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DEH as Things My Mom Has Texted Me/Convos We've Had
  • Evan Hansen: *a photo of a puddle of milk* A little spilled milk. Bc there's a saying no use crying over spilled milk and I just came across a giant puddle of milk and it's funny.
  • Jared Kleinman: All I want right now is to go to KMart to avoid this situation and you KNOW how much I hate KMart.
  • Zoe Murphy: Literally why would you do that what the fu- heck?
  • Alana Beck: *photo of a meme that says "Me: don't be weird at this social event. Also me: give strangers unnecessary information about serial killers.
  • Heidi Hansen: I really want these sunglasses but honestly they're too hip and cool for me what do you think?
  • Cynthia Murphy: You need to learn tact, girl. You can NOT just ask for money outright. You have to manipulate grandma.
  • Larry Murphy: You can always exit your room if you need me, I can't always text.

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Kristen's gay and dating Stella Maxwell, Robert's dating FKA Twigs, no need to tell conspiracy theories and lies to create some false hope of a former couple secretly being back together, even married with children; having completely false fantasies of two people you don't even know is just not normal and makes you come across as crazy and unhinged, please get help because it's not normal to be deeply invested in the lives of people you don't know and then tell lies about them that you post.

Did Kristen or Rob tell you all these? Or you came to these “conclusions” from reading tabloids and watching too much “entertainment news” online?  Do YOU know them personally? Or you came up with these fantasies with that tiny pea sized brained of yours from paparazzi photos and manipulated fan made images or videos?

“I’ve always wanted to keep what was mine and private, mine, because I didn’t want to be a part of an industry that was just making money off of it.

“I have never been interested to sell my personal life. And that is the only reason people are bringing it up. The reason you go on TV is to promote movies. You know, that is the way to do it.” 

- Robert Pattinson *Cosmopolitan promo with ABC “Good Morning America”, Aug 2012

While you are happily making money for the industry who created those fantasies to sell you, they will always keep what is theirs private and be constantly selling THEIR MOVIES. You need to get help in understanding satire such as SNL, and decipher lies and half truths from print interviews with publishers and writers with their own agendas. Because it’s not normal to be this stupid to make so much money for the industry and making the lives of these two actors so miserable with paparazzis and fake news outlets hounding them.

Oh…I normally don’t reply anonymous mail and send them to immediate blocking. Since I have time, and they are so gutless to come at me at my own blog for spewing BS. Well I will just post it first THEN block.

  • Yachi: i have an idea to raise our club funding!
  • Somewhere in Miyagi's backstreet..
  • Kuroo: Yacchan, you have a new photo, right?
  • Yachi: exclusive Tsukishima Kei photos. Buy 2 get 1. But this photo have a high price.
  • Akaashi: you know we don't care 'bout that.
  • Kuroo & Bokuto: here! Take my money!!
  • Meanwhile..
  • Tsukishima: Yamaguchi, lately why u always bring your camera and take a photo of me?
  • Yamaguchi: for the sake of Yachi-san's kind heart!

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I would like to buy the pro filt'r foundation but i'm scared to buy the wrong color cause even with the photos i can't figure out which color is mine! i can't go to store cause we don't have Fenty Beauty in Switzerland and i don't rlly wanna spend money on shipping and return 😢😢😢 I'm so sad cause i wanted a new foundation and this one looks perfect, everyone says it does a great job 💔

Yes, a lot of people are scared to buy the wrong color, but I would say try finding out if you have a cool, natural, or neutral undertone. You can find that out here.  Findation helps you find your shade for all brands of foundation. Just select Fenty Beauty and it has all of her shades and says if it’s cool, neutral, or warm. Then you can also use the foundation shade finder on Fenty Beauty. I hope this helps! 

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my birthday today is sucking royally lol. do you have any stanchez birthday related headcanons? it's ok if you don't though i don't want to take up your time

Aw buddy I can shoot a few good ones : ) Happy Birthday though!

Stan always shares his birthday with Ford and so while they have big parties, sometimes the focus shifts to Ford unintentionally. Rick is sure to give Stan a good chunk of money in a card and photos of something sexy to get Stan’s mind reeling for that night <3

Rick’s birthday is harder to pinpoint, because he already has a fear of aging and dying, so while the Smiths know, Stan doesn’t. So Stan has to figure it out or literally be told THE NIGHT OF. 

But in the case of Stan finding out via sneaky and admirable pick pocketing of Rick’s wallet, Stan would keep it simple: just go out of his way to do things Rick likes and using a regular free date as a cover. Of course Rick knows that Stan knows once he catches on, but he plays along and has a good day, then finish off with a giant plate of cupcakes from another dimension <3

Or if you want more of a grand gesture thing, after celebrating his and Ford’s Birthday, Stan and Rick fly off and get trashed for a week in the Gambling dimension and celebrate both of their birthdays at once.

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So @ WhiteCastle on twitter is doing a thing where you use a hashtag in your tweet and they donate money. Unfortunately, the money is going towards Autism$peaks and I don't know what to do about it? I'm seeing people I follow use the hashtag and I want to say something but I also don't want to be accused of being the asshole trying to make people stop donating just because I have a problem with the company. Is there anything that can be done?

First: I’m going to link for evidence, with a warning that there’s gross posts referencing A$ and even photos with that bloody puzzle piece, to the account in question and the hashtag, just in case people are like me and ignorant of this going on. The tag is full of light it up blue and horrible, gross posts. I’ve looked at it so you don’t have to!

