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(Monii)JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.2: JK grabbing JM and saying "Where do you think you're going". JM saying he dressed as a cabbage so JK could eat him. JK making that...face when JM was sitting on his lap (trust me that face is questionable). JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM's head doesn't bump into him (but the rest of him can). JK shouting out Jimin-ah on live national television right at the end of the segment

(Monii) JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.3: JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). JK using JM’s sock as a mic to sing with (Like how the hell did he get it off of JM’s foot in the first place o.O). JK rubbing & smacking the jibooty during BS&T rehearsal (poor JM now has to live with the thought of exposing his backside everytime they perform the song). 

#jikookthrowback ep4 (part1)

questionable things

by now jungkook manhandling jimin has become a regular thing, he has done it countless times and that time he did it when jimin was about to “escape” to go to the bathroom was one of them, but the thing about that particular moment was him saying :”where do you think you’re running off to?” in a very low voice for jimin, which means that it was intended for jimin only to hear,he said it so quietly so that no one other than jimin could hear it especially since they were using such a low quality phone cam ,so jungkook probably thought that no one could hear it except jimin which wasn’t the case . that btw says a lot about their relationship as whole, especialy the way jimin kept giggling afterwards (clearly enjoying the whole situation) , also jungkook’s choice of words was very interessting don’t you think? and saying it so dierectly like that ..well that shows how bold he can be with jimin.. also they were both so comfortable with the whole situation,it felt very normal (?) to them, which means that it has probably happened more than once already .

the time jungkook was using jimin’s sock as a mic that was really questionable i mean  like you said how did he even get jimin’s sock,plus that day jimin wasn’t wearing those socks(he was wearing white socks i believe) which makes it weirder (the fact that he had a hold jimin’s socks itself is suspicious) there’s a possibily that his and jimin’s videos weren’t filmed on the same  day so maybe that was the sock that jimin was wearing at the moment ,in that case he must have casually taken it off of jimin’s foot and used it as a mic (?) which is questionable by itself, i mean would you take your friend’s sock which btw they have been wearing all day and put it so close to your mouth/face i think no, unless you are genuinely attracted to that person and really like them idfk at this point ,jimin was really taken aback by all of this ,he immediately took the sock away from him and started blushing.. which makes it even more suspicious 

jungkook said that he doesn’t like using banmal/informal speech with his hyungs , but then again jimin is a special case not any hyung right? so there has been several occasions where he used banmal with him,and one of those times is the time he shouted “JIMIN-AH” live on national tv, it was right before jimin and taemin’s performance, he probably thought that jimin was nervous so he did it to cheer him up a little, and he knew for that jimin would be okay with him speaking informally to him.. 

it’s very well known by now that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s butt, but no one thought he’d be bold enough to “rub” and then “smack” it right before the start of the rehearsal when everyone was ready…and the song was about to start playing (they were all in their positions). and after he did it jimin turned around because the whole thing and especially jungkook’s boldness to do that in front of everyone really “ surprised “ impressed him …that of course led them to re-start  everything, they had to re-take their positions .. and even though jimin might seemed like he was taken aback a little by jungkook’s act ; it wasn’t in a bad way because after he turned back and took his position,he was smiling ;he clearly enjoyed it . what makes this thing suspicious tho is the members’ reactions, they were very comfortable with the situation and weren’t taken aback at all ;not one bit actually! they all started laughing as if it has already happened countless times before for them to be surprised by it anymore.

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a: a man can only have so many issues, it is just a key.
n: you’re a foster child. you know it isn’t. […]  i’ve never belonged anywhere or had the right to call anything my own. but coach gave me keys to the court, and you told me to stay. you gave me a key and called it home. i haven’t had a home since my parents died.
a: don’t look at me like that. i am not your answer and you sure as fuck aren’t mine.

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Okay okay, But Have you ever drawn Angelica Hamilton? Cuz she was really close to her older brother Philip and it always makes me sad :')

Technically, yes! I drew the entire Hamilton family(or at least everyone I could fit) for this scene in my I Believe animatic:

She’s tallest of the two girls(I made her a little younger than she should be, I know, didn’t look up the age difference beforehand). That’s just a sketch, though, so here’s a more detailed design for you:

I like to think she looks a lot like her mother!

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hey!! do you have any alpha/omegadynamics yoi fic recs?? (theyre my fav but i wont ever admit that outloud) oops

Ahhh I’m afraid not!! I don’t really read those D: D: @victuurificrec has a high quality list here though!



