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Do you have any expectations for 12x19? Personally I'm a bit apprehensive. The previous two Cas heavy episodes were really well made but this time I don't know why I just have this apprehension concerning this ep. (Here's hoping I'm being unnecessarily paranoid 🍺)

I have so many expectations and theories and I am so excited for 12x19!  But on the other hand I have delved into this in detail already and I don’t want bang on too much….

We are supposed to be worried and I love this! 

All the build up and pining/separation/Cas hiatus is making us worry for and miss Cas and seeing how much Dean is worried and misses him is very exciting :) Also, again with the Destiel/Sastiel comparisons, I love how they do this, how they show that Sam still cares but Dean is just another level. Pfft. 

We are seeing so much through Dean’s eyes this season and I think it’s been done so well (e.g. all this but also the opening scene of the season with Mary, the waitress in 12x18 for example is portrayed through Dean’s eyes in terms of what she means to him (literally just a distraction etc) .

Seeing Kelly start to wonder about her choices? YES! Seeing Cas get hurt in front of Sam and Dean? YES! Seeing multiple clips and therefore an important focus on Dean being pissed at Cas and Sam kind of hovering behind still pissed but not getting too involved in this domestic fight? YESSSSSSSSS! 

I’m gonna link you to a couple of posts:

my overall season spec: 12x18 analysis & spec.

this post from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak where they/we did some spec.

this post from @bluestar86 which mirrors some of my own thoughts.

The main one that the rest of my Dean/Cas meta sits on at the moment is my break up theory which 12x19 is central to I hope, here

I feel like this black moment / break up point is going to be 12x19 (and/or 12x23 or a culmination of all of this season). 

I have strong feelings of a 6x20 parallel coming into 12x19 and I will be disappointed if we don’t some sort of full on argument and angry/sad eye-longing as a call back to this. Although I imagine as the depth of their feelings are so much stronger now Dean will be less overtly hurt and more just plain angry by this point, I’m imagining some sort of CW-okayed version of “well just F*** off then Cas”.

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My best bet is on… something along the lines of: 

12x19 Dean being angry and pushing Cas away for ‘abandoning’ him  (which seems to be what the promo is showing in the brief glimpse we have). I think this is pretty much standard, easy spec, I mean, it’s not even spec at this point it’s clearly canon.

Cas probably going away with the angels as HE feels pushed away and rejected or being ‘taken’ in someway, but I have a feeling it’s going to be more the former, especially after the waitress thing shows how bad Dean is dealing and the promo shows Dean is clearly gonna be pissed

I was going to type out again my theories for 20-23 and endgame but i think they’re in the above posts … basically chosen separation 20-21, probable reconciliation, out of their hands separation from 23 into hiatus

The way the 3 episodes are titled with past, present, future connotations and just the fact that they literally can’t kill Misha or Cas off the show anyway and the heavily moved forwards Destiel storyline I am not worried for Cas overall.

So, for 12x19 - while I think it will be super painful the endgame is gonna be worth it :)

Given the overall dramatic turn of their relationship this season and all the pining, the love talk etc. the writing now means that really they CANNOT be around each other without it becoming canon or them having to back out completely (which I really don’t see them doing at this point, what would be the point of creating this whole drama this season to then just back it down to bro-talk), so really for me, they have to be separated for *reasons*, the show has backed themselves into the proverbial corner…

Hence the idea of ‘winning him back’ for s13 and some great Cas-centric stuff moving forwards. Even if it might be Cas-light in terms of screen time, as I heavily parallel s6 with s12 and therefore s7 separation to a s13 probable separation, I think he will have a great arc leading to series end…. we shall see.


So, I had planned to write Captain Charming post that  ep… but instead it’s mostly Killian/Snow  interaction.  I don’t even know.

              He’s pacing outside the loft when Snow opens the door.

              It startles him for a moment, seeing her rather than Dave.  He knows the two have been trading out, of course, but he’s spent so much time with her husband, that seeing Snow leaves him unsure for a moment.

              He hadn’t known what he would say to Dave, those bloody pages burning a hole in his pocket, so now that he’s faced with the man’s wife instead, he’s left utterly speechless.

              Snow looks at him for a long moment with those eyes so like Emma’s.  Her purse is draped over her arm, but after a moment of looking at him, she sets it aside and opens her door wider.

