therapist or whatever, but I definitely have experience with dealing with Depression so, I’ll tell what you helped me. and hope that maybe it helps you in some way shape or form. 

So when I was in this abusive relationship with my ex, I hit total rock bottom and I have never been so low in my entire life. Honestly if you met me now, and then met me like 2 years ago, you literally would be talking to two different people it was so bad. but I don’t need to go into detail or describe depression. I’m sure you already know what it is very very well. 

So, the killer about Depression is that you feel empty, sad, angry, etc etc, and it’s kills all motivation and drive and inspiration to do the things that you once enjoyed ya know? like, you no longer enjoy doing whatever your hobbies were, and you have no interest in doing them anymore. Depression tells you that you want to is sleep, eat/not eat, sit and stare at nothing, do nothing, not talk to friends or family. And because Depression is so strong, it’s easy to fall into doing those things of just not doing anything, and isolate yourself from any form of social interaction with friends and family etc. And a lot of the time you feel like that’s all you can do, like you don’t have the literal energy to do anything else such as something as simple as getting up out of bed after sleeping in over 10 hours or something. (it’s not laziness, it’s depression.) 

Well those things that Depression makes you want to do, is the exact opposite of what you should do. And those things Depression says you hate and don’t want to do, – all those hobbies, or getting up and taking a walk, talking to friends, doing something, is exactly what you need to do, to help you with your depression. The best medicine I find is distractions, and not letting it control you. It’s tough, especially emotionally, and you’re gonna hate it for a really long time, but eventually doing all those things you useto like, and now hate, the likeness to it starts to come back. but it’s easier said than done, and it takes a LOT OF WORK! and it’s hard. but you can do it! 

Trying to find some kind of reason or obligation helps too. like what really got me on the stepping stones of doing better is I got this Indie game job, and I was given the like impossible task to make over 100 little paintings (all the custom artwork) in 3 and a half weeks, high quantity, in high quality. It forced me to paint and draw even though I had like no interest in art because of the major depression I was feeling, and that job forced me to draw 8 to sometimes 15 hours a day. It was brutal, and for a bit I hated having to draw so much cuz I didn’t really enjoy art, but then forcing myself to get up and do something I hate (but once loved) I started to like it again. And then when the Indie game ended, I wanted to keep pushing myself to improve and have a reason to keep me drawing, which is why I started Youtube. And it really helped me build my confidence and fight against the depression. 

Now the thing is, Depression never goes away, it’s a mental illness and it’s not something you can get rid of like a virus or bacteria. BUT FEAR NOT! just hear me out!  It’s a constant battle everyday. You can’t be cured, and no amount of therapy or med can change that. Don’t fall into the misconception that meds/therapy fixes the issues, because it doesn’t. It is HELP. and Help isn’t fixing, it is assistance for YOU to fix things. So getting medical or therapeutic help is definitely good and I promote it, but you can’t rely on it to fix your problems, because it has to be you to put forth the initiative, which is why I told you what I did above first. Meds and therapy try to regulate your hormones and work out solutions for you to deal with the issues in yourself and your environment so you can work out your depression. so the goal in getting better isn’t to find a cure, even still to this day I struggle with it a lot, and I have my moments and my episodes sometimes. BUT I’m not saying you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life, because the truth is, you can be happy, while having depression. 

The goal is to learn how to maintain and live with it, so you aren’t controlled by it. I have control over my depression right now, and despite that it’s still always there in the back of my mind and it resurfaces sometimes, I’m actually very happy and have become a pretty stable person. (especially compared to who I use to be) 

So start by forcing yourself to get up, doing small things, try to seek out interests that distract you from depression, but also force yourself to fulfill responsibilities (work, school, chores, etc) which helps you get stronger and start gaining control of the depression. Seriously something I find very helpful is going on a walk. It’s easy to just slump around or sleep in bed and never get up, but walking, (that thing that you don’t want to do) actually helps a lot, and there’s a scientific reason for it too, not just it sounding nice. But the more you can do for yourself, and others even, the better you’ll feel, even if it doesn’t seem that way or a long time. It takes a lot of time to crawl out of the rut you’re in, but you’ll get the if you just keep going. 

I know I don’t give the best advice, but, I hope this helps in some way. 

His jaunt through China was not supposed to be as eventful as it was.

He had gone through China in a wild attempt to get bounty hunters off of him, hoping that if he took it international then they would get off his ass. But as it turned out, that when he was not looking, that someone had hiked up his bounty amount and apparently the cost of air fair was nothing compared to the money they would get for turning him in alive. So there he was running like his ass was on fire through some rural areas in an attempt to get away.