Alec snapped out of his thoughts as the teacher called his name. Panicking Alec skimmed the page in front of him, looking for an answer. Then he realized he didn’t even know what the question was.

“I…uh” Seeing his panic Magnus who sat besides him whispered the answer under his breath loud enough for Alec to hear.

“217!” Alec yelled the answer as Magnus gave him a glare.

“Yes, Mr. Lightwood you don’t have to yell it.” The teacher glared at Alec while Magnus shot him a ‘wtf’ look.

Cowering, Alec mumbled a sorry as he looked down at his table.

Sighing besides him Magnus shook his head at his classmate’s stupidity.

-  -  -

Drawing the last lines on his drawing, Alec scratched his head as he looked the drawing over. It didn’t look quite right.

A poke in his side caught Alec’s attention. Meeting Magnus’ eyes he realized that once again he had failed at paying attention.

Looking between the teacher who had crossed her arms waiting annoyed for Alec to answer to Magnus who desperately tried to point at the book in front of him without attracting the teachers attention.

The problem was that he hadn’t even opened his book.


“Mr. Bane what do you think you are doing?” Stopping wide eyed, Magnus met the teacher’s angry gaze as he realized they had been caught.

“Detention! Both of you.” Both of the boys dropped their heads on the table groaning simultaneously.

Great. Just great. Alec thought while meeting Magnus’ eyes. At least they were together

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How can you be a wlw when your friends with some of the most homophobic bellarke shippers and you hate clexa

Ayy Olofi no puedo mas,

My sexuality and ships are in no way correlated that’s first and foremost.

Second of all homophobic? Que interesante because I follow 106‬ people actually less if you don’t want to count networks and personally have spoken to each of them and I think maybe five of them are straight… Or it could just be medha.

How about this sapinga you come over here to my inbox attack my sexuality when you’re self esteem is so low that if I saw you on the street te tumbo because you’re made of carton, y yo si te lo digo porque yo no tengo pelo en la lengua y que

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I find it both interesting and creepy that bone marrow could be the answer to making Nightbloods. I could have done without the Mt Weather parallel but I guess this better than going back to space? What do you think about this?

I think they wanted the MW parallel. I think part of what this show does is pull up the horrors we’ll perpetrate on each other to save ourselves. 

Maybe there ARE no good guys.

There aren’t. We’re all sinners. We’re all selfish. We’re all stupid. We’re all villains. No matter how we want to say people are perfect cupcakes who deserve better. What point is that? Deserving is a load of crock. Whether in this real life world or that postapocalyptic one. 

We all deserve a better world. We don’t get one. This is what we got, deserving or not. 

As for space? I have no idea. Whatever they can pull off. 

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Name: Sara

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Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 5′1.5

Orientation: Bi, demisexual

Ethnicity: Indonesian, French Canadian (but live in USA)

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite book series: (answering w/ favorite book bc idk) The Wind Up Bird Chronicle or Aristotle and Dante

Favorite flower: rose

Favorite scent: chinese food tbh

Favorite color: Maroon/army green/dark teal

Favorite animal: Tibetan sand fox or bee idk can’t decide

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea

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What are the ships in Pristin? Personally I really ship Rena and Roa but I have no idea what their ship name is

hi! i would say some popular ships are napink (nayoung x kyulkyung), pinkwoo (kyulkyung x eunwoo), 2kyung aka yuro (roa x yuha), 2won (yuha x yehana), 99 line (yehana x sungyeon), minbin aka minkyebin aka toll and smoll (rena x roa)!

I just wanted to start the game ^^

A: Age: I said in a previous tag that I’m not enirely comfortable with telling (I’m in high school, fair enough)

B: Where I’m from: Warsaw, Poland

C: Where I would like to live: London, UK

D: Favourite food: Not able to answer, I love eating and I have sooo many foods that I absolutely love!

