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Ok so these are 2,3 and 4 weeks for inktober. I haven’t managed to post until now unfortunately. TT×TT
But anyways good thing that I finished them.
For the first pic I wanna thank @blueishblue for the inspiration :’). (I saw that post with Todoroki and the gakuran and I was like “Hell yeah,let me draw that!”)
As for the other 2 well my brain said “All Might shall be to the end.” and I complied.
I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

sometimes I wonder why I still run this blog


River and the Doctor Appreciation Day - April 22nd

Who else was I going to fall in love with? a study in boops and looks

Hey guys, so yeah I’m not dead or anything so that’s good, but I these last few weeks have been literal hell for me because of various events, and honestly I just haven’t found myself able to interact with anyone. This means anyone. I’ve just needed time alone, even from the people I normally talk to or are friends with, and I’ll probably do this for a little while longer because I have some stuff to process on my own, and I can’t deal with all the constant messaging. 

I will, however, try to respond to threads, memes, and IMs involving rp. Just don’t ask/talk to me about the personal stuff. I’ve never been good at ooc bonding, but I feel this way now more than ever. So if you have a plot or something, hit me up, but if you’re going to say “hiiiiiii”, don’t expect a reply from me. I’ll be honest when I say I just don’t care.

This isn’t going to be forever, of course, but please be conscious of the fact that I’m not going to small talk to anyone, regardless of how close we are. Sorry, I need this space right now.

Starter Call!

// *Mun throws a confundled Sol out to the hounds*

Hey guys~ I have been awol for a few months, as life and randomness caught up to me… I have finally graduated from my Japanese studies at 関西外語専門学校 (Kansai College of Business and Language), and will attempt to come back here for a little rp’ing and whatever else it is we do here ~

So this is a starter call, for anyone and anything. Like for a starter of random quality and content, whether we have talked before or not, or PM me ^^ I’m usually up for most things, but might keep it short to begin with, as I ease back into things  @(^_^)@

I’ve been so stressed these past weeks I hadn’t even time to post anything. I have classes all day, since eight in the morning until ten in the evening and I’m very tired to do anything. I’m trying to get my life together, so I hope I will be posting again soon

I miss having you hold me. This twin bed feels like an ocean without you in it and I'm drowning. Every time I think I'll be okay I catch a glimpse of you and my body aches for that. The sound of your voice kills me and like a siren it drives me to the rocks and I don't know what to do anymore. How can I be the only one hurting? You just look right through me and I don't understand. Why can't I get over this? Why do I hurt so bad? And why do I feel like I can't survive this when I've survived so many more storms. . .
Pushing Buttons | dalphahale


          You just need a little practice they all said, you’ll be back to normal in no time. Except Allison didn’t feel that way anymore. No her hands shook when she held her bow, she was jumpy and she felt weak. Which was something she hated more than anything, she didn’t want to feel weak. It was why she’d jumped right back into doing things with the pack, no matter the fact that she felt like they treated her differently now, that she didn’t fit with them anymore she was trying. 

Sweat trickled down her brow as she glared at Derek, she was doing this for the pack Allison reminded herself. Derek was the best person to train her again, even her father had agreed. Yet as far as Allison was concerned he just pushed all of her buttons to the point where she wished her hands were steady enough so she could shoot an arrow at him. “This is ridiculous.” She snapped, ready to go home. “You can’t fix this.” He couldn’t suddenly make her shoot straighter, or fight better. “We’re done here.” 

 They’d been ‘practicing’ for hours and she wasn’t getting any better and Allison was finished. If there was anyone in the pack that she wanted to look at her like she was useless, weak and pathetic it wasn’t Derek…She wanted him to remember how strong she’d been, even if there was left over animosity between them from the mistakes she’d made, her family had made. She liked him and that was another reason to leave. Another reason for her to push him away from her.

Okay, so…. In Transfusions it is pretty obvious that Dylan has a crush on Carolyn. And Joa has mentioned his girlfriend Jess a couple of times. They have also talked about how sex with a guy is something new to them and that they have not really thought of doing it. But since they now love each other they start to want to make love with each other. That’s it.

It is just a really sappy love story in all simplicity.

And it’s not like I’m highlighting their heterosexuality or anything. It’s not the point of this comic. The point is really just their relationship.

I’ve never said Transfusions is a queer comic or that it has some kind of big lgbtq message. I really support all the minorities and I’m all for equality and all that and sure I could make a queer comic with a deeper meaning but there are tons of comic artist who really know about those things and can talk about those issues much better than I do.

Transfusions is just a love story. That’s all it is. And it is BL because it has two boys who are in love.

It’s 1:30 AM, I’m really tired and I have to be up early and I’ll be away pretty much all day tomorrow. So I’ll just leave this whole thing to this and say good night to you all.

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, I did not mean to do so. You all mean a lot to me, regardless of your orientation.

*hangs out with friends instead of being on tumblr for a few hours* i feel great the world is so alive i can do anything *gets back on tumblr* nope nope its time to go to bed immediately so i dont have to deal with this bullshit anymore *gets up to brush my teeth* yknow maybe i do actually have the energy to draw for a few more hours theres nothing stopping me *sits down at the computer again* never fucking mind