Luckily there happened to be an empty little house that he managed to duck into as his chasers ran on by like chickens with their heads cut off, taught him in vicious mockeries of his accent before disappearing into the distance. With a sigh he pulled himself away from the window and immediately had an arm against his throat and he was faced with a rather pretty face in an awful situation.

“Who are you?” The mysterious person said.

“Jesse McCree,” He said, hands held up as not to provoke the person into choking him out, “Just runnin’ from some assholes after my head. How about you?”

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Pompeii 27

@thefreckledone Days later and Sakura was still reeling from the generosity of her friends. Gifts were one thing, but it was hard to shake the feeling that there was something more to her first birthday in Pompeii based on how they blessed her. There were flowers for her almost daily when she came down for work. Every other day someone came in during her lunch break to bring her food and sit and eat with her. Days before she had felt a lacking in the town as more and more people went ‘off’ on business she didn’t understand, but suspected to be tied to Orochimaru’s recent activity. She had mentioned it once and now it seemed all her friends in Pompeii were attempting to compensate for the few weeks she wasn’t bathed in affection.  

Sakura loved her friends, and loved the validation from their gifts and visits…but…

“It’s too much.”

Shizune nodded in agreement. “Well, the Senju dropped off flowers yesterday. It’s no surprise the Uchiha would want to outshine their good neighbors.”

Sakura grimaced at the gaudy floral display left on her desk. It was even more lush with flora than the one yesterday, left by sweet Kawarama Senju on behalf of him and his brothers. Sakura had forgotten the blackbirds who saw and heard everything when she took the flowers from the youngest Senju, and gushed to him about how happy she was and how much she loved them.

“The smell is overpowering,” Shizune admitted with a shy shrug. “But it’s still lovely.”

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous,” Sakura agreed, looking over the swelling display of a dozen different flowers artfully arranged. “It’s just too much. Even for a birthday present, I’ve never been so…spoiled. Is this normal? I mean, it’s been over a week already.”

“Yes, but it’s your first birthday here. Sometimes special celebrations can continue on for weeks. Weddings typically last a whole month when they happen here. It all depends on how important or valued that person is to the community. You have a lot of people in Pompeii who see you as a member who is treasured.” Shizune nodded, eyes rolling towards the window. “Plus, people would much rather celebrate you than the spring equinox celebration that’s coming.”

“What? Why is that not a good thing? I thought the spring celebration was for like…rebirth and new life.”

“Oh it is, but this is just the quadrennial spring celebration. Every four years the spring celebration is a little different and people just don’t like the traditions as much as the others.”

“Is there a reason for that?” Sakura asked.

“It’s important to preserve our history and remember the mistakes we and our ancestors made in the past. So, instead of every year we decided that every four years we would add an additional ritual of appeasement into our spring celebration. It’s no terrible thing and we enjoy ourselves well enough because it is a celebration, but it’s not as fun compared to celebrating the life of a person important to you. We would much rather just celebrate you, Sakura.”

“What’s the ritual of appeasement for?” Sakura asked, noticing how the crows outside her windows were gone and the room felt much larger than it should. The windows were far away and the doors even farther. If someone had been listening in on them there would be nothing for them to hear.  This was Shizune’s doing.

“It’s better you not know that much,” Shizune whispered sweetly, something sad in her eyes. She reached out and pat Sakura’s cheek fondly. “There’s no need for you to share in our penance. Forget I said all that I did.”

Sakura wanted to ask what the penance was for and what she would do if she didn’t have to share in it, but another part of her wanted to ask about the woods and if what happened to her last autumn was tied to the spring celebrations. She had been back to the woods only once since that last incident, but there had been no more stairs to nowhere or evil fires stalking her through the night.

But that had been before…

“Shizune, we don’t have anyone else for the next hour, I want to check on something in my room real quick. Holler for me if we get a walk in?” Sakura asked.

“Of course.”

With a grateful wave Sakura skipped back and doubled up the stairs to her room on the second floor. Inside, the book had been left on her bed and that’s where she found it once more.

“Heeeey, old friend,” Sakura chuckled, picking it up nervously. Sometimes it didn’t want to talk to her and sometimes it did. She hoped she could get something out of it today.

“What is it now?” the book groused, sounding tired.

“It’s not about Orochimaru this time, I have a different sort of question for you. Do you know what happened to me last fall in the woods? Do you know what that was?”

The book warmed in her hands, she knew it was awake, but it didn’t reply. Sakura held her breath and waited, knowing it could be temperamental with her if it wanted to be. She could feel it still awake, it hadn’t gone to sleep on her, she could tell that much by now. Finally, it shifted in her hands.

“I know what it was.” The book then went silent.

“What was it?” Sakura asked.