              “Come in, Killian.”

              “I…” Killian scratches his ear, not knowing what to do.  “You were leaving.  I don’t wish to keep you.”

              “It’s not important. Come in, Killian.”

              He obeys the order the second time it’s given, and perches on a chair at the counter, watching Snow as she moves around the kitchen. It takes her just minutes to put together some tea, and then she joins him at the counter, placing large mugs in front of them both.

              “You’re troubled,” Snow remarks, and it surprises Killian somewhat.  Dave doesn’t tend to notice when he’s troubled so quickly, and Emma would immediately ask what was wrong.  But Snow just watches him and waits

              Killian thinks to out wait her, burying his attention in his mug. But her gaze is a heavy weight  on the top of his head as he stares into his mug, and finally, to turn her attention elsewhere, he pulls out the page and tosses them in front of her.


              “If you’re worried about making Emma think poorly of her friend, then you shouldn’t. It’s not like you ran off to this-”

              “The man in the pages is David’s father.” Killian stares into the tea, even as he cuts Snow off, unable to bear the thought of her trying to make him feel better.  And the words don’t stop at that.  “I killed him.”

              Silence again, and he can feel her gaze on him once more.  Killian can’t look up.  Not when he knows that he’ll see disappointment – or worse, hatred – in those eyes so similar to the woman he loves.  

              “Does David know?”

              It’s the tone that makes Killian’s head jerk up. Because there isn’t anger there, but rather compassion.  It’s a testament, to how very kind Snow is, that her expression is that of empathy.

              “We thought it was George.  It would have been George… but I was there.  I should have let him go free, but it would be an irritant, to have a king after me.  So I murdered him, and never thought of him again except…”

              He looks at those damning pages, and recalls his own childhood, and that feeling of abandonment – the one that ruins a boy and leaves him ruined into manhood – and it makes him feel ill, to know that it’s his fault that Dave knows that bitter experience as well.

              “I didn’t know.  Not until the puppet brought me those pages last night.”

              He’d gone through the motions with Emma, and his loving may have been a bit fiercer, because he’d known it might be the last time. He should have told her… but another part of him needed to tell Dave first. And yet another part had needed one last taste of her, before he very likely lost her forever.

              Emma Swan wasn’t the type to welcome the murderer of her own family into his bed.

              He had left that morning before Emma awoke, and wandered the streets  until the  clock hit an acceptable time and he’d found himself outside the loft..

              “And now you’re here,” Snow remarks.  “To tell him.”

              He can’t say anything, just nods miserably.  Snow joins him, and runs a hand over his hair.  It’s such a motherly gesture, and Killian has few memories of his mother, so he has to close his eyes lest he embarrass them both with his tears.

              “You’re a good man, Killian Jones.” He shudders, and his breath is a sob at Snow’s words.  She hugs him, and he can’t help but hug her back.  “You may not have always been, but you are now. David knows that.  Tell him, and then give him time.”

              “Why are you being so kind to me?” he asks her, as she walks away.  She keeps her back to him as she cleans her mug, and Killian is thankful, as it gives him a moment to  wipe away the tears that want to fall. “Dave… this tore him up. And it’s because of me.”

              “You’re tearing  yourself up enough for  us both. And maybe  I understand  you a little more than you think.  Despite my name, I’m not entirely without darkness,  Killian.”

              He thinks that her darkness is nothing to his,  but then  again, who is he to belittle the pain others carry?


              “Will forgive you, because she knows you’ve changed. So will David. You’re here, Killian. You’re telling the truth. That… it counts for a lot.”

              Killian swallows and gives the smallest of nods, though he doesn’t quite believe her.  Snow’s expression  says she knows his thoughts, but rather than say anything more, she wipes her hands and heads for the steps.

              “I’ll wake David for you… Killian?  Just tell him the truth.  The way you told it to me.  Whatever happens, I believe it will work out in the end.”

              Killian says nothing and for a moment he considers fleeing.  But then a heavier tread comes down the steps, and now it’s Dave.

              Killian swallows, and lets him read the pages, and decides to do exactly as Snow had suggested.

              And perhaps, someday, he’ll regain all he’s sure he’ll lose.