(Here’s the colouring-in flyer advising that donations up to $50 000 will be made until the end of July. Also not something you need to look at; warning for heavy lightbulb imagery and more puzzle pieces. So gross.)

I’m going to say that my recommendation is that we go further than merely asking people to not hashtag; my recommendation is that US folks also boycott White Castle altogether and get as many people as possible to do the same, if this is something they are in a situation to ask. (And we non-US folks can also ask our US friends and followers to do the same.) Telling White Castle they are supporting a toxic hate organisation won’t get them to stop, since they haven’t bothered to look beyond their ableist assumptions to see what A$ is; watching their profits fall as a result might. It’s not a great weapon, but it’s the only one we have, so we wield it as best we can and see how far we can get this message outside of autism/stimming/ND spaces.

(Please note that even if they raise that $50 000, there’s nothing to stop anyone from continuing that boycott until White Castle ends their association with A$. They’ve been associated with A$ for a long time, so we can boycott for as long as it takes.)

Second: This is a really hard situation, anon, and I’m afraid that I’m only going to make it harder. I don’t have a simple solution for you.

I’m going to tuck the rest under a read more cut, so this post is easily reblogged for folks wanting an easier-to-read resource for passing about Tumblr:

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I'm not familiar w/ Instagram. But, Could S's driving photo be from last weekend or the one before? It's not a long drive from CT. And, if that is the case then all this he and she is staying / location wise can not be proven by photos alone. And, the place C is supposedly staying is really really expensive. A place you would probably split or combine w/ your follow partner. Someone who income is similar--don't your think?

Yes, you could post a photo at any time and with any geo tag. You don’t have to be at the specific location and the photo does not have to be real time.

I would assume both photos were current since they have been posting a lot of photos during the prior weekends and probably didn’t have time for a get away before now.

Sam and Cait have plenty of money. Between Outlander, endorsement deals and Cait’s modeling career, they can afford a weekend at a location that we cannot. And good for them. They should be enjoying life while they can.


s.a. messes w/photo editing pt 2:

Nazar Instagram!

Birthday present ideas for friends if ur creative and broke from yours truly:

• Get a cheap notebook with a plain card front. Design the cover with felt tips and ink, and sprinkle cute little doodles and messages on the corners of pages inside.

• Find a large jar. Cut a piece of plain paper into lots of small rectangles. Write quotes/jokes/life tips etc on the rectangles, fold these up and put them in the jar. Add in a bunch of pretty beads, finish by tying a ribbon round the lid.

• Buy a big cheap picture frame (heck, even pick up a secondhand one idk) and make a huge collage. Blurry selfies of you guys together pulling silly faces, concert tickets, badly printed out pixelated pictures of their fave anime character, random childish looking stickers…anything that sums up your relationship tbh!

• Same as above, but on the outside of an old shoebox instead so they can keep stuff in it. On the inside, paste a cute picture and write a heartfelt message. Coat the final thing with diluted PVA glue to prevent peeling.

• If you share an inside joke, draw it and put it in a frame. It doesn’t have to be ‘good’ art, just something to make them laugh.

• Pre-write a bunch of pretty letters if you guys are leaving for college - like, one for them to open on their first night, another for when they’re sad, another for before finals, etc etc. Put them in envelopes and decorate them with doodles and stickers before tying them together with a ribbon.

• If you have an old scrapbook or notebook, fill it with stuff like printed out photos, recipes and songs/celebs/movies they might like and your best (and funniest) memories.

Honestly I can promise from experience that the best gifts are almost always ones that have had a lot of thought and effort go into them, not the most money! You can do most of these with stuff you can probably dig up in your house, basic stationery and a printer. ☺️

So here’s as professional as photos I could take with my webcam by myself at 4 i the morning. >_>; Feel free to read the captions or my commentary on each shot. XD Also if you have a request for a gif or shot while I’m still in this let me know! I got all tatted up so I don’t want to stop before I do a lot of photos!

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can I request a scenario when you're a blind girl who lived in an orphanage with and Mark always visit you during the childhood? He promised to marry you and take care of you when he'll be older?One day a wealthy adopted you and both loose the touch, you became sight and the only thing you have is a necklace with his childhood photo? Many years later you became a DJ radio with the hope of finding him?He had always waited for you and tried to find you, he immediately recognizes you but you don't?

I hope you enjoy reading it! <3


You sighed, your fingers once again making their way up to the silver locket dangling around your neck. Life was supposed to be great now. You were out of that orphanage, had a caring family, had money, and best of all, you had your sight back. Your mind wandered back to your early childhood days.

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Are you all still posting these old ass photos? I wouldn't even. If Fox, sleepy hollow team, or even the cast can't be bothered to promote, then why even help? I just don't see the point. TBT I think they are taking y'all for granted. It is their money, if they don't wanna fight for it then shoo...on to the next one.

We sure are. Just because SH isn’t going to comic con I’m not gonna sit here and cry about it. The filming schedule was off. They’re starting sooner!! I’m sure we will see promo stuff later on. If they really didn’t want the show, it would have been canceled a long ass time ago. Plus these old photos are cute af. Why wouldn’t you want them on your dash?! And if you really don’t care or are so annoyed about it unfollow and move on :)