The next silence was even longer and Sakura grew afraid that was all she would get out of the book before it shifted and turned open it’s pages. Sakura saw one bleed with a sloppy hand of ink. The ink ran into words and Sakura mutely read.

‘The truth is in the forest. The trees know!’

“The trees know what?” Sakura asked, feeling the book grow cooler under her fingers.

“You’ll have to ask them that yourself, won’t you?” the book chirped before turning on itself and falling out of her hands onto her bed, closed once more.

When Sakura reached for it she could feel how cold it was and knew it was sleeping. There would be nothing more to glean from it after this. This time the book hadn’t answered her on its own, but showed her the answer someone else had discovered.  

“I have to go back into the woods again to find the answer,” Sakura said out loud. “Why does that sound like a bad idea?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you make a fanfic of how Stanford realized he had a crush on Fiddleford and how Fiddleford notice how strange Stanford's been acting around him. By the way, I love your art especially your knight au...I've been thinking maybe you should do a Pirate AU

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 722

Thank you Anon! I love pirate aus let me tell you and I do have one for GF but it’s just a bunch of ideas not real story I just like drawing the characters as pirates and little writings with ‘em. I don’t mind drawing more pirate stuff though. Always been a fan of pirate stuff. I haven’t read or seen too many pirate aus that wasn’t filled with a pairing I don’t want anywhere near me so maybe in the future.
Under the cut cause this got a bit long some how???

Stanford didn’t really have friends before Fiddleford, but he doesn’t remember it feeling like this. He thought it was just from finally connect to someone on his level. He thought it was just how even their serious arguments ended up with both of them in a laughing mess because how normal was it that two grown men were yelling at each other over chemicals?

But every time Fidds shook his hand, Ford would feel the imprint of that hand in his for days. It was like a calm burning across his palm that he didn’t mind.

Ford was alone looking down at his 6 fingered hand when it dawned on him and his whole face turned bright red.

This is what his brother talked about whenever he had a crush on someone.

Ford had a crush.

Ford had a crush on his best friend.

“Oh no…” He muttered before being startled by Fidds knocking on his open door.

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what you deserve.

➵ characters: jb x reader
➵ genre: angst
➵ wc: 2735
➵ summary:  jaebum has been pushing you and your relationship to its limits.
➵ author’s note: read this with caution. it gets pretty angsty. if that’s a word. think of this as looking out for you: if you’re overly sensitive, it’s probably best to skip over this one.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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“Soul sickness. I’m guessing that’s not just a fancy way of saying I’ll be depressed for a while.”

Stiles is standing in Deaton’s office, already looking a little weak on his feet as he leans against Scott’s arm for support. It’s totally just to make Scott feel useful, ‘cause the guy’s looked like he’s on the verge of a breakdown ever since he hadn’t quite managed to knock Stiles out of the way of that spell in time.

It’s not that Stiles is feeling woozy, feeling like his legs might just decide to go on strike at any second.

And if it is, that’s only because Deaton’s frowning at him in a way that actually makes him look nervous. Deaton. Nervous.

That’s never even remotely good.

“I’m afraid soul sickness is exactly what it says on the tin,” the man replies. “Your soul is literally weakening, beginning to wither. And if it dies off completely… well, that’s a fate—“

“If you say ‘a fate worse than death’ I’m gonna slap somebody.”

The older man sighs, brows going up as if to say ‘fine, I won’t say it then.”

Scott’s grip tightens on his arm, voice going too low, wavering.

“But you can fix it, right?”

“This is a battle the soul must fight on its own, I’m afraid.” And then, after waiting just long enough for both boys to start well and truly panicking: “There is one thing that might help bolster you, help your soul fight off this unnatural disease. But…”

“But what?” Scott cuts in as he falters. “Whatever it is, do it.”


So, apparently, soulmates are a thing.


Who knew?

“It’s not as dramatic as romantics would have you believe. Most people don’t end up in a relationship with their soulmates. Many don’t even encounter them.”

“But if you did, you’d know, right?” Scott, of course, is enthralled by the idea. Deaton’s head bobs noncommittally, and his bright expression falters.

“Your souls would recognize each other. Most certainly, they would leave an impression. But to the untrained mind it would be hard to discriminate from any normal emotional response – attraction, nervousness, anger even, depending on the situation.”

Stiles glances to his friend, a smirk touching his lips.

“Why Scotty, you think you and—“ he was going to say Kira, he really was, but when he thinks about sparks of instant infatuation, he finds his mind jumping to Allison. Scott’s seems to as well, his eyes going shuttered.

Stiles lets the moment pass, looking back to Deaton.

“Ok, so you said ritual? Then let’s find me my soulmate.”


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Please don’t give up hope.

Okay, I know S4 in general and TFPB in particular SUCKED MAJOR ASS. I know we’re all heartbroken, angry, disconsolate, hopeless.