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(Monii)JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.2: JK grabbing JM and saying "Where do you think you're going". JM saying he dressed as a cabbage so JK could eat him. JK making that...face when JM was sitting on his lap (trust me that face is questionable). JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM's head doesn't bump into him (but the rest of him can). JK shouting out Jimin-ah on live national television right at the end of the segment

(Monii) JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.3: JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). JK using JM’s sock as a mic to sing with (Like how the hell did he get it off of JM’s foot in the first place o.O). JK rubbing & smacking the jibooty during BS&T rehearsal (poor JM now has to live with the thought of exposing his backside everytime they perform the song). 

#jikookthrowback ep4 (part1)

questionable things

by now jungkook manhandling jimin has become a regular thing, he has done it countless times and that time he did it when jimin was about to “escape” to go to the bathroom was one of them, but the thing about that particular moment was him saying :”where do you think you’re running off to?” in a very low voice for jimin, which means that it was intended for jimin only to hear,he said it so quietly so that no one other than jimin could hear it especially since they were using such a low quality phone cam ,so jungkook probably thought that no one could hear it except jimin which wasn’t the case . that btw says a lot about their relationship as whole, especialy the way jimin kept giggling afterwards (clearly enjoying the whole situation) , also jungkook’s choice of words was very interessting don’t you think? and saying it so dierectly like that ..well that shows how bold he can be with jimin.. also they were both so comfortable with the whole situation,it felt very normal (?) to them, which means that it has probably happened more than once already .

the time jungkook was using jimin’s sock as a mic that was really questionable i mean  like you said how did he even get jimin’s sock,plus that day jimin wasn’t wearing those socks(he was wearing white socks i believe) which makes it weirder (the fact that he had a hold jimin’s socks itself is suspicious) there’s a possibily that his and jimin’s videos weren’t filmed on the same  day so maybe that was the sock that jimin was wearing at the moment ,in that case he must have casually taken it off of jimin’s foot and used it as a mic (?) which is questionable by itself, i mean would you take your friend’s sock which btw they have been wearing all day and put it so close to your mouth/face i think no, unless you are genuinely attracted to that person and really like them idfk at this point ,jimin was really taken aback by all of this ,he immediately took the sock away from him and started blushing.. which makes it even more suspicious 

jungkook said that he doesn’t like using banmal/informal speech with his hyungs , but then again jimin is a special case not any hyung right? so there has been several occasions where he used banmal with him,and one of those times is the time he shouted “JIMIN-AH” live on national tv, it was right before jimin and taemin’s performance, he probably thought that jimin was nervous so he did it to cheer him up a little, and he knew for that jimin would be okay with him speaking informally to him.. 

it’s very well known by now that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s butt, but no one thought he’d be bold enough to “rub” and then “smack” it right before the start of the rehearsal when everyone was ready…and the song was about to start playing (they were all in their positions). and after he did it jimin turned around because the whole thing and especially jungkook’s boldness to do that in front of everyone really “ surprised “ impressed him …that of course led them to re-start  everything, they had to re-take their positions .. and even though jimin might seemed like he was taken aback a little by jungkook’s act ; it wasn’t in a bad way because after he turned back and took his position,he was smiling ;he clearly enjoyed it . what makes this thing suspicious tho is the members’ reactions, they were very comfortable with the situation and weren’t taken aback at all ;not one bit actually! they all started laughing as if it has already happened countless times before for them to be surprised by it anymore.

also can you believe that jimin actually literally said that he wanted to dress as cabbage so rabbit jungkook could eat him (x

“JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). i have nothing to add  

whenever jimin is on his lap/near him jungkook does this weird(!) face   it’s like he’s saying he’s mine, it has to do with him being possessive over jimin , something like that i think.

[JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM’s head doesn’t bump into him (but the rest of him can) ] —> this has a lot to do with jungkook being hyper-aware of jimin’s presence and actions ,it happened on jimin’s bday bomb,( jimin looked away after “asking him for a kiss” , at that moment jimin started laughing and without having to look at him jungkook knew and started laughing / smiling himself ,this btw was pointed out by kookminworld on youtube) . [but the rest of him can] that actually reminds me of the time he was imitating jimin’s part of “butterfly” and after jimin moved back and was about to bump into him ,jungkook left up his chin so that is head doesn’t bump  into jimin (but the rest of him can)

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1+ Supercat?

