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Time for a bias list!!! 700………. I honestly don’t know what to say. I never thought I’d have that many when I started this shitpost of a blog way back in August. But I did, so here we are!!! I totally made this graphic in 5 minutes please forgive me. 

My besties! People I talk a lot with ooc or just enjoy our threads a lot!
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Scott leading the way during this dancers’ section of the group gala practice, with Tessa agilely following.

From Wikipedia on Lead and Follow:  For the Lead and Follow to interact with each other, communication needs to occur between the dance couple. Because it’s not practical to discuss moves verbally, physical contact is the most effective means. More advanced dancers will take many cues from each other through this connection, with the Follow using it to communicate feedback to the Lead just as the Lead uses it to suggest moves to the Follow. The most accomplished dancers use connection as a line of communication which allows the Lead to incorporate the Follow’s ideas, abilities, and creative suggestions into their own styling and selection of moves.

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i love your blog and the way your gif!! do you have any recs for jimin biased blogs that make gifs that look like yours? thank you!! 💛

thank you so much! i don’t follow many blogs to begin with (much less specific member based blogs) but here are some great jimin biased gif makers i’ve seen around!

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I had a lot of things to say on Twitter and I don’t want to rehash them, but l hope you all find some way of getting some catharsis.
(if you need to shout or something, I’m here to listen, or just chat. message me or send me an ask

One of the many reasons I am grateful for Fire Emblem Heroes is that they gave us Alphonse, because the Fire Emblem series was overdue for another blue-haired lord who is totally in love with a dude.

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why do u not want to answer how many followers u have😜

idkkkk i guess i just like that tumblr gives u the opportunity to hide ur followers and not treat it like something u should flaunt bc like. this is social media lmao. and ppl get way too caught up in how many followers they have and sometimes even feel bad when they have less followers than other ppl so…???? idk i guess i just want to keep it private bc i’m not tryna act like it’s some kind of badge of popularity for me

OKAY. I have gotten about nine thousand questions from people about Eliza’s tweet here: 

and how it can be interpreted as shade. 

I think a lot of the reason people are saying it wasn’t is due to her follow-up tweet here:

I totally see why there are people who wonder if Eliza’s original tweet is shade at all due to that last line: “Means we did our job.” 

But remember back before the episode aired?

Jason was pushing fans to watch live, and I can’t find the tweet right now but there was another one where he said, “If you only watch one episode live, 3x07 is the one!” or something to that effect. 

Eliza livetweeted with us the week before for the previous episode. Then this one, she and many of the cast mysteriously missed it. Then she says, “I’m SO sad I missed it!” Then there’s “The response has been amazing! You guys are so passionate!” 

The response? You mean the overwhelmingly negative reaction to Lexa’s death, not just from Clexakru, but from both sides of the fandom? Now, I can’t say I’ve been as deeply involved in any other fandom but I have never seen a fandom explode like this following a character death before. (I suppose maybe Red Wedding compares but that’s GOT and GOT’s fanbase is on a whole other level.)

#The100 trended for a couple hours. Lexa trended for 15 hours following the episode with over 300k tweets. Lexa deserved better trended yesterday for 8 hours straight with over 100k tweets. The response Eliza is referring to? That response is “Jason, you fucked up.” 

But, as Lindsey reminded us with her tweets… They have contracts. They have obligations. They’re not allowed to say or do certain things because these are their jobs on the line. 

Which is why, to me, that follow-up tweet is not Eliza brushing off the reaction to Lexa’s death. It’s her saying, “Yes. I’m heartbroken. But this is my job.” Means we did our job. It was out of her hands. It was out of Kim’s hands. It was out of Layne’s. This was on Jason. 

If that is not enough to convince you, remember during hiatus. Remember following the Clexa kiss. Remember how overwhelmingly proud Eliza was of Clexa. Remember how much she stanned Lexa’s character and the Clexa ship and ask yourself, do you really think the #1 Clexa stan was happy with the way things played out? 

If even that doesn’t convince you… remember this post (x). Look at how the cast has reacted to this. Look at how much support they’ve thrown out. Look at Kim’s tumblr. Look at Layne’s. 

At the end of the day, Jason is still Eliza’s boss. He is still their employer. But they are just as upset as we are. 

edit: thanks to @commanderofraccoons for pointing this out:

yeah. eliza’s with us.


i tried to get this up before christmas ended but kmplayer was being a butt. BUT i reached 600 followers forever ago and it’s follow forever season so EY.  i’m doing it a little bit different this time bc i really follow 500+ (i don’t want to say the true amount omg) people. the amount of fandoms i’ve joined – and thus, the amount of blogs i’ve started following – this year is insane.

first things first, the baes:

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secondly, the crushes:

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and finally, the lovelies:

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So a little update for anyone who cares and follows my sad little life: I am quitting my job because I had a panic attack for the three hours I was there yesterday and had some flashbacks all because I found out I have one male coworker. The flashbacks are getting worse and I’ve been noticing some other problems (unable to make eye contact, having to wear many layers to hide my body, dissociation, etc.) that are affecting me in a very negative way. Because while what my ex did to me was bad, I also have my old apartment that we had together suing me, my phone bill has been unpaid for 2 months, I owe my electric company money, none of my friends here care about me, and I am pushing myself to act normal and fine while never allowing myself to be sober.

For these and many other reasons I am admitting myself to the hospital tomorrow. I can’t handle any of this anymore and I want to die and if things don’t change I’ll be dead by the end of the month.

Finally I am getting around to doing my first follow forever (I’ve been paranoid about forgetting people so I’ve been holding it off, oops). I have met so many people that have really impacted my life and who brighten up my days :’) I hope you all have an amazing year this year <3 (this’ll be long and I apologize in advance.)

bolded are mutuals, italicized are senpais, and * are my faves (I copied the way Atiyyah formatted hers because I have no idea what I am doing, help me.)