But can we all just- stop for a minute, and try to calm down, and think, before we decide to harass Mofftiss and everyone on Sherlock’s production team and boycott a show that’s never let us down before now, for more than 5 years? I thought that’s what we do. We see through Mofftiss’ hurtful bullshit and analyze what the show tells us. What they tells us through the show.

I have a theory. I still have doubts, of course, but it’s okay to doubt. It’s healthy. Especially when you believe in something. It means you care. I care about this show. A lot. Too much, perhaps. But I feel that TPTB deserve the benefit of the doubt, because they’ve earned it for 5 years, 3 seasons and 1 special episode, and if that doesn’t mean anything, then what does?

So there are a few possible explanations for what the trainwreck that we saw this season. 

One of them is that TPTB don’t care about their story anymore, actually they hate it so much that they undid everything (plotlines, character development, coherence, everything) they’d been building up to TAB.

Unlikely, considering what they’ve said about Sherlock Holmes before. Of course, since we know they’re dirty little liars that lie, and they’ve lied to us before, we can’t trust anything they say, but then why make the show? Why aggravate fans of the other adaptations by saying there was something everyone else got wrong, and their objective was to get it right? Why slip so many clever references and details and hints that only the small part of the audience who is even aware of subtext will see? It’s not like it would help their ratings. And why write TAB as a love letter to us, TJLCers? We’re the only ones who liked the episode, casuals and antis (who compose the majority of the audience watching the show) hated it (because they didn’t understand it).

Plus, on its own, S4 is career suicide.

I don’t buy it. it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t fit.

Another possible explanation is that Mofftiss and everyone involved in the making of the show suffer from incompetence so intense they wouldn’t recognize good story-telling if it was dancing the dance of the seven veils under “I am good story telling” in giant neon red letters right in front of them.

Also unlikely, for the reasons stated above, ie s1 to 3 of the show, and the fact that TAB is a masterpiece.

Actually, season 4 has been, so far, an absolute mess to me (TLD was its high point, I guess, but even that was weird. And don’t get me started on Eurus’ impossible stunt or sudden characterisation change from one episode to the next). The transitions are weird (Sherlock drowning in black goo, seriously?). The characters are OOC and the acting is awful. Lines from previous episodes are being reused by different characters. There are plot holes the size of my country in every episode, and the laws of physics, time and space are being ignored. The whole fandom is begging for context and we still haven’t been given any.

However, my experience of S4 so far is not unfamiliar. It actually reminds me of how I experienced S3. Now, some context (for once): I wasn’t aware that the word subtext existed before I googled “Sherlock theories” the day following TSOT. The reason I looked it up was because I perceived a drop in quality that I couldn’t quite believe happened, because there was something I was missing. Then I came across @loudest-subtext-in-tv‘s metas and tjlc, and that convinced me because it made sense of the show, and the rest is history, and now I love it even more (I even learned to like TBB, who knew). My point here is: we’re missing something. We’re still lacking context. We need more data.

The third explanation is a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s also the more likely, if past experience is any indication (and tbh it’s the only one that’s keeping me from being a heartbroken mess rn).

As I said before, S4 as a whole doesn’t make any sense, if we take it literally. However, if we look at it through the lense of EMP theory… if everything, from the moment Mary shot him to the end of TFPB, is Sherlock’s coma dream, and they still haven’t revealed it, then we can draw the conclusion that:

TPTB are pulling a Reichenbach on us. 

They’ve killed their show. Not because they don’t care anymore, or because they only care about money and figured a few heartbroken fans aren’t worth the trouble.

They’ve killed their show because A) they want people to root for Johnlock, so they tried to make the straight version absolute TRASH and succeeded beyond their wildest nightmares and B) they’re letting us to connect with the Sherlock Holmes fans of the victorian era. 

A) speaks for itself. No one likes this season. This very straight season. Not casuals, not antis. For once the middle episode is the one people like best. It doesn’t fit with the episodes that came before, hell, the episodes of S4 contradict themselves. This season feels wrong, because it’s not the story that Mofftiss and co have been telling for 6 years, and everyone, even casuals and antis, knows this, if only on a subconscious level. (”by the prickling of my thumbs”, everyone?)

B) makes even more sense: ACD let Holmes’ fans think he’d died with Moriarty for 10 years, never to return again. We know they have 5 series planned, so of course there’s no point in killing Sherlock  – hence why they let us see him well and alive at the end of series 2. Instead, they’ve chosen to hit us, TJLCers, the people they’re really writing the show for, at our weakest point and our worst fear: they’re going to make us think that TJLC is dead and buried, and that we’ve been mislead and queerbaited the whole time.

