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addendum: a series of oneshots expanding upon and exploring the events of each episode in season three

Waking Up Today (3x01) • Just Like That (3x02) • Say Before You Falter (3x03) • Know This (3x04) • Form and Function (3x05) • Ready For This (3x06) • A Lot of Maybes (3x07) • Bone to Pick (3x08) • Could Have Said (3x09) • Brothers in Trout (3x10) • Cathartic Cap (3x11) • One, Two, Jab (3x12) • Gotta Be Professional (3x13) • Fine (3x14) • Lost (3x14/3x15) • Got the Munchies (3x15) • Talk About It (3x16) • Somebody Waiting (3x17) • Kasual Motherhood (3x18) • Hard Not Easy (3x19) • Glad You Weren’t As Bad a Mom (3x20) • Not All Cops (3x21) • Twenty-Nine In a Day (3x22) • Those Left Behind (3x23) • Coming and Going (3x23/4x01)

Some ‘back in my day’ thoughts about fandom and whether or not Supercorp fans ‘deserved’ disrespect, which is something I’ve seen too much.

Back when I was an overly-enthusiastic teen on the internet (and super in the closet. I hadn’t been brave enough to choose Xena fandom), I was crazy obsessed with Friends. Like many many teenage girls. This was before social media, so it was common for you to make a random geocities or lycos or whatever fansite, link it to a webring and engage with other fans that way.

I digress. Season 4 happened, and Ross was going to get married to Emily instead of Rachel. and the seemingly endless hiatus between finding out what he would do at that alter was a gap where fans went crazy with rage. I saw photoshoped images of the actress who played Emily on a shit tonne of fansites right next to ‘site of the day’ banners, with a big red X on her. The hate against her was huge. I guarantee you the fandom would have gone after her on twitter had it existed. It didn’t, but I’m sure they found ways to be borderline horrific and stalky towards this poor English actress. I mean even I hated her, vehemently. Because pack mentality, and she hadn’t even done anything to us. I’d like to think I wouldn’t have harassed on behalf of Friends fandom, but we’ll never know because the internet was different when I was 15.

I’ve seen other people write that this is just a way that young people engage passionately on the internet. Sometimes it goes too far. And it gets a lot scarier than queer girls losing their cool over being laughed at by someone in a position of power. Why is the condemnation against teen girl fans, particularly queer ones, always swifter than any against other bad online behaviour?

I mean, fuck. I have friends who work in the media. I know people who are very scarily harassed by men online because they dare write about feminism and not back down politely. If we take anything away from this, it’s that any response without thought can have dangerous consequences. But that the power structures of the so-called ‘real’ world exist in concert with this online engagement. And there is a big difference between something like Gamergate at its worst and Supercorp fans even at their worst. Just like there’s a difference between Clementine Ford posting screenshots of men who send her rape threats, and what Jeremy Jordan et all did.

The reason why this has so much steam is because power and privilege and respect are thorny issues with a lot to discuss. It is bigger than the Supergirl fandom. And it pisses me off to see people engage with it with comments like ‘Oh but that fandom is toxic they had it coming’. And ‘you already have Sanvers why aren’t you happy.’ Though I have no expectation really, from people without the empathy to think this thought through. For those capable of it, I have hope.

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hey rosy what happen with marie she spoiled the show again hahahaha you have the links of her interviews or someone who has it.

I don’t know. She didn’t really spoil the show, but everyone els is like, “I don’t know we’ll see, I can’t wait to see everyone back together, who knows, we’ll see, i just want her/him to be happy, and there was this one interview with all of them and Marie was just like,

“yeah I don’t know what’s going to happen but Octavia is going really dark and when they’re stuck underground she’s going to figure out some really harsh ways to reprimand people and Octavia is going to be the yadda yadda..”

And everyone in the panel was like blinking and grinning at each other and covering their mouths in surprise and JR was STARING at her. And Marie was just like, whatever, I’m telling what I know. I don’t have the link. I reblogged it I think and it was kind of funny to watch the rest of the cast react.

Last year she spoiled the space ship which was NOT COOL. 

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Steven isn’t the first victim of Blue Diamond’s grabby hands and he certainly isn’t the most severely wronged