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Adams vs. Adams
  • John Quincy Adams: Dad, I don't like it when you constantly compare our presidencies!
  • John Adams: Well I don't like your depressing genes in my grandchildren, John, but life is full of little concessions.

Title: A typical (ice cream) Sunday
Pairing: Quiddler
Characters: Riddler, Harley Quinn

Inspired by a conversation with @bratpfanne-of-doom based off this amazing picture by @perditionxroad

They scout the factory with flashlights in hand; wide rays of light bounce off machines and glare against the dull metallic surface. Sources say Ben and Jerry’s are about to show case four new flavors to the public within the upcoming weeks and Harley wants first dibs on them all. She ropes Riddler along with the excuse she’ll need help carrying the ice cream home.

It’s a lie and they both know it.

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official confirmation Robbie ‘crypt scene’ Thompson wrote the upcoming and in-production episode “Angel Heart”

and these photos were taken while shooting angel heart:

Read the tweets. If that’s not sarcastically talking about manliness after having to kiss your best friend on camera I don’t know what is.

Also this happened: [x]

so um yes. Destiel is happening at sunset on a lake April 29th. Season 10 Episode 20. Courtesy of Robbie Thompson. Pass it on.

Please stop reposting art. Not just mine, but everyone else’s. It’s disrespectful and harming towards the artists. I understand you might want to share the art of your beloved characters everywhere, but the artists’ wishes and desires about their own art are what matters the most and come first before everything. Please understand, respect art and artists. Thank you.

I am a huge fan of Cartinelli, as is Lyndsy. And we are huge supporters of LGBT rights. And we hope there’s more diversity on television, promoting the importance of those kind of relationships, whether romantic or platonic. The thing that stands out for me and Angie’s relationship…Peggy and Angie, is that it’s seldom that you see on television a friendship between two women that isn’t founded on the interest of a man that they’re talking about. And also it isn’t competitive or bitchy - I think there’s a genuine affection that they have for each other, whether or not you want to project the idea that that’s romantic or sexual onto it; [it]’s entirely up to you and how you want to view it. But I think there’s a mutual respect that’s quite rare, that I want to see more of in film and stories ‘cause I think it reflects much more the quality of the female relationships that we have with each other in society, which, a lot of the time, are not competitive and bitchy. If anyone was like that in my life they wouldn’t be in my life! So we wanna have less of them on screen, and a much more honest representation of female relationships.
—  Hayley Atwell discussing Cartinelli and the importance of female relationships and their representation in film / Fan Expo Canada, Toronto, September 6, 2015.

Matt Bomer + photoshoots