So they’ve killed the show. Now they’re going to bring it back to life. 

Promise of Love, Pain of Loss, Joy of Redemption. 

It applies to John and Sherlock after Sherlock faked his death, but also to Sherlock Holmes’ fans of the Victorian era after The Final Problem, and to us, right now, after the Final Problem 2.0. ACD made fans wait 10 years. We could have to wait 1 week (I know the BBC has a new show slotted in for next Sunday, but 1) Mofftiss taught us that the media can be manipulated easily and 2) they made an entire fake season, I don’t think they’d hesitate to make a fake trailer and ask a famous actress to lie for them, especially if she happens to be in the real episode – just not as a main character obviously), or we could have to wait 3 years I believe Mofftiss are actually sadistic enough to make us wait that long, but it has a huge risk of killing their show, for real this time) for the confirmation of TJLC.

If this is true (and I can’t begin to imagine living in a world where this isn’t true), and they do end up confirming TJLC, then Mofftiss are right, and this season is truly brilliant. It’s text, over subtext, over metatext. But only then.

Either way, they’re bringing it back to life. Eventually.

Don’t give up hope just yet, please. The Game is never over.

colinmorgay  asked:

top 10 stisaac headcanons ily

  1. TEXTING WHEN ISAAC IS IN FRANCE literally always like they got snapchat or whatsapp or idk something to send pics easily and isaac starts by sending pictures of buildings and food and stiles replies with selfies and pics of homework and the scars after someone got beaten up by something evil again and isaac says “i’m so happy that’s not happening anymore” and stiles is like “so you don’t miss it here” and isaac is like “well……. not that” and then stiles “what do u miss” and isaac is like “you guys” and he things ‘just you’ and wow good fucking bye 
  2. this is literally a fic i wrote but idc but like in 3a when everyone still thought they were after virgins, stiles & isaac (being the only virgins on The Team) hooked up and got it on 'for safety' 
  3. WHEN THEY FILL STILES IN LIKE “yo certain types of music gets werewolves drunk” and stiles is like yoooooooooo isaac wanna get drunk?? and basically they get drunk and dance and make out idk 
  4. semi deep conversations when they already have feelings for each other (’: they’re talking about school and studying and college and the pack and the time before the pack and what they wanna do and relationships and crushes and stiles makes some kind of offhand comment like “it sucks when you want someone who doesn’t want you” and isaac snorts like “yeah i told you unrequited love is a bitch” pls 
  5. art student au?????? (is this a hc?? idk??) but oh man isaac doing classic arts like paintings and drawing and stuff and stiles some kind of graphic art and bc they’re fucking NERDS they get in arguments a lot about which one is better so obviously the only way to fight it out is by going on a date 
  6. also when they do go to college and like all pack members do this huge tour bc they all wanna visit each other’s dorms??? and isaac comes over to stiles first so stiles shows him around and by the end of the evening they’re fucking in stiles’ bed (and a few weeks later everyone goes to lydia’s dorm and they end up fucking in lydia’s bathroom) 
  7. isaac meeting stiles’ dad oficially (as 'the boyfriend’) for the first time and sheriff just looks at him like “didn’t i arrest you once” and isaac just nods like “you thought i killed my father” “well you turned out to be a werewolf so i was right not to trust you" 
  9. stiles getting up on his toes to kiss isaac :))))))))) 
  10. holding hands as they walk though beacon hills high school god bless
Hamptons Heat

A prompt that was put under a gifset I can’t find & that I was sent a screenshot of: “she is in his Hamptons house naked and they’ve never met” On ff.net here

Happy, happy birthday, Faith! Thanks for being such a great friend and texting with me during weird hours of the day, because we always seem to be in different time zones? Hope you enjoy what I did with the tags/prompt thing you sent me a screenshot of months ago.

A/N: A very AU meeting. Basically, a Caskett meeting in the Hamptons during Beckett’s final year of college – just roll with me on this one, guys.

It’s quiet in the Hamptons. He likes that about this place.

Sure, he loves New York, loves that something is always going on. The city that never sleeps. Which suits his sleep rhythm just fine. He’s used to the noise of cars and (probably drunk) passengers passing his window; those are the sounds he falls asleep to, almost like a lullaby.

He doesn’t startle awake when someone’s honking their horn in the middle of the night, or when sirens are shrieking in the distance. It’s more of a soundtrack of the city, one he can easily tune out and ignore.

But sometimes, it can be distracting, and he finds himself yearning for a moment of peace and quiet. He has been procrastinating a lot lately, and if he is ever going to finish this book, he needs to free himself of the temptation of listening in on people’s conversations outside or staring out the window to observe other people’s lives.

Richard Castle, by now, is a well-known name in the book industry – nationally, and slowly but surely internationally as well.

