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I just like…wanna know one way or the other whether Patsy and Delia are going to be regulars this season (including the Christmas ep). Like I’ll still watch regardless but I’d rather know if they aren’t going to be so I don’t have to deal with the disappointment. That shit hurts especially in this case after finishing such a devastating year for lesbian representation. Don’t allow me to have hope they’ll be there if they aren’t going to be.

Oh, please tell me the people who are making a big deal out of Yuuri’s mistakes in Rostelecom’s Free Skate are people who have never watched figure skating.

While it’s true you can’t deny the emotional stability that Viktor brings to Yuuri, there are a million other reasons why skaters can mess up a program, especially a free program, and it happens all the time. It doesn’t mean Yuuri depends excessively on Viktor.

It’s just… what usually happens. That’s how real life figure skating works, to be honest.

Yuuri has failed elements before even when he had Viktor by his side. People forget that Yuuri’s program is very complex, more than his programs in previous years. He’s still adjusting. There are several factors that can affect him. He is the kind of skater who worries a lot and suffers anxiety and that adds to possible exhaustion. He’s not overly dependent on Viktor, but coaches exist for a reason, and of course Yuuri is going to miss him, but that doesn’t mean Yuuri FAILED because Viktor wasn’t there.

Plus, the fact that he ended up fourth is because the field is ridiculously deep. There are way too many good skaters in Yuri on Ice. Yuuri didn’t skate a terrible program. His mistakes (save the popped jump) are mistakes that you can commonly see in pretty much every skater.