1. First kiss

“I’m not getting you another Bankers Box,” Cat tells her, not looking away from the night skyline.

Kara tugs at her dress in the balcony doorway, rolling her lips together to stop a smile as she watches Cat’s shoulders shift. “No need, Ms. Grant,” she says as she steps over the threshold.

It feels like she’s said goodbye already at the same time that it doesn’t. Kara wonders if it’s greedy to want two goodbyes, two moments with Cat when most people (read: people without a secret identity) would only get one. But when Cat braces her forearms on the ledge and turns to look at her, Kara can’t seem to care about shoulds. 

She’s not ready for Cat to leave.

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ok hear me out: rubberbang where theyre high school classmates and also dating and one day ross stays home and texts dan filthy shit while hes just sitting in math class and hes just left there to deal with his boner

(These are taking longer than expected, so I’m gonna go watch a movie and fill the last three either afterwards or tomorrow. I will get to them, I promise!)

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So this is (part of) jailbreak, but in the opal au. I know Amethyst usually put in Ruby’s spot and Pearl is put in Sapphire’s, but I decided to swap it, because bpd-amethyst and others were talking about it and it just makes more sense to me in all honesty.

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Hahah honestly I didn't expect any other answer from you! Maybe you could do a top 10 if you want and have the time? But pls don't feel rushed to do so, take care of yourself and your obligations first :)

your question got me thinking!! okay this is what I think are my top 10, not really in any particular order but like the one’s that are like the most memorable and made me have the wildest reaction lmao

1) my icon!! when jinyoung and mark were in separate cars for a journey and then when they were reunited, they ran towards each other and hugged and laughed

2) “when I came to the dorm after work and mark hyung was there sleeping with coco in my bed” I mean…….can u actually believe……….that I am still alive

3) in real got7 ep 6 when mark kissed jinyoung’s hand twice before hitting him and hugging him after

4) this fansign;

its so teasing and they’re so wrapped up in each other and their laughs are so cute and I just???? cant

5) real got7 ep 10 was just…..amazing. after telling everyone to not touch him whilst he was speaking, mark got emotional about how much closer he’s got with the other guys because of real got7. jinyoung leans down to comfort him and mark lets him!!! and then obviously, the kiss at the end and mark’s cute “what was that??!!” and laugh

6) “jinyoungie, I love you” and running towards each other and jinyoung jumping into mark’s arms and looking so smug and mark looked so happy and then the kISS IM YELLING!!!!!!

7) their WHOLE got2day episode but especially their story of how they met it was just so adorable and mark was so talkative and giggly it was life-saving

8) every single time mark whispered “stop fronting” in jinyoung’s ear during the A performances I LIVED for that and the dance practice when jinyoung put his arms around mark and they both grinned ughdkghdkgkd

9) when jinyoung was mark’s teacher during that igot7 episode I cant remember which one…maybe 6??? idk but when jinyoung was teaching him, mark literally looked at him like the sun it was astounding and I think jinyoung said “hyung, I believe in you!” at some point

10) that fan meeting where jinyoung and mark said they want each other in their fan groups or whatever its called and jinyoung sat in mark’s lap and mark rocked him like a baby it is simultaneously the best and worst thing I have ever seen


11) the “how to make mom happy” igot7 episode was just…pure gold

12) jinyoung proposing to mark on stage and mark accepting and them hugging and laughing

13) “so why are we here tonight?” “we’re on a date”

14) when yugyeom was messing with jinyoung and mark appeared like BIG MISTAKE MAKNAE STEP AWAY FROM MY MAN

15) when Jackson made mark do aegyo and jinyoung stared at him with so much love I actually…….passed out 1000 times


17) jinyoung being a fussy whiny baby during igot7 about what he wanted to eat and mark just promising him anything 

18) that fan signing where jinyoung was gonna re-enact a scene from my love eundong and Jackson said it would be mark instead and jinyoung went into awkward caught mode and tried to change the subject and mark just….stared at him……that will haunt me as the most unexplained situation ever

19) like just every single fan signing man!! they’re so filled with markjin moments I cant name all of them!!!