He bought this house last year, when his latest book was another hit. The continuous praise for his work in the past as well as the increasing paychecks finally gives him enough confidence to assume that his success is going to last.

If he keeps writing, that is.

After he determined that he wasn’t going to get any more writing done in New York, he entrusted his mother with Alexis for a week (not before giving her a list of dos and don'ts and several hours of lecturing that his mother simply waved off – still, he knew he could count on Martha Rogers to take care of his daughter). Then he packed his things, and drove up to his second home, already feeling more energized the moment the city’s impressive skyline began to shrink in his rearview mirror.

This place here is all still a little foreign to him – the vast amount of space a stark contrast to the loft he moved into not too long ago. Admittedly, the loft isn’t small by any standard, but the neighbors are close, the streets outside always crowded, and he can only dream of a back yard or pool in the city.

He is working on making this space a home, hanging pictures of his family and drawings Alexis made all over, but this house isn’t filled with stories yet. He wishes he could tell his family of his adventures when he returns, but he doesn’t know anyone in the area yet, and if he continues to stay in his office to write (like he should), he really won’t change that.

Castle’s thoughts wander – a habit apparently not entirely tied to silent or noisy surroundings – and he gazes around his room … anywhere but his loud computer (another recent purchase Rick was proud of, though the item is quite bulky, and he finds himself going back to his old typewriter whenever he feels nostalgic).

His head whips toward the window when he hears a splash.

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Dead fandom gothic

– you’re browsing a really great fandom blog and follow. two weeks later, you realise you haven’t seen them on your dash. you check their archive. their last update was a year ago.

– one of your favourite artists has posted a drawing of your otp. you’re happy, but it’s tinged with bittersweetness at the caption: “it’s been so long since I drew these guys!”. the artist used to draw them multiple times a week.

– you visit one of your old forum haunts for nostalgia’s sake. there’s only one new post. “man I miss this place. is anyone still around?” it was posted three days ago. there are no replies.

– you’ve lost count of how many blogs for the fandom you’ve come across where the last unqueued post is some variation of “not really feeling this anymore, but if you want to stay in touch, find me over at newblog! maybe I’ll be back some day, who knows :)”

– you’re never going to find out how that fic ends.

– you manage to find something you haven’t reblogged before, but it’s way back in a person’s tag. is it creepy to reblog after three years?

– sometimes a risky reblog pays off and you see a brief surge in notes for the post. a few people have fandom urls, stuff that was a dime a dozen back in the day but that you rarely see now. you smile fondly at your activity page. for a moment it’s like old times.

– a song comes on that was a huge feature on the many otp playlists you listened to. everything comes flooding back.

– there are still a few of you out there, somewhere. your conversations are mostly in private messages now, instead of all over your dash, but it’s better than nothing. you feel like the last survivors of some horrible apocalypse.

– it’s been years but you still track the relevant tags. every time it’s silent for a while, you think you might be getting over it, but then you see that new post alert and you slam the reblog button at the speed of light. you’re never escaping, and you know it.

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Leverage ot3 Harrison and Parker are Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Elliot is their exasperated neighbor wonder why they haven´t figured it out

Eliot figures out they’re criminals within the first week they move to the neighborhood.

They look like a successful city couple—she leaves at irregular hours, always dressed in dark loose clothes with a big gym bag, and he stays at home most days, working remotely considering how messy the lawn gets right away. The blinds are always down in his office, even on the nicest days, and Eliot’s network security has been compromised, from what he can see.

Eliot isn’t a hacker, but he can get information, and it doesn’t take much time at all to figure out that they’ve got paper records of their marriage, that they bought the house fair and square, and that there’s every sign they want to stay put for a while. Some kind of long con—if Eliot was guessing, he would have his eye on the tech CFO who lives at the end of the street as the eventual mark, but it’s a nice enough neighborhood that he isn’t taking bets yet.

Neither of them moves like assassins—the woman, she calls herself Alice Parker but for all he knows that’s an alias, is athletic, but her situational awareness is shit—and Eliot doesn’t really care if they take some idiot for his money.

Eliot figures out that they’re criminals within the first week, but it takes almost two for him to figure out that neither of them knows about the other.


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Hey there! I have been drawing since I was 12 (I'm 18 now) and I am just starting out now posting my things on social media, honestly I am quite nervous and I don't know exactly how this all works, I don't know how to get people to see my artwork? Do you have any advice for a noob like me? I would really appreciate it!