E: Religion: atheist

F: Sexual orientation: heterosexual

G: Single/taken: single, but I have a crush :3

H: Favourite book: Look up on my Favourite Food ;)

I: Eye colour: green

J: Favourite movie: Look up on my Favourite Food ;D

K: Favourite TV show: Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Friends, and the list will probably go on ;)

L: Favourite band/singer: Adele, Ed Sheeran, Halsey

M: Random fact about me: I’m quiet and shy, but when you meet me, I am one of the weirdest people alive; I’m also really sensitive

N: Favorite day of the year: for example the day when school year ends (I have a couple of ones I always enjoy, and of course there are also random ones that happen)

O: Favourite colour: black, white, some shades of pink, blue and gray

P: If I have any pets; if so, their names: I have a dog called Kirke (she’s a lovely girl :3)

Q: What I’m listening to right now: Unstoppable by Sia

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S: What’s my ringtone: A classic marimba, but I wan’t to change it for something cooler

T: Favourite male character from a TV show: Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey

U: Favourite female character from a TV show: let’s go with Sybil Crawley-Branson from Downton Abbey

V: What my name means: my original name (Maria) means “to be beautiful or wonderful”, but I prefer to be called Mary, which is an English version of my name

W: Favourite superhero: Black Widow, Cat Woman

X: Celebrity crush: for now Rob James-Collier and Eddie Redmayne, but it’s constantly changing

Y: My birthday: 25th July

Z: Ever self-harmed?: no

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What did pineapple pizza do to u

one day i was eating a pizza, having a really good time, and then i bit into a piece that had pineapple hidden under the cheese (i always take the pineapple off my pizza, obviously). i was HEARTBROKEN. i don’t hate pineapple, you know. i think pineapple is fine as long as it’s not on my pizza. and i guess i don’t really mind taking it off my pizza. BUT EVER SINCE THAT DAY, EVER SINCE THAT DAY THE PINEAPPLE WAS HIDING IN MY PIZZA, I’VE SWORN TO FIGHT AGAINST THIS EVIL, THE EVIL THAT IS PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA. i tried to be understanding. i tried, and then pineapple had to go and do something like this.

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Wait, I didn't miss any logins and I didn't get the 5 star Meebo either!

Hmmmm, that’s weird.  I got mine, and I know another mutual also got theirs too.  I do know that both of us tend to log in right when the server rolls over into the next day for rewards though, and I do know you did have to log in for all 30 days of the event specifically to get him, but beyond that, I don’t know what else to tell you, anon.  Maybe see if their support team can help you?

i was tagged by: @je0n thank you sm!! (this blog is actually the sideblog for metamorphxgus so i’m just gonna post it here!)

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nicknames: i used to have a friend who called me “mags” and now people don’t rly call me it irl but i use it online~~

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 5'8"-ish, which is like 172 cm

time rn: as I’m typing it’s 8:17 pm est

last thing i googled: “rocky top lyrics” (o yikes)

favorite bands: one direction (fight me ??), bts, the 1975, twenty one pilots, bastille, nirvana

fave soloists: uhm AGUST D????, um……. I’m kinda at a loss rn….. i guess i mostly listen to bands

last movie i watched: i saw beauty & the beast in theaters on saturday but i watched zootopia @ home last night

last show i watched: either full house or chopped

when did you create your blog: i’ve had my main since 2012 but i made this blog in like., late january?

what do you post: mostly bangtan with some mystic messenger

when did your blog reach its peak: i’ve had a couple of kinda (?) popular posts but i hope it hasn’t peaked yet lmao

do you have other blogs: yeah my main and i also have a su/gravity falls blog but it’s pretty inactive nowadays

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following: 154

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hogwarts house: gryffindor

pokemon team: i’ve never played pokemon bc i don’t understand it :/

fave colors: mint green, peach, forest green, oxblood, and esp PINK

average hours of sleep: 7-ish on school nights and 9-10 on weekends lmao

lucky numbers: it used to be 5 but now i think it’s 7

fave characters: sherlock holmes (bbc), newt scamander, neville longbottom, remus lupin, does jumin han from mysme count? the beast from batb (2017) sue me ok ok ok, holtzmann from ghostbusters (2016) bc i’m gay, mulan, hiccup from httyd, dipper pines, pearl from su, yes i watch a lot of cartoons, 

what am i wearing right now: grey leggings and a t-shirt from my university

how many blankets do you sleep with: i sleep w a sheet, woven blanket, comforter, and another fuzzy blanket on top bc i love to be a snuggly bug

dream job: i wish i knew bc then i’d be able to pick a fucking major

dream trip: i just wanna live in seoul for like 6 months but i also wanna go to london and hawaii and the PNW and literally everywhere i can go bc i’ve never really traveled that far away before

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Imagine Person A beginning to doze off while Person B is holding them. Person B whispers “I’ll protect you” and Person A tiredly mumbles “From what?” Person B thinks for a moment and says “I don’t know. Anything.”


“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special


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