I have reached 20 so I should stop hahaha but honestly, there are so many more I want to talk about so I’m really glad I’m making those masterposts so I can just go wild!!

oh god you don't have a little idea of how much I want to watch this scene on the show

“He stepped off the ledge and made his way down the steep incline, bracing his feet against tufts of grass, catching at branches to keep his balance, not looking back. I watched him until he disappeared into the oak clump, walking slowly, like a man wounded, who knows he must keep moving, but feels his life ebbing slowly away through the fingers he has clenched over the wound.
My knees were trembling. Slowly, I lowered myself to the granite shelf and sat cross-legged, watching the swallows about their business. Below, I could just see the roof of the cottage that now held my past. At my back loomed the cleft stone. And my future.
I sat without moving through the afternoon. I tried to force all emotion from my mind and use reason. Jamie certainly had logic on his side when he argued that I should go back: home, safety, Frank; even the small amenities of life that I sorely missed from time to time, like hot baths and indoor plumbing, to say nothing of larger considerations such as proper medical care and convenient travel.
And yet, while I would certainly admit the inconveniences and outright dangers of this place, I would have also to admit that I had enjoyed many aspects of it. If travel was inconvenient, there were no enormous stretches of concrete blanketing the countryside, nor any noisy, stinking autos—contrivances with their own dangers, I reminded myself. Life was much simpler, and so were the people. Not less intelligent, but much more direct—with a few sterling exceptions like Colum ban Campbell MacKenzie, I thought grimly.
Because of Uncle Lamb’s work, I had lived in a great many places, many even cruder and more lacking in amenities than this one. I adapted quite easily to rough conditions, and did not really miss “civilization” when away from it, though I adapted just as easily to the presence of niceties like electric cookers and hot-water geysers. I shivered in the cold wind, hugging myself as I stared at the rock.
Rationality did not appear to be helping much. I turned to emotion, and began, shrinking from the task, to reconstruct the details of my married lives—first with Frank, then with Jamie. The only result of this was to leave me shattered and weeping, the tears forming icy trails on my face.
Well, if not reason nor emotion, what of duty? I had given Frank a wedding vow, and had meant it with all my heart. I had given Jamie the same, meaning to betray it as soon as possible. And which of them would I betray now? I continued to sit, as the sun sank lower in the sky and the swallows disappeared to their nests.
As the evening star began to glow among the black pines’ branches, I concluded that in this situation reason was of little use. I would have to rely on something else; just what, I wasn’t sure. I turned toward the split rock and took a step, then another, and another. Pausing, I faced around and tried it in the other direction. A step, then another, and another, and before I even knew that I had decided, I was halfway down the slope, scrabbling wildly at grass clumps, slipping and falling through the patches of granite scree.
When I reached the cottage, breathless with fear lest he had left already, I was reassured to see Donas hobbled and grazing nearby. The horse raised his head and eyed me unpleasantly. Walking softly, I pushed the door open.
He was in the front room, asleep on a narrow oak settle. He slept on his back, as he usually did, hands crossed on his stomach, mouth slightly open. The last rays of daylight from the window behind me limned his face like a metal mask; the silver tracks of dried tears glinted on golden skin, and the copper stubble of his beard gleamed dully.
I stood watching him for a moment, filled with an unutterable tenderness. Moving as quietly as I could, I lay down beside him on the narrow settle and nestled close. He turned to me in sleep as he so often did, gathering me spoon-fashion against his chest and resting his cheek against my hair. Half-conscious, he reached to smooth my hair away from his nose; I felt the sudden jerk as he came awake to realize that I was there, and then we overbalanced and crashed together onto the floor, Jamie on top of me.
I didn’t have the slightest doubt that he was solid flesh. I pushed a knee into his abdomen, grunting.
“Get off! I can’t breathe!”
Instead, he aggravated my breathless condition by kissing me thoroughly. I ignored the lack of oxygen temporarily in order to concentrate on more important things.
We held each other for a long time without speaking. At last he murmured “Why?”—his mouth muffled in my hair.
I kissed his cheek, damp and salty. I could feel his heart beating against my ribs, and wanted nothing more than to stay there forever, not moving, not making love, just breathing the same air.
“I had to,” I said. I laughed, a little shakily. “You don’t know how close it was. The hot baths nearly won.””