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Okay, I think I got everyone, if I didn’t please shoot me a message because I am stupid and it was 100% an accident. I did try my best to make sure I got everyone though, and I do recommend everybody follow all these blogs because they are all quality :) 

Thanks everyone for truly making tumblr a better experience for me, I’ve met so many great people and I am so grateful for you all :’) <3 

And now messages for my friends after the line thing here <3:

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I don’t know if Hayley was joking or if she really does think Staron is weird, but either way, it annoys me at people saying she shouldn’t say anything about it because she has so many followers and fans.

Like, you have no problem when she’s saying stuff in favour of your ships, but the second she has a different opinion, that’s it, she needs to shut up. Just because she has a lot of people seeing her thoughts and opinions doesn’t mean she shouldn’t share them. If people are going to be so offended by how she feels, they need to re-evaluate themselves.

I wish more people were like Hayley. I’m tired of actors saying they love everything because they don’t want fan backlash. Actors and everyone involved in filming should have the right to say “I don’t like”. They should be able to be honest and I’d really like to hear their honest opinions because most the time I sit here and think “yeah, but do they really like that or are they just saving face?”

You know what it comes from? It comes from bragging. People use actors thoughts and opinions as an excuse for why their ship or character is better and it is annoying as fuck. I don’t care if so-and-so likes this couple, I still think they’re terrible together. And I don’t know if so-and-so doesn’t think my favourite character is a good guy, they’re still my favourite character.

Stop stifling actors speech! Let actors have their own thoughts. Let them be able to share how they really feel about something without having a break down over it. You can still love or hate it even if an actor doesn’t agree. It’s no different to finding someone with a different opinion on here. Just let it go already and move on.

I never thought I’d reveal my follower count, as it was never my focus.

But, then again, when I created this blog as a way to post poetry I didn’t want my real-life friends to see, I never expected to get this far. Or to reach so many people. I consider you all to be friends of mine, and am in awe that over 10,000 people, that’s more than attend my university, want to see what I post. 

Thank you. Together we have grown in so many ways. I’ve cultivated a passion of mine through this blog, and it’s been fun to share it with you. Let’s see where the journey takes us. 

With love, 


Hey guys! I’ve recently reached 15k which is absolutely INSANE. I’ve never imagined I’d get this many followers. I will always be in shock that I even have this many! I love all of you guys so much and thanks for making my dash amazing :)

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PSA: Gay OTP's

Hello, this message is mostly caused by me seeing multiple (straight) people talk about gay OTP’s in both tags and other networks. And i have come to the following kind suggestion:


Do not boast how many you have, how you LOVE your gay boys, how much trash you are for shipping two guys together, and how you like discussing who tops etc. Yes, fanfiction and such is wonderful, and it could be a start to you realizing you are gay yourself, sure.

However, do not make it come to the point where LGBTQA+ people have to feel uncomfortable by you doing this. Do not see us as mere characters, do not fetishize us, do not act as if liking homosexuality is gonna land you in hell. You are in no way ‘edgy’, you are in no way ‘special’. You’re just frankly making people annoyed and uncomfortable

Of course it is important to know that this is simply a lesson, and sometimes we know you simply did not know this yet. Do not worry, i’m pretty sure i used to do this myself. I just find it very important, that especially within fandoms, problems like these get talked about to make it a safe space for everyone regardless of race, sexuality, or gender.

Thank you ❤️

just out of curiosity how many of my followers are actually active blogs still? if you want, a simple like on this post will let me know! thank you and have a lovely day~  

alright so: suffice to say 2015 is coming to a close and i wanted to end it with some appreciation / 
positivity / thanks / kudos / whatever tf you want to call it. wow– i’ve seen so many people doing these but fuuuuuck– they’re hella not easy to write. [ if you couldn’t tell, this is my first one ever ( > o < ) . ]

in short, this is my tiny thank you so mushishi to everyone who has made this a great year. tbh it’s my first year of being in the tumblr rp community and you guise make it a wonderful experience. 

ooof– time to begin before 2016 starts without me!!

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some of you are so fucking soft headed. like try getting off tumblr if you’re going to take offense to everything, including things that have absolutely nothing to do with you. you can’t always assume all posts are strictly meant to be offensive. some of you have a bad habit of blowing small things way out of proportion. just stay in your lane or get off the internet lmao it’s simple.

Enjolras’ advice for Marius

Marius: I have to give a speech this afternoon but I’m afraid I won’t be able to speak in front of so many people! Can you help me? 

Enjolras: Don’t worry. I’m determined to succeed. 

Marius: Great!

Enjolras: Follow my lead.. 

Marius: Sure! 

Enjolras: And yes, indeed.. You 

Enjolras: Will

Enjolras: Be

Enjolras: Popular. 

Marius: … 

Enjolras: You’re gonna be popular! 


Enjolras: I’ll show you the proper ploys when you talk to boys, little ways to flirt and flounce! 

Marius: That’s not what I..

Enjolras:  I’ll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair, everything that really counts to be popular!

Marius: ….

Enjolras: ….

Marius: ….

Enjolras: Just not quite as popular as me. 

Another bump, followed by a flick of lights. Ghosty sat straight on her seat again. This was her first time using the subway. Did it always have so many technical problems? Perhaps this was just the way it worked?

She sighed, not liking the brief darkness that came upon the wagon with each shake. The silver haired girl focused on the few passengers aboard. Her eyes fixing on each face for a few seconds, trying to figure out how they seemed to be so calm.