Okay, this is going to get really long, so I’ll put all the extra info under a Read More post because!! I have a lot of things to say about this topic bc I get this question a lot, and I know that I would want to know all this stuff when I started out on social media too!

but to answer your question:

First off, JUST POST! My advice? Post the great ones, the good ones, the average ones, and even the bad ones. Think of social media as kind of your art diary? If anything, be active for your own sake! Don’t do it for the likes/reblogs/etc., you’ll end up spending a lot of time selecting the very best of your art which is not really all that helpful if you’re trying to just trying to have a good time.

Make friends! Comment on other people’s art, send nice messages, relate to their experiences in a respectful manner. Just like in real life, people are drawn to those they like, so be real with yourself! Present yourself honestly but w/ courtesy to the other person. It’s just like making friends, except it’s online c:

Be active! Having long stretches of time w/ no new art/posts (coughmyowntumblr) isn’t going to help you reach people, so post in a semi-regular fashion (once every couple days or so, even a week is fine imo)

Tag your art! This is kind only relevant on Tumblr since this website is v dependent on the tagging system in place here, but you can apply this anywhere that this is applicable! Especially if its fanart, tagging your work is really helpful, since places like Tumblr don’t have explore pages, and what’s on your dash is depends on who you follow.

More advice on just social media in general below// 

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So this is bilbos fault.

“I want to be a warrior.” Kili says one afternoon, when they’re still fairly young. It’s old news.

Fili shrugs. “Mother won’t allow it. Not her precious little girl.” It’s his typical reply, which is usually followed by silence.

“I’m not a girl. I’m a boy.”

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I wanted to write asanoya because they always need more love.  Kinda inspired by this art by viria.  In which Noya goes to Saeko for advice.

“So…” Saeko says, drumming her fingers on the surface of the table between them.  Her lips are turned up in amusement, but there’s something in her eyes that says she’s grown a little worried as the silence stretches on.  Unsurprisingly, Noya figures, considering sitting in silence is not something he often does.  He opens his mouth to say something, but then snaps it shut.


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Costume Redesign

“That’s….ridiculous, Darcy.  No way.”

“That’s awesome, Darcy.  Yes way.”

Clint glared at Laura and she merely grinned at him and shrugged.  And then once Nathaniel had gotten off her lap and toddled away, she gave Clint the middle finger.  Clint narrowed his eyes even more and looked back at the sketches Darcy had been drawing.

“There’s no way he’s going to take you seriously, Darcy.  I mean, for Christ’s sake, you have a cape on that one!” Clint sighed at the ‘costume designs’ Darcy had busied herself with since she was finished with her daily Barton farm chores (mainly consisting of feeding and naming the chickens.  Also viciously defending said chickens any time anyone wanted to eat one of them).

“Thor has a cape, it’s totally awesome,” Darcy wrinkled her nose and put one of her colored pencils to her lips thoughtfully.  “What if it has a practicality to it?  Like…when the wind hits it, it can turn into a hang glider?  That’d be helpful.  I mean, he jumps out of stuff a lot.  It might be good to have a backup plan just in case Big Bird isn’t there to catch him.”

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Wait... Dude... I don't remember the name of it but there's this one anime in which this guy writes romantic novels and has this girl who works as his assistant and they have to act out all the cute stuff in his novels to make sure they make sense and eventually they fall in love I guess I don't know I didn't watch the whole thing lmao but like it'd make a great au man I love

I’m almost 100% sure that I read a manga like this once, except it was a girl who was a manga artist and used this one guy who was literally a bishounen as inspiration for her cutesy scenes. They were like 12-15 and they got married? And had kids really young? I dunno I gotta ask Zane if he still has it because that whole synopsis sounds really familiar. Anyway, here you go :)

(Also, I’m sorry that this was late. I’ve been putting it off for ML Week)

  • Adrien is a fairly popular novelist, and his works are well-respected for their writing style and characterization
  • The only thing that people don’t like is how unrealistic the romances are, because apparently, grand sweeping gestures aren’t that big a thing anymore
  • Solution: find a girl and reenact the romantic scenes from his rough drafts to make absolutely sure that they were realistic
  • Problem: Who does he pick? Who would actually agree to this?
  • New Solution: Adrien’s friend, Nino, introduces him to his friend, Alya’s, friend, Marinette, who is 100% single and 100% available
  • New Problem: How’s he gonna get this Marinette to agree to this?
  • New New Solution: Marinette is an up-and-coming fashion designer who needs a model for her new men’s line. In exchange for his modeling her designs, she’d be more than happy to assist him with his writing references
  • At first it’s super awkward because they don’t know each other at all, and Marinette seems kind of jumpy around him, and since Adrien has no experience in the romance department at all, he’s left with nothing but his clichés
  • Little does he know that Marinette loves all of his works and has the biggest crush on him
  • Adrien wants to hit this romance full force with fancy dinners and extravagant gifts and galas and all that and Marinette has to be like, “whoa there friend you need to slow down”
  • So Adrien lets Marinette take the lead for a bit because he has no idea what he’s doing
  • She takes him to go see a movie, and while Adrien wants to go see something romantic, Marinette insists on going to an action flick
  • After the movie they have dinner at like a Friendly’s or something and they talk about the movie and how bad the plot was and it breaks the ice between them and it’s easier for them to have conversations and Adrien’s amazed because he never would have thought of that in a million years
  • So Adrien continues to let Marinette lead him on the romance thing, because she knows way more about this stuff and as time goes by, he finds himself taking the lead
  • Nothing totally extravagant like he wanted at the beginning, but something real
  • He remembers Marinette saying that she used to go to this theme park as a kid and he takes her there and she’s just so happy, and something squeezes in Adrien’s chest but he doesn’t know what it is yet, but she’s so happy and he’s so happy that he made her happy and they have the best time ever
  • Somewhere along the line, he realizes that he’s in love with her and kinda just goes, “shit,” because this wasn’t supposed to happen. Marinette probably thinks he’s a goof and just views him as a friend
  • So he kinda draws himself away and shuts her out, but poor Marinette, who’s been in love with him from the beginning, absolutely refuses to let him do this and takes every chance that she can to talk to him and get him to come out of his shell but he doesn’t want to because he can’t face her or his feelings about her
  • It’s Nino who gives Adrien the kick that he needs because he tells him that Alya told him that Marinette was in love with him, and Adrien gets back into gear and texts Marinette to meet him at the Friendly’s from their first date
  • She shows up at the Friendly’s and lo and behold, Adrien has made a huge romantic gesture and the restaurant is empty save for a single candlelit table and it’s got two ice creams sitting on it, and there’s Adrien in a suit and Marinette kind of wants to die because she’s so surprised
  • Adrien confesses to her and Marinette actually starts crying because here’s all this stuff that is just so Adrien and Marinette is in sweatpants and smudged eyeliner and doesn’t look at all the part for what’s happening right now
  • But she tells him that she loves him too, and that she’s loved him from their first date and she’ll always love him and now they’re both crying
  • Shortly after, they start dating (for real this time), and he ends up writing his most popular book, “Amour Chassé-Croisé,” starring two dumb idiots who taught each other the true meaning of love

Despite all efforts, I cannot bring myself to write anything new or continue any of my fics. So I’ve decided to use Bellarke Week (Day 1: favourite season, episode or scene) as an occasion to post an old Bellarke ficlet. I wrote it way back after I first watched Season 1, my favourite season, and it’s supposed to be snapshots of Bellamy’s changing perception of Clarke throughout the episodes. 


She flings herself into his life yelling ”Stop!“ and proceeding to tell him what exactly he’s in the process of doing wrong. He dismisses her easily enough, momentarily distracted by the overload of emotions and sensations – seeing his not-so-little sister again, setting foot on earth, feeling the sun on his skin and breathing the hopefully non-toxic air. But within hours of their landing he has the growing suspicion that she’ll be the bane of his existence on earth. She’s dutiful and driven and determined to establish order when what he needs most to make his escape is chaos.

Wells Jaha may attempt to assume authority, to get them to follow his father’s orders, but it’s her they listen to – himself included. By day two, she somehow goads him into going on that idiotic rescue mission for Jasper. He tells himself that he only goes because he hopes to get that wristband off her, but he knows she’s right about people thinking he’s afraid if he doesn’t go. She might deny it all she wants, but she’s a politician’s offspring alright.


He has to hand it to her, she is fearless, walking out with him and Murphy, unarmed and with only Wells on her side. Fearless, or foolish? Then again, he would do the exact same thing in her situation. It’s a thing they both understand: You don’t ask people to let you lead, you just do it – there’ a reason the expression is ’take the lead’. And you don’t ask your adversaries to please spare you: You walk right up to them, get up in their face and tell them to come and get you if they want you. She all but says it: If he wants her out of the way, he’ll have to kill her himself. Finn interrupts at that moment, so he never gets to find out whether or not she’d back down if he kept coming at her, but he doubts it. Does she know he doesn’t have it in him to actually hurt her, or is she bluffing?

Her expression when she dangles from his arm over a pit filled with deadly spikes tells him she was indeed bluffing. For the span of a few thundering heartbeats, she thinks he will let her fall to her death. She actually believes he’d be able to do it. And that thought makes him so angry that he starts pulling her out of there a second before the others are helping.

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(1)First let me tell you that I work with marketing so I know what I'm talking about. I saw an anon saying that what makes them believe Larry isn't real are the denials from Louis' family/friends and himself. Well, what makes me believe Larry is real are those denials. Why? bc if you want to sell something you don't go and insult a huge part of your costumers.

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